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2022.01.22 03:30 SMMSMM6969 Check

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2022.01.22 03:30 nuggetduck 2-bdck oral

Has anyone tried this orally this would be the only reason I may want to try it if the oral doses are feasible unlike k
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2022.01.22 03:30 Skeletor_is_god Outjerked once again

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2022.01.22 03:30 wholeelottaamal New league join tf up

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2022.01.22 03:30 crytoloover UniSwap Front Running Bot 2022 - EASY TUTORIAL (NO DOWNLOAD)

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2022.01.22 03:30 slimelundo I tried "redesing" an unused enemy I saw here

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2022.01.22 03:30 PETAfile 5am

We just lay there, spent. Having given the ritual our bodies, minds and souls there was nothing left. Coiled together we seemingly hovered above reality. Where did the wild animals go? Thrashing around, praying to Dionysus and the moon. Dancing, loving and howling as they further decend into madness. Where are the poisonous agents of chaos? The ones who set the world on fire and burn those that dare dive into their sacred waters of bliss and mayhem.. We just lay there... Spent.
-Felix B.
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2022.01.22 03:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - John Deere facing lawsuit for allegedly creating repair monopoly | FOX

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2022.01.22 03:30 Miles-220 Hey Girl , Are you an omelette?

Because you’re making me egg-cited!
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2022.01.22 03:30 Salty-Complex A photographer snapped a photo of a bird who caught a shark who caught a fish

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2022.01.22 03:30 Granit5452 Frische Dropboxen (private Videos, OF Content etc). Bei Interesse einfach anschreiben, kein Tausch möglich

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2022.01.22 03:30 GoldenIsWashed what are the odds? (1v1 showdown btw)

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2022.01.22 03:30 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Democracy scares Vladimir Putin: Hoffman | FOX

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2022.01.22 03:30 BlazeTrinity Men of reddit that have had female roommates in college, how did you find one?

Im planning to go to Germany for my master's and i want to preferably live with a female roommates, yes one of the reasons would be that I'm interested in women, however i feel that there also would be more benefits.
What I'm looking for is, did you get to know a person as a friend or girlfriend and then move in or was there a way that you happened to meet someone new/directly move in with a girl.
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2022.01.22 03:30 RiyMasinjaExtra Oneplus 8t and Pixel 6

Alright, so I'm looking to get an android phone to replace my iphone 8, and the Oneplus 8t and Pixel 6 are the two that I've decided on. I'm leaning more towards the 8t, but the only problem is that the color that I want for it (silver) is out of stock right now, and aquamarine is really ugly. Because of that I'm thinking about getting a Pixel 6 since it seems like a good phone. So should I either wait for the 8t silver to come back into stock (if it ever does) or just go for the Pixel 6?
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2022.01.22 03:30 ClueFlat1607 I need help with the open world hunters in D2 ps4/ps5

If you're on ps4/ps5 could you help me take down the new york expansion hunters? I need 3 people.
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2022.01.22 03:30 Major-Ad-8391 My mom's Facebook friend posts stuff like this

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2022.01.22 03:30 Day-Dreamer11 Girlfriend found condoms in my car

My gf was out of town for a couple months to see her family for Christmas break, She started getting distant and I started to think she was cheating on me. I was worried she would break up with me any day. So I made a really bad decision to have sex with another girl in the back of my car while she was gone. I felt so bad I blocked the girl and kept to myself the rest of the time she was gone.
Anyway she came back and the day I picked her up she started acting weird and I didn’t know why. A couple days later She stayed the night over my house and I went through her phone while she was sleeping. Turns out she found the open box of condoms in my car and was secretly upset bout it but said nothing to me. She told her friends she was going to talk to me about it but never did. I don’t know what to do I don’t wanna break up because of a dumb mistake I made so I know this is kinda a douchy thing to ask but is there any lie I can tell her to get through this?
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2022.01.22 03:30 Mahsunon PSA the new 8bar handlebar bags are white labelled from aliexpress. You can get it for half the price

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2022.01.22 03:30 Moonant Questions and concerns

Does any of your stores have a mice problem? Like not just a few here and there sneaking in but like dozens. I work at the front end we have to throw out bags full of candy and chips that the mice get into. We are throwing about $500 in food merchandise a week. When we confront management about this they just tell us to grab some traps from garden, but the thing is we do have traps, we can't have too many so customers can't see them. And traps have to be checked every day, and they don't seem to be stopping them. And that is just my department, garden, while a bit more understandable because it is outside, throws away pallets of seed that they get into. Today I was at self checkout when one of my cashiers screamed for me. Inside a drawer was a family of mice and the drawer was covered in mice excrement. The fact that the mice are showing themselves in the day while it is busy just shows that what we are doing now isn't working. I immediately went to a manager and told him how horrible the situation is getting and all he could really say is he'll look into it. Look I get it, with giant doors being opened and closed all day we are not going to keep everything out, but this has greatly escalated from the occasional mouse seen an hour after we closed from when I started last year.
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2022.01.22 03:30 sploush 3 free stocks from Webull worth up to $6,300 plus $5 of any crypto! Free cash and no hastle withdraws. Extra bonuses also include multiple chances to win Amazon stocks worth an extra $6,500 and Apple + Google stocks worth $2,700! No deposit required. [USA only]

Get 3 free stocks from Webull worth up to $6,300 just for signing up! You’ll also get $5 of any crypto. Huge potential payouts for referral bonuses right now to make some extra cash from multiple promos where you can earn Amazon, Google, & Apple stocks worth an extra thousands of dollars!
You can cash out all your free stocks and even close your account if you’d like. No investing necessary. No deposit required. Promo expires 2/10/21
You must complete the sign up process which includes opening a margin or cash account in the app in order to claim your free stocks!
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2022.01.22 03:30 Baphomet1999 Don’t know if I can post this here but what type of hairstyle/braids is this called that goes in the front ?

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2022.01.22 03:30 asaharyev Suggestion for updated subreddit alien

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2022.01.22 03:30 Herbie_Frost Nebraska's Mickey Joseph makes recruiting rounds in Omaha metro

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2022.01.22 03:30 Safwan_Ljd GUI applications are launching slower than they do on Windows

I've been using my current Arch install for the better part of two months now.
I'm keeping my system as minimalist as I'm willing to go, with bspwm as my window manager.
I noticed that some heavy-ish GUI applications like PCManFM and Firefox take around 3-4 seconds to launch, but when launching Firefox on Windows (on the same computer) it launches in 2 seconds or less.
Why does this happen? and is there a way to make them launch any faster?
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