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Our Demon Dog

2022.01.19 14:48 Adventurous_Art80 Our Demon Dog

Hi MrBallen!
My name is Ashlee and I absolutely love your content and the stories you share. I wanted to make a post to share with you a terrifying encounter I experienced when I was younger and see if you would possibly share it on your channel.
When I was 10 years old, my family (mom, dad, 2 little sisters and our dog Bones) lived in a 2-story house in Mastic Beach, Long Island, NY. This house had a huge fully finished basement and I was so lucky that my parents allowed me to hang blinds to separate half of the basement into my own little apartment. I and a lounge area and a big bed and I was so excited (what 9 year old has basically a studio apartment). The way the house was laid-out was when you walked in the dining room was immediately on your right, the kitchen was straight ahead and had doors leading out to a deck. The living room was directly to the left of the door and had high ceilings that went to the roof which had these skylights. The stairs to go upstairs were on the far wall and had a landing you could look down from and see the living room below. Right under the base of a landing was a hallway that led straight back and had 3 doors, two on the left and one straight ahead at the end. The first door on the left went down to the basement, the second door on the left was to my parent’s master bedroom, and the last door at the end went to a bathroom.
The carpeted stairs of the basement were in the exact middle of the basement and if you went to the left of the stairs, behind a hung curtain was where my bedroom was and to the right was a computeplay room for all of us kids. The basement was basically a large open room that circled around the back of the stairs and all of the windows were very small and very high on the walls, making it difficult to get out of the basement if there was an emergency (not really sure how that even passed inspection). The only room in the basement that had doors and was unfinished was the laundry room and there were no windows in there. It still had concrete walls and floors and was super creepy, so none of us kids went near it. Now that we have the lay-out of the house I am ready to share my terrifying story.
On Monday September 14th, 2009 I went downstairs to go to bed. I remember it was a really cold night outside so my parents turned the heat on full blast and I was actually sweating. Since it was so hot, I decided to just wear a yellow tank top and some grey shorts. Once I was nice and cozy I zonked out and was awoken around 1 or 2 in the morning to my dog Bones yipping and scratching at the door at the top of the stairs of the basement. It was not uncommon for Bones to want to come downstairs to sleep with us kids in our beds but it was so hot in the house, I didn’t want to cuddle with this large furry dog who was like furnace (he was a Golden RetrieveLab mix). After listening to him yip and whine and me not being able to fall back asleep, I relented and went up the stairs to open the door and let him downstairs. When I opened the door, just like expected, Bones was sitting there with his tongue out and his tail wagging. I didn’t even have to tell him to “come on” because he was already making his way downstairs and onto my bed. I just shook my head and laughed at this and followed him downstairs and climbed into bed with him. In typical ‘Bones’ fashion, he rolled over and laid his big head right on my stomach and I fell asleep petting his fur.
I am not really sure how much time passed after I fell back asleep but I awoke again, with a startle this time, as I heard a dog barking aggressively at the basement door. I was still disoriented from just waking up so it didn’t really register right away that… we only had one dog. Once that registered to me, I sat up in bed to see if Bones was still lying next to me and he wasn’t. I felt relieved for a second and figured he was maybe trying to get back upstairs and that maybe my parents let him back up because he was being loud while we were all sleeping and no he wants to come back down. It didn’t occur to me till later, just how aggressive the dogs barking was; it almost sounded panicked.
That scenario I concocted to justify a dog barking immediately left my head when I got up to go back up the stairs. When I pulled my curtain aside, I saw Bones standing rigid at the base of the stairs. He was looking up at the door snarling and growling. I have never seen him so aggressive before and immediately I was terrified and confused. How did another dog get in our house? I started walking up the stairs and the closer I got the louder the other dogs barking got behind the door. It was so loud I could hear my dad yelling at Bones to settle down through the wall in the stairwell that was shared with my parent’s room. I knew they’d be coming out soon and that I should just go back to bed and let my dad handle it but... I was so curious that before I could stop myself, I opened the door and what I saw literally stopped my heart and brain at the same time. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing.
At the top of the stairs, right in front of me was… Bones… my dog. He was standing aggressively, snarling and growling down to the base of the stairs. I was beyond confused but then I heard the other dog- the dog I thought was Bones, the dog that was sleeping with me- start growling back and my heart raced as I turned my head to look back down the stairs and I let out a scream so loud my dad and mom came rushing out of their room. At the base of the stairs was a giant, pitch black beast of a dog with blood red eyes. Its teeth were big and yellow and it had slobber or drool hanging and dripping out of his mouth.
The second I let out the scream, Bones rushed down the stairs at this dog and they took off around the corner where the playroom was and my parents pushed the door out of the way to come see what was going on. I remember my mom screaming at me to try to snap me out of the state I was in and tell her what was wrong. Meanwhile my dad, thinking there was an intruder, ran down the stairs as well (almost slipping on the drool that fell from the dog’s mouth to the floor) to see what was happening down there. I finally came back to reality and turned to see my mom just staring down at me, my shirt specifically, and she had her eyebrows furrowed. She then looked up to me and said “what’s that on your shirt?” When I looked down at my yellow tank top, all I could see what this thick, muddy, maroon coved substance all over my stomach that smelled like roadkill... It was right where the dog was laying.
I was beyond terrified and confused as to what just happened and I started really sobbing when my dad came back to the bottom of the stairs with Bones and said that all he saw was Bones following something into the unfinished laundry room, but that when he looked in the room, there was nothing and no one in there or the rest of the basement.
After I calmed down on the couch, wrapped in my mom’s arms, I was able to begin to try to explain what happened to me. They sat and listened to me and once I was done, my mom told me she believed that I believed what I saw and that if I wanted to I could move upstairs back into my old room but I asked if I could just share a room with my other two sisters. I was so scared of being alone. While my mom believed what happened, my dad (being a skeptic) believed it was all a dream and that I was probably just sleep walking. However, he did admit there were a few details (like my dirty shirt and Bones acting aggressive and chasing something) that didn’t make sense but he appeared to brush those off.
After moving in with my sisters in the big room upstairs, nothing liked that happened to ME again but just a few weeks later, my sisters and I were leaving for school and one of my sisters was taking her time upstairs packing her bookbag, while me and my other sister were waiting by the door downstairs. Bones was outside in the snow and my parents were out on the deck chatting and drinking coffee. I recall her yelling down to us that it smelled really bad in our room and as she round the corner to come down the stairs, my other sister let out an audible gasp that caused me to look up at the landing to see what she was seeing. Right behind my sister, on the landing was a big, black dog. The same one I saw all those nights ago. It leaned forward and looked like it was going to bite her leg and before we could even call out to warn her, it nipped at her ankle and caused her to jump which led to her falling down the stairs. We screamed and ran to her and my parents rushed in and asked us all what happened. We explained what we saw and then my mom called an ambulance to take my sister to the hospital. She had a sprained neck, bruised ribs and a broken ankle. The ankle that was broken was the one me and my other sister saw the dog bite, but there was no actual dog bite on her leg.
The very next day after my sister was released, our parents sat us all down and told us that we were going to move and that we needed to start packing. I remember it only took us a couple of weeks until we were out of that house and we never had any more run-ins with the Demon Dog again.
If you took the time to read my story, thank you so much. I will admit that every time I tell this story (even if it’s through text) I get an overwhelming sense of an anxiety because it really still does terrify me to this very day. Hopefully MrBallen, you can use this on your channel but if not, again I appreciate anyone who read this.
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Is there a way for me to just salvage the PlayeWorld data and start all over to see if I can fix my mod issue?
I also get the following error "can't receive direct packet, using nbt packet instead"
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Also, as a follow on, if it is possible/ was possible to watch all videos uploaded in a specific year, what year was the last time it was possible to watch every video in existence on Youtube?
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