Trading No Pot Rex

2022.01.18 22:50 RussWallIsBig Trading No Pot Rex

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2022.01.18 22:50 jookco mauricio leal : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.18 22:50 AFTERTHEBURIALXIII Which build would you prefer first build is has 350 less def than the latter one and less atk as well

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2022.01.18 22:50 misteriousm Enzo's booking?

Any ideas if they work for dine-in now? I tried to book a table, but the phone seems doesn't work for some reason...
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2022.01.18 22:50 itzyalltheway French Book about girl killing pet fish?

It’s a kids book, I read it around 2007~2009 ish, the cover is turquoise- cyan and it has a white square in the middle. The square includes a drawing of a blonde girl. The book is about this girl (aged 10) who doesn’t behave well and runs away from home and she took a knife and decapitated her pet fish that were in a bowl and the water was bloody, she then got in trouble with her mother. I read this book in French, I don’t know if it’s originally French but I think the authors name sounded French.
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2022.01.18 22:50 merbaby3817 I always thought money can’t buy happiness was a stupid saying ..

I used to say that phrase was stupid because if I had millions of dollars, I’d be the happiest person alive. I’m realizing now that that isn’t true. My parents have money, not millionaire money, but we never struggled by any means. They bought me a car, pay for my phone & tuition, take me on vacations every year, etc., but I can definitely say that I am NOT happy. Money cannot buy happiness. My parents can continue to try to buy my love all they want, but i’ll never stop being miserable around them. There’s nothing they could ever buy me that could make me happy. The only thing that would make me happy is if they changed. It’ll never happen though because of course they think they’re perfect and they don’t need to change. I can only hope they’ll finally realize all the mistakes they’ve made throughout my life when I go NC.
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2022.01.18 22:50 lasagneking007 Reuben the Bulldog: Winning

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2022.01.18 22:50 fourgoldblue Did a double-take when I saw Jinger with her bridal shower friend
Jinger’s “new” friend seemed SO familiar to me and I finally put two and two together. I grew up in Chile and she was a cast member of a teenage show/band when I was in middle school. Fundies really do come from everywhere!
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2022.01.18 22:50 Robot_Turtlez Character Creation

This may be a dumb question - But is there really a point in creating multiple characters in New World? After all the grinding for leveling/expertise why wouldnt you just respec if youre feeling a little more "magey" one day, versus a little more bruisetank the next?
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2022.01.18 22:50 thylafeet Just wanted to show off more of the French Pedi :)

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2022.01.18 22:50 gloomglow Post-Covid backache

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2022.01.18 22:50 Troller_OfEverything Makers End glitch :(

Hi, it's my first time plawthr game, loving it so far, but I'm stuck at the makers end mission, I just finished it and I can't decend the tower, I knew I was supposed to Rapel down but the game didn't gave me the option, I tried going down manually but the door won't open and seeing other playthroughs all people Rapel down, do you guys know what to do
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2022.01.18 22:50 HardlyEasy ZSH Timmy v. kedr scav

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2022.01.18 22:50 Justseriouslylost When girls sit down to pee they look like they’re waiting for a bus.

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2022.01.18 22:50 IUniven January 18th

100 Words - "Match Start"
“The challenge match between challenger Sydney Mordew and gym leader Dewey Aguart will begin shortly,” the sound of an announcer’s voice echoed throughout the large room. Down on the dirt field, the workers had already vacated the vicinity, replaced by the two trainers on either end of the field.
“This will be a 3-on-3 knockout match. Each trainer will send one party member onto the field, and each round will end when either trainer’s pokémon is unable to continue. Both trainers are allowed one item use and one substitution. The first to reach three points wins. Trainers, choose your pokémon!”

A Summoning Nuisance - Continued
“...Okay then….”
“I will ask you one more time, are you sure you wish to—“
“Yes, I am. Can we just get on with this?”
The chorus of voices collectively huffed. “Fine, as you wish. The second test begins… now.”
After they spoke, I didn’t really notice anything at first. It took me a moment to realize that my thoughts were considerably louder than they were before, as if there were a few extra voices added to the mix of my already overcrowded head space. At this point, though, all of them were just whispers in the back of my head, not really bothering me all that much as the seconds passed.
As the minute passed, however, my thoughts began to grow more and more cluttered. Different voices in my head began growing. I very clearly began to hear debates between some of the voices about seemingly mundane topics, like whether pineapple belongs on pizza, or whether or not I should actually consider still going through with this process. Still, I was able to shrug it all off.
A few more minutes passed, and more and more voices joined as the debates morphed into shout matches. The topics quickly got more and more serious, talking about moral dilemmas spanning entire worlds, and eventually even the multiverse. A headache began to form, and I brought my hands up to massage the sides of my head lightly as it continued.
The voices changed, and I went from anger to great grief and sorrow. Then, from there, I was unbelievably happy, chuckling lightly to myself as the voices began cracking jokes. A serious overtone washed over, and stress very quickly took the place of the joy. All of this occurred within the span of seconds, and the cycle kept getting faster and faster.
Then, as suddenly as the test had begun, everything went quiet.
“You… you hardly even flinched....” the sound of the chorus brought me back to reality—or whatever this place was.
I shook my head for a moment, recollecting myself before replying. “I mean, I guess not.”
“You’re insane…”
“Well, I could’ve told you that myself,” I quipped as I finished rubbing my temples, the headache fading away.
They laughed again. “You are certainly an… interesting, character.”
“I aim to entertain,” I bowed as low as I could. Forgetting I was just floating, however, I ended up doing a flip mid-air, taking a few moments to readjust myself to look back to the god. Once I was able to view them clearly again, I was able to note that the surface of their “body,” if you could call it that, had grown even calmer. Now, instead of the euclidean nightmare it was before, it seemed to be resembling a human silhouette.
“Now,” as they said this, their form morphed quickly, accompanied by a thundering boom. “The final test can begin.”
“Do I get to know what it’s about beforehand?”
“All you must do is answer the questions I ask.”
“I take that as a no… wait… can’t you just, like, read my mind or something?” I asked.
“Not all gods are omniscient, so no.”
“Alright, fair enough. Fire away.”
The sound of many voices clearing their throats made it sound like an avalanche was happening in front of me. Finally, they spoke comprehensibly again. “What is your name?”
“Oh, uh… Andy…?”
“Who brought you here?”
I raised an eyebrow. “We talked about this.”
“Just answer the question.”
“Alright….” I paused for a moment, then shrugged. “Some lady, don’t know her name. Had a blue robe with silver edges.”
“What do you think of the forest?”
I paused. “The one outside of the river?”
All I received was what I assumed was an affirmative humming, so I continued.
“Alright… I don’t know, otherworldly. Interesting. Pretty, I suppose.”
“What has brought you to my domain?”
“Already went over this, but… I desire the ability to manipulate the living force that can be found all across this world, referred to by most as ‘mana.’”
“If you encountered a situation where you had to choose a world to save between this world and your own, which would you choose?”
“My own,” I didn’t skip a beat. Thinking back on what I said, I began to backpedal. “Sorry, it’s nothing against your world, it’s just—“
“You’re quite alright, child. “ As they spoke, the many voices began to coalesce into a single voice. Their silhouette grew smooth around the edges, and comprehensible colors began to stitch together the rest of their body. “What you just said has shown more about your character than you likely know. You have passed the final test.”
My eyes widened. “What?”
The hair atop their head began to coalesce, forming a large afro that started green at the roots, and faded to a dirt brown at the ends. “You were quick and decisive in your last answer.” As they continued, their head began to form. It was visibly round, yet thin. “This especially speaks to the honesty of your answer, but most of all…” Their torso formed, covered with green garb, the edges embroidered exactly like the hood I wore over my shoulders.
“This demonstrates loyalty. True, uncompromising loyalty. Something which the people of this world, I imagine, would like to gain from you.” They now appeared in full humanoid form. The gender of the body was ambiguous, which didn’t surprise me at all given the other worlds I’d visited.
“...Cool…” I said dumbly. “So can I access mana now then?”

2022 Total Word Count - 14,711
Closing Thoughts:
I don't know, this was fine. Could have written it better, but I'm just trying to truck along at this point. Probably going to find another writing prompt to do tomorrow, if this difficulty is anything to go by.
I think at this point I've realized that maintaining a consistent level of creativity is one of the hardest things to do. Some days I'm all for it, constructing scenes, and sometimes even completely altering what I planned just because an idea popped up that I like more. Others, like today, I just find it really hard to find what I even had planned.
Anyways, thanks for reading!
Any thoughts? Found something I absolutely suck at? If so, please, fire away! The entire point of this year is improvement, so (mostly) anything is helpful!
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2022.01.18 22:50 ClammyVagikarp Microsoft killing Sony

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2022.01.18 22:50 lobotomystir Gossipers of Reddit, what’s the latest gossip?

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2022.01.18 22:50 31337d00d General guide to setting up your first or next simple grow. *w/a few cost cutting secrets the grow-store doesnt want you to know)

Don't stress out. Buy a book like " the Bible" my Jorge Ceravantes, and it explains pretty much all you need to know for your first setup.
Most hardware requires a decent investment ( will pay for itself totally if you sell ur fist crop or a portion of.. if it's allowed) and cheap shit doesn't last and performs less.. if you plan on growing as long as you can , buy good reputable gear .. if u are just gonna bang off a crop or two.. u can decide to spend less.. but resale value is also lower. Keep that in mind. Good gear can be resold for at least half of what you pay for it if your situation changes and you can't grow.
In terms of # of plants is up to you. Because of my local laws I tend to go for fewer larger plants. The man doesn't say you can't have 4000w and four plants. And the law only counts plants, not sq. Footage or wattage.
Make sure you have adequate electrical system. Ideally a small grow will need 15a 120v circuit with its own breaker. 1000w equals ten Amp at 120v so count the wattage of all your hardware and add them up and be certain you don't draw more than your breakefuse can handle. Don't have it on same circuit as your microwave or other major appliances. It's good to stay well below 15a of current in your circuit for safety.
Generally speaking for a decent hand watered "soil" setup without cutting corners is: (* Indicates optional)
1) Tent ( so convenient compared to a cabinet or homemade space). Bigger the better I say, and having breathing room and not a super jam packed tight space is a positive. Less chance of mildew, pests and leaf condensation. They also don't have to compete with eachother . Circulation is just as important as lighting . Because plants need light +co2 and water, and breathe out o2 and h2o.
2) light. Depend on size of tent.. eg. 600 watt HPS will cover 3x3 quite well .. and 1000w for 4x4.. I love 1kw HPS, but I'm just oldschool. And I'm not scared of using lots of power. If you are in the illegal weed state or Dubai or something , LED will use less power.. and.. it's all about maximizing grams per watt. (I'm not USA, so I don't know your local laws). You'll also need a timer that can handle the wattage.
3) fans.. in-line exhaust & small oscillating one for circulation inside. * Intake fans are not generally needed ( if your exhaust is strong enough, and you aren't obstructing the intake with another filter). CFM rating of exhaust fan depend on how hot your light is, and minimally has to move the air volume within 5 minutes. U also need ducting to get the air outside / bring fresh air inside. Exhaust going directly outside, creates a negative air pressure in the room your tent is, and smells won't go outside into your apartment hallway or rest of your house. If using a fresh air intake too strong creates a positive pressure in tent and smells will push out and stink up the place. ( Your tent should squish inwards, not expand outwards) Just venting air into the room with tent will create alot of humidity and encourage mold and other shit.. If you have intake that isnt clean and fresh, it might cause mold and pests.. so it's an option to also use a carbon air filter with another fan for your intake.
*4) carbon filter ( name brand are better than Amazon bullshit, they f'n suck for odor scrubbing) if you don't want smell. It can be quite strong .. and the ol "skunks living under the porch" excuse wont convince a nosy neighbor.
5) PH pen, and PPM/EC to measure the acidity and concentration of your watenutrient solution. Liquid PH UP @ PH down. DONT use lye or vinegar. Cheap ass 10$ pens constantly need calibration and break really easy, sometimes just die.
6) water reservoir ( Rubbermaid or garbage cans are fine, also a lid to keep dust etc out )& small aiwater pump to circulate/aerate. Technically circulating work better than aeration (compare surface area of the bubbles compared to the constantly moving surface of your reservoir).. * submp pump and hose with wand ( I personslly like the pump/hose/ wand because you can reach to the back easily ) .. disconnecting hose and running the pump within the reservoir works well, but is overkill and uses more watts than just a small aquarium pump. ** Aquarium heater or cooler if your res is too cold/hot.
7)nutrients .. for a noobie. I advise a one part powder for either veg/flower. Depends where u are. Eg. ( ) .. I have also used miracle grow 20/20/20 for veg and 15-30-15/ for flower .. some people talk mad shit about MG, but. It's really cheap and if you watch your PH and strength it is fully adequate. Noobs generally tend to over feed with whatever they use. Grow stores say to use X amount, and it's frequently too much because they just want to sell more product. As you get better move onto something like a 3 part liquid (micro,grow,bloom) like General hydroponics, it's expensive but good.. there's lots of 3 part liquids and they all work relatively well.
8) pots (size depend on how many and your space/height restrictions ) and "soil". By soil I mean soilless mix like Sunshine mix #4. Or Pro mix. It is peat moss/perlite/ ph buffer. Before potting. I highly reccomend mixing in more perlite yourself for aeration. Also, mixing in small amount of DOLOMITE LIME granules(1/2 tbsp per gallon) as they contain both Ca/Mg and is dirt cheap compared to a liquid "Calmag" supplement. Optionally you could mix in worm-castings aswell but it's not as important as the perlite and dolomite ..
*9) if you have hard water, get at least a Brita or some other kind of filter for the water you will add nutes to.
*10) tomato cages or netting to support your heavy budding plants .. or U can use string.. I like individual cages because you can move and rotate the plants freely.
For beginner I don't think any kind of hydroponic setup is a good idea .. like aero , dwc or E&F.. It can be better, but is not as forgiving as pots SM#4. Eg. A feeding pump failure can quickly cause to a total loss in one day. You can add a hydro system later if you want.
Sounds like alot .. but this is minimal if you actually want to take a serious shot.. with a decent strain and setup like this you can expect 0.5-1.75g watt realistically. If using photo and not auto--- vegging until plants are 1/2 the final height restriction. Don't skimp on the vegging, my best crops were in BIG pots and had been vegged until quite large before flowering( others say SOG is better, but where I am the laws restrict # of plants, not the size or amount of lights you have .. ) also never repot in flower.
I may have missed something , but that's all I can think of.
PM me if you need any advice, glad to show a new guy the ropes.
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2022.01.18 22:50 Fluffy-Restaurant871 It’s busy and it’s an extra 1.50 but the overall delivery is 3.25🤔 so DD we taking 1.75 orders now

They getting outta hand
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2022.01.18 22:50 BenchPuzzleheaded670 La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX bindings?

I'm interested in binding my mountaineering boots to a board / skiis / split board.
I'm eyeballing the Jones Frontier
and from my research, it seems that Spark bindings are good. But then I get a bit lost on the difference between Arc / Surge / Pro / Tesla T1 / Pillow / Rip N' Flip / etc.
It LOOKS like these things would fit a mountaineering boot - and I can't see a reason why they wouldn't, but I'm sure your community here knows more than myself... so I leave the question here...
How can I get from my current mountaineering boots to a split board? or is that impossible?
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2022.01.18 22:50 Easybreath [WTS] CONUS Pagani Design Seamaster Homage 200m $110

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2022.01.18 22:50 Livid_Grapefruit_293 For those who are in the medical field - what is your most impactful experience with someone passing (i.e seeing their loved one, seeing “the light”, etc)?

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2022.01.18 22:50 Darkarronian [PS] [Xbox] [Pc] Dead Meat is welcoming all players

Would you like to play in a smaller clan (20) rather than getting lost in a massive one?
We are new and returning players that enjoy having a laugh and are patient when getting anything done. Right now we are mostly using the psn app to chat with most of our playstation players but all platforms are welcome.
This game is a lot easier and more fun with friends so give us a go. Drop a comment or pm me and I can add you.
Just be over 18, chill and no drama, have a mic for important activities.
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2022.01.18 22:50 abrahamdcr Cuánto se gasta en peajes de Bogota a Suesca?

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2022.01.18 22:50 GroguFett2119 r/RockMetalManiacs is a great, new place for all hard rock and metal fans 🤘

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