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Ghostly set different qty

set: [noun] the act or action of setting. the condition of being set. Synonyms for SET: brood, hatch, incubate, sit, appoint, designate, fix, name; Antonyms for SET: loose, loosen, unfasten, unfix, unloose, unloosen, liquefy, soften Set definition, to put (something or someone) in a particular place: to set a vase on a table. See more.

2022.01.18 20:17 Ladder-Amazing Ghostly set different qty

Anyone else think it's odd that each of the ghostly LE has been released with a different amount available? First 700, then 1000, and now 1500.
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2022.01.18 20:17 pastable I've landed myself a job using Splunk without having any Splunk experience..

So I've bagged myself a job as a Splunk Solution Engineer without having had any hands on experience with Splunk (the company knows that, I think they were more interested in my unix/ soft skills) and need to get myself up to speed fairly quickly. Anyone have any suggestions for good learning content? I'm making my way through the free training available from Splunk and aim to do the Udemy course after that but would like more resources. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.18 20:17 AdhesivenessNo6319 Battle Belt Considerations

Looking to get my first belt. Two piece and Molle preferred. What is the general consensus on Bison v. BlueAlpha v. AXL?
Thanks Gents.
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2022.01.18 20:17 wutatthrowaway [WTS] Kreb’s Custom Galil Ace Gen 1 rifle handguard - $140, OG Galil stock refinished by Apex Gun Parts - $75 [KS]

Handguard is in great condition. Barely used.
Stock is brand new, only opened to take pictures.
Prices include shipping. PayPal F&F
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2022.01.18 20:17 kmills1389 One man's trash is another Man-Cave's centerpiece...

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2022.01.18 20:17 Paralich12 You can change bots mid Chaos Wastes!

Simply change the bot priority while on the map. The bots will get replaced on the next level.
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2022.01.18 20:17 Electronic-Willow-44 A grand T out T

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2022.01.18 20:17 doraiso 今日のドライソ起床時間 January 19, 2022 at 08:17AM

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2022.01.18 20:17 DrCryptolite Jailed Cat Killer got....Epsteined? 🤔

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2022.01.18 20:17 Absolute_Legend07 Does going to the gym to workout make you hornier after?

Genuine question
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2022.01.18 20:17 TransFatty1984 What’s with sleeping on top of arms? Is that really comfortable?

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2022.01.18 20:17 lucozadehaut Please help me prepare for a terrifying psychiatric appointment tomorrow

My psychiatrist is a scary type. He made out to me that he is on the ‘progressive/alternative’ bend of Psychiatry. He asked for my ‘life story’ before starting work together and I sent him 8,000+ words about traumas from age 5-21. He told me this was a place for debate and that he WANTED to be questioned and pushed. So far:

I have woken up to the fact that I am dealing with a scary individual who is in such an inherently twisted line of work he is irredeemable. This is what led me to this:
my dad was so angry at me two months ago he said you can’t see this Dr anymore Secretary is rude and icy in response to my leaving. The Dr will not give me a copy of my records, he will send it directly to my next consultant fuck you both I think, true colours when money isn’t on the line. I’m fine for a month before a ‘hypomanic’ episode turns into dysphoric mania I still think I have a progressive brain disease that needs drugs to ‘balance it’ I ask Dr to urgently send my records to NHS. Weeks pass, nothing an NHS psychiatrist can’t see me for a month and I’m under crisis intervention I’m on the brink of losing my job dad says go back to the Dr this post is about despite urgent requests from me and the NHS the Dr still hasn’t sent my records I say but you said I couldn’t see him, that you couldn’t afford it anymore either. No I did not said NDad secretary says Dad and Dr should talk dad says ‘ I told him I never said you couldn’t see him. He wants you to send daily reports again and if I can send my own report monthly. He’s very impressive but wow, he has an ego’
⬆️ COMING FROM A NARC. Real recognise real huh
OK — so not only is this psych colluding with my father for financial gain, I am back trapped in psychiatry land.
I have two objectives :
✅ get my elvanse transferred to NHS ✅ get a liquid version of Lamotrigine so I can taper SAFELY not 50% to 25% to nothing.
I aim to get off elvanse eventually but it’s the bipolar meds which have made my life worse. I want out. Any tactical advice please? I feel angry and calm — survival mode is on.
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2022.01.18 20:17 Dangerous_Grass_6353 Fluval biological enhancer

Hi all, I recently bought a 29G Fluval tank kit. It came with this “biological enhancer” and claims you can “add fish immediately”. I feel like this is too good to be true and if it WERE true, there wouldn’t be so many tutorials on cycling a tank. I’m going to cycle the tank before adding fish anyway but I just want to know your thoughts on this.
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2022.01.18 20:17 Mcgoo186 Slow and a customer does this post-delivery… big spender.

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2022.01.18 20:17 true_adrian_scheff All the people praising Dirt Rally 2.0 ...me considering Dirt 1 as the best.

Disclaimer: I've only played Dirt 1 and Dirt Rally 2.0. I'm not even a big off road racing fan.
Just picked up Dirt 1 way back when and gave it a shot. Sucked terribly and got pissed. It wasn't NFS.
But after couple hours of fails I've entered a magic state. I suddenly discovered the mental techniques for being decent at the game. I had to put all my focus into it. And it was great - I had something to immerse myself in.
I finished the campaign twice on Dirt 1. It's just so good in terms of gameplay and content.
I'll play Dirt 1 just to enter that meditative state of mind.
After hearing Dirt Rally 2.0 being praised over and over again, I've tried it. Haven't played much yet.
Just tried a couple of races. They look fancy, but not waaay fancier than Dirt1. There seem to be more tracks and locations, more cars. But it's all just thrown there, waiting for you to choose stuff.
That's not how I like my games. Dirt 1 had a nice structured way of advancing through the ranks. With Dirt Rally 2.0 I don't feel the magic.
Is it just me? Like I said, not a connoisseur.
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2022.01.18 20:17 RSNPod Coinstash - Free $10 AUD!

Grab yourself a free $10 AUD of BTC Simple sign up, it’s an Australian crypto firm, you need any ID, Drivers License, Identity Card or Passport and NO DEPOSIT!
You get $10 added instantly once ID has been verified. You can withdraw to Coinbase / Luno etc as LTC and withdraw to your banks from there!
Great little earner!
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2022.01.18 20:17 ewokaflockaa Updated Warlock

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2022.01.18 20:17 Falcoshark733 [H]Space Wolves and Deathwatch[W] Custodes, Orks,Slaves to Darkness, Paypal [Loc] NC USA

x10 Wulfen x10 Bloodclaws x1 unit of Thunderwolf Calvary x1 unit of build Wolf Guard Terminators x1 new box of Wolf Guard Terminators x2 leftover Space Wolve upgrade spruces x1 Rhino (not pictured) x1 sealed Deathwatch Combat Patrol.
Trying to sell or trade together, I’ll pay for shipping.
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2022.01.18 20:17 Themusicison I'm not a lawyer but...

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2022.01.18 20:17 pixiebiitch Could there be a new undetectable variant?

At the moment I’m pretty sick - the last time I was this sick was with Delta in August (although that was a bit worse). I have a bad cough, sore throat, intermittent shortness of breath, sinus congestion, body aches, and heart palpitations but I don’t have COVID. A lot of people I know at the moment are just as sick but also don’t have COVID. All PCR tested negatives.
I don’t remember a time where this many people get this sick this easily in the summer - is it possible the virus mutated into a variant currently undetectable with our tests, or are our immune systems just shithouse from lockdowns last year?
In Melbourne btw and I also don’t know much about medicine at all, just a question for anyone who knows more than I do.
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2022.01.18 20:17 sunflowers882 Information on real estate licensure education

Looking for recommendations/ overall experiences on local programs. So far I have only found Real Estate Agent University.
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2022.01.18 20:17 Lekmanutpls [Redo of Healer manga spoilers] Fussy

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2022.01.18 20:17 Lpg7000 Worth "upgrading" from a Moka pot to a Brikka pot?

Hey everyone,
I am considering buying a bialetti brikka pot, but not sure if the taste is really different from an express moka pot. I read that if provides foam/crema (not sure if this makes a real difference in taste though) and that it is less watery and richer in texture and taste. If anyone has tried both I would really appreciate your opinion, thanks!
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2022.01.18 20:17 Anonymous_Owls Can I add lemon drizzle to a concrete mixer?

I know there’s the creamy lemon crumble flavor of the day, but can I add lemon drizzle to any concrete mixer?
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2022.01.18 20:17 kmpoaquests What coupler is needed for a biqu h2 ?

I bought a biqu h2 but I realized it doesn't come with a coupler for the bowden tube, anyone have any idea what standard size does it use ? I can't find any specs on what size to buy from amazon. The stock couplers that came with the ender 6 are massive in comparison to the thread on the H2.

Thank You
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