faiif 5dt73 ih63e kdn3h n78ya benk8 dy8r7 ef93b 39kt2 t758y bks97 tba8n 8a97r 6az64 3t3bb ny8ft th6af 3ti4r 32s2t 8tyyk ii7ak Ok, hear me out, ONLINE SHOPPING!! |

Ok, hear me out, ONLINE SHOPPING!!

2022.01.26 14:42 Console_Hater4ever Ok, hear me out, ONLINE SHOPPING!!

CIG plzz i don't wanna die to a bug and go flying around the verse for 2 hours getting my favorite set of armor, guns, gun attachments, etc...why can't we have an online shop that has everything, the catch is you have to pay a 25% delivery fee, plus maybe you have to wait for 2-3 hours....but at least during that time you can go to smth else
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2022.01.26 14:42 urswingwingisdumb Thank God We Replaced that Deathtrap....

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2022.01.26 14:42 AncientJump3672 Dose anyone know where i can find this shirt in a size small? I’ll cop rn.

Dose anyone know where i can find this shirt in a size small? I’ll cop rn. submitted by AncientJump3672 to kencarson [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 14:42 HappyHillary How the hell

Did I get banned from “illegal life pro tips” for giving an illegal life pro tip? Lol I was in there helping so many ppl too.
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2022.01.26 14:42 clonexlx Carding guide and cashout guide available Telegram: @cardcave wickr: cloneboss

Teaching how to card items successful using cvv fullz
Teaching how to cashout paypal logs and bank logs
Teaching how to clone dumps track1 track2
Contact: Telegram:@cardcave Wickr: clonebos
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2022.01.26 14:42 __INC0GNIT0__ [Grade 11]What are the critical points of that function?

[Grade 11]What are the critical points of that function? Critical points are points where the derivative is zero or non-existent. The derivative does not exist at point 0 because the denominator is not zero. Then zero is also a critical point. Am I correct? The answer in the book is -2;2
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2022.01.26 14:42 tnunski Pyro Shield for Hu Tao - Yanfei or Thoma?

So I pulled for Hu Tao on her most recent rerun and high rolled her into C1. I got Thoma C2 alongside her and have been using him alongside XQ+Sucrose as a squad with decent enough success.
I recently ripped for Zhongli and ended up with C6 Yanfei. She's not that much less built than Thoma as I used her a ton early game until I got Diluc (he is 70/80 she is 70/70) .
The million dollar question is which shielder is better? I've invested a fair amount into Thoma (1/7/7 on talents alongside being 70/80) but I feel like his shields suck and always die on me even if it is nice being able to constantly refresh them after breaking. Yanfei's 45% of HP shield for 15 seconds seems cracked if I run her on a support build with like TTDS and Noblesse / 2 piece TOTM + something else good.
My gut take is that Thoma seems better if I want to continue swirling Pyro consistently with Sucrose, but Yanfei has the better shield overall. However, swirling the pyro always feels awkward to setup as I have to go Thoma E/Q -> Sucrose E/Q -> Hu Tao (to give her TTDS) -> XQ E/Q/E -> Hu Tao. If I want to streamline I can go Thoma E/Q -> XQ E/Q/E -> Sucrose E/Q -> Hu Tao but I feel like I swirl Hydro half the time which is fine but not optimal. Maybe I'm just dumb and should be going like XQ E/Q/E -> Thoma E/Q (ideally vaping the present hydro and reapplying pyro for swirl) -> Sucrose E/Q -> Hu Tao.
Kinda rambling there at the end but TLDR: C4 Yanfei Shield or Thoma Shield for Hu Tao? Pros and Cons of each? Build optimizations for each?
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2022.01.26 14:42 myjawclicks what procedure gets rid of this?

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2022.01.26 14:42 PruneCorrect How to copy ATS profile controls to ETS/other ATS profiles?

Can't seem to get my sensitivity right on other profiles and ETS.
Is there a file I can copy around to basically paste the control scheme over to the other profiles?
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2022.01.26 14:42 NoWorking7044 Please stop

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2022.01.26 14:42 AdmirableAngle2006 Deepnudes. Prijzenlijst 2022 - 5 foto’s €2 - 12 foto’s €5 - Multi pakket 15 foto’s en 5 filmpjes €7,50 - Mega pakket 25 foto’s en 10 filmpjes €11,50 ik maak ze voor je!

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2022.01.26 14:42 Adrianggarfias Am I wasting time?

This is my first term at a university as a transfer student. I transferred with the intention to major in business with a concentration in “supply chain and logistics management”. I spent almost $4k in only 8 credits. Ridiculously expensive. I have 0 motivation to do any of the work really. I force myself to read and do hw but i can never stay on task and can never concentrate on the readings assigned. I think I came to the realization that i hate business school. I thought it would be for me but i don’t think I see myself in a office environment. I truly suck at the writing and reading. What should i do if i have 0 motivation to do any of the work? Should I try out different classes and see what i like? I don’t have an idea of where I’m going to go in life but i do want to be able to provide.
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2022.01.26 14:42 dumpsterfire2002 Rib corn minus the rib

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2022.01.26 14:42 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/nkorean-internet-downed-by-suspected-cyber-attacks-researchers-2022-01-26/

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2022.01.26 14:42 ChedderNips [US-PA][H] Gigabyte Windforce 970, i5 4690k, ASUS Z97a, 16GB HyperX Fury DDR3,EVGA Supernova G3 750 watt, Jelly Keys [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/gallery/fCh1yun
Been meaning to sell my old system for a while. Just been sitting in boxes in the closet for a while. Cleaned up and ready to ship out.
Gigabyte 970 (GV-N970WF3OC-4GD) 200+15 SH
i5-4690k/ASUS Z97-A mobo/ HyperX Fury (2 x 8GB DDR3 1866 CL10) 200+SH
-Would Like to keep together to keep shipping costs down. Will part out if doesn't sell together
EVGA Supernova G3 750watt Power Supply 150+SH
-Only used for 2 months till I downsized to SFF.
Jelly Keys - Ace of Guardians V (1u), Legendary Castles Atlantis (1u)
-Figured I would throw these here since i don't have enough Karma to post in MK. 80ea+sh or 160 shipped for both.

Will Combine shipping costs if more than one item is bought
Everything will be shipped with insurance and tracking
Local to 15101 Area Code
For PC parts got all my prices from a mix of ebay and HWS Discord Members and PC part picker. If they are Unrealistic I will adjust accordingly. Post before PM. PM me for more pics and any questions you might have.
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2022.01.26 14:42 amazonappleatari Pampered pretzel cat!

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2022.01.26 14:42 MajorKeyBro This is still the most obvious and logical meaning of 741. Stay the course folks! BUY-DRS-BOOK.

This is still the most obvious and logical meaning of 741. Stay the course folks! BUY-DRS-BOOK. submitted by MajorKeyBro to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 14:42 dirrtyremixes Axline – Icicle (Extended Mix)

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2022.01.26 14:42 OliverMarkusMalloy Joe Rogan talks about Russian Troll Farms

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2022.01.26 14:42 jimmylamstudio Why would I ever leave, me

Why would I ever leave, me submitted by jimmylamstudio to ImaginarySliceOfLife [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 14:42 dirrtyremixes Aurelios – I’ve Had Enough (Original Mix)

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2022.01.26 14:42 crapyounot Do I not want to live because I don’t have a plan in life, or do I not have a plan because I don’t want to live?

I don’t know why this question matters to me, because I still feel like I just want to cry my hopelessness away, but I guess I still want to know. I don’t want to be here. I really don’t. If I had enough courage I would kill myself, I think. I’m a coward, that’s what I mean, so I’m not gonna do it. But this question, I feel like, would help me solve my own issues? So how would I even examine this issue? I feel like I just don’t want to go through life and life’s struggles. But nobody does. So what makes me different that I just want to disappear?
(Please don’t suggest therapy, because I can’t do it.)
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2022.01.26 14:42 ggfchl How long have you watched Smosh?

View Poll
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2022.01.26 14:42 Big-Enthusiasm2066 More pulls from some older set

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2022.01.26 14:42 ImportYeti After 170+ convos with r/EtsySellers redditors giving me feedback on my free "look up any company's suppliers" tool, ImportYeti, I'm happy to announce ImportYeti Beta V4.0

Here is the link to the original post: OG Post, V3.0 Beta
You can find the tool here: ImportYeti.com
ImportYeti is a free tool that allows you to search 70,000,000 bill of ladings to answer questions for pretty much any company you can imagine like:

Here are the BIG changes on this release:
We think we've solved the majority of our large tech changes and hope to get back to a schedule of heavily iterating on the site, releasing much more frequently and heavy feature development.
I'd love any and all feedback (love or hate)... no matter how brutal, small or crazy : ) I only want to create things that people really love. If you enjoyed this tool, have any ideas for how to improve it, or found a bug/usability issue, I want to hear from you. Please PM me or comment below anytime
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