Postponed test... took a 2 week break... how do I get back on the grind??

The NHL has postponed all cross-border games leading up to the league’s holiday break. Calgarians are reporting long lineups to get free COVID-19 test kits which became available last week. gestational diabetes test chart Hypoglycemia is an abnormally low level of blood sugar (blood glucose). ... To help ensure effective emergency treatment, all people with diabetes should ... patient as having diabetes, even if the patient is far from home and traveling alone. SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle’s first big move of the offseason was completing a deal Jerry Dipoto tried to make last summer. The Mariners finally landed Adam Frazier on Saturday, acquiring the All-Star second baseman in a trade with the San Diego Padres. “We thought we were at the goal line to acquire Adam at trade […] After a day full of obstacles — including traveling the morning of the game and a series of false positive COVID-19 tests — the Vancouver Canucks savored getting the best of their new Pacific Northwest rivals again. Vasily Podkolzin and Nils Hoglander scored first-period goals, Tyler Motte and Conor Garland scored in the third period, and the Vancouver Canucks stayed hot with a 5-2 win ... GIVE THEM A BREAK: 67's lose to Colts, extending slide to five games, in last test before holidays Just two wins in the past 15 games is not what playoff-calibre teams experience. Author of the ... ZeroHedge - On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero Stage 2: Post-Game Grind In this section, you will clean up any trophy you did not earn naturally in the previous section. If you have not done any errands, bounties, or alchemy at this point, those leftover trophies will also be covered in this stage (though the most obtainable errand, bounty and alchemy trophy were listed in the last section and take little to no time to earn). Freshman Paolo Banchero had 17 points and 11 rebounds to help No. 2 Duke beat Georgia Tech 69-57 in its return from a COVID-19 outbreak that had led to a pair of postponements. “They’ll have the advantage of being back into the grind of puck possession, down low, 50-50 pucks, and just the stuff that’s hard to practice over and over,” Cassidy said. “So, that’s ...

2022.01.18 21:36 Spiderqueen22 Postponed test... took a 2 week break... how do I get back on the grind??

hi team! I appreciate your advice in advance:-)
I was planning on testing in Jan, but pushed it back to April bc working full time in an ER and studying during this most recent surge was impossible. Anyway, here I am trying to get back on track and I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START.
I finished content review in December with TPR and finished the psych/soc Anki cards then too. I'm still about 10 points away from my goal (515). I have UGlobe for another 2 months that I could do, I have more TPR material and all the AAMC stuff too. Do yall have any advice on what I should do to re-start my process now or what to do first? Also just how to get out of the "I hate this it sucks why am I doing this this is the worst I'd rather be skiing" mindset, ya know?
thanks friends!
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2022.01.18 21:36 champiam_12_4 Sarada 3tomoe, anime and post chap 66

Since sarada only has the 2T in the anime do you think the anime staff might use >! Boruto's apparent death!< to give her the 3T when she finds out????
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2022.01.18 21:36 handlessuck MQ-25 Stingray unmanned aerial tanker on USS George H. W. Bush [1800 x 1200]

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2022.01.18 21:36 Vandoye Are there any MMORPGs where stats matter like STR, Dexterity, Intelligence.

So basically I’m looking for a MMORPG where you can put points into stats and it really matters because I’m familiar with it but I can’t really find any.
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2022.01.18 21:36 JoRodGames I need some friends to finish this quest. I sent gifts daily so it wouldn't hurt you. My username is JoRodGames with a Sorbet Shark Profile. I'd appreciate it a lot and thank you.

I need some friends to finish this quest. I sent gifts daily so it wouldn't hurt you. My username is JoRodGames with a Sorbet Shark Profile. I'd appreciate it a lot and thank you. submitted by JoRodGames to CookieRunKingdoms [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:36 dor14n_17 Este es de choriwacho

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2022.01.18 21:36 inmoon گرفتن تیک آبی برای بازیگر ها با افزودن بیوگرافی به صفحه IMDb | پارت سوم

گرفتن تیک آبی برای بازیگر ها با افزودن بیوگرافی به صفحه IMDb | پارت سوم submitted by inmoon to Hotzz [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:36 SiPhuYoda [US-LA] [WTB] Ikki68 Aurora brass weight

Hey I'm looking for a brass weight for the Ikki68 Aurora if anyone has one. Please and thank you
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2022.01.18 21:36 ronwilliams215 Shipping Companies Had a $150 Billion Year. Economists Warn They’re Also Stoking Inflation

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2022.01.18 21:36 jomakepeace2018 The three months and one day path, that takes us from whatever this hell is, and then leads us out of it; if we can but realise in time that we must first choose it to be possible, to then be able to choose it to be. See. Rev0.4 mk0.2

Stevie Notes
Try to only say everything once Stevie, except the bits you think need to be repeated obviously.
If you are unsure, always cut ruthlessly, and remember, its always got to be 'once more with passion' Stevie. Every single time, so you can try to get better every time buddy. So onwards and upwards and once more with passion. You can do it. I believe in you. Just keep trying harder to Make it make it make sense.
Reader notes
What can I say except I’m sorry it’s me and I’m sorry my words couldn't be less shite than what I write.
Not that it makes a difference but I wouldn't have even been my own first choice. For what it’s worth. But here I am, and here we are. Its where we go next, I want to chat about.
And if you reads it and thinks yourself 'hes a twat, but i understand what he's trying to do, then please try to say it better. So we can do it better. It was always and only and ever the message that was important
Reading notes
Ideally read me out loud. I know you resist the idea, but you should get a stronger connection to my nonsense words if you do. Otherwise use your internal narratodictator’s voice. If you have one.
If not us then who?
If not now then when!
How it goes
So this is how it goes. Or at least this is how I think it goes, which is after all, all any of us can ever lay honest claim to.
So all I'll say is this is how I think it should go. It could go. If we chose it to go.
The Truth
There will always only and ever be just one 'us'.
For there is, only and ever will be, just one humanity.
And in actuality, this will have always been true.
No matter how much we act like we don’t want it to be. And irrespective of how much we act like it isn’t. See?
The lie
And whilst we erroneously continue to act like this is not true, while blatantly living in a world where it is, actually, so this lie we live our lives by will continue to divide and drive us blindly, around and around this cycle, wot we are all stuck in, together. That by lying to ourselves of our true nature to each other, as sisters and brothers, believing we are not really to each other, and so instead diverts us all enthralled in our own drama, between ourselves, trapped together, going round and around this cycle, forever. the cycle wot we are stuck in. He said.
And for what it’s worth I call the current iteration of this cycle: Boom. Bust. Bang.
For what it’s worth.
The bang part 1
And within this repetitive cycle of Boom Bust Bang, we know we are fast approaching the Bang bit, right buddy!
But which if I’m right about the timing, is lucky for us!
Stevies crazy cycle theory #2
Because after the listening has stopped but before the bang begins there opens a brief window of choice, which is hidden from us behind those same lies we don’t want to believe we allow ourselves to believe of us at the moment, but nevertheless still there. A truth hidden from us in plain sight.
A change of state for us has begun and will very soon go on to become inevitable. Can’t you feel it building? But the first of the truths that our lies to ourselves hides, is that that window yet remains open and so its opportunity yet remains and so therefore the direction of that change yet remains. Up for grabs as it were.
So you see all is not lost buddy! Rejoice in your heart! Can you feel hope again now? Of course not. But why not? You can’t judge my idea yet, after all you haven't even heard it yet. But what’s more important and telling, you choose to resist the truth in my words, even as you know they are the truth. Humanity as an entity is indivisible.
Beyond any metric that means anything beyond between ourselves. To the world we live in, the critters, creatures, fauna and flora, our impact is as one.
Stop lying to yourselves
As you hear my words speaking of the lie we currently hide behind, so it elicits within you an emotional response of defence. The mental back foot as it were. Which is a rational response to living in the world as it currently is, especially with some arsehole having a go at you just for being you! But the problem is that when everyone, pretty much, feels like this, this is why we keep going round and around. Because at the very point at which we need to rediscover within ourselves our very best, is the point in the cycle when we feel our worst. Our most alone. But because it is, it is the only time in the cycle where it can be addressed. Does that make sense yet?
Catch yourself in the act
I call them micro transactional valve judgements. The thought we think before we realise we start thinking. That colours all thought that follows on. And if you manage to catch the tail of it, before it all too quickly recedes, try to sense how it made you feel about the thing. In that pre-moment. Before you thought about thinking about it. Because that is where you will find your despair begins buddy.
The nub!
And this is the nub. Because it’s that initial flash of feeling that colours all subsequent thinking. The agenda of negativity is already set long before the journey can even be considered as a choice, which of course is wrong, and we know it, but still...... . And so now you can see it, for what it is, next time it happens you can try to catch yourself in it. I use mental flashcards. For what it’s worth.
From now on, when you notice it happening, allow it to happen (because it’s going to happen anyway) but then first acknowledge it, and then just let it go buddy.
Probably Stevie waffle.
Because Emotional micro transactional value judgements are determined not by how you feel about the world but rather how the world makes you feel. Ergo the solution is to change the world to elicit a positive pre response.
It’s not you. It’s us!
The lies I hope you are beginning to realise you have allowed yourself to believe buddy. We all have. Because if you can confront this truth, if just enough of us can, then this is where it all starts.
For an indeterminate ever closing window of time, this choice is before us. Here, now, today, where a different path from the one we have been on will have to have been chosen any way. So what about if there was another option?
Do you feel anything yet? Don’t worry. If it’s going to happen it will happen. I Have faith in the process.
Blowing my own trumpet
So here am I believing that I have a plan. A plan I have spent many many years preparing for and for just this time! A plan that tries to give us a framework upon which to change the fortunes of our humanity and a time frame in which to achieve it. A plan designed to Right multiple wrongs as our endeavour draws more and more of us together. I’m also hoping it will prove my theory on goodness cascades correct. It’s like the Higgs Boson of love. Fingers crossed!
More prattling on about the plan
What if there was a 3 month and one day plan that could bring about all of this for all of us?
How many is enough?
And that just enough of us. Not even most of us. Was always going to have to have been enough of us.
But all you have to do is to choose to see this truth, in this time; the truth of the window of opportunity that yet remains until the bullets begin to fly, and the truth that we are just one people, and so make possible the choice it then offers us, this is all enough of us have to do. To make its truth our reality.
Which was lucky for us.
Bang part 2
So let’s imagine this window of change remained yet open and so we decided to come together to choose to choose a different path, which was lovely BTW, but which also serves to steer us away from the impending dehumanising hell that awaits us on our current timeline.
Remember? When we choose to send our kids off to become: at best, murderers, at best, but some of them rapists, and others torturers - and that is if we and they are the lucky ones! (cumon buddy. think) And instead leads us finally to the very beginning of humanities next path. (This is a great time to remember to breathe buddy) Just 3 months and a day from start to finish I say. And I know how it sounds. Redonkulous. In fact, I want you to Remember how redonkulous it sounded. And so it will continue to sound. Redonkulous, right up until the point when you decide to realise it’s not.
Stevie’s crazy cycle again
Not actually breaking this cycle. Actually. fixing it. Having learnt the lesson it’s been trying to teach us all along, and so finally allowing ourselves to leaving it. Sealing it up as we go.
Because Lesson finally learnt.
Thank you very much.
Evolution not revolution.
Don’t always start again, sometimes just fix what ain’t workin.
And learn to tell the difference.
And as is obvious, we are just one humanity.
Not revolt. Revolve and evolve.
Cheers buddy.
You get the idea.
Day 1. From an agreed date the countdown begins.
It begins with the Great Century 21 Turning Away from politics (Secessio plebis). After all our voices on both sides of whichever particular divide you choose to reside are no longer heard. Right? Any of us. And that's not Right. So if none of our voices are being listened to at the moment anyways, its right that for a short while they should experience the same! To be given the opportunity to remember why it’s so wrong.
For 3 months and a day we choose to choose mostly together to simply turn our focus away from the bollockshit of our current politic - starving them of the publicity that after all has only served to help drive them, and us along with them, to the dark place where so many of them currently reside. A place that has obscured for them what should be their real role; as fair rulers to their people and nation ambassadors for the good of our wider global society.
During this 3 months and one day of Secessio plebis we ask of our news and media outlets to focus instead on the good works we are already doing in the world, on the good work that needs to be done and the good works we are going to spend 3 months doing. The good works we must do to help us to prepare to become the people ready to hear; the 'Truth of Their Times' . Some of our media will come with us. Some wont and if we are lucky, it will be enough.
For this 3 months we ask our banks and finance houses to choose to help us to organise and pay for our three month 'Make The World Better' campaign. And those banks who help us organise this will be showing us that they do want to be part of our communities. Those that don’t, obviously don’t value us beyond the profits they make from us. And again, when the time arrives, we will remember.
And whilst we toil together, for the good of each other for those 3 months (but not one day) our scientific and environmental community will be preparing to deliver to us all the Truth Of Our Times, at the First Global State of the Environment Address. Not what can we afford, or what political points can be scored, but What approaches and what needs to be done.
Because when it comes, this truth of our times its going to be tough. It’s going to hard for us to hear, which is why we spend 3 months of our spare time becoming the people ready to hear it.
See how it all meshes together, like clockwork within the framework of time. Try to have faith in the process.
And the banks will be organising us, irrespective of our divides, into Paint brush parties, binbag marches. Basically together we clean up our communities. That kinda thing. And then fun in the parks, also funded by the banks, or perhaps together with our employers to further bridge those divides and consolidate our good works together.
We spend 3 months of our free time both making our world better and celebrating our achievements together, and so at the same time preparing ourselves to become the people ready to hear the 'truth of our times'.
And then after 3 months our scientists will tell us the truth of our times. And because we will have become not just ready to listen, but to hear. So we will.
And then from the moment after the first global state of the environment address is delivered, we begin the world first Peace Day. 24 hours without state sponsored conflict. And remember this is from the people we have just spent 3 months ignoring! And so it won't work first time. Just sayin. But that’s fine. Because if we don’t give up on the idea, and instead each time we try harder, find better ways, eventually together we will make it work. And so when finally it does, we will be all the stronger because of our collective endeavour.
And then I hope we go on to make it a one day a week thing!
And after 24 hours of peace, or not (as long as we tried it doesn't actually matter) we finally turn back to our leaders and ask of them 'are you the leaders to lead us into this?'
For we will always need leaders. But then it’s up to them if they choose it to be them. Or not.
Science will have been given back its due respect as an authority to help guide us into this new age. Where humanity finally accepts the role as custodians for its ever-changing environment. The banks will have begun their rehabilitation within the communities they have now shown they want to serve. News and media will have been given an opportunity to reassess their relationship both with politics and us, and so hopefully now restored to a more even keel, and politics will have been reminded, by the actions of us individuals together, of whom they serve. And finally we will have begun to become the people who can confront the challenges we will have to face anyways, but now armed with the truth of our times and the new found sense of togetherness that we just forgot about how important it was to us. Remember?
And the lesson of the cycle of boom bust bang will have been learnt and so sealed. For as long as we never choose to open it up again. Hopefully for ever! And all we had to do was to finally accept the truth. Please try to remember?
And breathe. Please try to Remember that too. I find mental flashcards really help.
And so then together, all of us, and in just 3 months and one day from an agreed date, will have begun the next age of humanity. The bit after boom bust bang. Perhaps the next cycle begins? Whose nose. The bit where we finally came together, to make each of our own voices count for something better, to choose to have chosen a new path into our future. And just in the nick of time to boot.
Happy Days
Happy days!
Or not
Or we just carry on as we are, getting angrier and angrier with each other for bollockshit that’s beyond our control anyways while our jaded leaders continue to dismantle everything they can’t sell until eventually, inevitably, we blunder (albeit probably unintentionally) into WW3.
And then it gets worse for us
So with this plan, right here, right now, today, we still yet have a choice to decide. Albeit within an ever-narrowing window. But if we do have choice, that also means that if we don’t choose this path, if enough of you don’t choose this path, then eventually and inevitably we will choose war. It is after all, the cycle, that by the lies we currently live by, we are currently stuck in.
When the howl from the dogs of war - proffering their agenda as our only viable choice finally drowns out the last dissenting voice. And that buddy is the absolute definition of redonkulousness.
The terrible generational implications of our decisions
If we carry on screwing this up, we will become the first of the failed generations. Plural. The only iteration of humanity that could have chosen different, chosen better, but chose not to. And so choose to send their children to war instead. A conflict amplified and lengthened long beyond the point where our anger was sated by the consequences of our changing climate, like dwindling resources and mass migration. And so generation after generation will be forced to fight a conflict that only us, here now, today, could have ever stopped.
And I hope you realise why turning your kids into murderers’ rapists and torturers is the best outcome from war for you buddy.
We will either break this cycle, or we will have to wait until the ravishes of the climate wars subside before we will get a chance to choose this choice again. Which would be a real shame.
Cumon humanity. I rooting for you
I believe that with enough support from people just like you, this could happen. I believe in the goodness of you buddy. And all you have to do is just accept that we could become those people, people who believe in the goodness of each other to. Couldn't you?
For We will always only and ever be one humanity buddy.
The web of love stretching around mother earth
You and me, and everyone we love, and those they love, and so on and so forth, stretching a web of love around mother earth connecting all of us. Eventually.
Now isn’t that a lovely thought?
And finally (thank the traffic lights!)
And finally, please click on the link below. And when you read it, as bitter and hard as it will be, please imagine it’s your child telling this story of their childhood. Because we all of us need to remember buddy, what that coming conflict will strip us all of.
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2022.01.18 21:36 NewsElfForEnterprise Green Line MBTA incident at Park Street shuts down stretch of track

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2022.01.18 21:36 komq_ What do you think modern democracy is threatened by?

I'll say it's the lack of trust in mainstream media.
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2022.01.18 21:36 muffingg Are Tuya Lights the worst programmed devices ever? Or is it just me?

Just bought an amazing looking Tuya ceiling light. Our wi-fi is a bit weak in the room where we put it up, but 80 percent of the time it's working fine.
With our old lights if it ever lost connection to the wi-fi, it would simply stay in the state it was. If it was on, it'll stay on and same with off. Only thing was we couldn't control it using Alexa or our phones for a few minutes, which isn't a problem.
I thought that's the norm but this stupid Tuya light just keeps flashing when it loses connection. I woke up at 2am this morning with the light flashing, which is ridiculous!
Am I doing something wrong or is there a setting that I'm missing or is this simply this badly designed?
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2022.01.18 21:36 veganyiffer420 I hate the new intern at my job.

Im an intern as well. He always tries to one up me and he thinks hes hot shit.
I kinda hope he flips his car on the way to work or his house burns down.
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2022.01.18 21:36 LilRadon Does the Logitech G213 Keyboard's wrist rest contain anything important?

I bought my brother a G213 keyboard for Christmas, but the wrist rest made it uncomfortable for him to use. Stupidly, I missed the window to return it by, so I can't get my money back on it. Instead of calling it a bust, I was wondering if I could potentially just cut off the wrist rest with a table saw, and reshape the edge to be more comfortable. My only concern here is if there is important hardware that I would be taking a saw to. Can anyone help with this?
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2022.01.18 21:36 Mortypie SiteGround or WP Engine for portfolio in Wordpress?

I've been building a portfolio site for my illustration and design services in Wordpress and it's my first full site by myself. I originally was using the HostGator hatchling plan and building the site using a lot of plug ins, but of course this created a very slow and clunky site. A lot of WP people are recommending I switch to either WP Engine or SiteGround for better hosting while I clean up my mess with the plug ins. SiteGround looks good in the short term for the price, but I'm going to want what's best long term. Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences, or recommendations that could help with the decision? I'm open to other alternatives as well. I'm looking to optimize the speed to help with rankings.
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2022.01.18 21:36 Automatic-Profit4577 Ft: (first 3 listed are shiny) Gardevoir , Rayquaza , mew , heracross , bulbasaur , Torterra

Have some extras . I’m looking for legendary shiny offers , and shiny beldum
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2022.01.18 21:36 Ear_BS I studied enough. Give me the 520 and we aint got no beef no more @AAMC

Thats all i gotta say homies

wish me luck on 1/21.
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2022.01.18 21:36 itskenzielol Help! Bunny incontinence and not pooping as much (details in comments)

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2022.01.18 21:36 Whit3Ch0colat3 Just FYI, GTA IV, Red Dead 1, and Bully are under $10 on the xbox store right now.

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2022.01.18 21:36 pc_talon Is this a hokey setup for a washer?

This is under the utility sink next to the washing machine. The faucet is due for a replacement. I figured if I am going to change things it might as well be now. I found this hot and cold water setup to be a bit strange for a house built in 1987 with a designated laundry. Upper valves are for the sink and the lower valves are for the washing machine hoses. Surprisingly all 4 valves still work. Let me know your thoughts.
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2022.01.18 21:36 DisneyMadeMeDoIt I wiped my ass with my mask today, does anyone bring a backpack to work?

Shitter was without paper today and I made do.

If so, what bag are you using, and what are you bringing?

I'm looking for a back to keep between my truck and my jobbox, packed with everything I might need.
Toilet paper, floss, mouth wash, handwipes, advil, hearing protection, ect...
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2022.01.18 21:36 steven4177 good vision

I was wondering does everyone with glaucoma go blind. For example a young person like 13 years of age has it does that mean they will be blind by the time they are like 25-30. And if u do follow up with ur eye doctor appointments and listen to them and do what they say will u be fine?
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2022.01.18 21:36 randomredditguy94 Is the bottom part of baseboard worth caulking?

I’ve been owning my first house for more than a year now. Just the other day I did notice that the baseboard moulding do have a gap between the bottom and the tiles. It was not significant but enough that I notice every time we mop the floor a very little amount of water would seep inside the gap. My concern was overtime could this cause any mold or damage to the woodframe/ drywall inside? My OCD side is telling me to caulk it just to be safe…
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2022.01.18 21:36 LoretoYes [Somos Fanáticos] City Group estuda ter time no Brasil

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