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Does dihedral always return the "shortest" rotation?

Conformational isomers exist in a dynamic equilibrium, where the relative free energies of isomers determines the population of each isomer and the energy barrier of rotation determines the rate of interconversion between isomers: = /, where K is the equilibrium constant, ΔG° is the difference in standard free energy between the two conformers in kcal/mol, R is the universal gas constant (1 ... Improper rotation is a combination of two operations, proper rotation C n and reflection ?. Figure 1.5 shows the improper rotation operation in CH 4. Table 1.3 and table 1.4 show the operations generated by S 6 and S 5 axes separately. The 6 operations generated by S 6 axis are S 6, C 3, i, C 3 2, S 6 5 and E. The following diagram shows the full rotation about a C-C single bond, the relative energy contents, and the names of the conformers depending on the dihedral angle. Eclipsed groups with bonds enclosing dihedral angles of 0o in the Newmann projection suffer from overcrowding in space, in this situation they develop the most intense steric ... Rotation formalisms are focused on proper (orientation-preserving) motions of the Euclidean space with one fixed point, that a rotation refers to.Although physical motions with a fixed point are an important case (such as ones described in the center-of-mass frame, or motions of a joint), this approach creates a knowledge about all motions.Any proper motion of the Euclidean space decomposes to ... Cyclobutane reduces some bond-eclipsing strain by folding (the out-of-plane dihedral angle is about 25º), but the total eclipsing and angle strain remains high. Cyclopentane has very little angle strain (the angles of a pentagon are 108º), but its eclipsing strain would be large (about 40 kJ/mol) if it remained planar. Always give the appropriate unit and number of significant figures. ... In the molecule ethane, rotation around the central C–C ... This angle is called the dihedral angle, and the dihedral angle θ between H’ and H’’ is shown above. In ethane, the eclipsed conformation where θ = 0° is higher in energy than the ... Configurational Stereoisomers of Alkenes. As defined in an earlier section, isomers are different compounds that have the same molecular formula. When the group of atoms that make up the molecules of different isomers are bonded together in fundamentally different ways, we refer to such compounds as constitutional isomers.For example, the C 4 H 8 alkenes 1-butene, CH 2 =CHCH 2 CH 3, and 2 ... Dihedral() does exactly this, it gives you a matrix that rotates one vector onto another. We know by now that a rotation matrix and a quaternion are interchangeable, so all we do with that matrix is convert it to our orient quaternion: Torque tries to roll the airplane opposite of the propeller’s direction of rotation. If the left engine fails, torque tries to roll the aircraft to the left, making it more difficult to raise the dead engine. Vmc- Minimum Controllable Airspeed FAR 23.149- Vmc is the calibrated airspeed, at which, when the critical engine is suddenly made The other direction involved maximal clusters in the cluster complexes of finite type introduced by Fomin and Zelevinsky, and the Cambrian fans of Reading. They also grapple with the question of what dihedral sieving should mean for actions of dihedral groups of order 2m with m even, and come up with some possible answers.

2022.01.28 02:11 raincole Does dihedral always return the "shortest" rotation?

The document says:

dihedral VEX function
Computes the rotation matrix or quaternion which rotates the vector a onto the vector b.

But, as we all know, the rotation between two vectors is not unique. So which one does dihedral return? The shortest one? An arbitrary one? Since it's not written in the document, could I rely on its behavior?
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2022.01.28 02:11 johnchoe99 Will not getting a job right after college hurt me?

Hello, I recently graduated college but I’m having some trouble finding internships/jobs. I have no internship experience because I was too dumb and lazy in the past. I noticed that some big companies have these “new grad programs” so I was wondering if not immediately getting a job after college would make it harder for me to find jobs since I’m considering traveling. I’m also concerned if it will look bad if I don’t immediately start working right after college. Also, would I still be eligible to apply for the new grad programs 1-2 years after graduating?
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I’m new and want to know what a chapter gives you. Sorry if this sounds like a very basic question
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2022.01.28 02:11 BisexualMale10 My friend is trying to fucking kill himself

He went in the bath with a toaster and it didn't work, he tried to kill himself with a knife and it didn't work and now his parents have taken his bedroom lock away, but I'm not sure. I really need some help, and advice. Because I can't see him, as we live far away from another. Just what do I fucking do please help
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Hi! I have never posted here but wanted to see how it goes lol.
I'm a straight male north campus major who is 23 years old. I am pretty geeky but hide it well, and love to play guitar. I also make a darn good cup of coffee, even if it takes almost an hour to do so. I'm studying for the LSAT right now, so I'm constantly busy but still want to meet new people, especially because everything is online right now. Again. Oooh, and random fun fact, I was a bartender at the age of 19, if you want to hear an interesting story.
I'm 5'11, and Caucasian with dark hair, and dark eyes. I have a slim build, but I think I'm fairly attractive, although I might be biased lol.
I'm mainly looking to meet new people, but I would be thrilled if I made a connection with someone. Anyways, if you are interested, send me a message and we can trade Instagrams or something!
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2022.01.28 02:11 pazin2 Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition - Australia

Hey All,
Been busting my arse the last few weeks trying to get my hands on a Collectors Edition (or Regalla, haha). I had a pre-order with Amazon US and went to change my card details, their system auto-cancelled my order when I changed the card as I had no money on that yet and customer service reckons that I can't re-order as they don't have stock (not sure how I pre-ordered in the first place then).
Just wondering if anyone has heard of any stock popping up in any of the Australian stores available to pre-order. Tried going direct to US & UK Game stores online using freight forwarders to no avail.
Stressing out trying to find out, Missed out on the collectors for HZD and hoping to find a collectors at least for the 2nd game, almost to the point where I may go religious.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.28 02:11 Sheila311 Why did he have to do this to me?

My life is in shambles and I hate everything. Why did he do it to me. It's been 2 1/2 years and I can't recover
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What if the test were a show up test for us all? If it IS a test, how far would you go for America? If peace meant an arrest or two with a bit of court level finality, could you do it?
Could you arrest the current dude in an exercise and make sure court was followed through on to be able to get the next rung up? Or back to beat cop for you? Good luck!
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