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2022.01.29 05:23 dacce543 MetaSnap🚀

元快照令牌🔥🔥🚀🚀 下一個 1000X MOONSHOT🚀 公平啟動很快
✅合約中永遠鎖定流動性🔐🔒 💥 3% 反射💥 💥 3% LP💥 💥 3% 買回來燒掉💥 💥 3% 營銷💥 特斯拉贈品🔥🔥
1B MC潛力項目✅✅ SAFU 開發 ✅✅
METASNAP 是一個即將推出的 NFT 平台,用戶可以在其中使用 SNAP 代幣買賣 NFT。你不想錯過它。
加入電報! https://t.me/MetaSnapOfficial
不要錯過公平發射!!🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 LFGGGG IM PUMPED 🚀🚀🚀
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2022.01.29 05:23 whatserneim People in a relationship; Have you ever thought your partner was cheating but it was just a misunderstanding? How was it?

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2022.01.29 05:23 T-Rex96 Looking for Alpa Testers for the upcoming Easy Xkcd release!

Hello everyone,
some of you may know about my Android app Easy Xkcd (if you don't, you can get it on Google Play or F-Droid). Over the past year, I have been working on a complete overhaul of both the app's UI and backend.
I'm finally at a point where I'm confident that the rewrite is at least in alpha state now. I'm thus looking for existing users to try out the new version, play around with it, and report any bugs/crashes/feedback. I've created a closed test on Google Play for this, if you want to join, please send me a DM with your email (the one of your Google account) and I'll add you to the group of testers!
Here are some of the new features I've added so far:

However, some features are missing right now, but should be added back soon:
If you are willing to help, thank you very much! Feel free to open an issue on Github with bug reports or feature requests.
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2022.01.29 05:23 Valkshire Saipan With 4 Fighters… Yay…

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2022.01.29 05:23 Vasch7 Wildlands FIRST PERSON MOD - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands ITA - #...

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2022.01.29 05:23 Aka_Flick Suggestions

Son or WW Zaha
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2022.01.29 05:23 XKratos500X Lek City Case - Broken | GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH

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2022.01.29 05:23 prodzacharia Hokage Funeral - Naruto (guitar loop cover)

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2022.01.29 05:23 TurnsOutIwas As someone who loves music and goes to gigs as much as i can, Electric love isn't just my favourite Bob's Burgers song, I think it might be my favourite song by anyone.

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2022.01.29 05:23 Darkest789 Same here, Eugene

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2022.01.29 05:23 dizzy_supposition Batgirl Movie Production Hurting Local Business

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2022.01.29 05:23 KlausNM Hello, I am looking for orbs of the blood god vampire dragon, someone could help me?

excuse me for disturbing but, I could tell that we are close to the next "happy hour" in dragon city, and I am looking if someone in some alliance could give me 6 "blood god vampire dragon" orbs, I already have the 100 orbs necessary joker and I would really like to summon it, thank you very much in advance, bye📷
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2022.01.29 05:23 HyderNidPryder Geirfa Ddefnyddiol Feunyddiol / Daily Useful Vocabulary

oren (b) ll. orenau - orange
oren - orange (orange-coloured)
cyfrinachol - confidential
er - although, despite; for, for the sake / purpose of
ers - since
cywir - correct, right
ffraeo (ffrae-) - to row, to argue, to quarrel
erfyn (erfyni-, erfynn-) ar - to implore, to beg
rhyfeddu (rhyfedd) (ar) - to wonder (at), to be marvel (at), to be amazed (by)
rhoi (rhodd-, rhoi-) - to give, to put, to place
sarhau (sarha-) - to insult
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2022.01.29 05:23 Intelligent_Tune_392 Oracles and CRD. What Does CRD Have to Offer?

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2022.01.29 05:23 romioneshapeofyou Would you guess that the xSFP is jealous of me

The xSFP is my boyfriend’s ex. She was w my boyfriend for 8 months, I know my boyfriend had a crush on her. The xSFP moved to Indiana without telling my boyfriend in late September, he posted abt how he felt suicidal bc of it. They ended up discussing it and broke up later on but agreed that they might date at a later point. My boyfriend has changed his mind on this, has said ever since he started dating me that their relationship was actually toxic
Recently like maybe a few weeks ago I remember the xSFP actually texted my boyfriend sounding hurt abt us dating (he was confused as to how she found out.) xSFP hopped on a call w their other friend and they agreed to j not talk anymore
Yesterday it turned out that this girl who follows my private spam acc and had been nice to me and was friends w my boyfriend has been telling the xSFP abt us? And that the xSFP and the girl were “planning something.” And that the xSFP said next time she sees me she’ll fight me on sight, my boyfriend ended up face timing them and xSFP claimed I had been friends w her (we arguably were but also maybe acquaintances?) It’s weird idk
View Poll
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2022.01.29 05:23 boobear18899 Hoping to play skyrim again (AE on pc)

I wanted to replay skyrim ever since the anniversary edition came out, but the only thing that stops me from doing so is the fact that most mods like multiple followers are broken because of the update. Does anyone know of any mods that are compatible and work with AE?
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2022.01.29 05:23 PsychadelicOcelot2 How's my joint?

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2022.01.29 05:23 Darkly_neighborhood Hello everyone happy 2nd anniversary to piggy (don't know if im late or on time) couldn't make a anniversary thing, but i do have a announcement for a upcoming special... Thing, well then enjoy the leak

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2022.01.29 05:23 yella333 So….. ummm…. That storm???

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2022.01.29 05:23 choconut5 I upgraded to director's cut - how do I play it?

Hi folks, I bought the director's cut upgrade and downloaded/Installed it. I got a separate app for Bonus contemt but that was just an artbook and commentary. When I load up the game though, it's just the same old GOT. I have no idea where to go to play Iki Island.
Can anybody help me?
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2022.01.29 05:23 Least-Supermarket407 LF:Battle Ready Mons FT:

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2022.01.29 05:23 CasanovaF40 Que veut dire Coffret T.G.S ?

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2022.01.29 05:23 NewsElfForEnterprise Tri-Rail director resigning after fallout from Brightline train station woes

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2022.01.29 05:23 piaipiaip multiple hypothesis testing causing type I error rate inflation #harrypotter

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2022.01.29 05:23 curtisy When did they quietly move the setting to dis/allow explicit content on HomePods from a per HomePod setting to a user setting?

Is it just me or have we lost a way to stop all explicit content on our HomePods?
I really benefited from that feature with a young kid in the house. I didn’t have to worry about the living room speakers playing music she’s probably better off not hearing.
But with it gone, I can’t allow some rooms/HomePods to play uncensored music.
Is anyone else frustrated by this change? Or is there a fix I haven’t found?
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