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WTF do I do with this information?

Careers at Deloitte, this is where the journey begins We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. what can-i-do-with-my-personal-paypal-account,-paypal-cash ... Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Using English for Academic Purposes: Information and Advice for Students in Higher Education You can use Chromecast or Apple Airplay to wirelessly stream Disney+ content from your Android or iOS mobile device to your TV. Please select your streaming solution and follow the recommended steps. Chromecast Apple AirPlay How to use Chromecast: Pl

2022.01.26 15:22 AmbitiousVermicelli3 WTF do I do with this information?

Dear Dr. Peterson,
As a child, I was abused, and molested, for 6 years. I'm not special or unique in this case, its just a matter of fact.
Now let me tell you about the two most beautiful humans I know: my Mother, and my Father.
My father is a hard working, intelligent man. His work ethic is unmatched. He is witty, hilarious, and has a handshake and a hug that could temporarily heal almost anything for the duration of the time that you are in his grasp. He is a hard man, not easily influenced. He personifies the saying "Don't sweat the small shit". As I have grown older, he and I have grown closer. We talk several times a week on average about anything from work, family, pop culture, sports, you name it. We just "Click". I watched this man pull himself out of a 18-24 month long unemployed depression which he spent nearly every waking moment, (and certainly every sleeping moment) in his bedroom(a basement). No job = no money. As a smoker (cigarettes) with no money, he would pick up not fully smoked butts off the ground, and light them because he couldn't afford his own cigarettes. He's been on SSRIs for the better part of a decade. He was very ill, suffering from debilitating migraines, daily. Despite this, he NEVER once became cynical, resentful, or blamed anyone else. And although it took several tries to get back into the work force, he did it, and has been doing much better and succeeding in his line of work. I'm so damned proud of him that it could not be overstated. He is one of my heroes.
My mother suffers from depression as well. She attempted suicide when I was younger. Despite all of this, she has maintained her grace and heart of gold. ALWAYS putting the needs of her children before her own. Almost literally JUMPING at the opportunity to help anyone who needs it. There is seemingly no limit to the sacrifice she is willing to make for others to smile. This became apparent when I was 11 and my father was unfaithful, with our "live-in nanny". Initially, she kicked them out. Ill save you from the long version of the story, but suffice it to say, that my parents came to the point economically, that they felt the best way forward was for my father and his new girlfriend to move back in with my mother, so my brother and sister and I wouldn't have to split our time, have issues with school districts and constant moving etc. So for all of my pre-teen, and teenage years I lived with my mother, father, and step-mother, under the same roof. My mother opened her home, and they all divvied up responsibilities and co-habited peacefully, for the most part. My mother is a joy to be around, and the reason I chose that story, is to demonstrate the absolute selflessness that she has, in order to get the best out of a situation. To invite someone like that to live with you, and continue to help raise your kids takes something that I'm not even sure there is a word for. Its beyond kind, that's for sure. During a recent impromptu speaking exercise I was asked about who my hero was and had to speak for three minutes, I chose my mother and to my surprise, 90 seconds into the exercise I began tearing up. I admire her deeply.
I have been in and out of therapy for years, its really difficult to have a consistent therapist in my line of work. (Active Duty Military). But recently I was clinically diagnosed with PTSD(From childhood abuse), GAD, ADHD, and Major Depressive disorder. I feel like that's too much. PTSD kind of makes sense, and then perhaps the other 3 are merely secondary to that. Anyway. The aforementioned abuser is a member (Older) of my family. When I finally came forward about it (as a child), that person admitted to it. My parents, the two most beautiful people I know, who are intimately (or at least, at one point were intimately aware) spend more time with that person, than they do me. A lot of it is due to my career, but I have a hard time understanding how they can hang-out, have game nights, and spend holidays together, knowing what I know. What the fuck do I do with that?? ( if anything)
I've been doing a lot of thinking about the darkness that inhabits all of us, even the most pure of us. I've been thinking about the darkness that inhabits me, and I'm wondering if that line of thought can be applied with this conundrum. The two most beautiful people I know, loving, cooperating, celebrating, co-existing with the most vile and disgusting human I know. I'm having a hard time sorting that out.
I appreciate all that you do. Hoping for a 3rd set of 12 rules once this current tour is over. Best of luck to you Doc.
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2022.01.26 15:22 DependantAttendant When you were a child watching TV or films. Was there anything that would gross you out?

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2022.01.26 15:22 Leather-Let-5942 Smart Night Light Projector Review

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2022.01.26 15:22 Sowviet At the same time it was the worst couse that's the one where Drew was brought to the series god I hated that fucking stupid kid

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2022.01.26 15:22 marijnjc88 Gill Grunt stopped working

My series 1 Gill Grunt figure stopped working in my Spyro's Adventure game. It shows me the 'a toy on the portal of power has a problem' screen. I already tried fixing it using Skyreader GUI (change something, then write back to the portal) but that doesn't seem to work. I also reset the entire figure through this program but even that hasn't helped. Does anybody know a potential fix? Thanks!
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2022.01.26 15:22 alex-watson- lookatmyears

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2022.01.26 15:22 Gunts4 Free form campaign?

I'm a strategy gamer but despite trying multiple times, I've always bounced off the Total War games. I own Warhammer 1 & 2 and Troy.
I think what bothers me, is that I always have feeling to have to do what my factions goals/thing is (like the book of grudges of the dwarves). This is not as interesting to me as a "do what you want" style campaigns or games.
My question is, can TW campaigns work, if I largely ignore my factions goals? Am I even right to think that I have to follow these goals pretty linearly? Does the game work, if I largely do what I want on the campaign map?
I hope these questions make sense, because I'd love to dive deeper into TW. Thanks!
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2022.01.26 15:22 H-B-G My perditions for mando moving forward. Spoilers for the 5th episode of the book of boba fett.

Mando will find and use the waters mentioned in the episode. Du. In doing so he will have a version, besause the waters are a force Nexus. He will meet or hear the voice of Tarre Vizsla. Where he will be taught what it really means to be a mandalorian. Maybe the true creed of the mandalorians.
In doing so he will be able to master the darksaber. He can't use it as of now, because i believe his lack of focus is not because of grogu, but because he's unsure of what it is to be mandalorian.
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2022.01.26 15:22 tribeproducers MackBaybii ft. FYB Trigga & FYB J Mane “Typa Time” (Music Video)

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2022.01.26 15:22 UTFO On the front line: Inside the Ukrainian border city with strong ties to Russia

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2022.01.26 15:22 WhatABlunderfulWorld What are your thoughts on human mothers eating the placenta after birth? Scientific answers preferred.

Thoughts to consider: - What beneficial nutrients and hormones are in there? - Do animals eat it for benefits beyond energy, is it done just to get rid of the evidence to avoid predators? - Is it actually bad to eat because it acts as a sort of filter for the baby's development?
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2022.01.26 15:22 Upstairs-Scheme-212 Fox News Interview is a disaster. Everyone who follow the sub reddit feel cheate. why are anyone supposed to go for an interview. Noone elected the mod to be our representative. The subreddit is literally being joked about in all the other subreddits

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2022.01.26 15:22 rkuh Sales Tools

Hey everyone,
I hope everyone is off to a great start for 2022. I am trying to compile a list of tools/software/apps that sales professionals use besides CRM. I would appreciate any info you care to share with me. TY
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2022.01.26 15:22 114index what’s a good arcteryx hard shell to start with looking for something light weight for fall that i can layer in the winter too.

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2022.01.26 15:22 Alex_is_always_right Thought this was flex-worthy

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2022.01.26 15:22 givenchyboy [Steel Business] Looking to change our current inventory management software

I run a small steel company with one employee. We simply import and export. As or right now we are using NCH software (Express invoice & Inventoria). We like the software itself but it completely lacks when it comes to the web based interface. Its not reliable whatsoever. I can't even access the web interface from home because their tutorials are completely unclear and outdated. The software itself does not cater to the steel industry at all: searching for sizes and specifications isn't implemented in a convenient way that makes is easy for steel businesses that have a very wide selection.

We are looking for an application that can at least do the following:

Our one time purchase budget: $1,000 CAD
Monthly payment budget: $50

I've done some digging and found a lot of applications catering to steel companies. Its overwhelming. Im currently looking into two applications: RealSTEEL and Capstone by Bayern Software. If anyone has any other recommendations, please share.
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