Good video showing how broken SWF is

2022.01.19 14:46 pornolorno Good video showing how broken SWF is

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2022.01.19 14:46 poizster 405 error in terminal but 200 in Screaming Frog

I have hundreds of URLs that show an HTTP Status of 200 in Screaming Frog, however in terminal when I use the command curl -I it shows a 405.
All the pages still resolve, I just see two different things in terminal vs Screaming Frog. The pages load fine. Anybody ever experience this?
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2022.01.19 14:46 Bonus1Fact Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov reaffirmed that Moscow has no intentions of invading Ukraine as the West fears, but said that receiving Western security guarantees is the categoric imperative for Moscow.

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2022.01.19 14:46 mememerizer Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Preview - Endgame Hinging on Strike Missions

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2022.01.19 14:46 Koodeeyo Sprint potential and genetics

Hi guys!
I am a coach and athlete and i have a nice story to share with all of you guys!
I know that there are a lot of people new to th sport here and we all question our selfs about our potential.
So here is an Instagram reel that i did about the subject based on my personal experience!
At 16-17 years old i was running the 100m in the 14-15sec range which is not fast but i still managed to run 10.5 10 years later!
I was really not in a good shape at 16 and i was 5foot7 or 8 and now im 6foot 1.... but the moral of the story is to never give up if you are passionate about something!
Go watch my reel on instagram for more details! And go see my other content and drop a follow if you like my content :)
Ig page: ndo.athletics29
Have a good day everyone!
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2022.01.19 14:46 FonduePotPussyPimp If Xzibit pimped your ride, what would your theme be?

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2022.01.19 14:46 Supplementarianism Healthy Orange And Almond Cookies

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2022.01.19 14:46 lovestork Invite New Arkansans, But Keep the Old: One is silver, the other gold

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2022.01.19 14:46 YoungFancyLad Does anyone know where I can get this shirt?

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2022.01.19 14:46 PinoyGunBoy Small general accounting firm exit?

Started at a small firm doing all sorts of taxes as well as auditing and bookkeeping. Haven’t worked here long, moreso looking at what exit opportunities I will have in the future, with a minimum of 1 full years experience, likely 2. I feel that I am getting a well rounded look of what accounting really is, and would think that this experience would translate well to an industry, but would like to hear other people’s opinions on the matter. CPA is in the plan but not a short term goal right now.
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2022.01.19 14:46 echo0o0o0o0 A sub to share cool photos.

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2022.01.19 14:46 keith2301 DAMN! You have a violent thirst

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2022.01.19 14:46 TheGleb_Ktostirilnic Did anyone ever ever tried to play doom on Furby?

So Furbys are basiclly little computers and their eyes are little screens, right? So, did anyone tried to proggram Furbys to play doom on them?
If there is a youtube video of it, please, send it to me.
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2022.01.19 14:46 raaaaachhhh AHEE & sømething - The Action

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2022.01.19 14:46 ACassassin16 AC Valhalla Ireland's Defender

Help! I am doing the Ireland’s defender quest and killed everyone on the settlement except the main objective and left back to Ravensthorpe, did I lose my progress, because I went back and the door you go thru to kill the defenders/siblings is covered with rocksnow? I have gone back several times hoping it would respawn and the door is still covered in rocks. Odin's sight shows the blue behind the rocks where I need to go. Help? Any suggestions? Is this a bug?
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2022.01.19 14:46 pmojhgdrtj Maeva Martinez 🔥

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2022.01.19 14:46 lofisky What is the best controller settings?

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2022.01.19 14:46 Nayla1205 Roborock S 7 - Error 4 - Cliff sensor

Hi there. First at all , i hope you can understand what i'm trying to discribe (my english is not that good).
After I cleaned my Roborock today, it vacuumed my Kitchen. After cleaning half of the Kitchen it started to tell me "error 4, please clean the cliff sensors". The Sensor are clean! I already tried to dry the Roborock with a Hairdryer - read that idea on twitter. But it didn't helped.
I don't know what to do now. Do you have any ideas?
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2022.01.19 14:46 CC_Craft Future heroes based on Dota's Dragon's Blood book 2

So I don't often take time to write stuff on reddit, but I always lurk around this sub because...well Dota. Been a player since back in 2004-5. And let's just say, I'm literally ecstatic that we now have a proper Lore instalment through Dragon's Blood. È
That being said, here are my thoughts on which character from the series should make it in the game, in no particular order
- Bram; I would see him as some sort of a support, not too clear on his abilities, His ultimate could be a passive related to thering Auroth gave him In the form of a passive that can proc the shielding abiliy?
- Kaden; Goes without saying, this guy is BAD-ASS, and it would do well to include another real Dragon Knight. I would see him as a swift hero, but long cooldowns. Sturdy as well, since, you know, he's a knight and all.
- Fymryn; Her abilities in the show looks real cool, she would make the perfect candidate for a new "assassin" type hero imo. And her connection to Karl is cool as well. I would expect her to be slow ("a la" Drow) but have access to her "teleportation" (I would not put it global, as we already know how much of a pain it is to deal with those) but something like 1200 unit. And her shapeshifting could be very nice addition, although we already have Morphling, i'm pretty sure there's something to be done that would distinguish the both of them enough.
- Slyrak; I would not mind seing more Eldwurm in the game itself, Dragons are cool. nuff said.
- Assa? (the Ursa looking Guard); Drawing a blank on his name, but this guy looked cool, and reminded me of a less rage-induced Ursa, which could be nice and add to the potential lore of Ursa :)
-Selemene; I think it could be very interesting to introduce a proper "goddess" of the Dota lore into the game, although it might be hard to explain how a god is slain or overpowered but hey we already have Zeus and such
Along with those I also thought that given what we saw from Auroth during Book 2, a slight redesign of Winter Wyvern would be nice, And I would suggest that the Scepter upgrade be changed to give Auroth a way to change into a Human form giving her different abilities. It could be argued that DK as well should have his ult redesigned considering how he looks when transformed in the show, but tbh I wouldn't want to have everything changed into what the show portrays.
That being said, all of that is my personal opinion, feel free to discuss about it or propose your own ideas!
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2022.01.19 14:46 VioletShade2310 Confess Ye Sinners!

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2022.01.19 14:46 Lo-fi_Vibes Upbeat Lofi - Chillhop and lo-fi beats with an upbeat vibe

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2022.01.19 14:46 GlibBot Martial Peak - Chapter 1882 - - Reunion of Bustling World and Heaven Devouring

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2022.01.19 14:46 Saurophaganax4706 What happened to the 1954 godzilla radio drama?

Before the release of the 1st godzilla movie, there was an 11 part radio drama adaptation of the film that was broadcasted in july of 1954. aside from this fact though, nobody seems to know anything about it. nobody knows where to listen to it, or who played the characters, or anything aside from its significance to the brand. so what happened to it? and more importantly, should we begin one of those intense lost media searches for it? or will it be forever lost to time like the phantom blood movie?
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2022.01.19 14:46 Schattenspringer I married my wife because I owe her family around $10,000 [Medium Large]

This is a repost. The original poster is u/mytimetoconfess and was posted in confession.
Content Note: Mobbing, Abandonment, Alcohol abuse, Child abuse, OOP uses Internet Explorer

August 08, 2014
My time to shine, I guess.
So growing up, I was the usual jerk. My Dad left me when I was around 6, my Mom was an alcoholic and abusive, and I basically was living in a dump with her. Life sucked like shit.
The best part was going to school. No, it was not the teachers, they fucking sucked. It was my friends who respected me and accepted me for the jerk I am. I enjoyed socializing with them. They made me day. However; they were bullies.
Now, I didn't give a shit about bullying. I knew it happened but as long as I didn't do it or was the victim, I was fine. In comes this shy, scared, and nervous looking girl in middle school. My girlfriends began to group up and bully her for almost a couple of weeks. I didn't care, I wasn't going to take part or be the victim. I just wanted to fucking finish school at the time.
The bullying continued for the girl. She would cry, hide, and tried to stay away from school as long as she could. When my friends locked her into a locker once, I stopped them.
I guess she used that opportunity to get to know me. When my friends skipped school, she would come and talk to me or sit near me at lunch. She would share her lunch with me since I had nothing. She helped me with my homework which I had no idea about. And she began to pay me which I liked.
I guess in return, I stopped my friends from getting to her. I owed her that. As years went by, she invited me to dinner with her parents, we would hang-out together, and she'd pay for everything, which again, I liked. I liked her but she loved me, if you know what that feels like.
As time continued to go by, I got my drivers license at 17. The problem was that a car would cost a lot of money and insurance for a young person like myself was a lot. So I asked her parents for the money saying I will pay them back.
I knew they would say no. They should have said no. Everything would be so different if they did. But they said yes, and bought me my very own car.
After that moment, I realized that I had to take care of their daughter, at least until I paid them back. I would drive her anywhere, everywhere, we became closer and closer. She was so happy with me and always has a smile on her face when she sees me.
It was her that kissed me first, it was her that brought me to her church, it was her that proposed to me, and it was both of us that got married to each-other and gave each-other our virginity.
We've been married for 10 years tomorrow. I still owe her parents for the car and owe my wife all the cash she gave me. I like her, but she loves me so much. I've never cheated on her or ever thought about it. Our lives are perfect, but I wish I could let her know that I don't love her the way she loves me.
To conclude, I work a minimum wage job and my wife is a teacher. We don't have kids. She loves me so much, but if I could take it all back, I would. This is my confession. Feel free to ask any questions.
Some notable comments:
I don't know man. It sounds like you do love her, I mean you truly love her in the most important ways. You protected her when she needed it. You stuck with her for years through everything. She supported you in your time of need as well, and her family has been very supportive of you it seems as well. All of these things are a great foundation for a relationship.
Our society has some pretty messed up myths regarding love, that screw up our perceptions. We expect love to be this mystical feeling that is always there, like some movie. Here are some of the most common myths:
Myth 1 • Love is a feeling. If you're not feeling love, then you don't really love your partner.
Myth 2 • If you have to question whether or not you love your partner, you obviously don't love him/her and it's time to walk away.
Myth 3 • You should "just know that it's right." If you don't have that feeling of rightness, then it's clearly not right.
Myth 4 • You should feel head over heels "in love", which means butterflies and fireworks.
Myth 5 • Your partner should make you feel alive, whole, and fulfilled.
All of these myths screw us up if we buy into them. Sure, there might be SOME of these things in a relationship, but there is far more to a long term relationship than any of that. Love is sticking around when your own ego says you don't want to. Love is being there when you really are too tired to be there. Here is an article explaining some of there myths.
You were a jerk from an abusive home with an alcoholic mother and this woman bonded with you and supported you. She was a bullying victim who needed a hero, and you stepped up. Sounds like a great foundation for a relationship if you ask me. I don't know if you could find anything better to be honest. Remember.[1]
I think that your saying you don't even think of cheating on her speaks volumes. In every relationship there will always be one person who loves the other more. It's natural and honestly, to be expected. Don't feel guilty for that. Or if you do, pour yourself into being more of you, the man that she loves and makes her happy.
Now that that's out, let's explore a possibility:
Honestly, it's no wonder your love for her is so much less than hers for you. Love takes a certain vulnerability, and she has it in spades. You are protective of yourself by default for very legitimate reasons. Are you secretly waiting for the other shoe to drop, for her to magically treat you like your abusive mom?
Or perhaps you won't let yourself love her because you think she deserves better? Being happy isn't explicitly require money or being worshiped. She probably needs a gruff protector, not a timid, infatuated partner.
Maybe the process of getting together with her wasn't a challenge? That's your primal instincts. Evolve beyond that.
Perhaps it's time to really analyze why you are so "indifferent" about your relationship.
In the end, if she's happy with you (yes), and you're happy with being with her (you must be on some level, if cheating isn't even an option), that's all that matters.[2]
I'm not going to comment about the relationship or love as I've never been in a long term relationship but I will say money only goes so far and what you've done for her as it is is worth well more than $10,000.[3]
You love her. You just have some other mystical concept of love that you don't think you have.
Love is something that grows over time if its nurtured. Be each other's best friend. Be happy.[4]
August 09, 2014
Today, I took my wife out to lunch for our anniversary. When I saw her cute face, I immediately felt different. This was due to the fact that my thread blew up with lots of advise yesterday night.
I want to thank you guys and girls. You know who you are. You made me think of my wife differently today. It was the first time that I actually told her I loved her without forcing myself to say it. At first, I muttered it under my breath and my wife asked what I said. I tried a second time and again, I couldn't speak up. Then I said it loud for the third time. My wife smiled and her face turned all pink.
We remained quiet for a little while until she began to ask me about my day. We talked for a little while before we visit her parents. I told her parents that I would start paying them back for the car they had bought me when I was in my teens. They told me not to worry about it; that they were happy that I remember and visit them even though it wasn't their anniversary. We talked for a couple of hours.
My wife and I returned home. It was then that I opened Internet Explorer and asked my wife to look at my thread. We sat down together and she read it. She began to cry while reading it and hugged me so tight. The last time I saw her cry was on our wedding night and it was "tears of joy" according to her.
I told her that I realized that I was treating her unfairly. I told her I wanted to be more loving towards her. I told her I loved her and she was my life. She told me that I was her life, that I saved her from killing herself, and that without me she wouldn't be happy. At this point, I was crying.
My wife is currently sleeping.
To conclude, I want to thank you all again for the advise. For the people that told me to pay back my debts and leave her, I have realized that I will stick by my wife till death do us part like I had promised her 10 years ago. She is my life right now and I don't want to have anyone by my side than her.
Good-night all.
[No Regrets]: If you don't feel bad
Still a repost.
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2022.01.19 14:46 soadzombi They've been dumping tellies and washing machines on the 'ave a rest...

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