.22's Winchester model 290 and a high standard citation

2022.01.17 19:31 mj12687 .22's Winchester model 290 and a high standard citation

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2022.01.17 19:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW LOL: Hillary Attacks 'White Moderates' With MLK Tweets | The Kyle Kulinski Show

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2022.01.17 19:31 iccaecumsa ⭐ PrinceFloki | Just Launched | 7% $Floki rewards to holders | locked liquidity pool | 24/7 marketing | x1000Gem 🚀

PrinceFloki Rewards Contract

Earn $Floki token by holding PrinceFloki.

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Initial Liquidity Provided will be locked with Pinksale for 1 year. Max sells are limited to 1% of supply to avoid dumps.

The chat is opened, feel to ask the owner or administration staff any questions, they will be more than happy to assist you.

Additional info

PrinceFloki is a reflections token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PrinceFloki brings passive income for all holders. Simply hold $PrinceFloki tokens and get rewarded in $Floki on every transaction! With the auto-reward feature, you’ll receive both $Floki and $Cake automatically into your wallet every 60 minutes. If you find that you have NOT received any tokens, this could be due to low volume of transactions. Once they increase, the reward will be sent out.


Contract: 0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x9278b4e4b62ddec2419720f8c3731e70f27eb788

LP Locked: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/14484?chain=BSC

Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?c=bsc&t=0x9278B4e4b62ddeC2419720F8C3731E70f27eB788
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2022.01.17 19:31 Infinite_Wonder7881 Tattoo artist recommendation?? 😁😁

Anyone have a great tattoo artist I can research for my next tattoo? Looking for someone who has clean lines, can do mandala style and flowers. Anywhere in salt lake county or surrounding counties work!
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2022.01.17 19:31 OscarTheHopp Save any lap for comparison lap?

I'm really trying to focus on consistent, smooth laps. Is there a way to save any single lap from a testing session? I understand I could exit the session and just grab the best or optimum lap, but sometimes my fastest lap is on the ragged edge and that's not what I want to practice running.
I'd like to at the end or middle of a session say, "that was a good lap to strive for" and make it my comparison lap. I just can't figure out how to save any single lap as a lap file.
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2022.01.17 19:31 Stellarstar308 How do I (20F) tell my father (63) I’m going to the US?

Sorry if the text seems block-y, I’m writing from my phone.
For some context, I live (in South America) with my father but I recently moved out for university. I still financially depend on him though (and he always makes sure I know this fact well).
My parents are divorced and have a horrible relationship (mostly from my father who hates my mother (49F), he can’t stand even hearing about her and he takes out his anger on my brother and me, yeah he has issues).
While both know I have a lot of friends in the US, only my mother knows my boyfriend also lives there. This is important because my mother suddenly decided she’d buy me tickets to go to the US and she’s financially supporting all things related to the trip. I already have a “VISA”, a passport and the tickets.
The problem arises because I have been pondering for months on how to tell my father that I will go to the US for my winter break (July) and for him to not react badly.
I have mentioned to him before that I want to travel there, but he’s always treated it like a “stupid wish” and told me to “concentrate on what’s actually important” (my career) because traveling is a luxury.
Beforehand, I only expected to be able to visit my boyfriend once I actually graduated so that I could afford it. But once my mother offered to pay for it, it was like a chance I couldn’t miss out on.
I have thought about telling him that some family members from my mother’s side helped pay for it, that my mother only paid for the tickets and with donations and extended family I managed to pay for everything else, etc. I have also thought about just telling him I’ll be staying with my mother but I REALLY don’t want to lie to him because I’ll be anxious for the whole trip.
The thing is, if I tell him that my mother paid for it he’ll probably get so mad that he’ll start screaming at me and I’m afraid he won’t want to pay for housing or my studies anymore, mainly because he doesn’t even want us talking to her and she’s known for her financial issues.
I’ve also been worried about the Covid situation over there so there’s always the chance that my flight could get cancelled (I’m very paranoid when it comes to Covid so I’ve been trying my best to be safe these two years).
Does anyone have any ideas? It doesn’t necessarily have to involve me telling him that my mother paid for everything. I’ll be thankful if I could get some help!
TLDR: how can I tell my father that I’ll be going to the US in July because my mother (who he hates) paid for it?
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2022.01.17 19:31 g85c019n3 Are we all just gonna ignore this was one of the main events on Raw?!

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2022.01.17 19:31 prettytoelady1 What would you do with my feet?

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2022.01.17 19:31 Iamthekillerduck True story, we almost derailed the plot

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2022.01.17 19:31 niepustoke 🚨 Voyager- Cryptocurrency trading app, currently offering a FREE $25 for trading just $100 on the app. US Only. Bonus posts fast! One of the BEST payout crypto referral offers. 🚨

Voyager is an iOS/Android crypto trading app. You need to to use referral code "AMA60T" in the “Reward Code” field when you create your account to get the $25. The bonus posts within a couple of days, from my experience.
You can find the Voyager app on the iOS/Android app stores as the first thing when you search "Voyager", or you can use the direct links Ive pasted below. Just remember that you will NOT get the money unless you use the referral code mentioned above during account signup.
iOS- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/voyager-buy-bitcoin-crypto/id1396178579
Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.investvoyager
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2022.01.17 19:31 Suitable_Sand Trimming Machine

Hellooooo beard buds,
I am looking to get a trimming machine, can anyone suggest to me the best quality and reasonable-price trimming machine?
Thank you!
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2022.01.17 19:31 weatherbys Loving the way titanium takes colors 🔥 🔥

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2022.01.17 19:31 EdmundoYT Aveiro mas melhor 😳

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2022.01.17 19:31 iamcalifw 🚀Sensei Shib - $SENSHIB Ownership Renounced💎 | Utility Ready | Director Doxxed | Low Starting MC 📈 | KYC & Audit Done 🔒| Next 1000x Community Gem 💎 | Bow down to DeFi’s New Ecosystem 🥋|

Sensei Shib a unique and wise master token with powerful utilities!
It is written in the universe that Sensei Shib will appear first on the Binance Smart Chain Network (BNB) via PinkSale, this is where Sensei Shib will follow his destiny, establish his presence and gain his initial following!
Sensei will move like water onto Fantom Opera (FTM) & Ethereum Network (ETH). His inclusion and diversification using multiple networks gives holders the power to choose how they enact their trades, but also readies his goal and his way to creating Sensei-Swap & Ecosystem🔥
🌐 Telegram - https://t.me/senseishibdefi
🌐 Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
🌐 Contract : 0xeaDA3541013FeA97981044B15AfC86674D6Ada53
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2022.01.17 19:31 crimsonxsecret Cute Robin keeping an eye on me.

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2022.01.17 19:31 m_24qer Any thoughts on Gemini Energy/Tetra Tech?

I just got out of an interview with them. Their benefits sound great and all but I wanna hear some opinions on the company or interactions you guys have had with any Gemini employees. This would greatly help me in making a decision.
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2022.01.17 19:31 MrSpookYoutube "Why My Parents Treated Me Like A Hallucination." Creepypasta | Scary Story

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2022.01.17 19:31 melissajackson07 [Sunday] • Video - REVIEW & TUTORIAL | athr beauty: desert sunset palette | melissajackson07 (Length - 14:26)

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2022.01.17 19:31 AaronMickDee Plex with Media Processing Accelerator - Possible to do hardware acceleration with it?

I have a Artesyn PCIE-8120. This bad boy: https://www.acalbfi.com/uk/Embedded-computing/PCI-PCIe/Packet-Processing/p/PCI-Express-Media-Processing-Accelerato0000002AKG
Is it possible to use that with Plex for hardware acceleration?
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2022.01.17 19:31 niepustoke Chime- Free $100 for opening an account and making a $200 direct deposit

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2022.01.17 19:31 reachescape atlantic drift x100v

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2022.01.17 19:31 ginobrc Consulta sobre pasaporte italiano.

“Vas al consulado con el pasaje en mano y te lo dan”
Hola gente, les cuento: tengo ciudadanía italiana y estoy inscrito en el AIRE (registro consular de ciudadanos que residen en el extranjero), pero no tengo pasaporte, y no encuentro disponible el turnero para poder tramitarlo ¿alguien tiene la posta de cómo obtenerlo? Me han dicho la frase citada arriba unas cuantas veces, pero nadie me dijo “yo fui con el pasaje…” entonces no se si jugarme de esa forma. La posta es que quiero viajar y quisiera hacerlo con el pasaporte italiano. Toda ayuda que me puedan dar será altamente agradecida.
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2022.01.17 19:31 Hypx Kansas Geological Survey to Study Hydrogen Storage in Underground Salt Beds

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2022.01.17 19:31 BBQ_TED My octopus teacher 😌

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2022.01.17 19:31 Stressssedout The joys of working in an "at will" state - Houston Sub Reddit

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