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onion gacha cookie

2022.01.22 01:45 Parfaitcookie12121 onion gacha cookie

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2022.01.22 01:45 Vict0riavv Babies and kids newsletter

Hi mamas! I've recently started a weekly newsletter about baby- and kid-related news, research, recall alerts and discounts. I think it's super useful for all parents and caregivers. Here is the most recent issue. Enjoy reading it and please consider subscribing!
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2022.01.22 01:45 Flameworkingraccoon Drunk and a little sad and wtf

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2022.01.22 01:45 Milkshake_Mojo Who’s the toughest person you’ve ever known?

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2022.01.22 01:45 Substantial-Secretiv [WTB] Railscales QDX, Romeo5, Indexer (NH)

Would be great for one person to have them
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2022.01.22 01:45 xGovernor Thoughts on multiple ice baths throughout the day

If you can keep a positive mentality and excitement towards progression, I don't see how this might be counter productive, although I'm looking to cultivate a better goal for understanding forcing myself versus giving healthy challenges.
My idea is making an ice bath to use 2-5 times within a span of a day while doing workouts inbetween. I feel this would help me acclimate to the cold and gather a routine which is something I am striving for. I know it'll be incremental without a doubt, better lengths every day.
Cold showers every morning are great and as someone who skis this has been a tremendous aid. From watching Bear Grylls, reading Wims books and watching apetor I have enough motivation.
What are you thoughts on aforementioned? Hope everyone has a positive weekend
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2022.01.22 01:45 jookco Death - Obituary : New York Islanders legend and Hockey Hall of Famer Clark Gillies has died at 67, the team announced Friday. Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.22 01:45 pluggedinbutdead We never run out of dirty laundry.

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2022.01.22 01:45 gwinny23 Pain.

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2022.01.22 01:45 LoveDoveNora new day new outfit!

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2022.01.22 01:45 franncn Study abroad advice

Hello everyone! During the summer I will be traveling abroad for four months for school. I have been dating my partner for 3 years and we are in a really healthy, stable, and supportive relationship. Despite this I am still nervous! We have had a few discussions about it and he’s been very reassuring. Of course I don’t want to leave for that long but I have to consider my career and this awesome opportunity. I am looking for advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation. If you’ve studied abroad while with a partner and what things would you recommend to keep the relationship fun and also what I should expect. I have full faith in us even though I know it will be hard. My nervousness doesn’t stem from that, just in general sadness that I will be away from him for four months!
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2022.01.22 01:45 kane520 GWB103 passes under a road bridge as it cruises through Mount Lofty on a loaded Tailem Bend grain.

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2022.01.22 01:45 Helpful_Redditor193 this is my odd thought for the day...

Freedom of speech is important.. but in the theory that the perfect "Utopia" of a society doesn't exist (which i agree with) then ignorance is required for "perfection." without freedom it isnt perfect, and with freedom it isnt either. Continuing to my point: A fine surrounding the crime of copyrighting can be $200-150,000, up to 1M and the fine for pirating can be the same, both can also lead to years jail (Search it up) (in Canada)
The penalty for assault in Canada can be 5-10 years in prison, which when compared to the copyright and piracy penalties, seems umbalanced, Now, piracy is a lot more common. So lets focus on copyright. If copyright and assault have near same penalties. If you think about it, that has a bias towards corperations/companies rather than the average woman or man who gets assaulted.
And it would be in the governments best interests to support corperations/companies rather than citizens, since the richer people pay more taxes: heres a statistic: (the top 20% richest pay nearly two thirds of all income tax -64.44%- while earning half of the income -49.1%-
Do you think laws are biased? what else may be biased in our society? what about other countries that are much bigger than canada? Do companies have control over some of our speech? is that good?
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2022.01.22 01:45 Nightin-Gale Samsung installing randomly crappy apps on my $900 smartphone

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2022.01.22 01:45 VegetableEvening6134 bro red is giving up

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2022.01.22 01:45 tymatroller_papu777 No hay de otra añadelo de emote

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2022.01.22 01:45 Matlabguru How Many Programming Languages Are There

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2022.01.22 01:45 petrifythepatriarchy What are your thoughts about Johnnie Walker red?

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2022.01.22 01:45 Northstar621 Unraveling the syndicate with Lisa stone| episode 2: The supporting evidence

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2022.01.22 01:45 KirkHammettJigsaw Booking a Bryan Danielson AEW World Championship Reign: Part 1/3 | Homicidal Tendencies

Booking a Bryan Danielson AEW World Championship Reign: Part 1/3 | Homicidal Tendencies
In the prologue, Bryan Danielson won the AEW World Championship off of MJF. Now, after joining Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho in the list of men to win both the WWE and AEW Championships, Danielson looks to make an impression with this title run. But with the stacked roster that AEW has, will the American Dragon be able to?
There are 12 weeks until Double or Nothing.
AEW Dynamite - March 8th, 2023
Bryan Danielson addressed his future after winning the World Title.
"After so much time, I almost forgot what it feels like to be a World Champion. What it's like to be the man, what it's like to be the guy holding the top belt. And it feels damn good. But on Saturday, I was reminded of what it's like to be the challenger. Clawing, trying to make a statement and etching my name in the history book. I forgot how fun it is. I wanna give that opportunity to other people, guys that haven't been able to yet."
"I sure as hell am not here to pity young guys. I'll go all out against them. But I still wanna give them the chance to figure out what it's like to face off with the best, hoping to hell that you can pull off a victory. And I'm that guy that can give it to them, because I'm the best. So I'm putting out an open contract for Rampage next week. Whoever answers it: good luck. You'll need it."
AEW Dynamite - March 15th, 2023
Daniel Garcia is backstage.
"For a while now, people have been calling me the future of AEW. I hear it, and you'd think it makes me proud. But no. It pisses me off. Because I'm not the future, I'm the damn present! I'm ready now! So Bryan Danielson, I signed your open contract. You just signed your death warrant. Get ready for a Red Death."
AEW Rampage - March 17th, 2023
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Daniel Garcia: AEW World Championship Match
Danielson comes into this one with a confident, somewhat cocky demeanor. Garcia makes him pay for that, stretching him, nearly managing to submit the champ and take his belt on the very first defense! However, Bryan is a better striker, and takes advantage of that, chopping at his legs and slowing 2point0's Favourite Son down.
Garcia continues to fight, but the expertise shown by the American Dragon proves to be too much for the young star. After a methodical dismantling of "Red Death", Bryan applies a Heel Hook for the win. That's 1 defense down.
Bryan Danielson (c) def. Daniel Garcia (14:09)
AEW Rampage- March 24th, 2023
Bryan is on commentary for the entire show. Max Caster picks up a win over Shawn Dean, and Bryan picks up a mic.
"Max, I didn't expect that from you. You won that match the right way, and I salute you. So on next week's Dynamite, I'd be willing to give you a Championship Eliminator Match. If you win, you get a title shot."
Max nods eagerly. Why is Bryan doing this? Such an unorthodox choice.
AEW Dynamite - March 29th, 2023
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Max Caster: AEW World Championship Eliminator Match
Max Caster's entrance goes like this:
After that crude line, the match gets underway. Bryan hits a Busaiku Knee, locks in the LeBell Lock, and Max taps! This is over already! What a quick win!
Bryan Danielson (c) def. Max Caster (0:17)
CHAPTER 2: STREET STYLE Homicide on Twitter - April 2nd, 2023
Former ROH World Champion Homicide, who ended Bryan Danielson's extraordinary reign in 2006, posts this on his Twitter page.
"FYI=I ended the greatest title reign of Bryan Danielson's career, and I could do it again."
AEW Dynamite - April 5th, 2023
Bryan Danielson sits backstage, belt draped over his shoulder.
"Homicide wants to face me, huh? All these years later. He beat me in a hell of a match in 2006, and never had a bigger moment since. Wrestling is a business about doing shit lately, and are you doing shit, Homicide? No.
However. I've said that I'm here to give opportunities, right? Well, you'll get one. 17 years later, you get one. Our feud is old enough to drink in some countries, and we're about to rekindle it. In 2 weeks. Dynamite. Championship Eliminator Match. Let's turn back the clock."
AEW Dynamite - April 12th, 2023
Homicide vs. Fuego del Sol
This is just a match to introduce fans to Homicide. It's a fun little back, that sees Fuego show off some agility. However, he gets worn down by Homicide's pure, distilled brutality. He just can't take his punches, and he sure as hell can't take the Cop Killa that puts him down for the 1, 2, 3.
Homicide def. Fuego del Sol (7:34)
After the match, Danielson and Homicide share a staredown.
AEW Dynamite - April 19th, 2023
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Homicide: AEW World Championship Eliminator Match
Bryan seems just as good, if not better, than he did in 2006. However, Homicide's got some miles on him, and it shows. He manages to put up a damn good fight, though, managing to bust open Bryan's chest with chops! However, over the course of the duration of the match, as Danielson starts to control the pace more and more, the Dragon seems to get very frustrated. "Come on, show me something!"
Something seems to snap in him as the contest progresses. He seems to develop a sense of mortality. He realizes that one of his greatest rivals isn't the fighter he once was, and that one day, Bryan won't be either. And all of a sudden, he seems to get a feeling of superiority. That he's on top of his game, even after 20-plus years. That he's the AEW World Champion.
That he's The Best.
Eventually, he wriggle out of a Cop Killa, keeping the arms hooked, and he locks in the Cattle Mutilation for the tap. But Bryan doesn't celebrate, preferring to get up calmly.
Bryan Danielson (c) def. Homicide (16:16)
The champ demands a mic.
"Man, that was disappointing. Homicide truly isn't what he once was. And you know what? That's not ok. His time here, tonight, could've been used to serve a younger talent. Someone that isn't broken down. But no, he had to have his spotlight. So I'm going to make sure that he never has it again."
He prepares to kick Homicide's head in. But at that very moment, Eddie Kingston comes rushing down the ramp to make the save! Danielson rushes out of the ring to a chorus of boos as the Mad King checks on his friend.
AEW Dynamite - April 26th, 2023
Eddie Kingston has something to say.
"You know, Bryan Danielson is a guy that I've never liked. But he took things to a whole new low when he insulted Homicide. That man saved me countless times, and last week, I saved him. That's the least I could do. But I think I wanna do the most. Bryan Danielson, American Dragon, Champ, whatever you wanna call yourself. It's all a front. You pick on young dudes like Caster and Garcia, guys you know you can beat. You go after guys that beat you decades ago, knowing that you can beat them now. Well, why don't you pick on someone that can pick back, huh? Someone like me. I'll be waiting. Don't bitch out, because I swear you'll regret it."
AEW Rampage - April 28th, 2023
It is announced that on Dynamite, we'll get a Championship Match between Eddie Kingston and Bryan Danielson.
AEW Dynamite - May 3rd, 2023
Eddie Kingston vs. Bryan Danielson (c): AEW World Championship Match
It's the American Dragon's second defense of his World Title, and it's a tough one. Eddie Kingston looks determined, not only to win the belt but also to avenge Homicide after the disrespect shown to him by Bryan Danielson.
This isn't a match, it's a fight. We see more brawling from Bryan than ever before in his AEW run. His chest gets busted open once again, but he manages to do the same to the Mad King with some vicious Roundhouse Kicks. Eddie throws the smaller Danielson around a bit, and Bryan twists the New Yorker into knots with hate-filled Kimuras that Eddie shrugs off!
Eddie hits a Uraken, and it connects flush, but Bryan tumbles through the ropes, leaving Kingston without an opportunity to make the pin! Eddie looks frustrated, and he rages for a moment, giving Danielson precious time to recover.
The champ eventually gets back in, and he starts really locking in submissions, but Eddie refuses to tap to any of them! Eventually, he has a Crucific Lock in, and Kingston, screaming in pain, still doesn't submit! Bryan starts throwing Elbows and his unblocked skull, and after over a dozen, Eddie goes limp! The ref has to stop the match, Danielson is still the AEW World Champion!
Bryan Danielson (c) def. Eddie Kingston (21:50)
AEW Dynamite - May 10th, 2023
Bryan Danielson stands in the middle of the ring. He soaks in the boos. Bryan smiles, and raises the mic to his lips. But before he can get a word out, we hear THIS! Jon Moxley is here!
The Death Rider steps into the ring, and stares the champ down! He looks like he's about to say something, but instead, he plants Danielson with a Death Rider! The American Dragon has been put on notice!
AEW Rampage - May 12th, 2023
Jon Moxley explains his actions.
"I'm cut from the same cloth as Eddie Kingston and Homicide. Those are my brothers. And to see Bryan Danielson dismiss them, the fact that he thinks he's better than us, it pisses me off.
Bryan Danielson isn't better than me. He's the Champ, yeah, but I was too. He was WWE Champ, yeah, I was too. I've done the same shit he has, and I've done it without being a prick with a superiority complex.
So I spoke to the boss. And he said that if I want a shot at his belt at Double or Nothing, I got it. Well guess what, Dragon? I want it. See you on May 29th."
AEW Dynamite - May 17th, 2023
It is announced that on next week's Dynamite, the go-home episode to DoN, there will be a contract signing for the AEW World Championship Match between Mox and Bryan.
AEW Dynamite - May 24th, 2023
A table is set up in the middle of the ring, with Mox and Danielson on opposite ends. Each has a contract in front of them. Danielson speaks first.
"Well, Mox. We crossed paths a few times in that other place, and I was never scared of you. But I heard a lot about how fearsome Jon Moxley was, how you're the Purveyor of Violence. I look at you, and all I see is the same man. Scared, putting up a front, pretending to be a badass. Same as Eddie Kingston, same as Homicide. You guys don't wrestle the right way. You brawl, you cut corners. I'm a pure wrestler, and I'm gonna show that I wrestle the way all wrestlers should when I beat you at Double or Nothing."
Mox looks unfazed. He picks up his own mic.
"Bryan, there's something you're not getting. We aren't fronting about being tough dudes. That's us. That's our life. I wouldn't have won the belt if it wasn't for my past, alright? You learned to fight in a gym, I learned to fight on a street corner in Cincinnati. On Sunday, you're gonna see unfiltered violence the likes of which you simply aren't used to. I'm going to make you wish you stayed in that other company. Who knows, maybe I'll send you back there."
He signs the contract before leaving the ring. All we can do now is wait for Sunday!
AEW Double or Nothing - May 28th, 2023
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Jon Moxley: AEW World Championship Match
Jon Moxley has a crazed look in his eyes as he makes his entrance, not saying a word or engaging with the crowd on his way to the ring. Bryan Danielson, on the other hand, panders (I hate this word) all the way down the ramp, talking shit about brawlers like Mox.
The bell ring, and Mox charges right at Bryan, who immediately dips under the ropes and to the floor, prompting a shower of boos in his general direction. He raises his arms, which makes the jeers even louder. But he doesn't see Moxley diving through the ropes! TOPE SUICIDA TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! With Danielson's concussion trouble, that can't be too good for him.
Mox throws him around, into the barricades and ring posts, which gets the crowd fired up. Danielson tries to kick at him to create distance, but Jon slips all of them, and then continues to get closer, throwing punches continuously. Bryan tries to slide back into the ring for refuge, but the Death Rider doesn't let him, dragging him back out and hitting a Snap Suplex right on the edge of the Timekeeper's Table! It doesn't break, instead holding strong and toppling, causing the American Dragon to fold high up on his shoulders! Mox is already inflicting hell on the champ's head and neck!
Wary of the ref's count, both men get back in the ring, much to the delight of the World Champion. But it seems like he still can't get a rhythm going against Mox, who tees off on him. The former champ bites down on Bryan's head, angering the ref but delighting everybody in the filled arena! Blood begins to trickle out of his head! The champ pulls away in disgust and pain as Jon continues to run wild!
Stomps now, on the legs, midsection and head of Danielson! He keeps switching up his target, making it very difficult for Bryan to block the hellacious boots! Moxley backs off, but Bryan isn't out of the woods yet, as the moment he gets up to a solid base, Mox rushes forward and connects with a HUGE REGAL KNEE! Bryan looks like he's out! An early cover! 1, 2, Thr-NO! It was a kickout, but that was dangerously close this early in the match! This has been extremely one-sided so far!
Mox is undeterred, and he picks Bryan up, putting him in position for an Underhook DTT! The grip is strong, and he tries to lift, but Bryan has the awareness to hook a leg, preventing himself from getting hit with the Paradigm Shift. Moxley starts throwing knees right to the body, and after a dozen of them, Danielson starts to falter again, which tells Jon that it's time to go for the Paradigm Shift again. He's up! But Bryan pushes himself off, lands on his feet, and throws a Roundhouse Kick that lands with a thud on the side of Mox's head! The Purveyor of Violence falls to the mat for the first time in the contest, and Danielson takes a much-needed respite.
Mox starts to get back up, and Danielson kicks at his legs to keep him on the ground. Jon throws a right hook, but the champ has him scouted, and ducks out of the way. Bryan wipes the blood off his face with his hand, and stares at the crimson on his palm. He slaps Mox across the face, leaving a red handprint on the Death Rider's cheek! There's a pause for a moment as the crowd recognizes the disrespect shown, and then Mox tackles Danielson to the canvas! Punch after punch after punch after punch after punch, repeat times infinity! Something has snapped in Mox's head, this onslaught is absolutely vicious!
Bryan helplessly crawls away, and Mox throws hatred-filled, furious soccer kicks at his ribs! Each one makes a sound that echoes throughout the venue, reverberating in the ears of each and ever fan! And Danielson can't stand it, but he gets up and chops Mox! Mox chops back! Danielson! Mox! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! OVER AND OVER, THIS MATCH IS A SPRINT AND THE CROWD IS LOVING IT! BOTH OF THEIR CHESTS ARE RED AND BLOODY, AS THEY TRANSITION TO FOREARMS! REPEATEDLY, ONE OF THEIR HEADS IS ABOUT TO BE CAVED IN! SLAPS NOW! AGAIN AND AGAIN! Finally, each man throws a headbutt! THEY BOTH COLLAPSE!!!!
After a bit of a wait, the two men stir for a moment, and try to use each other for balance. Quick as a cat, the Dragon applies a GUILLOTINE! It's tight, because it was so unexpected! The crowd is in a frenzy wondering if Mox will tap! But the Death Rider forces himself to his feet, and swings back and forth for momentum, before LAUNCHING THE CHAMPION IN THE AIR! EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, THE CHAMP IS OUT! Mox takes in the ovation for a moment, before lifting Bryan up and hitting a non-elevated Paradigm Shift! Pin! 1, 2, kickout! Mox wastes no time at all, picking him up yet again! PARADIGM SHIFT! IT DOESN'T WORK, BRYAN LANDS BEHIND MOX AND HOOKS HIS ARMS, FORCING HIM DOWN! BRIDGE! CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!
Mox scrambles, trying not to pass out, as a bloody, crazed Danielson squeezes harder and harder! Jon shimmies all the way over to a rope, getting up to his knees a bit, and BARELY drapes a toe over the bottom rope, breaking the hold! As he gets up, Bryan runs the ropes and goes for a BUSAIKU KNEE! BUT MOX DROPS DOWN, AND DANIELSON FLIES OUT OF THE RING!!!! Mox darts to the top rope! CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!
He rolls the champ back in, and quickly looks for another Paradigm Shift attempt, but Danielson sweeps his legs out from under him and starts stomping on his skull! This is BRUTAL! He picks Mox up! Runs the ropes! BUSAIKU KNEE!!!! But he's not done! Lifts the Purveyor of Violence to his feet again! A SECOND BUSAIKU KNEE! AND HE STILL WANTS ANOTHER ONE! MOX STRUGGLES TO GET TO HIS FEET, AND DEFIANTLY FLIPS BRYAN OFF, BUT HE CAN'T STOP A THIRD BUSAIKU KNEE!!!! COVER! 1, 2, 3! THAT'S IT, BRYAN DANIELSON IS STILL YOUR AEW WORLD CHAMPION AFTER A SHORT, BUT VIOLENT WAR!!!
Bryan Danielson (c) def. Jon Moxley (15:00)
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2022.01.22 01:45 itsahlecks Super pumped for more April music! I tried to jot down as many ideas I saw/heard during the stream (I laughed so hard seeing some of these, chat you’re actual geniuses):

Super pumped for more April music! I tried to jot down as many ideas I saw/heard during the stream (I laughed so hard seeing some of these, chat you’re actual geniuses): submitted by itsahlecks to fuslie [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 01:45 JoeTheSifu I labeled the varsity team pic and have some pics of them in the background. Turns out only one team member died in the crash. (The rest were flight crew.)

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2022.01.22 01:45 Onetimeguy8 C-Section gang where u at?

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