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I was raped last week not really sure what to do

2022.01.22 17:50 thegooodside I was raped last week not really sure what to do

So I 16f was raped recently and my bf 26 felt really guilty that he couldn't protect me and begged for me to move to him ( he's in america rn for his job) I refused bc it was too much happening all at once and I felt like I couldn't leave my life in Europe even if it was kinda shitty. He tried desperately to convince me but I still refused to let him come catch a flight here to bring me back with him. We fought over it and he basically blocked me and didn't talk to me for 2 days until I reached out to him from a different account and we apologised to each other and are now back together. But I don't know hwo to reassure him that something like that won't happen again it's really shaken him. I tried talking about it bc i needed to let it out and he said he's not ready to hear the details which made me feel guilty for putting him through all this when all he wanted was to help me.
Those two days without him were the worst days of my life, by far.. I literally cried every moment. I missed him desperately and felt like I wanted to die without him. I've never needed anyone as much as I need him. I told my therapist I don't know how to be alone and and that I want to not need anyone but she just said I need to do breathing exercises which I get are helpful but it doesn't really solve my codependency problem.
also age of consent is 16 where i live. i understand that people have issues with our age gap but please, please try to help me with my actual problem if can. anytime I've ever posted on here I've got a million comments telling me I'm being groomed. I know people only have the best of intentions but I just really need some advice rn.
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2022.01.22 17:50 IronPagan04 Help with routines for a Sub guy

Hey does anyone have any suggestions for workouts or workout programs for someone in the Navy Sub life?
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2022.01.22 17:50 Rikirosso15 For sale

for sale 3 sol not listed yet
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2022.01.22 17:50 luvdecay I didn't receive my package from Walmart what should I do?

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2022.01.22 17:50 DPinky88 Sold off some remaining juke parts, turned into photo op. both jukes are around 300hp each

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2022.01.22 17:50 Overall_Tradition719 Tell YARD SALE this isn’t a great deal. Go ahead. Try it.

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2022.01.22 17:50 assagitaz Yordee - Time Again [73 Muzik]

Publisher: 73 Muzik
Out Date: 2022-01-19
Quality: MP3 23.82 Mb / AIFF 104.73 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Yordee - Time Again / (Key C, BPM 124, Length 9:53)​
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2022.01.22 17:50 LilBadApple How should I cook a beef cross rib roast?

I have a cow share and just took a beef cross rib roast out of the freezer. What do I do with it? I assume this is a low and slow boi, but does it want a braise or to be roasted on a pan in the oven?
I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas, would it b a good contender for that? (Still figuring out what this piece of equipment is good for other than beans.) I also have a slow cooker and Dutch oven.
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2022.01.22 17:50 nyhetsbubbla Tysklands hälsominister Karl Lauterbach meddelar att det eventuellt inte behövs en fjärde vaccindos ifall tvång om tre sprutor införs

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2022.01.22 17:50 Q-cumber_ What should I be doing

Hey, so I am new to stardew valley and I want to know what I should be doing in the first season to get the best start
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2022.01.22 17:50 DamnAlex12 Fun fact: these days we have the highest amount of banners ever encountered in the scout section since the launch of the game, for a total of 16 banners.

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2022.01.22 17:50 Moonlight-Haunter The Life Eater

Dead Eagle
Far out in Cape Canaveral, between Jacksonville to the north and Miami to the south, an urgent meeting was taking place. The situation room at the Kennedy space center was buzzing with mild chatters as astronauts, scientists, engineers, IT specialists, human resources specialists, accountants, writers, technicians, and many other professional people chattered between themselves. These collective set of individuals were all working together at NASA to break barriers and achieve the seemingly impossible – space exploration.
A few minutes later, the chief administrator of the space program and his deputy waltzed into the room. The chattering voices tuned down to hushed whispering as both men took their seat. They gazed out at the crowd of nearly two hundred before them. It was these people that kept the space station operational.
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.” John Bernard, the chief administrator of operations, cleared his throat and adjusted the frame of his horn-rimmed glasses. He was a slender looking man in his late fifties, with a bald head and a scruff of a mustache atop his lips. A few of the employees murmured back a greeting. Others stayed silent as they waited for confirmation from the chief administrator of the space station. The possibility of an impending mission kept most of the employees on edge.
“As you all know, a couple of decades ago, we lost two of our finest astronauts in the unfortunate mission to the dark side of the moon, dubbed Dead eagle.” He paused, glancing around the room that was now dead silent, before he went on. “It should also be known that the bodies of these astronauts were never recovered from the wreckage of the crash, and because of that, these heroes of science were never given a proper burial.” No one spoke; a sea of eyes beseeched the administrator with rapt attention[SI1] . “Now, I just had a meeting with the president, and after lengthy conversation, we have decided to conduct a rescue mission back to the moon in order to retrieve the bodies of these heroes of science. It’s time we give them a fitting burial here on Earth.” The room erupted in a cacophony of chattering and murmuring employees as they all began to discuss how such a mission was possible.
Contrary to popular belief, it was of general knowledge to everyone at the space station that the Apollo missions from 8 onwards were staged with practical effects. They had been quite successful over the years; most citizens believed wholeheartedly that man had been to the moon[SI2] . The real attempt to send the man to the moon, now called “Dead Eagle”, was a devastating failure for NASA. The mission failed cataclysmically, without any survivors. Communications with the spacecraft had been totally lost the moment they approached the moon's orbit, where the crashed remains of their pod floated for eternity.
John Bernard sighed before holding up his arm. Decorum returned to the room for a brief moment.
“Now, I know what most of you are probably thinking; that this is going to be another suicide mission. But I assure you that isn’t going to be the case. As you all are also aware, we are much more technically advanced now.” Somebody raised an arm amongst the seated employees, and John signaled for him to speak. He had known beforehand that he was going to be bombarded with a plethora of questions in regards to his visit to Washington to see the president.
“Excuse me sir, but if what you’re saying is correct… then, not only are we going to the dark side of the moon in search of a crashed spacecraft from almost half-a-century ago, but we’re also going to be retrieving the bodies of these great astronauts?” A redhead woman draped in lab coat inquired.
“Yes Miss. Amelia.” Mr. Bernard quickly replied.
“So, what’s the guarantee that the bodies of these astronauts haven’t drifted off into space?” She quipped. The room fell silent. Mr. Bernard cleared his throat and gave his deputy a slight nod, and after a quick swipe on the iPad in his hand, the projector at the end of the room began to play a video; it was live footage from the crashed spacecraft. A few gasps echoed in the room as the frame switched to the control room of the crashed spacecraft. There, two bodies in spacesuits floated aimlessly around the confines of the dead machine. [SI3] One of the astronauts was still strapped to his seat. His helmet banged repeatedly against the roof of the spacecraft, due to the lack of gravity.
“This is live feed being transmitted from the ISS. A robotic camera was deployed to inspect the wreckage and found this.” Mr. Bernard gestured towards the screen. A dull, eerie thudding sound emanated repeatedly as the astronaut’s helmet tapped against the metal roof of the craft’s cabin. The astronaut’s partner floated back and forth within the confines of the chamber. Mr. Bernard gave his deputy another nod and the video was cut off, returning everyone’s attention back to him.
“Even though we all know what we just saw is a grim contrast to our hoisted flag on the moon, we’re embarking on this mission to pay our final respects to these men and their families. We want to show the world that we’re not ashamed of honoring our heroes and the legacy they left us.” The silence in the room suggested everyone now grasped the importance of the mission at hand. After asking for further questions, which weren’t forthcoming, Mr. Bernard brought the meeting to a close.[SI4]
“We leave for the dark side of the moon in the next thirty days!” He announced, standing up and exiting the room.
“Kitty Hawk approaching Dead Eagle wreckage.” An astronaut said as he hopped towards the remains of the Dead Eagle spacecraft. A new set of astronauts had arrived on the moon to retrieve the remaining bodies and were now bouncing against the rigid surface of the moon. It looked like they were in a bouncy castle, hurling themselves towards the wrecked spacecraft. The newly arrived astronauts both had body cameras attached to their respective suits, transmitting live feed of the mission to members of their team on Earth while their shuttle was docked at the ISS.
“Okay boys, nice and easy.” Mr. Bernard’s voice echoed over the radio in their helmets. One of the astronauts was firmly clutching a crowbar. He approached the mangled, jammed door of the spacecraft, and after a few seconds, was able to pry it open. He and his partner carefully entered the cabin of the ship.
Commander Bernard and the team of engineers monitoring each second of the mission back at the command base were now transfixed by the screens before them. They watched as the astronauts began struggling to cut their unfortunate colleagues loose. When they were done with that, they bound both bodies tightly with another cable cord while one of the astronauts glanced around the pitch-dark cabin with a mini flashlight.
“Okay, we’ve got ‘em, let’s go!” The other astronaut said as he held onto the bodies, trying to prevent them from floating out of the open door.
“What the hell is that?” The astronaut aimed his torch and stared at what looked like a static, black rock, floating right inside the cabin.
“Huh? Is that a tiny black hole?” The second astronaut squinted behind his helmet as he stared at the object that was just a few feet away from him. It was so conspicuous and easy to miss, if not for the flashlight his colleague brought along.
“Kitty Hawk, do we have a problem?” Commander Bernard asked. He could barely see anything out of place. Of course, he was thousands of miles away in the command center on Earth, but still. What were they looking at?
“Woah! What is that?” The second astronaut sounded gob smacked. He moved closer towards the dark rock, waving his flashlight over the object.
“Kitty Hawk, I repeat, what is the situation?” An anxious Bernard asked through the radio comms.
“It looks like some kind of rock.” One of the astronauts echoed in awe. He poked at the piece of rock. It didn’t float around like other objects in space. Instead, it simply hung conspicuously in the cabin, acting almost like a small, black hole.
“The crazy thing is… how did it get in here?” One astronaut asked. “The hull of the ship isn’t perforated, and we literally had to break our way in.”[SI5]
What was puzzling and even more strange to both the astronauts and the team back on Earth, was that even if space debris were to somehow get into the metal cabin, why was it just a particular dark piece of rock? The astronauts tried in vain to move it. So how did it float in the cabin? If they couldn’t move it now… how had it moved itself? There definitely had to be other pieces of rocks floating around the cabin too, if the one they were staring at had somehow gotten inside from an opening.
“Alright, that’s enough boys. Let’s stay focused to the mission at hand and bring those fine men back home.” Commander Bernard’s voice echoed over the radio, snapping both astronauts from their transfixed reverie.
Back at the Kennedy space station, he stared long and hard at a freeze image of the tiny rock, so dark that it could be barely perceived as a three-dimensional object by human eyes. He watched as the crew of astronauts began to float towards the door, and he got an idea.
“Try grabbing that rock and bring it along with you.” He spoke into the microphone beside him. One of the astronauts nodded. The ground crew watched in silence while the astronaut simply plucked the rock from where it hung. Both men began their journey back to the ISS, with the corpses firmly bound between them.
The astronauts soon arrived the ISS, and a few days later, were preparing for reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere.
In line with NASA’s theoretical triangulation of the mission, a navy fleet was already waiting out in the pacific sea, anticipating the reentry of the space capsule. It was supposed to crash land into the sea upon reentry. A few minutes later, the descending capsule was visible, with a huge fireball shrouding it. The capsule pierced down through the Earth’s atmospheric fields at breakneck speed before hitting the water. Divers were quickly dispatched, and the astronauts were saved, alongside the corpses they went to retrieve. It had been a successful mission, and the Kennedy control center erupted in cheers at the news. Bernard quickly phoned the president to inform him of the news, making sure to mention the strange rock.
The fanfare that accompanied the return of the dead astronauts could easily be mistaken for a fourth of July celebration, as hundreds of thousands of citizens thronged the streets across the county to pay their last respects to the heroes. The president declared the flag to be flown at half-mast on the day the dead astronauts were finally let down into the belly of the Earth, after floating in space for decades. The president called for a meeting with the commander of NASA, and Mr. Bernard [SI6] paid another visit to Washington, to brief the president on the discovery of the rock.
The president’s interest was piqued by the discovery of the space rock, and he ordered for the commander to send the piece of rock to a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base), located out in Utah, for an in-depth research to be carried out on it.
Dark Moon
It was another day at the museum, another day to work on the black rock. One would expect that the museum curator, Mr. Martin Stevens, or Marty as he was fondly called, would get tired. Or, at the very least, bored of staring at one rock for close to ten years. Nine years and seven months, to be exact. That’s how long he’d been studying this rock. At first glance, it was Vantablack. But upon closer inspection, it was something… more. It couldn’t be explained, at least not yet. But there were scientists who had devoted the rest of their lives to understanding it and Marty was just about ready to spend his entire life waiting for them. This was bigger than him. To Marty, this was bigger than the world. Who knew what their findings would be? Who knew what they would lead to? So, every day since the little black rock had been handed over to him, Marty devoted every second following the scientists’ research.
So far, they had discovered that the rock surface absorbed a hundred percent of any light that fell on it. Once disintegrated, it was found that the inside of the rock had properties of regular rocks. Several extensive tests were carried out, but nothing spectacular was found. It all ended at the surface. Another fascinating property about the rock was that no matter how many tiny bits they broke it into, each piece would have the properties of the entire rock, including the light absorbing surface. This was too rare an occurrence to pass up. For these scientists, it wasn’t even about the fame or glory. It was plain, undiluted curiosity that drove them. Marty was beyond ecstatic that the government granted his museum an exclusive license to show the rock fragments and he followed up on every single piece of information that was unearthed concerning the rock.
A creature of habit, Marty walked in through the museum doors at exactly eight a.m., greeting the doorman with his signature smile and a nod of his balding head. He didn’t need to speak. He never had the time to unless it was absolutely necessary; his smile-nod combination was enough to make people know he wasn’t a rude man, just a busy one. [SI7] He walked as briskly as he could in his three-piece suit, standing regally straight despite his protruding stomach. He reached his office in exactly fifteen minutes, then leafed through the correspondence left for him by his secretary. His assistant walked in exactly five minutes later with his cup of coffee.
“Good morning, Mr. Stevens.” Nathan Eaves was the only one in the world who called him that.
“Good morning, Nathan.” He responded with a small smile.
“Here’s your coffee, sir,” Nathan said, dropping the cup at his boss’s elbow even though he knew the man wouldn’t drink it.
Exactly ten minutes after, Marty stood up and left the office for the lab. He shrugged off his suit and hung it neatly in a locker, changing into his golf shirt and slacks before pulling[SI8] on a lab coat. It made Marty smile, remembering how his wife would nag him for wearing an expensive suit to work only to change into golf wear later. The truth was, he felt more at ease in his golf wear, but he had to look the part of a successful museum curator, hence the suit. After he changed, he reached for the bottled water he knew Nathan always kept there for him. After taking a healthy gulp, he settled down to watch the footage of the space expedition that showed the arrival of the Dead Eagle rescue mission for what would be the umpteenth time. No one would disturb him. If there was anything wrong, Nathan was capable of handling it. It all worked like a well winded clock, just as it has for the past twenty-three years, until the footage began to play, and voices filled the room.
By now, Marty could recite every word in the footage. He knew what would happen with each second, and he already had the faces of the scientists etched in his mind, so it took him a good thirty minutes to spot something wrong with the footage. At first it was just a feeling, a feeling that something was off, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. He hunched closer to the screen, frown lines marring his face. Then, he saw it. He saw himself. One of the scientists in the footage was him, or at least had his face. Marty had gone through the footage at least three times every day since he got it, so he knew that none of the scientists bore even the slightest resemblance to him. So how could this be? One of the others must have tampered with the footage. That was the only explanation. Maybe they were playing a prank on him? Was today his birthday? He always forgot the date and had to depend on his wife to send him flowers or organize a surprise birthday before he remembered. Now that he thought about it, Evelyn was just mischievous enough to have done something like this. He could bet his degree that she put Nathan up to it; the young man looked as innocent as a newborn, but he was as crafty as the devil.
Still chuckling, he got up from his chair. He was going to let Nathan know the error of his ways, then he would call his wife. He didn’t know what he would do with, or to, her yet but he would soon. He walked down the floor below where the offices were located, then got to Nathan’s office.
“Say, Nate, did you by any chance mess with the black rock footage?” he asked with narrowed eyes and a voice he hoped was serious, even though he could hear the laughter in it. Nathan however, kept his eyes on his computer, not even sparing him a glance. Marty was convinced now that his assistant was guilty as charged and he smiled.
“Oh, so that’s how you want to play it?” he asked, approaching the man’s desk. “Tell me, did Evy put you up to this?” He leaned on the table. “What’s in it for you? How much did she pay you to turn on me?” Still, Nathan didn’t look at him. There wasn’t even the slightest indication that his assistant heard him. A slight irritation worked through Marty, but he tried to keep his voice light. It was a joke, after all “Nathan Eaves, your boss is talking to you.” He said. Still, Nathan didn’t turn to him. He opened his mouth to say something else when one of the other staff knocked and walked into the office.
“Mr. Eaves,” she called, and he looked up. Marty turned to see that it was his secretary, but she didn’t acknowledge him. “Your nine-thirty is here,” she continued.
Nathan frowned and looked at his wristwatch, then at the wall clock. “But it’s barely nine-thirty, what’s the hurry?”
The secretary merely smiled at him in response.
“Tell him I’ll be down shortly, and have refreshments sent to him.”
“Ok sir,” she made to turn before Nathan stopped her.
“Lisa?” he called.
“Yes sir?” she responded, with raised brows.
“You know you can call me Nathan like everyone else, right?” he asked with a soft smile. A smile that made Marty give him a suspicious look. “Or better yet, Nate. That’s what my friends call me.”
“And Mr. Stevens.” Lisa said, with a smile of her own.
“Well… yeah.” He finished with a boyish shrug.
There was silence in the office for a while, then Lisa said, “I hear you, Mr. Eaves.” Then she offered him an innocent smile [SI9] and left the room, leaving Nathan grinning.
“Is there something I should be worried about?” Marty asked, but Nathan just sat back in his chair, staring dreamily at the spot where Lisa had been standing a few minutes ago. “Hey, boy, I’m talking to you!” Marty said, moving in Nathan’s line of sight. But the man seemed to look straight through him. Marty decided he’d had enough.
“Okay, I think this has gone on long enough Nathan. Look at me. I’m talking to you.”
Nathan took a deep breath and Marty thought he’d finally come to his senses. Instead, the man shut down his computer and stood up, put on his suit jacket, and started walking around his table while he fixed the buttons. Marty moved right in his path.
“Where do you think you’re going, Nathan? What sort of …” the words died in his throat when Nathan simply walked through him. Nathan… walked through him, like he was thin air… like he didn’t even exist. Marty’s heart raced and his mind went blank. He had to sit down for a bit, or he would keel over from shock. What just happened? Nathan had just… how was that possible? The wheels in his brain began turning, slowly though, but it was a start. Lisa had also been in the office, and she hadn’t acted as though she had seen him. What if she really didn’t? And Nathan… the boy had worked as Marty’s personal assistant for over seven years and despite a few disagreements here and there, he had never disrespected him even once. His virtues were not the kind a person could hide for a long time. So, did it mean that he really couldn’t see Marty? He could see him just about an hour ago. He’d brought him his coffee for crying out loud. So, what happened? His heart skipped several beats and he hard to work twice as hard to stay calm. He needed to think, so he needed to keep a clear head.
Nathan had brought Marty’s coffee for him in his office, even spoke to him, so there was no doubt that he could see him then. Then Marty had gone to the lab, exchanged his suit for something more comfortable before he started watching the video and noticed himself in it. Marty sat up straight as a thought occurred to him. If he assumed this all was real, that it wasn’t a joke, or some well thought out and well-delivered prank, his being in a footage from ten years ago would mean that he was there when the footage was recorded. It would mean that he was part of the mission to retrieve the casualties from the Dead Eagle. It meant that he was there when the black stone was found. But Martin Stevens knew that he was not there. In fact, he was in the hospital, waiting for news of his newborn daughters[SI10] . It was a thing amongst them now, relating the birth of the girls to the discovery of a special rock. It was an omen of how special they were. So why was he in the footage, and most importantly, why was he invisible?
He decided to take a walk through the museum. Maybe someone would see him—maybe one of the visitors. If this was a prank, there’s no way they would be in on it unless every single one of them was hired by his wife and that was too extreme, even for her. So, he left Nathan’s office for a walk through the museum and in less than twenty minutes, he had gotten his proof. He was dizzy with shock and anxiety and he knew that if he were to fall to the ground right there in the middle of the museum, no one would notice. They would simply walk over him without even noticing. More than a handful of people had walked through him already. He pulled himself to the nearest elevator, with people occupying his space as if he was just air. But he was, wasn’t he? At least to them, he was just air. He would’ve found the whole thing amazing if he weren’t so scared. Everyone now looked like they were from an old movie. If he wasn’t still in the museum, he might have been lost or confused. Maybe it was a side effect of the… whatever it was that was happening to him.
During the elevator ride, he remembered the black rock. He remembered the awe and power he felt when he held it. It was like holding a vacuum in his hand, a very heavy vacuum. They had told him that it was just floating in the air, suspended, since it didn’t move around like the other materials in space. He remembered how he staggered under its weight, partly because he didn’t expect it to weigh so much. The elevator stopped on the last floor accessible to visitors. He stepped out and more memories of the fragmentation process flooded his mind. [SI11] He… wait, how could he remember all of this? He’d never held the stone before it was fragmented now that he thought about it. He wasn’t even there when the rock was fragmented! How could he remember? And it wasn’t just his mind, every part of him seemed to believe the same thing; he could still feel the weight of the rock on his hands, he could still remember the thoughts that ran through his mind when he broke the rocks, he could hear the awed gasps of his colleagues as they examined the black rock. Except, it wasn’t him. All these memories did not belong to him, so how could they be in his head? He hadn’t even solved one problem and he was already facing another. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he made his way up the stairs. When he reached the office floor, he rested on the steps. Maybe it was best he knew everything at once, that way he’d know what exactly he was facing, and he could solve this once and for all. But first, he would call his wife. She would know what to do, or at the very least, she would calm him down. As the thought crossed his mind, he knew that there was a very slim chance of success, but he would try anyway.
He drew strength from hope and made his way to the last floor where the laboratory was located, but as soon as he reached it, he found himself in a completely different place. It was a laboratory, but not like the one in the museum; while that one was just equipped for examining antiques and rocks to be sure of their authenticity, this one was a real laboratory. Even worse, he remembered this lab. It was where he had analyzed the rock… no, it was where the man whose memories he now had, had analyzed the rock. In fact, it had just been an instant since the rock was fragmented, so where was everyone? Marty at least expected to find someone here. Maybe they could help him explain what was going on, or maybe not, but he knew there were supposed to be people here. Did the other man also share his memories too? Or was this one-sided?
He looked around to see that all the other labs were illuminated but he didn’t know where the light came from. It was dark outside so it couldn’t be from the sun, and it was of no artificial origin that he could see.
“What is this?” he muttered to himself, not caring that his voice was shaking. “What is going on here?” He half expected someone to appear and give him an answer. He’d be happy with that, no matter how ludicrous the answer was. At least he would have an answer and the company of another human. But when that didn’t happen, he lost it. He started running through the building for the exit. He didn’t know how, but he knew where the exit was, and he was going to get out of the building. As he ran, the corridor seemed to stretch ahead of him, but he wouldn’t stop running. Marty gave it all he had until the corridor disappeared altogether and he was on a deserted plain. It was dark, and Marty felt as though he was in a vacuum. There was a loud silence; even his tinnitus was gone. The silence seemed to press into his brain, and he wanted to scream. Not out of pain but out of fear. But Marty couldn’t scream, he couldn’t open his mouth to make the sound. Inwards, he was screeching and yelling, but outwardly, he looked calm, expressionless. The moon itself was like the dark rock pinned to the velvet dark sky, slowly increasing in size.
He saw an astronaut looking at the Dead Eagle spacecraft that was stuck in the sand, the hatch open. Finally, someone who could help, Marty ran to the astronaut as fast as his legs could carry him, but when he touched the astronaut's shoulder, the astronaut collapsed on the floor. It was just an empty suit. At this point, he was past despair, and he was running on adrenaline and instinct. He decided to enter the Dead Eagle, but when he fell inside it, he found himself floating in a void. Looking around, he saw that he had a view of himself inside the laboratory, moving towards the light switch to turn it off. The dark rock was once again intact. It was in that moment that he had a glimpse of understanding. “the dream is fading; the dream that one day we existed in an infinite universe, the dream that darkness was torn by light at the beginning of all things.” [SI12] He wondered if every single person in the world was also alone in this final moment.
The light switch went off, and then, he was no more.
“The End is nigh! The End is nigh!” The man kept yelling at the top of his voice, already made hoarse from years and years of yelling. He looked homeless, with his messy beard and ill-fitting clothes, but he didn’t smell homeless. He didn’t smell particularly nice, and while his clothes didn’t fit well, they were clean; a clear indication that he took care of himself. He was a tall man, with strong, long arms that held up a wooden board, showing his message: The End Is Nigh. What was most peculiar about this man was that for well over seven years, he had been proclaiming the same message, nothing more, nothing less. Residents say that he’s been at it for much longer. But while most “messengers” like him proclaim the rapture, or the second coming of the Christ, this man proclaimed an entirely different message; claiming that a “cosmic entity” was looking for what was taken from her a long time ago.
With a message like this, it is no surprise that people mocked him. It was also not a surprise when people started taking him seriously. If one man could keep screaming the same thing over and over for years, maybe there was some truth to it, and this message definitely appealed to those who’d been in a lifelong search for their “higher calling” and “true purpose.” Soon, it became a movement, gathering more and more members who called themselves “Followers of the Messenger.” These followers were devout people who all but lived on every word of the bearded man, whom they dubbed “The Messenger,” for that was what he was. No one knew his name or anything about him. No one cared to ask, and this shrouded him in an aura of mystery which somehow endeared him to his followers even more.
They started having gatherings in a small warehouse but soon, the crowd grew larger. One of the richer members paid for a larger space to accommodate the extra people. It was a whole new movement, a whole new religion; they didn’t concern themselves much with luxury and comfort, the world was ending, after all. What they concerned themselves with was Devoid, the cosmic entity that spoke to The Messenger’s mind. She was looking for the one who took from her long, long ago. So far, that was all The Messenger knew, and it was agreed that if they all quieted their minds and their spirits, they could hear more from Devoid, for certainly she must be trying to speak to them again. Maybe she’d been speaking all these years, but The Messenger had not been able to hear because his spirit and mind weren’t at peace and in sync with the universe. For this reason, when the followers gathered, there was not a single sound to be heard. If someone was listening in, they would think all of them were dead or maybe asleep. But, the followers reached for the voice of Devoid with their minds.
It was one evening, during their meditations, that the messenger heard the voice. It was like a soft breeze, a memory long forgotten. He instinctively reached for it, willing himself at the same time to block it out, just to be sure it really was Devoid. The voice, soft as it was, pushed through his resistance.
“It existed before and will exist after all things.” The voice whispered, coiling round his mind like a python teasing its prey. The Messenger muttered the words in a half-unconscious state, completely unaware of himself. The Followers hung on to every word. The absolute silence in the hall made it possible to hear the faintest murmur echoing off the walls, so when the messenger started speaking, despite how low his voice was, they heard him and gathered round to listen. One woman took it upon herself to write the words down while the rest listened in awe.
“He was once everywhere, and now is nowhere.” The voice said again. There was sadness in the voice, a deep, overwhelming sadness, underlined with an anger that promised mad vengeance. The Messenger, even in his state of unconsciousness, felt a chilling fear in his bones, but for some reason, he couldn’t run or scream or cry or even beg. He was frozen before the voice that spoke from the darkness.
“He’s mine, just as I am his, and without him I am not.” Now there was an obvious agitation in the voice. It shook with each word. Devoid was scared, but of what? He wanted to ask, surely if she could speak to him, he could speak right back. There must have been something that made her choose him in the first place. He tried to ask how he might help, but his mouth was full of cotton and his tongue glued to the roof of his mouth. Even his lips had been sewn shut, so speaking was now impossible.
He felt Devoid slither to and from in his head, and he knew she was pacing. Strange, since he couldn’t see her, couldn’t see anything but the deep darkness, not even the slightest shadow. But he knew. He could feel her emotions like they were his, see every action in his mind’s eye, every cock of the head, every side glance, every narrowed eye. But he could never make out her face. Strange, strange indeed. She was angry alright, angry enough to destroy the world, but she was worried; beneath the thick and numerous layers of anger, there were even more layers of worry and anxiety. She needed to find him, it, whatever she was looking for. The Messenger knew that it was this worry that kept her wrath at bay, whatever or whoever she was looking for, she needed to know they were safe and that they were here before she did anything rash.
Just like witch-smoke, Devoid vanished, as it she wasn’t even there to start with. Then again, she was never really there, was she? It was an old memory, one he could not even remember anymore now. It was all in his mind. He was suddenly out of strength. He needed to lie down, so he opened his eyes and froze as he saw numerous pairs of wide eyes sitting in a circle around him. He started at the woman sitting just before him, the one who had written down his mumblings, and she stared back, not daring to speak until she was spoken to. When he made no move or said anything, the woman silently held out the piece of paper towards him with both hands and he took it from her and read.
The words trickled into his head like dew drops and with each one, he heard her voice again. He couldn’t really tell where his voice ended and where hers began. There were two streams flowing into and through one another. So, it was real after all. Devoid had spoken to him again after all these years. He froze instantly as a thought occurred to him; if the memory was not just a memory, then all the feelings, all those emotions… she really was going to destroy them all. He had known of this for a long time, of course, but now, it felt so real. He had felt her power, felt her rage, and he knew that whenever she found what she was looking for, none of them would have the slightest chance of surviving. The followers had also noticed his reaction, and one of them finally dared to speak.
“Tell us what’s to come, Messenger.” It was barely a whisper, but it carried.
The Messenger sighed, then said clearly, “The end is nigh.” The announcement was like a heavy rock thrown into a river; they had all known that destruction was inevitable, but it was not until this point that they realized that they had hope it wasn’t so. Hope that it would be averted, hope that there was a way to save the faithful, hope that something, anything, would turn out in their favor. This was it; the end was nigh.
The Messenger stood up, like the stalk of an upturned flower, in the very midst of those gathered around him, and looked straight at the exit. His intention was clearly written on his face and his followers began to part before him to make way. He walked silently, solemnly, and picked up the large placard just by the door before he stepped out. A short while later, his voice could be heard, bellowing his first and only message “The end is nigh! The end is nigh!” This time, there was a passion to it, an urgency that could only be possessed by one who knew, one who had seen the end of which he spoke of. His followers gathered at the door and windows to stare at their leader, each torn between sadness and fear and the bravery to take up a placard and stand beside him, the end be dammed.
Some passers-by pointed at and mocked him.
“Oh, put a sock in it, will ya?” One said as he walked pass.
“Go get a life,” another said.
Mothers pulled their children closer to them, away from the crazy man shouting nonsense. Teenagers threw half eaten fruits and snacks at him, but the Messenger would not be discouraged. Even the Followers, who were there when the message came, couldn’t muster such courage, so they stared.
“She’s looking for what was taken from her long ago!” he yelled again at the small crowd that was beginning to form. Some of them already had their phones out, recording videos.
“Oh, yeah?” one pot-bellied man asked, “what exactly is that?”
Then he repeated all that he had heard, with such vehemence that had spittle flying out of his mouth. Some people seemed convinced—those who’d known the man since he first took to the streets. Some were skeptical, some laughed at him, and others pitied him. Their reactions were not a bother to him. He’d gotten the word out, it was now planted in their minds; there was nothing him and his followers or anyone else could do but prepare and wait. They could only take solace in their loved ones and live each day like it was their last, for one of these days may very well be.
“The rock! The black rock belongs to Devoid!” he kept saying. Of course, everyone had heard of the unique rock that was found in space ten years ago. They’d heard that it was like no other. Pieces of it were in museums while others were still being examined. But what did that have to do with anything this man said? People murmured amongst themselves and he pushed on.
“They didn’t tell you everything,” he said with a grave voice. “They don’t even know everything. They have taken what belongs to another, what was never theirs to take in the first place, and now we will all pay for it. You mark my words; your children, your wives, your husbands, your friends, your mother and your father, uncles and aunts, they’ll all be gone, and you won’t even be here to feel the loss, for you will be gone as well.”
While he still spoke, he looked up and saw the moon rising. Dread washed over him like a bucket of ice water; it was still too early for the moon to come out. With the recent message, this could not be any mere coincidence. He watched as the dark mass, which was too dark to be the moon, grew bigger and bigger, casting its shadow over the horizon
“She’s here!” he whispered, as he watched the darkness grow larger and larger. “She’s here!” he said again, louder now. But when he looked around, he saw that he was alone. He spun around and saw that all the followers who were gathered behind him were gone too. He was left all alone, and he knew that it was only so he could see the end come before it took him too.
“Shit,” was the last word he got out, and then he was no more.
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2022.01.22 17:50 Glittering-Witness95 Any tips how to snipe players with good movement?

I’m pretty decent at sniping I get about 8-10 snipes a game in 6s but every time I play a competitive game mode against players with really good movement I literally can’t hit a snipe. Any tips?
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hi!does anyone know why is my everkies so slow?i mean it just...frozen😭
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2022.01.22 17:50 There0n Suggest Me a 3.1 System

I know nothing about the audio side of things and my previous post clearly showed that so I'm asking differently this time around. I'm looking for a home cinema setup for watching movies and playing games from a PC.
As such I think 5.1 is out of the window as I'm just using a headphone jack so 3.1 it is. Essentially looking to beef up my PC speakers really. Budget is <£500, could stretch to £600ish if it's genuinely worth it.
I am definitely overthinking things here but it's always worth asking advice. Thanks in advance!
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I’m partial to Mr. Deebatrove.
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2022.01.22 17:50 One-Truth-5867 Covid-19 Rapid Tests Seem Unreliable

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know my experience with Covid rapid tests. I’ve taken 5 rapid tests with my mother over the past week, all of which have come back negative. My mom had symptoms for the past week, and I didn’t have any symptoms. We finally just paid $500 and took a PCR test yesterday (after taking a rapid test in the morning), as we were sceptical with each negative result, and my mother tested positive on the PCR test. I still tested negative. I am not an expert of Covid, nor am I an advocate, but I just wanted to share with you how unreliable the rapid tests seem to be.
If the University of Guelph is giving out rapid tests to students, and not providing other ways of testing (such as PCR testing) to students, I am very concerned for the well-being of each student on campus…
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