Guy was texting very weirdly

2022.01.25 17:11 notimeforthisdelete Guy was texting very weirdly

I jusy feel like an idiot. I really liked him. First we were talking on a dating site. He would ask something, I would respond and then he was offline again. This also happened when I would ask him something and then he would respond and I come back with a follow up question and he would be gone again. We never talked for longer than 5 minutes in a row. An example:
Him: hey, how was your day? Me: good and how was yours?
Him: gone immediatly and responds hours later.
I understand that people can be busy but he seemed to do it on purpose or something because when I responded late to him once, he responded immediatly. I was happy to see him respond fast for once and asked a follow up question again and he would be gone again. What do you guys think about this?
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2022.01.25 17:11 Snoo_99139 Wizard King / Destiny 2 Clan

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2022.01.25 17:11 glhrm00 Devo ir atrás ou não ??? gostaria de opiniões

Então, estava namorando uma menina já tinha 7 meses. Porém ela acabou tendo que mudar pra outra cidade, por conta do serviço do pai dela(que trabalha a anos nessa empresa). Essa mudança dela foi no 5 mês de namoro. Mesmo com essa mudança conversamos e decidimos manter o namoro a distância, e também tinha falado pra ela que iria visitar ela uma vez a cada 15 dias. Quando ela foi de fato foi muito difícil pra mim, mas sempre que podia ia visitar ela, até mais vezes do que tínhamos combinado, porque me sentia sozinho e segundo ela também. como amo muito ela, falei que podia me mudar pra cidade que ela tava pra gente, ficar mais próximo e tal, essa mudança não seria muito difícil pra mim, tenho parentes que moram nessa cidade, então a adaptação seria fácil pra mim. Isso era apenas uma ideia que estava pensando com carinho, contei pra ela sobre essa possibilidade e ela a principio ficou animada de ir pra lá e tal. Porém na ultima vez que fui visitar ela (10 dias depois de ter contado sobre essa ideia) estava fria e seca comigo, nunca tinha visto ela daquele jeito, acabou que dormi lá na casa dela, como eu sempre fazia quando ia pra lá, no dia seguinte vim embora nos despedimos e tal, porém no mesmo dia que voltei da viagem a noite, ela me mandou uma mensagem, falando que não queria eu mudasse minha vida por causa dela, pq não sabia se a gente iria dar certo e sem outros motivos(não creio que seja só isso e segundo ela é só pela distância msm) ela resolveu terminar tudo por mensagem msm. Fiquei muito magoado porque amo ela e o jeito que ela terminou por mensagem, achei muito infantil afinal estava com ela nesse msm dia que mandou isso, porque não disse pessoalmente? mas enfim me sinto sem chão e sem vontade de fazer nada, não sei se devo ir atrás dela e tentar uma reconciliação.
se puderem me dar uma opinião, ficarei grato
obs: ela tem 19 anos e eu 21.
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2022.01.25 17:11 Mikeylatz Just had my first MD .5g shrooms

That’s all. Hope y’all having a great day!
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2022.01.25 17:11 InterMob Is this possible?

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2022.01.25 17:11 George_Washtgion FUCK THE CCP

Read the title Taiwan forever CCP never!
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2022.01.25 17:11 letlyingdogssleep Can I skip Blitzball?

I'm playing on my Vita for the first time and did enjoy the game up to the Blitzball part. I really don't enjoy the game at all and keep losing. So much so that I stopped playing and gave up on the game overall. I'm thinking about trying again now because I have that Final Fantasy itch. Can I continue the story without playing Blitzball? If not, is there an easy wait to win the match? Just want to move on. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 17:11 -5starwinner- 1 boost left

B4B $Nekomantik
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2022.01.25 17:11 crytoloover 🚨 DON’T YOU DARE SKIP WATCHING THIS BITCOIN ANALYSIS!!!! 🚨

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2022.01.25 17:11 zylofan Why is my kelp getting stuck?

Why is my kelp getting stuck? So my kelp keeps getting stuck some how? When this happens ALL kelp flowing through this spot get stuck here until I physically pick them up, then that unclogs the system and they stop getting stuck. Anyone know how to fix this? Is this a server issue? Playing on a Fabric 1.18.1 server.
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2022.01.25 17:11 Contact_Cultural Hello guys, I posted the song "Inferno" with the lyrics, it's the first video with the lyrics on YouTube. (Para os fãs brasileiros, também legendei em português)

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2022.01.25 17:11 AznDeity First time ever swapping a transmission and building an LSD. Hoping testing goes well!

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2022.01.25 17:11 TingoMedia The Global Boom of Japanese Ambient Music

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2022.01.25 17:11 wateryknee Recomandări de SH-uri București

Salutare, rodittori! M-am mutat toamna trecută în București și de atunci tot încerc cu prietena mea să găsim niște SH-uri mișto ( indiferent de zonă/sector). Am încercat Fashion House-ul din Pallady dar mi s-a părut doar un mall sub acoperire ( ulterior am aflat că, de fapt, e outlet, but still). Pe lângă asta, am mai avut noroc cu vreo 2-3 pe ici pe colo, dar nimic extraordinar. Aștept niște sugestii de la voi! Mersi tare mult
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2022.01.25 17:11 Kylestyle98 Wrote a song called Obi Toppin for my new project. How Is It?

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2022.01.25 17:11 champagnegames_ Fort Abernathy

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2022.01.25 17:11 SecretApe Nottingham Forest 1-0 Barnsley - Keinan Davis 15'

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2022.01.25 17:11 AxelCamel Epstein's Control System

Thirty years ago...

I had the assignment to go to one of Epstein's so called 'pleasure gardens' to as the Elder said "See just how worthless these people are, what pieces of shit they are."
I don't like that kind of talk, of course, I was still a young man and was of the opinion that everyone deserves to be heard out.
This was in the early 90ths, and I was working for Jehovas Witnesses then as a private detective and also as a 'tunesmith', odd combination, huh?
Well it worked out very well economically. The Elders sent me out to people they called "The Fallen", so that I could see "Just how worthless these people are", a favourite saying of the Elder.
As I approached the pleasure garden, Epstein stood there on a stone-stair holding the iron handrail with the left hand, in the other hand he held a cigar and a walking stick, wearing a grey tuxedo and greeting me with one of those smiles he became so famous for.
It felt a little iffy, but I shook his hand and strode into the little hall upstairs.
It resembled one of those methodist churches I knew very well, but all the furniture and kitsch was removed. About ten young women walked around in black tuxedos, without pants like in the 1920ths.
-Ah, New York!
Epstein looked at me, as if he couldn't believe I had said that.
-They shit on the floor. This isn't fuckin New York, man!
Epstein was right. New York had laws against this, hygienical laws. This was very bad, but Epstein meant this was good. This was better than New York normally was. People who shat on the floor, walking around with walking-sticks was cool, according to Epstein. A way to rebel and 'show the man who was boss'. He called himself a feminist too, Epstein did. I became kinda pissed off then.
-What's with you people and this obsession with the anal. Why do you do these kind of cultural expressions all the time?
-Power. Ey ey ey, wait a second, ey ey ey.
Epstein became all excited and rushed into his office and returned with a lot of scientifically notes.
It was all kind of sheit there really, mathematics, brain science, Siegmund Freud related material, some fantasy-author, an Ron L. Hubbard clone, and also an interesting book about the Indian Chakra system.
Epstein maintained that the lowest chakra was were the military control sat. If one could control that, the ass to speak bluntly, one had military power.
-Come on, don't be stupid.
I continued to doubt his theories, and he became all red and began to twitch back and forth, acting very nervously.
-Jesus, don't give me that, I mean Jesus sheit, be more open minded here, I need you peoples full support on this.
That was never gonna happen, of course, but It was interesting what he told me that he and a couple of his friends were building a temple, were they worshipped the muladhara chakra and anal fetishism.
-Everyone wants it, there's a great guilt complex we can use here, and if we are the only ones they can get it from, we'll get very rich with all this military control, right? I mean Jesus come on, I didn't know you guys were so stiff and uptight about this.
But he knew the Elders were smart. Such 'churches' or temples had been built a lot in the past, and they always came down, because it was Satans churches. Only he built such churches, and all those who started to worship such churches fell to Satan, somehow.
I felt inspired, so I pointed to one lady, - look Epstein. I pointed to her face, and began to sing a psalm I just made up there and then. Musical inspiration sometimes can draw inspiration from the most peculiar subjects.
-Look at her face, I sang. Look at her face, NOT her legs. Look at her Face, not her Legs, then you shall progress. Look and learn.
I began to dance then, inspired as I was, and I sang the canon Brother Jacob, if you've heard that.
I sang : Avoid the butthole, avoid the butthole, Avoid the human anus, avoid the human anus. Leave all cruelty, leave all Sadism, bing-bing bong, ding ding dong!
All the ladies, began to sing this song, Epstein too. We danced around and sang this great text and that canon.
On the way to the Elders hall, I felt happy, but a bit sweaty so I entered a bar to order a cola.
Michael Moore, of all people sat there, dressed in womens clothing. A beautiful silken gown.
He smiled at me, looked great really, but as I worked with the Elders I had given a temporary chastity vow and sworn not to sin.
-You look great, but I just aint that kind of a guy.
He pretended not to hear that and said something about Salman Rusdhie on TV was coming up.
They called it freedom, but I just don't know about that. I just don't know if it's that free, especially now in hindsight, I don't know how free it really is.
What has it really got to do with freedom, to F. ladies up the butt? The Elders didn't like it, and I began to think like them.
There was something very strange going on here, and I intended to find out what it was.
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2022.01.25 17:11 degghi Iliatha's Lord Regent

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2022.01.25 17:11 krv4v1 How do I make an android incremental game?

Hi! I want to develop an android incremental/clicker game on Android but i'm not sure what engine/language I should use and learn to do so. Could you help me? :)
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2022.01.25 17:11 WearyMatter This was a fun way to kill some time (removed scammer info)

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2022.01.25 17:11 Ov3rHell3XoduZ [WTB] Divine Lucky Envelopes

Hello Traders, I want to buy as many [Divine Lucky Envelopes] @ 1.35g/each for the rest of the Lunar Event. You have to go first unless you have higher reputation here or rank in OTC.
Payment: Raw Gold
Discord: OVERHELL#9760
Ingame: OVERHELL.1659
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2022.01.25 17:11 communist_panda Casting Actual People with Dwarfism to play Dwarfs/Hobbits

I was just reading an article about Peter Dinklage, one of the most famous actors with dwarfism, speaking out against Disney for making a Snow White live-action because the story perpetuates negative stereotypes. It got me thinking if there was any word on the new Amazon LOTR show casting actors with dwarfism? Not sure if it be better or worse tbh but was curious nonetheless.
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2022.01.25 17:11 goodwifi Wanted a zonghli for my Eula… ain’t no way

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2022.01.25 17:11 CelebBattleVoteBot Kirsten Dunst vs Mila Kunis

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