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Guys, this is a huge DC Server, with a lot of OF Leaks, u only need 1 invite: https://discord.gg/4vvSqVdZrw

2022.01.21 14:24 Timoandpumba Guys, this is a huge DC Server, with a lot of OF Leaks, u only need 1 invite: https://discord.gg/4vvSqVdZrw

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2022.01.21 14:24 CryptoPrunk Are we going to the moon or what?

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2022.01.21 14:24 ilikethreetwo What would season 2 even be? [light s2/3 podcast spoilers]

It definitely would not match the podcast. Melody isn’t there. They haven’t set up as much of the corporation stuff. There is only kind of an explanation on 1 demon guy. The “peek” at the otherworld looked like nothing? Not to mention it seems like a lot of the changes are meant to make the plot consumable to a large audience, and season 2 of the podcast, especially the beginning, is… not that. Maybe they could just jump straight into parts of season 3? But a lot of the fun bits of that, like the phone booth/dream journey/Alastor’s house would not make sense.
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2022.01.21 14:24 Particular_Jacket861 21/EST/PC

Hiya, me and my other friends are looking for more people to play with, we mostly play Destiny 2 and a lot of other FPS, but I've been off Destiny since lack of content, I also play Phasmo, Borderlands 3, Risk of Rain 2, and a bit more (mostly shooters) if I'm interested enough, I also own the gamepass. Lmk if you're interested!
My discord is ; Darkn#2510
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2022.01.21 14:24 meenibeani Is there a way to pick up furniture with an item on top?

This might be a little embarrassing but I have over 600 hours into this game and I can’t seem to figure his out if there’s an option. I’ve tried searching it, but maybe I’m not searching the right way?
Say you have a single square occupying table and you put an item (like a record player) on top. Is there a way to pick up that table with the item still sitting on it? I always have to move the record player off first before I can move or rotate the table underneath.
I was today years old when I discovered you can change the growth stage of trees and plants while doing happy home island stuff so I can see myself somehow missing an obvious thing.
Thanks all!
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2022.01.21 14:24 V-Adam v Adam - CDB c'est une petite mixtape homemade si quelqu'un est chaud d'écouter j'suis chaud d'avoir un avis

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2022.01.21 14:24 Arnadus [LUNA] Terra. Price ↘ -1.2% in 15 minutes

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2022.01.21 14:24 assagitaz Banco de Gaia - Obsidian (Braxton Remix) [Capital Heaven]

Publisher: Capital Heaven
Out Date: 2021-01-30
Quality: MP3 13.91 Mb / AIFF 61.18 Mb
Genre: Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass
Banco de Gaia - Obsidian (Braxton Remix) / (Key Abm, BPM 124, Length 5:47)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528412
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2022.01.21 14:24 Huge_Ad_6763 Alguém me recomenda grupos de telegram?

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And more to come in
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2022.01.21 14:24 Prostarfish1409 My dog scout

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2022.01.21 14:24 Both-Construction543 Why doesn't anyone talk about this underrated masterpiece???

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2022.01.21 14:24 CakelynFatlley What is the first thinb that comes to mind when you think of Bort and big K?

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2022.01.21 14:24 LoveMangaBuddy Read King Of Battlefield - Chapter 5 - TrueManga

Family and the safety of others are our priorities. Murim comes next. My wife who is like a rabbit is my first priority, next is my daughter who is like a fox. Next will be my son who is like a bear, and my other priorities are father, mother, and younger brother… I cannot see the safety of murim as my priority. Is it my business to care about what happens to murim? Murim, I will save it too if I ... Read King Of Battlefield - Chapter 5 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/king-of-battlefield/chapter-5
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2022.01.21 14:24 saladass1738 The last website you've been to is the you'll be stuck on for the rest of your life what website was it?

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2022.01.21 14:24 KodyCQ The Battlecats, led by Kelthan of Stormholt, are an elite team of warriors sworn to protect the mandates of the Lion God, the crown, and Valderia from a rising evil. (free to read)

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2022.01.21 14:24 All_Hale_sqwidward I think i'm a horrible person, like i deserve to die

Sorry about the block of text, and for the bad english, as it is not my native language. To anyone who will read this, thank you very much, It means a lot to me.
I'm currently 18, and up until about 3 years or so i used to volunteer at this wild life vet clinic, about half and hour away from my house.
I was originally introduced to the place when I was 13, the vet that took care of my cat at the time would volunteer there too, so when he (the cat) died, the vet suggested I'll bury the cat there (at the clinic, they have a little field next to it where you could bury an animal).
so I got there. After I buried my cat, the vet suggested I should come to volunteer once, saying how maybe itll get my mind off of things. So I gave it a try. And from that one time, I was hooked.
I don't know if it was the interesting animals, or the fact the I got to hang out with adults (all the people there were adult) who treated me equally, but I loved the place. I would come like 4-5-6 times a week, each time for 6-7 hours, sometime more. I loved it, working with the animals, talking to people and stuff. As time went by, I started getting "merits" as in, I was granted with the responsibility to do more things. Working with different types if wild animals (like jackals, vultures and stuff like that) and i even got to do some medical things myself.
I would inject some animals with medications, and i would even come to surgeries, and do very minor things like moving the animal a bit. Of course the manager of the clinic, taught me how to do all that before he actually let me, and i did everything perfectly and was supervised (usually), but all those things were still technically illegal, cause i had no veterinarian medical degree. One time, me and the manager were feeding animals in the park next to the clinic were some of the animals were. Than, we ran out of meet for one of the vultures.
I asked if i should go get more from the freezer in the clinic, but the manager said no need. He then went into a little cabin in the park were some chicken were kept, and came back with a small chick. Than, he grabbed the chick by its legs, and smashed its head on the wall of the cabin, killing it instantly.
I was shocked, but he was so casual about it, i didn't say a word. He must have noticed my surprised look, cause he then said " i have to feed the vultures somehow" so, i just carried on with the feeding. I thought about it for a bit, but in the end shrugged it off thinking he just did it for the animals to eat. But some part of me was fascinated by it, i kinda wanted him to ask me to do it too. Than, about a week later, we were at the same situation.
We were doing a feeding, and ran out of food. The manager noticed we were out and said " il refill the water tank (of one of the animals), you go to the cabin and get a chick to the vultures. So i went. I got to the cabin, got a chick and came back to give it to him, but he was in the middle of cleaning the water tank, so i just stood there waiting. And then he said "they can't eat it alive, just kill it already and give it to them".
i stood there for a minute, but i didn't want him to think im a coward, so i did exactly what he did, i smashed his head against a wall, killing it instantly. I didn't feel bad, nor did i was all that upset, i just gave it to the vultures and went on with the feeding. From that day, killing animals for food was something he would ask me to do every now and then. Not only chicks, sometime mice, pigeons, one time even a guinea pig. And it will always be in the same way, smashing the head against something, sometime i had to smash a couple of times to finish the job.
except from the pigeons, in that case i would take of the head, just rip it off with my hands while the pigeon was all still alive.
I did it fast. Every time i did it, i didn't really felt bad, i knew it was so the other animals could it, and i was saving other animals at the clinic and taking care of them. Plus, i was doing what the manager told me, so it was ok. Thats what i would tell myself.
In total, i killed probably around 8-9 or so animals. There was this cat, that constantly stole food from the animals at the park, si the manager set up a trap, and said he will get rid of him that way. I thought he was going to kill the cat, and that made me really sad. Than, later that day i went to check the trap and saw the cat inside.
He was so poor, helpless looking, and at that moment, i just felt horrible. So i set him free, letting him run. In the end i found out the manager was planing on just releasing him in a forest near by, but i though he was going to kill him. About a year ago is kind of stopped going there.
I just got bored with the place, and with time started showing up less and less, until eventually i stopped going at all. And recently, i started thinking about all the things i did there, and i cant help but thinking im a horrible human being. I killed animals. Sure i saved too, but in the end i still killed some animals, in a horrible, sick way, and i would really feel bad about it. Now though i cant stop thinking about it, about the things i did.
I was 15 at the time, didn't give it much thought, but now i as if become more aware of the things i did, and im feeling ashamed of myself. the things is though, that i really did saved animals than. Not only at the clinic, every time i would see and injured animal on the road (were i live there's a lot) i would go, even in the middle of night and bring the animal there, even after i stopped volunteering there.
Just las week, i missed a class cause i saw an injured hedgehog on the side of the road, and couldn't just live him there. I feel. Horrible, As i should, i killed animals in a horrible way, and only now i feel bad about it. The thing is, when i was there i was like a different person. I got to hang out with adults who would talk to me about their problems, talk to me like i was their friend, and i really liked it.
And i kinda saw the manager as my mentor, this cool, masculine figure with life experience, that didn't give a shit about anything and had a cool personality, he was a veteran too. So every time i was asked to do something intense, i would just do it to be a part of the place, like, i wanted the manager to know he could trust me.
I just did what i was told. And now, a year after, i feel just like a human shit. I killed animals, and didn't feel bad about it, and saved them, at the same time, like some sick contradiction, like s killer working as a doctor.
And iv'e been a good human for a long time. I donate money, i always help when asked, i was late for my final in math cause i recued a kitten who was stuck in a car. When tim when finishing my shift ( i work in an ice-cream shop) this homeless guy came buy and asked me for some cash, saying he has no place to sleep , so i gave him all my tip money from all the time i worked there ( it was the day i collected it). And every now and than, i just think about my time there , and start remembering the thing iv'e done, and i feel this horrible feeling thats eating my from the inside.
I just feel like a bad human being, so im asking you, people of Reddit, Based on what i wrote, am i right? Am i a horrible human being, a monster?
To anyone who took the time to read and respond, i thank you very much.
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2022.01.21 14:24 Classic_Cut_9750 VBA Project Build

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to build a VBA programme for a non-profit startup I’m trying to organise. I will pay whoever wants to earn some cash and for someone experienced shouldn’t take too long :)) PM me for the details if you’re interested! Thanks
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2022.01.21 14:24 fightingirj Help me fix my exotic armor hoarding

Like many of you, I have been cleaning out my vault recently, and I have a problem.
I have a roll of every single exotic armor piece in the game.
I think it started with me not really being sure what was good or not, and then I just kept adding to it. I figure this way I don't have to pull a crappy roll out of collections. If i ever need it, I already have a decent roll waiting for me.
But now were at a point where its taking up way to many slots in my vault with crap that most of which I haven't even ever equipped.
So tell me, what exotics are so useless or bad that I will never need them, and if I do I can just pull from collections. What exotics need to get cropped? Or conversly, what exotics are so good that I need to keep a good roll?
My guaranteed to keep list so far is:

But I have every other exotic in my vault? What should I ditch?
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2022.01.21 14:24 IgreneForCYL5 Who is Igrene and Why you should vote for her for CYL6 (Character Analysis)

Who is Igrene and Why you should vote for her for CYL6 (Character Analysis)
Please Support Igrene this CYL
Let me get this out of the way. You should vote for Igrene for CYL6.
I know this post is very long so if all you get from this essay is that single point I will be happy.
During CYL5, I wrote about why I think Igrene is worthy of your vote for CYL. I think that it’s hard to talk about Igrene without just telling you about her supports. Ultimately, support conversations are best experienced rather than merely being explained.
If you haven’t played FE6 or read her supports, then I hope you take the time to either look them up or find a way to play FE6 so you can experience them yourself. I will be addressing the content of her supports in this post, so be warned that there will be spoilers of her supports.
Instead of explaining her supports to you, I would like to focus my discussion by addressing a persistent meme that Igrene is "nothing but a fanservice character in FEH."
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you dislike cuboon or the direction of her art that is your prerogative. But FE6 is a game that most FEH players haven’t played, so for a lot of them this meme that she has been character assassinated by fan service has become all they know about Igrene.
For the purposes of this I will analyze each of her FEH entries separately as I think each one sort of has its own major thematic emphasis with some minor overlap. For each entry I will juxtapose her FEH quotes to what I find to be the most relevant quotes from FE6. I will primarily leave the quotes to speak for themselves, but I might add discussion where I think it might contribute something.
I hope to some degree that I can convey what I see: that Igrene’s representation in FEH is a lot more than just her art.
Who is Igrene: A Roadmap
Igrene: Nabata Protector
OG Igrene has a thematic emphasis on motherhood, the loss of her daughter, and caring for others in a motherly way.
In order to emphasize these themes let me pick out some of the more meaningful quotes from her original FEH entry. I have included a DeepL translation of Japanese quotes for which I think the official localization missed something.
Loss / Desire to reunite with her daughter:
  • I can see her in every one of the little girls here…
  • Perhaps...in this place...I, too, can reunite with those I've lost...
  • A castle where warriors from different times and places gather... We can be together again. No... What am I thinking?
  • いろんな場所と時から戦士が集う城か… もしかして、あの人とももう一度… いえ、やめておきましょう。(A castle where warriors from all places and times gather... perhaps I can meet her again... no, let's not do that.)
  • So many of the Heroes here are so young and full of energy... I wonder what they'll be like all grown up.
  • I don't have faith in much, but I do have faith in you. (Less obvious, but given the context of FE6 Igrene loses her faith after losing her husband and daughter)
Motherly Care:
  • We had a good hunt today. I'll make you a stew with the meat. Hope you're hungry.
  • Don't overtax yourself. I am happy to stand sentinel. Get some rest! (Honestly this is just a weird quote. I think the JP one uses clearer language)
  • だめですよ、あまり無理をしては。 私が見張りをしておくから、 たまにはゆっくり、休むこと!(No, don't push yourself too hard. I'll keep an eye on you. Take some time off.)
  • Ah! I see you like to tease people... You should stop. (I’m pretty sure the quotes about teasing only exist because she reprimands Fae in one of her supports… I’m not sure though. Out of all of her FEH quotes I find them the weirdest)
Lvl 40 Conversation
  • Here you are! You went missing after the last battle, so I'd been looking for you... Thinking about your mother? I see. No surprise, given the circumstances. I'm sorry for intruding. I wanted to ask you something... You see, I've been focused on defending my home... So focused, in fact, that I realized I've been seeing everyone else's struggles as savage—even crude. So...what I want to ask is this. Would you allow me to protect you? No, I really mean...can I stay at your side? You see...I don't think I could stand to lose someone I care about. Not again.
  • ここにいたのね。 戦いのあと姿が見えなかったから、 心配して探したわ。お母さんみたいですって? …そうね、確かに…そうかも知れない。 わずらわしかったら、ごめんなさい。里を守ることばかり考えていたから、 …どうしても、外の人たちのことは 醜く争うばかりに見えてしまって。だから…お願い。 あなたのことは、私に守らせて。 ううん…私があなたのそばにいたいの。だって私は、もう… 大切な人を失う痛みには、 耐えられそうにないから… (There you are. You were nowhere to be seen after the battle, so I was worried and tried to find you. Is she like a mother to you? Well, yes, I think she is. I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble. I was so focused on protecting the village that I couldn't help but see the people out there as ugly and a source of strife. So... Please let me protect you. Please let me protect you. No... I want to be by your side. Because I don't think I can bear the pain of losing someone I love anymore…)
Now let me just juxtapose these quotes with some of her FE6 supports:
Wishing to reunite with those she’s lost:
Wishing to reunite
Igrene: You...!
Astolfo: Hm?
Igrene: Oh...! Is it... Is it really you?
Astolfo: Whoa, what the? What's going on? I'm Astolfo. Just a measly thief.
Igrene: ...You look like him... You look so much like...my husband…
Astolfo: ...I'm sorry to say this to you, but... That guy is dead. He was devoured by the quicksand of Nabata. All this stuff about spies and whatnot... It's just your imagination. Or perhaps you saw an illusion in the desert heat.
Igrene: ...... I...see... Then... I must have been dreaming... I must have had a dream of a short period of happiness...

Remembering her daughter
Igrene: Yes, I know. I used to believe in God as well. Although it is a different God from yours, I think I was fairly serious about it.
Saul: Really? Why did you stop believing?
Igrene: Several years ago...I stopped praying. It was after I lost a loved one in battle.

Igrene: ......
Fae: What's wrong? Do your hands hurt?
Igrene: Oh, I'm sorry... I was just remembering my daughter. She was a very attractive little girl, much like you.
Fae: What happened to her?
Igrene: She's gone... She went to a faraway place.

Motherly care
Processing img i9bu5kqqj2d81...
Igrene: Sophia, are you all right?
Sophia: ...Oh...Igrene... Yes...I'm fine... I'm just...a little dizzy…
Igrene: Don't stress yourself if you're not feeling well.

Igrene: Fae, shouldn't you be doing something else? Didn't Master Roy give you a task to do?
Fae: Roy's orders are no fun.
Igrene: Fae, you should be doing what you're told.
Fae: Aww... but Fae doesn't want to.
Igrene: Fae.
Fae: ...er...
Igrene: Say you're sorry.
Fae: ...Fae's sorry.
Igrene: Look, Fae. You promised Roy that you would do what he asked, right? If you make a promise, you have to keep it. Okay?
Fae: Okay...
Igrene: Good girl. Well, then, let's go.

FE6 is a game with limited dialogue, so it is hard to represent a character completely just by quoting their support conversations. Let me give you my impressions of her character to help digest these quotes.
Igrene is a character who has suffered loss but rarely shows it. The only two times she hints at still deeply feeling the losses from her past are in her conversations with Astolfo and Fae. Otherwise she is stoic and primarily concerned with the welfare of others. While she has a sense of duty it also seems like she is a genuinely caring person, given the context of her conversations with Fae and Sophia in which she hides her pain from Fae to keep her from getting upset and she does not go out of her way to shut down Sophia’s idealism about outsiders despite clearly disagreeing. Her tenderness when dealing with these two is especially endearing because there does not seem to have been anyone there for her when she needed it most.
But Igrene’s concern for others does not just extend to motherly care, but she is also concerned more generally with maintaining peace and harmony for those around her.

Igrene: Ninja of Nabata
Ninja Igrene has a thematic focus on her connection to her estranged husband Astolfo, learning to understand him, harmony with her allies and protecting them from outsiders.
FEH quotes:
  • The more I learn about ninja, the more I wonder... Were these the kinds of things he had to do?
  • This may be just a festival to some, but I see it as a chance to learn.
  • 祭りとはいえ忍の任務を体験できるなんて、勉強になります。(Even though it was a festival, it was still a great learning experience for me to experience shinobi duty.)
  • Are you getting enough rest? You should always be ready to head out for battle, even at a moment's notice.
  • きちんと休んでいますか? 体力がないとイザというときに 踏ん張りがききませんよ。(Are you resting properly? If you don't have the strength, you won't be able to hold your ground in a pinch.)
  • I will be your shadow, ever vigilant against those who would do you harm.
  • あなたに影のように寄り添い、いつも守ることができたなら… (I wish I could be there like a shadow, always protecting you....)
Lvl 40 Quote
  • So, how did I fare in that last battle? I was worried about fighting without my bow, but I think I did well enough.I suppose that means I am becoming accustomed to all of this, but I still have much to learn... Speaking of which, I have heard that female ninja are called "kunoichi." Surely the Order of Heroes has its own detachment of spies, right? I'm well aware of the danger that comes with the role, but...I want to support the Order from the shadows. Perhaps then, I might come closer to understanding how my late husband felt while he worked...
  • 密偵はいくらいても困らないはず。危険は承知、それでも知ってみたいの。 密偵、ニンジャ、暗殺者…… 国の裏側を抱え、表の人々を支える役目を。そうすればあの人……私の夫だった人が どんな思いで生き、何を私に託したのか。 少しでも近づける気がするから…… (No matter how many agents there are, there are never enough. Even if they know it's dangerous, they want to know. Even though they know it's dangerous, they are agents, ninjas, assassins, ....... I want to know what the work behind the scenes is like to support the people in the front. Secret agents, ninjas, assassins, ...... I want to know what it's like to be a I want to know what it is like to support people behind the scenes. I feel like I can get close. ......
Unlike her original debut, Ninja Igrene actually got story dialogue in her Paralogue. I think the 65-2 Master at Work map in particular highlights a very good moment which is handled pretty subtly:
Shamir: Shinon, I could not help noticing that you, unlike the rest of us, are using your typical weaponry…
Shinon: If I'm forced to play dress-up, I'm not giving up my bow as well.
Igrene: I have no problem with it. It's not every day you get to watch a master at his craft. This may be all fun and games, but I fully intend to learn as much from your archery as I'm able.
Shinon is uncomfortable because he feels like playing dress-up is lame. Igrene focuses on making Shinon feel more comfortable by calling him a master at his craft. I might be reading too much into this, but I think Igrene jumping in to smooth Shinon’s ruffled feathers is a pretty accurate portrayal of her character. Igrene's main focus is to take care of others. Juxtapose this brief moment in the paralogue with her delicate handling of Fae and Sophia in her supports with them, and I think it is more similar than you might think at first.
Igrene comforts Fae

I’ll go ahead and include some of the FE6 quotes which I feel correspond to some of these themes.
Desire to protect / for harmony
Igrene: As I was treating his wounds, we started living together. We lived happily for several years. Slowly, his memory started returning to him. I was happy about it, but I was also...scared.
Igrene: Excuse me. Are you Lord Douglas of Etruria?
Douglas: Yes, that is me.
Igrene: So you are the Great General?
Douglas: I am but a simple soldier now.
Igrene: I see... I am Igrene, guardian of Arcadia, in Nabata.
Douglas: Nabata...
Igrene: Yes. I fend off invaders in the desert heat.
Douglas: I see. And do you need something from me?
Igrene: I wish for you to promise me to never attack Nabata.

Igrene respects Saul's belief
Saul: Humans that act according to God's will alone would only be mindless puppets. God believes that we humans can change, that we can learn from our mistakes. God knows that we can overcome our hardships to achieve peace and harmony.
Igrene: ...... I don't believe in God, but I respect people who think as you do. Thank you for your time, Father Saul. I must be off now...

Connection to Astolfo:
Igrene: Please look at this... My husband was carrying it when I first met him.
Astolfo: What are these scribbles?
Igrene: They're not scribbles. This is an emblem given to Lycian spies. I also did some research on what kind of work they do... And...I now understand...
Astolfo: ......
Igrene: Spies carry information that is incredibly dangerous to the enemy if it is leaked. If a spy gets caught, the enemy will dig deep down into his weaknesses. family members and lovers are taken hostage... And the spy is put through endless torture until he spills every bit of information that he has. That's why spies have to be alone... They must not make families or friends, or lovers…

Barthe: This is no surprise, but Bern seems to have been doing something behind the scenes even before the war started.
Astolfo: Yeah. The traitors in the Alliance, the rebellion at Ostia... It all happened according to their plans. Well, of course, I can't say much because I didn't realize when it mattered the most...
Barthe: The betrayals in the Alliance and Lord Hector's death... We are all to blame for that.
Astolfo: Nah, it's my fault. The mistake I made, it was just... It was just way too big.
Barthe: ...We must keep our eyes sharp so that such a tragedy does not happen in the future.
Astolfo: Yeah, I know. Traitors and spies could be anywhere. Like in this army, for example.
Barthe: What...! There is a traitor in our ranks!?
Astolfo: No...not that I know of. But you can never be too careful. I carved that concept into my heart when Lord Hector was killed.
The second quote I decided to include because it sort of shows the kind of work and the consequences that Asoltfo dealt with. It also shows how the ninja concept can also line up very closely with Igrene’s personal themes. Loss is a powerful motivator and Astolfo's drive to protect the Lycian army from threats within is similar to Igrene's desire to protect Arcadia from threats without. Spycraft and assassinations can be needed to protect your allies from enemies.
I am glad Igrene’s dagger alt came in the form of a ninja because the concept of Hoshidan ninjas lines up more with Igrene than a generic spy or assassin theme would in my opinion.

Where else is there to go?
In my opinion, the most obvious Igrene alt is also the most unlikely: reuniting Igrene with her daughter in Askr.
Processing img vkqtbr2el2d81...
This could be a duo along the lines of Halloween Hector or Christmas Altina. It’s really bizarre to me that out of all the characters in FEH, Altina not only got a seasonal but also a duo. It’s kinda sad because Altina shares her English VA with Igrene so it is probably the closest Igrene will get to her dream alt.
Outside of that, I could see Igrene reuniting with her daughter in more of an abstract way. Perhaps an Brave Igrene alt with the spirit of her daughter watching over her kinda like Yune does with Brave Micaiah.
My second pick for an Igrene alt would be a dragon alt as more of a “what-if'' theme. Supposedly in a prototype version of the game Igrene was going to be dragon-blooded like Sophia. This might also be able to reference Hawkeye's B support with Louise:
Hawkeye: ...Louise...take this. I give it to you freely.
Louise: My, what a beautiful necklace! Surely this isn’t something you were wearing... Is it?
Hawkeye: It belonged...to my wife.
Louise: Why are you giving it to me?
Hawkeye: If I die in battle, give it to my daughter. If you show it to her, she will understand what has happened, and there will be no need to speak.
It isn’t hard to imagine this necklace portrayed as a necklace with a dragonstone for the jewelry like the one Tiki wears.
Another possibility would be an Igrene themed around Hawkeye. A bit more difficult to imagine, but there is plenty of detail in Hawkeye's design which could make a really interesting alt.
Shamelessly stolen from shitpostemblem
People are allowed to dislike a character’s art in FEH. But Igrene’s FEH art should not dominate every discussion of her. I know people are trying to show that they care about how the character is portrayed, but whenever Igrene is brought up and there is a vocal group that jumps in just to say something negative then it affects how people perceive her. Especially among the FEH community who likely has no experience with FE6 to judge for themselves.
I think that if you give it a chance and read what is there, then you will find that there is plenty to appreciate in both of Igrene’s inclusions in FEH even if you don’t like cuboon or her art. And I hope moving forward she has another opportunity for another inclusion in FEH.
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