I fogor Obama last name, what is it S/

2022.01.20 10:51 Rmon_34 I fogor Obama last name, what is it S/

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2022.01.20 10:51 Pandesaled Is it true that 3 out of the 8 wives yang boi had have been raped?

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2022.01.20 10:51 crytoloover Perion IDO Best ICO series #2 PERC Token

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2022.01.20 10:51 dabunnyking if Spiderman can be a recent guest character in PUBG mobile and fortnite… there should be no problem being in multiversus

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2022.01.20 10:51 oniarjunoni Is honkai's gacha better than genshin's gacha? Also is honkai F2p friendly atleast like genshin. I really want to try out honkai impact. The waifus look so pretty.

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2022.01.20 10:51 NeatAdvertising8321 Join the 🔥 IMVU I Black Market 🔥 Discord Server!

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2022.01.20 10:51 JMMuc What's the release Schedule going to be for TOTY?

Strikers on Friday, Midfield on Sunday, Defence and 12th man the week after, for full team to be available Friday in a week?
Prepping my self-discipline, when to rip saved packs...
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2022.01.20 10:51 td139523 Wish MDA had the balls to do this to Russ in game 2 vs the Lakers in the bubble

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2022.01.20 10:51 sportssaying Which is the best place to eat Allu Chhola puri in jaipur?

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2022.01.20 10:51 peachdream12 I'm so tired today, but I took a beautiful photo. So let's play and you try to guess my zodiac sign?) [Over 18]

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2022.01.20 10:51 emailgeeks Email Marketing Specialist @ Sports Endeavors

📨 New job: Email Marketing Specialist @ Sports Endeavors
👉 Read more @ https://www.emailjobs.io/jobs/email-marketing-specialist-at-sports-endeavors
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2022.01.20 10:51 PancakeFlinger Some thoughts from a veteran wargame player

So some feedback from first impressions from Warno, hopefully this will be nice and detailed and will give the developers something to work from.
Units and deckbuilding
The units look good! I get that there's not a lot of content at the moment but what's there currently makes sense all the bases are covered, I also think the stats make sense though I'm sure there's a lot of balancing to do that will become more apparent as people play the game more.
I loved the deckbuilding in WRD, this new system seems a bit different and I'm sure that it will take some getting used to, but I can see how it can work if we're going for historical accuracy. One of the interesting things about RD were how personal decks were to the point that even with an established 8 year meta there's still discrepancies in how people make their decks thanks to personal preference and style, I'd hate to take away from one of the really intriguing aspects of the game.
Some of the unit classification is straight up odd though. Why is an ATGM carrier in the tank tab? How is that a tank? I can see the logic - it kills tanks so therefore we put it with tanks, but this is just an awful idea. In the heat of battle if I think, right I need to quickly fend off some tanks with an ATGM vehicle I'm not going to immediately move to teh tank tab.
After I managed to change the unit scaling to turn off the humongous tanks and played the game at 0.3 speed to offset that speed mistake, the gameplay wasn't too bad. I did find the range scaling a bit odd and I'm not really sure it works too well - range scaling in WRD made sense because of the scale, here because things are closer in it's strange because you would really need less compression the more in depth you are for combat to make more sense, but now you have that bizarre feeling of your APC not being able to engage something that it really would be able to engage.
Given the hype made in promo about the maps and their realism I think it would just make sense to have 1:1 terrain and 1:1 range scaling, or maybe just a touch scaled down to allow things like Helis and jets to not be ridiculously OP. If we're going for realism there's no need to half ass it. Currently this weird cartoon hybrid doesn't make sense and feels a bit off and makes me think, why go to all the trouble of realism especially with decks and the like if the game is fundamentally not a good simulation?
The game speed is hard to truly give a comment on given the unit speed issue, but even playing in slow motion with the range saling units felt s bit too quick to arrive on the scene and the opportunity for tactics wasn't really there.
It was difficult to really evaluate the order improvements given other issues but I did appreciate showing the pathing.
The sounds during gameplay were awesome, I thought it really added a lot, the sounds during the menus were not awesome. I don't know what was wrong with just having "blips" to confirm button presses, now half the buttons don't have a confirmation sound and these ridiculous screeching and explosion noises when entering screens just make me want to throw up. Just put bleeps. It's not War Thunder.
Jesus fucking christ Eugene what are you doing? For me this was the biggest and most irritating thing about the game, given the genuinely excellent UI in the wargame series why would you take such a massive step backwards?
Let me start off with just how unnavigable and ugly it all is: my first experience of the game, I load a single player lobby, I want to play as redfor - how do I do that oh right, there's an icon to switch teams hidden in this late 1990s clusterfuck of buttons. Now I've decided I want to build a deck, I go back to the main menu, look around but there's nothing, Armory? No, options maybe? no I have to go to the singleplayer screen and create one when choose a deck? What? Eugene why?
Lets move to the game screen. First of all these unit squares, why do they look like this? Transparency makes the text hard to read, the multiple boxes mean that it's very hard to at a glance see what unit you're clicking on. The merging is absurd, it was somehting I turned off in wargame but it made sense, here's its literally just a bunch of giant boxes taking up the whole screen. If I turn off merging then the transparency starts to fuck with everything. I don't need such a massive square around the unit, just a box is fine.
There's so much text everywhere all in different colours that it's impossible to read anything now, the font and pixellation really doesn't help. Also this targeting cursor that was made a big deal about is a little bit useless. I understand the point of it was to make the game more accessible but it's unusable with the amount of text on there. The wargame system of bringing up the Unit card made more sense. This chance to win thing as well, it detracts so much from the game, again, I understand the accessibility thing but this is just ridiculous, I found mself not even paying attention to what the unit was and just hovering over and glancing at the various chance to win chances. It just straight up removes all of the depth and interest from the game, I can see how it could also enable spam in a big way. Think about it - Chess is interesting because of it's depth, but if you had a rating thing every 5 minutes telling you what move to make you aren't really playing chess anymore.
Let's talk about the rest of this UI. This top bar, what the fuck. It's impossible to read, if I want to at a glance get any information about the game I have to drudge through so mcuh crap, it's not logically laid out either. the old system of having players, scores and map on one side unit just made sense - it's the game status area - now it's all spread out on the screen. Why is the construction tab always open? Why is the points in amongst all these numbers - Wargame made it so simple, you just see how many points you have and click to open the construction menu, that's it.
Now these control buttons, they're fucking tiny, the text is small and the button click area is small. It's not a muscle memory thing because they're still on the bottom right, it's bad design.
Overall there's just so much going on on the game screen that the game is basiclly unplayable. I can't quickly get the information I need to affect my actions on the battlefield, instead I spend most of my time looking for that information by which time it's irrelevant. This is the most important sentence I will write here: The whole UI reeks of being overdesigned by someone who was trying to make it look nice, rather than be functional for the sake of change. Eugene you could have just imported the WRD UI with no issues, it's so great no one would complain.
These are just a complete clusterfuck. Why does this game have a menu that looks like it's from a late 90s PC game? Why is it so cluttered? Why is there absolutely no congruence between gameplay UI and menu UI?
It really gets in the way of making playing the game a smooth experience. Think about the deck building, previously the deckbuilding was excellent, now there's a gigantic paper folder in the way covering up half the screen and the information is so spread out and inconsistently formatted that it just makes no sense. I want to add the unit, ok do I just click the activation points button? No it's not a button. Do I double click the experience button? No. I double click the unit card or I hit the add to battlegroup button. Why? And to add, why is all this essential deck info at the bottom of the screen? We read from top down not bottom up, it's so jarring to have such a bizarre flow. I mean just look at the tabs, theyre' not where the unit cards themselves are, they're all the way down in the deck folder. Think of the logic: Deck>tanks>tank it should flow in order, but now you're going up and down in different directions, it's like no one ever considered user experience when designing this. Arma 2, that clunky but loveable mess, had better menus than this.
Then there's these units cards. Oh my god, they're so bad. First of all why are these giant cards taking up all my screen when I need to see them in the gameplay screen? Secondly, why is this, the one thing during gameplay that actually needs to be transparent not transparent?
There's so much wasted space absolutely everywhere. I get that the real life military is a wasteful beauracratic nightmare, but this is really not something I want to be dealing with when I'm playing a game. There's no need for all this wasted space. Just import the WRD UI if you can't afford a UI designer.
All in all I really wanted to like this game and I think there's a lot of potential, I also get that it's early access, but there's just so much fundamentally broken with the whole thing that really it shouldn't be early access. If we think about other early access games that game with limited content (Dirt rally probably being the best) they all had the gameplay, menus and general framework of the game's player experience nailed down, before fine tuning things like balance and content since it's the ability for the player to play and give feedback that improves the game. As Warno is at the moment it's impossible to play because of the issues and means that even though I want to be able to give feedback on things like tank balance, bugs etc, I can't because the game is stopping me from actually playing it.
Hire a UI designer and redo the UI.
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2022.01.20 10:51 Gerrits_Channel Move all weapon perk cards into perception with some exceptions.

I can get why you kinda need "a little strength" to be able to hipfire a 50 Cal, or to decapitate an enemy with a fireaxe, but all other weapon cards should be moved into perception imho. Gunslinger, Rifleman, Commando, SMGslinger, Shotgunner - everything in perception or at least away from agility. I can also lowkey get why shotgun is placed in strength, but it also higly fits into perception.
But yeah, just my two cents. What do you guys think? Where would you place the Gunslinger for example?
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2022.01.20 10:51 Baachmarabandzara [I ate] bread, eggs, cheese and frankfurters

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2022.01.20 10:51 gameofthrones_addict Which video came character would you want to bring to life?

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2022.01.20 10:51 Catsoup42 What should I name my new kitten?

I have 4 cats and recently got a female kitten, all of my cats have very basic names so I really want to give my new cat a cute/unique name that fits her personality. She’s an all black cat, very talkative and loves human food, she’s also playful and gives me a lot of love bites. Please help lol!!
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2022.01.20 10:51 Khentekhtai Is it possible for queen ant to survive after her brood died?

It's harvester ant queen, she has water and seeds, she already started a little colony with a few members, but they died and i don't know if she can survive without them :(
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2022.01.20 10:51 Decent-Magazine-8785 Meu maior medo é acordar de madrugada e encontrar o Noblat lacrando na minha cozinha!

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2022.01.20 10:51 Th3Us3rWins Spec Ops Minifig - based off the spy minifigure

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2022.01.20 10:51 1m2x5 Best Documentary I've Watched (Youtube)

Best Documentary I've Watched (Youtube) I saw someone posted their documentary, so I decided to share mine.

This is the Best Documentary I've watched on youtube so far:
  1. Give Up Tomorrow (2018)
The Philippine legal system is put to the test after two sisters disappear in 1997 and seven men are charged with their kidnap and murder. However, one of the men is far away with dozens of witnesses when the crime occurs.
Seven years in the making, the film reflects schisms of race, class and political power at the core of the Philippines' tumultuous democracy that clashing families, institutions, and individuals face over Paco's freedom.
Link: Give Up Tomorrow

  1. My Brother Jordan (2020)

A love letter that chronicles the life and death of Jordan Robinson, told through the eyes of his younger brother, Justin.
Justin dedicated the past eight years of his life to creating a film tribute to his older brother Jordan, who died from an aggressive form of cancer 12 years ago. With the help of 102 interviews and over 300 home videotapes, My Brother Jordan portrays the bond of brotherhood between Jordan and Justin.
Link: My Brother Jordan
This is what I have as my "best" documentary. If you have any suggestions, pleaseee comment it down.
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2022.01.20 10:51 Achrysatos How big PSU for 3080ti?


Upgraded from 1080ti to 3080ti and now my game won't start
I have 750W PSU
Maximus XI motherboard
Corsair watercooling for CPU
64gb ram
5 case fans

Is My PSU to weak?
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2022.01.20 10:51 OmenOfOmicron ‘We are tired’: Kansas City funeral homes feeling strain as deaths rise in COVID surge

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2022.01.20 10:51 JosephJoestaruu What's the Sennheiser of iem's?

As the title said, what are the iem's that are the akin to people recommending Sennheiser in the headphone space? Iem's that are generally loved by all. I'm considering buying one that fits the description.
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2022.01.20 10:51 Ok-Fennel-1980 #TFBX

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2022.01.20 10:51 mickilin El día menos pensado Season III Trailer

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