Population estimate?

2022.01.21 17:47 TheMarkusBoy21 Population estimate?

I counted the number of seats in the Apollo room in E9 and there are 100 of them. It seems that the number of artificial wombs is also 100. Assuming that they all survived and there was only 1 generation (no more gestation cycles are mentioned or implied), it means that Nora's initial population was 100.
714 years pass between their release into the wild and the events of the game. Annual population growth in hunter-gatherer tribes is not very precise, but is estimated to be between 0.04 and 0.4. This gives a Nora population of 133 - 1729 (+1 for Alloy). The first seems about what we see in the game, but it's too small for the lore. The latter would fit the lore better, but it is an extreme estimate. The middle number is 931, which will have to work I guess.
The problem arises when analyzing the other tribes.
The Carja are a much larger group, practically an empire. There are a few problems with this: 1-The Carja are supposed to have originated from the same group as the Nora, which would make the population of both tribes even less than 931. 2-The Shadow Carja are another group that split off from the Nora. Carja, further lowering the number. 3-The Carja have had massive wars and internal conflicts, killing an important part of their population.
There are 7 trbies in the first game: Banuk, Carja, Shadow Carja, Nora, Oseram, Tenakth, Utaru. 3 of them come from the same crib. Assuming the rest come from different groups, there are 5 craddles that have an impact on the actual game, giving a total population for the area of 665 - 8,645. This ignores the fact that some tribes are concentrated off the map. Even so, it seems too low to fit the lore, with all the wars and big cities, one would expect a lot more people to live in such a large space (a few US states)
The only solution to this problem would be that there were in fact many generations inside the craddles (although they seem too small to fit thousands of people).
Anyway, useless post but I wanted to throw the numbers out there.
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2022.01.21 17:47 workinguntil65oridie Wendy's won't pay nearly enough. If you see me with my new wearable billboard at the street corner toss me a few coins. $SHOP 7K, $F 2/4 calls $4K, $PTON 1/28 put 4$K all vaporized in a single 3 hour bloodbath

Wendy's won't pay nearly enough. If you see me with my new wearable billboard at the street corner toss me a few coins. $SHOP 7K, $F 2/4 calls $4K, $PTON 1/28 put 4$K all vaporized in a single 3 hour bloodbath submitted by workinguntil65oridie to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 17:47 RWT1998 This ain't Dreadmaw

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2022.01.21 17:47 Beneficial_Thing7461 Stuck at tutorial KEKW

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2022.01.21 17:47 iccaecumsa Crazy Floki🔥 Reflections Token Launching Now ! | Massive giveaways on Launch day💰 | Nonstop marketing day after day

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2022.01.21 17:47 Affectionate_Big_177 BIG THREE

Pisces sun, aquarius moon, libra rising ANALYZE DAT SHIT PLS
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2022.01.21 17:47 rdmcpa2016 Transferring from Dubai to Auckland

Hello there!
I’m currently working as senior associate in in one of big 4 in middle east and planning to transfer in Auckland as assistant manager in another big 4 firm.
Is the way of living in Auckland better than Dubai? How about cost of living?
Can anyone please advise? Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.21 17:47 Collanater First person to guess my favorite Pokémon gets one of their choice. Other one is random winner drawn in 8 hours

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2022.01.21 17:47 DemonVox Flags I made for a book I'm slowly putting together

Flags I made for a book I'm slowly putting together I don't have all of the countries done; I still need to make more for the sub-governments for the Syndicate, one for Northern Africa, MittelAfrika, South Africa, and more for the Oceanic colonies, but I'm done with all the major powers.
Franco-British Union
Germanic Empire
The Golden Syndicate
Iberian Union
The Muskva Commune
Technocratic Union of North America
The United Kingdom of China
I think Fraco-Britain admittedly came out a tad garish, but otherwise most of them are pretty okay.
I'll try to answer any questions.
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2022.01.21 17:47 ohmesrv Looking for an easy ski trail

Hey guys. I’m looking for an easy ski trail in Michigan that allows dogs. I want to take my dog out with me but I’m not the best at skiing yet.
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2022.01.21 17:47 RasheenHyuga Ok, how the hell are people doing in Ukraine, they Russia just deployed 140 warships?

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2022.01.21 17:47 Professional_Flower5 Week four of flower 🌼, Chem og, CDLC, and sour stomper.

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2022.01.21 17:47 Strict-Duck4028 I've noticed a weird growth on my cactus and I'm thinking that it's etiolated. I live in an area with long winters so I'm looking for some help to fix this or the shape of my cactus - any help would be appreciated!

I've noticed a weird growth on my cactus and I'm thinking that it's etiolated. I live in an area with long winters so I'm looking for some help to fix this or the shape of my cactus - any help would be appreciated! submitted by Strict-Duck4028 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 17:47 Accomplished-Lion-76 superlight x mouse dongle's durability

Yesterday I purchase a superlight x and I was so happy with the product but now i'm worried because I dropped the dongle twice when trying to connect it to the motherboard for updating the firmware and the second time I was testing if connecting to the io or the other usb ports from my motherboard were better than the adapter in terms of latency , etc. My hands are too big and trying to get off the dongle from the adapter was hard in my first time, and I stupid too.
i'm concerned because the mouse is really expensive and i don't know where to get a replacement for it if I break it because of my clumsiness and i don't know if the performance of the dongle was affected by the crash
Im losing 10 games in a row , but i think is because i'm bad....maybe but im not sure.
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2022.01.21 17:47 Zweetprot Sword Reverie VR Gameplay / Fight with Magical Swords

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2022.01.21 17:47 Dry-Hunter8555 URGENT: Was looking for a new project and OMG. The art on this looks incredible and it's going to be used for a play-to-earn territory-based game which looks insane. The artist worked on Lion King (Simba), Alien Covenant, Marvel, Justice League, Disney, and Ghost in the Shell. DO NOT MISS

URGENT: Was looking for a new project and OMG. The art on this looks incredible and it's going to be used for a play-to-earn territory-based game which looks insane. The artist worked on Lion King (Simba), Alien Covenant, Marvel, Justice League, Disney, and Ghost in the Shell. DO NOT MISS Join me in their discord which just opened yesterday: https://discord.gg/alphainitium Please use my code :) : pTcq4ZPp10
Their Twitter handle is @AlphaInitiumNFT
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2022.01.21 17:47 SalamanderAnder 10 years later, the terrible UI is actively ruining the gameplay experience (especially for controller).

Preface Before I begin, I’ve noticed that with this game in particular, any time people give valid and constructive criticism aimed at improving the experience, there’s a bunch of fanboy sadists who show up in the comments section arguing with the person’s opinion because “that’s how the game was intended and how dare you question our infallible devs / just get good / it would be impossible to make the game this way, etc.” I’m not interested in hearing out sycophants, I just want to provide feedback to the devs, and maybe (hopefully) move some priority to this issue somehow. Telling someone that the game is “supposed to be clunky” is the most asinine and very real comment that I’ve read. Don’t be that guy. Please.
Story time Bear with me while I regale you with a tale of frustration and disappointment.
Yesterday, my wife and I attempted to revisit the split-screen coop in build 41. We play on the sofa with controllers at 10 feet, on a 55” 4k tv, to give some context. So I start creating our new save. Right off the bat, I have to have a keyboard and mouse on my lap because navigating the sandbox options, the character skills, and the appearance menus are basically impossible with a controller. So impossible, that I have to do all her character creation for her. This is a very old issue, it has been present since I bought the game in 2014. It needs to be addressed.
Now in game, I remember with a sinking feeling that every single UI action in the game basically requires a 10 minute tutorial. I took for granted that deep within the recesses of my brain there is a mountain of esoteric knowledge about how to tab through inventory screens, when to press X to transfer items and when to press A for the context menu, and how outside of the inventory screen, A is the basic interact button and X is the context menu button (which is the exact opposite control scheme.) Now as I clear the area and close the curtains for our makeshift training session, I struggle to explain the idiosyncrasies of the control scheme and the UI to my wife. She desperately is trying to figure out how to put an item into a first aid kit.
Me: “Oh yeah you have to equip the first aid kit in your hands first.”
Wife: “How?”
Me: “press X on the first aid kit, okay now scroll through that giant list of tiny text options. See “equip secondary?””
Wife: “I can’t really see it, the text is too small. But okay.”
Me: “now press A on the item you want to move and go to transfer and then first aid kit.”
Wife: sits there for a whole 10-15 minutes IRL time transferring health items to the first aid kit, one by one, A> transfer items > first aid kit.
Finally she has her inventory sorted out. We grab some food and move out of the house. My wife now has a weight moodlet.
Wife: “what is that? I can’t even tell what that symbol is supposed to be.”
Me having over 100 hours in the game “Yeah I don’t know what the icon is supposed to be (it looks like a turd wearing a wig to me) but it means you’re carrying too much weight.”
Wife: opens the inventory panel to see her weight, only to discover that a jumble of text from the inventory header is obscuring the weight counter. “Well cool I can’t read the weight counter.” Looking at her inventory I realize that instead of placing items inside her backpack, she placed them in her pockets.
Since we are both focused on her inventory panel, a zed comes from nowhere and bites her on the neck. She dies, respawns with me, and we attempt to get her stuff back. Only problem is she can’t figure out how to transfer the items to the correct container and we end up getting swarmed by zombies. (Not because of the item transfer time, but because navigating the UI is so irreparably shit.)
This was the entire first hour or so of playtime. It went on like this for a few more hours before our spirit was worn down and finally we gave up trying to defeat the main boss (AKA the UI) so we could actually play the game. This is not intentional design. Making UI difficult to use isn’t a “feature.” Do not be that person who defends bad UI/UX because you “learned to deal with it,” or “it’s realistic cuz how fast can you access a backpack?” That’s bullshit, and everyone knows it. People have lives and we can’t be expected to spend 100 hours learning how to use a poorly programmed UI just to play a game for fun for a few hours.
Issues, summarized The UI appears, to me at least, to be a hodgepodged, mismatched mess of menus that were hastily thrown together ad hoc, possibly by different people. Let me just list my gripes.
1: How did the devs not think to develop the inventory as a grid from the start, instead of a text-laden scrolling list nightmare? Diablo figured this out in the 90’s. I’m begging you, just copy a template that works, and make sure controller players can use it with ease. If you notice how much time you’re spending in UI, then it’s badly designed. Fix it.
2: Why do I need a mod to give me a simple bar showing me my health and stamina? This is a basic feature.
3: Wtf is going on with the moodlet icons? They are tiny, completely illegible, UGLY, and don’t actually give you the info you need unless you mouse over them (which is a super cool feature for people playing with controller /s) I would like to present this post It’s pretty old, and unfortunately seems to be abandoned, but just LOOK at the improvement. Clear, concise information presented in a visually appealing way! What a novel concept right? Devs, are you paying attention?
4: inconsistent control schemes. Like I pointed out earlier, in the inventory the X button is to transfer an object instantly, and the A button opens the context menu, but the controls are exactly reversed when outside the menu. Why not just flip those controls to match within the inventory screen? These bizarre decisions are rife throughout the game and the UI and this is exacerbated by the next point…
5: No controller binding options? Seriously? You know a game is pure jank when it’s 2021 and you have to open a .cfg file to change bindings, and you can’t even set ui specific controls so it’s basically useless anyway.
6: there are functions which are totally inaccessible to controller (like moving furniture, enabling the minimap, using any of the map icons, etc. The radial menus are a good step in the right direction but they are under-utilized. With some work they might solve the issue.
7: Font size adjustments are not nearly sufficient, I play the game at 1080p with the text size turned up as much as possible to maximize the UI scale and it’s still borderline impossible to read the menus. Not to mention the UI is so text heavy that sizing up the font can actually cause more problems.
8: Controller input bindings are sometimes too small to see and poorly places so they often get hidden behind other UI elements.
9: UI elements lay over each other in stupid ways. For example, if you have the minimap open and you open your inventory, the minimap sits on top of the inventory screen unless you take the MOUSE and click the inventory screen to “focus” it over the minimap. I wanted the zombie apocalypse, not windows 8.
10: simple actions (like eating canned food) require too many steps. If I have a can opener, I should just be able to click “eat” and the character should take care of the rest. To be clear, I’m not complaining that opening a can takes time. But when I open a can of beans IRL, I don’t have to think about each step involved. Same with any usable item, if I use it from a bag, it should be returned to the bag, not kept on my character. I’m not gonna stuff an empty bean can into my pants pocket when I’m done, I’ll put it in my pack or throw it on the ground. If I use a water bottle in my backpack side pocket, I just slide it back in when I’m done. Little shortcuts like this will go a long way in reducing the headache of navigating these menus, which will make the game feel more authentic to a real experience.
TLDR. I spend probably 75% of my time in game just navigating the inventory menu. Most players agree, although some people here seem to justify this type of jank as “realism.” Sorry but I didn’t realize that IRL when you go to grab a tissue from your pocket that a giant box shows up obscuring half your vision and you have spend a whole 2-5 minutes scrolling through all the items on your body to find it. This is were arguments about “realism” in video games break down. It’s not worth commenting that it’s “realistic,” because it’s not. It’s a game. And a game shouldn’t get in the way of you playing it. The game can try to be authentic but it can never really be realistic.
That’s all. Sorry if this is a bit rambling but this issue is so bad that it flat out ruins the game for myself and many others. Instead of having an action packed roadtrip through the apocalypse full of twists and turns, my wife and I gave up in frustration because eating a can of beans takes too many steps.
With build 41 in the rearview mirror I am desperately pleading the devs, please prioritize the UI/UX design immediately. You’ve spent 10 years crafting the most ambitious zombie apocalypse simulator I’ve ever played. Please don’t let it suffocate under the pile of dead corpses that constitutes a UI.
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2022.01.21 17:47 CoinbaseStockholder SWAN - Sleep well at night

This is the only coin aside from BTC and ETH that I can sleep well at night when it drops in value. I developed this skill in valuing things from the toys comics and toys I bought before and adopted those to stocks and crypto.
The toys that I bought that tripled in value are MOTU Filmation He-man, Retro Spiderman, some Toybiz Spiderman figures (Toby); the stocks I bought in early on Tesla and got more shares with their splits.
If you are reading this now, you are early in buying Oasis ROSE.
What made me decide to sell SOL, ADA, DOT, KSM, KDA, NEO, SHIB, and BNB is the projects I saw inside the Oasis ecosystem. You will be surprised how the BIG the projects inside the ROSE ecosystem which will be instrumental in WEB3.0.
The last time I got this excited with a stock/crypto was when I saw the potential of TESLA during the crypto winter. I bought lots of TSLA shares coz I see them hitting a trillion dollar market cap. I bought TSLA when they were just around $50B.
Oasis will be a big player in Web3.0 and data tokenization, I see Oasis in the top 10 crypto projects outpacing all the cryptos I sold to buy Oasis ROSE.
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2022.01.21 17:47 rubber_duvky should i buy the year 2 pass

i bought snowrunner on preorder and played till yukon came out then tpok a break and came back and now im interested in the year 2 maps and trucks is it worth it
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2022.01.21 17:47 Puzzleheaded-Wait125 I am losing my hair (AA) and it's ruining my life

Hello guys,
I (25F) am writing to you because I don't know what to do. In October I found a small bald semi-bald in my hair (picture 1). I didn't do anything about it until it grew a bit and a friend of mine spotted another bald spot at the back of my head. It was in December. I was terrified. I went to a dermatologist who gave me Minoxidil 5% to spray on the bald spots for 4 months. She told me it does not look like AA because I have some little hair on the bald spots. I don't know if I can add pictures to show you (first post I'm publishing).
I did some research on this med and I found that it can cause hair loss and in some cases it must be taken all life long. That scared me but still I started the treatment. In January (less than a month under minox treatment) I went to see another dematologist who told me I have AA, confirmed the treatment the other derm gave me and told me that my hair won't fall out if I stopped taking minox since I don't have AAG.
Now it's been almost a month and a half since I'm using minox and honestly my alopecia areata is just getting worse. At first it was just a little bald spot at the front of my head, now all my middle part is full of bald spots here and there. I don't know what to do about it and I am scared to become bald. I might sound dramatic but it's really how I am feeling. I know I need to stop thinking about it but I just can't, I see it everyday on the mirror and I cried some nights because of this. I am considering to stop using minox since it has worsened my AA.
I would like to know what do you think about it? Should I stop the treatment ? Or should I continue and be patient? Did you have a similar experience?
PS : the bald spots have not like bald-bald, they have some little hair, like the hair was pulled of or something. But the areas are "balder" than the rest of the hair, and it's mainly located on my middle part. I don't know how to accurately describe it with words.
Thank you very much 😢💕
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2022.01.21 17:47 Quartermaster2108 Fluoride tower and dice

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2022.01.21 17:47 emkay_ok Thank you

All of you help me get through the day shout out to dodge city, Kansas
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2022.01.21 17:47 Bonus1Fact LOL

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2022.01.21 17:47 Willing-Clock-8884 I Bought Himynamesteee's OnlyFans...*It Was Worth It!!*

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2022.01.21 17:47 ICEGOD69 2008 is BACK I GUEST!!! Visionner « Real estate expert warns of commercial 'bloodbath' » sur YouTube

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