22 (F4M) bad girl! get to know me a little more along with my exclusive content🔞🤑😈 only snap: melisswds 👻

2022.01.24 13:03 fellowshipcutie 22 (F4M) bad girl! get to know me a little more along with my exclusive content🔞🤑😈 only snap: melisswds 👻

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2022.01.24 13:03 michroucka Blurry Microsoft apps

Blurry Microsoft apps As you can see on the screenshot everything in the widgets menu is blurred. It does this with Teams as well maybe some other apps I don't know of. Anyone know how to fix this?
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2022.01.24 13:03 I_Am_Smeagol Why is the Gambler challenge so annoying?

I haven't done this one yet but I am wondering what makes it the worst as I've seen so many posts about the struggle it is, why is it a struggle?
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2022.01.24 13:03 boobookxys This.

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2022.01.24 13:03 dlj19220301337 At some point in history an unfortunate man has died in his bed of a heart attack, right before genuinely applying hand moisturizer and blowing his nose.

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2022.01.24 13:03 _meytro_ everyone pretend we're in class and theres a lockdown

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2022.01.24 13:03 TheRealSpacemanZ Would the Romulans Really Defeat the Ferengi in a Conflict? (Random Internet Guy responds)

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2022.01.24 13:03 Adriannavarromusic Mind Dye - We Could Burn It Down [Neo-Psych, Psych Pop]

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2022.01.24 13:03 digibri Official Computershare FAQ page for DRS

Official Computershare FAQ page for DRS In ComputerShare's recent official interview with Paul Conn, Mr. Conn suggested that people read the FAQ for more information. When I went looking for the page, but I was too apish to find it on my own. So I messaged ComputerShare and asked them for the URL, and they responded this morning!
My screenshot below doesn't do the page justice, as it has an extensive list of FAQ questions complete with answers!
It even includes an overview diagram of share ownership in the market!

Becoming a registered shareholder in US-listed companies through Computershare
ComputerShare official Youtube Channel
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2022.01.24 13:03 ErroneousOatmeal 10 Year Challenge

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2022.01.24 13:03 laikapromo Djsakisp - Stay Home

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2022.01.24 13:03 stoplivinginfear 😩

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2022.01.24 13:03 dark_sigma Mesh changes shape after rigging in pose mode

My character's lower leg bulges after rigging human meta rig in pose mode, I did it in pose mode because generate rig button was not present in object mode, I am a beginner and need help Here is the image of it https://imgur.com/a/t4c3WYn
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2022.01.24 13:03 ryvaleska Eminem Predicting The Future in 1999

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2022.01.24 13:03 DotaDotaDoto Alive?

Is this game still alive? I was a fan of MU Origin/Online... now, I know webzen made MU Legend, I was impressive by game play and graphics (built on Unreal Engine)..after reach to lvl24..and I still dont see any others people in game... :(
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2022.01.24 13:03 zachparker7 Observers Suggest Bitcoin Price Might Touch Bottom, Despite Crypto Market Crash

The Crypto market is still suffering from ushered in a week of plummeting. Bitcoin was plunging to around $34,000 on last Friday while Ethereum also touched a low of 2,300 on the same day. (Read More)
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2022.01.24 13:03 BatOk150 Deer dance IRL

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2022.01.24 13:03 LostOpinion99 Aggressive Melee #Shorts

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2022.01.24 13:03 Szpagin Jaki pomysł ma PO na walkę z rosnącymi cenami?

Mamy bezprecedensowy wzrost cen, najwyższą inflację od 20 lat, działania rządu są doraźne (u mnie na stacji benzyna znowu kosztuje 6 zł/l). Drożyzna jest na ustach wszystkich. Ale nie polityków PO. Tam tylko Pegasus, podsłuchy, obrona demokracji etc. No więc pytam się, czy ktoś orientuje się, co Platforma chcą zrobić, by temu zaradzić? W końcu bardzo prawdopodobne jest, że za rok będą u władzy.
Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź.
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2022.01.24 13:03 Thin-Kinkle Only been pre-farming her for a week and a half— I think miHoYo wants me to have a good Ganyu

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2022.01.24 13:03 ireadweirdstuffhere Anyone get sick after quitting?

I’ve been feeling off for a few weeks which is why i quit. The smokers cough was gross and I started experiencing some hypochondria. Hypochondriacs should not be smokers. That said, I’m on day 8 now. I haven’t had cravings as bad as I thought I would. I’m feeling better over all, like my sense of smell and taste is coming back, I can breathe easier, I have notably more energy, but I was having a burning and inflamed sensation in my chest, throat and back of nose all last week; and today I feel like I got hit with the flu. Exhausted, chest is tight, slight fever, my nose was stuffy yesterday. Did a saline merry pot flush which helped clear it this morning, but just feeling gross. Anyone else get sick after their quit? On the bright side, the symptoms are making it a lot easier to not think about smoking
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2022.01.24 13:03 BeneficialAd5809 『VOCALOID』Megpoid [All Mode][16:9/21:9]

Hi!This is my first skin, all four modes are completed and has two resolutions(16:9/21:9)
Mania supports from 1K to 18K
Thank you and hope you enjoy the skin!
Skin previews Imgur Album
Download link Google Drive
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2022.01.24 13:03 Upbeat-Engineer-6745 Who has the best beard from the trash taste boys?

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2022.01.24 13:03 itsHalis Watch 4 keeps rebooting

My galaxy watch 4 keeps rebooting randomly. Today it has restarted twice, once today in the middle of my run. It reboots probably at least once every day. I know the battery isn't the case as it was over 90% the last time it rebooted today.
Why does this keep happening? Is there any way for me to see why the watch rebooted?
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2022.01.24 13:03 Futuur 🏒 Who else likes to bet on NHL games? On Futuur you can bet on any or all of the games, test your knowledge!

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