My first demo in years, and only one currently up anywhere. Kinda folksy, kinda atmospheric. Feedback appreciated.

2022.01.18 21:43 DealinBluesmen My first demo in years, and only one currently up anywhere. Kinda folksy, kinda atmospheric. Feedback appreciated.

My first demo in years, and only one currently up anywhere. Kinda folksy, kinda atmospheric. Feedback appreciated. submitted by DealinBluesmen to indie [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:43 Future-Ad7257 Hi guys, i am a season 2 player and i took about a 2 year break from fortnite. Yesterday i decided to hop back on today and noticed i got logged out mid game. Someone is using my account and i don’t know how to log them out. Can anyone please help?

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2022.01.18 21:43 randomshit427 Is there a sub for finding cheaper alternatives to big brand products but are still comparable quality?

If not then someone should make it
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2022.01.18 21:43 Nic3787777 A question for those who think Arthur is strong than every scythe:

What happens next? If Arthur is confirmed stronger than every scythe, does he just kill them all in one battle? What’s the point of intense action scenes when we know he’s already stronger than all the scythes? Does he just go straight to fighting asuras? Whats going to happen in the other 4 or so books that are being planned to coming out after book 9? Wouldn’t it just be better content wise to have Arthur go through nail-bitting fights with each scythes leading to killing/saving his old friend nico and tessia?
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2022.01.18 21:43 rdtusr19 Ariens snow blower keeps getting jammed.

My Ariens has been very weak these past two days. I don't know a better way to describe it, I'm not very handy. I'm pretty sure it is not a shear pin, as I have replaced those in the past so I have familiarity in looking for that issue.
It will throw snow fine, but if I hit a bigger patch it just clogs up and stops spinning. I have a feeling it has something to do with the mechanism behind the augers that actually ejects the snow through the chute.
I have to spend a few minutes scrapping things out with the tool provided, then it slowly comes back to life.
Any thoughts? Hope I don't sound too dumb!
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2022.01.18 21:43 zatannaswifey Where did the +5 go? Tried solving the problem another way (different from the calculator) and still not sure how the 5 disappears when both are combined.

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2022.01.18 21:43 ZZBossGaming Should I take AP Lang as a junior?

I’m currently choosing my schedule for my upcoming year (junior year) and I can’t decide if I should take AP Lang. Even though I’m more of a STEM person, I’ve always been pretty good at LA, and I like writing, but I hate reading texts, both of which (please correct me if I’m wrong) are abundant in AP Lang. I don’t know what I should do, any kind of suggestion or info will be much appreciated, thanks 🙏
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2022.01.18 21:43 HOTTUDOGU [USA-IA] [H] PS5 Disc Version - New [W] Local Cash

local and able to meet in 52241 (Coralville), or 52240 (Iowa City)
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2022.01.18 21:43 ra1nnforest Just wondering

am i the only one who doesn't think Jack is in Bon cause why would he kill his wife and then kill people that he mistakes for his own daughter?
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2022.01.18 21:43 sethjey ISFP, guess all my musical instruments

I thought it could be fun to do a guessing game based on type stereotypes, so guess how many musical instruments I own, and what they are :) feel free to steal this format I guess too lol
(If this turns into a thing I can post all of them in a comment lol)
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2022.01.18 21:43 Donduder Tryphobics are the most afraid of guns

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2022.01.18 21:43 Heavy-Durian-4131 Custom keycaps for my Vulcan 122 & 121 Aimo

Hey guys wondering if any of you guys know where to get custom keycaps for the Vulcan 122 and 121 Aimo. If you guys can be so kind as to drop a link below or dm me with the link or something I'll be more than appreciative of it. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 21:43 atastycooky Rear main seal- GMC Sierra 1500 AWD

Hey y’all, my truck is leaking a lot, like a football size after 5 mins idoling. Looked it up, and every website says I need a lift or hoist to pull the engine just to get to it, and mechanic is saying it will be 1300$ to replace.
Has anybody evr done a rear main replacement on a 99-07 body style Chevy AWD without having to pull the engine or trans out? I want to do it myself bt don’t have a hoist end can’t afford to pay mechanic
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2022.01.18 21:43 -cats-are-evil- My kitten

My kitten submitted by -cats-are-evil- to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:43 itwasntmeshaggy123 Does anyone know where to get cheap but decent TVs?

I’m moving flats and will have to purchase a TV, I don’t really want to spend more than £200 and ideally would like a 32”+
Anyone know any decent places?
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2022.01.18 21:43 Rehypothecator The Guide for ALL Canadians to buy Loopring directly through their wallet within 30 mins

The majority of Canadians are in a bind when it comes to being able to buy LRC. Most Canadian banks outright refuse to allow crypto transactions. In addition to that, many credit cards also refuse, which means many of you are unable to buy LRC, even though Loopring has made huge strides with the on ramping capabilities. Its super frustrating. That's our money and they are telling us what they can/ cant spend it on? Is this you? Read on.
This is your solution. I will be referencing a specific card/ product which I know will work. While this card has other perks which may make it desireable for other stuff, I will NOT be going into detail about those. That's for you to discover if so inclined. We only give a damn about how it gets us some sweet LRC.
Download the "KOHO" app and fill out the application. The CODE LFASQITC will get you 20$ on the card when you sign up and make a purchase (yes that includes LRC), which you can then use on more LRC. This is essentially a prepaid VISA credit card, but its kinda more like a chequing account. This matters because since its not through a bank, the bank can't say no. It's also not a speculative loan, its your money, so Visa allows the transaction. Fill out the application, its fairly quick and they'll make sure you exist. They'll even send you a nice physical card in the mail, but you DON'T have to wait for that to arrive. Your card number is within the app.
Load your card with money. There will be an attached e-mail for you to e-transfer money from your regular bank account to the KOHO card. It arrives and is loaded and available in less than 30 minutes
Now go to the on-ramping input your credentials and your card number (make sure you've enough money on the card and you've done the correct USD calculation from CAD$ on the card). This works much of the time. If this is rejected go to step 4
STEP 3.5
Input your credentials into apple pay on your IOS device (sorry android users), then go to the onramping within your LRC wallet. Use the apple pay option and BOOM, you've successfully purchased your first LRC in your own wallet.
No, this isn't an AD, but it'll get you onto LRC and save you money while you do it. So why this KOHO card? Easy, I found it works. I would recommend taking a look at the "premium" option on the card. Seriously, hear me out. The first month is free if you just wanna try it, but 84$ for the year. It grants 0% FX (foreign exchange) fees!!! everyone else has to pay FX fees. You know all the LRC you have to buy in USD on the loopring wallet app? Those 3.5% fees add up BIG time. You pay none, zero, zilch. In addition you get 2% back on ALL purchases if you're on premium.

TLDR: Really? Read it. Download KOHO Visa app, use code LFASQITC for free 20$, choose premium version if you intend to buy lots of LRC. Use apple pay with your new credentials if it is rejected! Now you're on-boarded with LRC (at an attractive point right now too).
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2022.01.18 21:43 Phhhvgfsyvvh7644 Join the Nude Paradise Discord Server!

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2022.01.18 21:43 BussDown4 Weird problems with Theone Kraken clone from paodin888 store. see comment below

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2022.01.18 21:43 Nickisaverage Join my twitch stream Trying to get affiliate

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2022.01.18 21:43 FatherPucci617 I forgot how much I hated the early Boss Rushes

I forgot how much I hated the early Boss Rushes submitted by FatherPucci617 to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 21:43 Living-Tiger3448 SPOILER: Ghostface screentimes Ryan C Showers

To anyone who is friends with Ryan Showers or knows how to use Twitter, can you see if he has the screen-times for the secondary killers (or wants to do them)?
There’s a lot of argument on her about how little Amber was in the movie, with people pointing out how Mickey and Roman disappear for an hour (and Charlie is not in it much). I’d be curious on the screen-times for Stu, Mrs Loomis, Mickey, Roman, Charlie, and Amber.
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2022.01.18 21:43 Worried-Cry8449 Busco de nicx, tengo de la mayoría de la com para intercambiar

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2022.01.18 21:43 TheRealCommonCold What if Batman was like Moon Knight?

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2022.01.18 21:43 motorcitywings20 The NSFW tag is essentially completely useless and reddit should make changes

I was scrolling down reddit at work today on break and somebody on a damn meme page I follow posted a video submitted of some chick masturbating.
I saw the video first of course because there’s a tiny red “NSFW” under the title.
I’m just baffled at how useless the feature is. Like who’s idea was that? If its NSFW shouldn’t it kinda be like instagram where it censors it until you agree to see it?
Unless if its a NSFW community you joined and you signed up for that shit to be on your feed be my guest. But if I wanted to watch porn I’d watch porn, when I’m scrolling on social media in a public setting I don’t wanna worry about being ambushed by a graphic video/picture.
When its a barely noticeable indicator on top of some graphic content thats already playing the damage is already done. Because for real, nobody should have to tread down their reddit feed like its a goddamn minefield.
Having it the way they have it now they might as well just remove the indicator all together because it doesn’t help for shit.
Any true non NSFW page should censor NSFW content unless its a truly NSFW community.
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2022.01.18 21:43 soulfood_7 I don't know who let me walk around with a caked face of ghost makeup, but I thought this was the look

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