[Club Novus] - Part 3

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6 months ago from the present day...
Flying down the empty freeway at 75 miles an hour, John blew past a sign: SPEED LIMIT 55. It was just John and Barry inside the latest Dodge RAM pickup truck.
“You don’t give a damn about getting a ticket, do you?” Barry asked him from the passenger seat, following it up with a chuckle. Barry had a buzz cut and a beard with a similar length. Both of them were in their mid-twenties, but Barry was 5’8, 7 inches shorter than John.
John had a thicker beard but a pudgier face. “You said to you wanted to make it to Peter’s at a decent hour. We got a late start. I don’t know what to tell you. To get there fast, we gotta go fast.”
“Relax, man, I feel like we could go 60 miles an hour and be good. I’ve heard Indiana cops are dicks, and they pull you over if they see different license plates. And in case you can’t tell, no one is around. We are in the straight-up boonies. We stick out like a sore thumb in your giant ass pickup truck going faster than the speed of sound.”
John didn’t want to respond. He felt like Barry was a pestering bug flying around him that he wanted to smash. “Let’s give Peter another call.”
“Dude, I already tried calling him four times in a row. He’ll see that he has missed calls, and he’ll get back to us.”
“Call him again if you don’t mind.”
“You do it if you’re so concerned.”
“Can’t you see I’m driving?”
Barry snickered. “Actually, it’s probably best for my safety if I call him. We don’t want you distracted while you’re completely disregarding the posted speed limit.” Barry pulled out his phone and called Peter’s number, and put the phone on speaker, turning down the pop-country music playing over the radio.
Four rings went by before there was an answer.
“Heyyy, I’m really sorry I missed all your calls. Today has been crazy. You guys have no idea,” Peter said.
“A text would have been nice! How crazy could it have been? I guarantee you’ve had your phone in your hand, you asshole,” Barry said.
“Thanks, Barry. Look, I’m really sorry, but a family emergency came up. How far away are you guys?”
“Considering we just got into Indiana, we got about another 4 hours according to the GPS,” John said.
“All right, look, I’m really sorry, and I know you guys are traveling far-ish, but I seriously can’t meet up with you guys or get you into my building by the time you get here. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hang out tonight at all.”
“Damn, man, are you serious?” Barry asked.
“Yeah, so I don’t know if you just want to turn back around and go back to Ohio, or if you want to maybe try finding a place in Chicago, you can do that too. Or, I thought of another idea you guys might like.”
“You can’t even go back to your place and let us go in?” Barry asked.
“Hey, If I could, I would have offered that immediately. I’ll tell you guys more about what’s happening when I see you. It’s a lot to go over, but basically, my cousin is in the hospital. As you know, he was going to hang out with us, but since I’m his only family member within two hundred miles, I need to be with him. You know, make sure he’s okay, and tell the doctors what’s up with his medical history because right now, he physically can’t talk.”
“Holy shit. I’m really sorry to hear that, man,” John said.
“But you can’t even step away, meet up with us and just literally hand us a key? Or what if we met up with you there?” Barry pressed.
“Dude, I really can’t believe you’re asking me this right now,” Peter said.
“Oh, come on, I took tomorrow off of work. This was supposed to be a 3-day weekend of pure, unadulterated partying. Look, I understand if your cousin is in the hospital or whatever, but at least let John and I hang out at your place, and you can swing by whenever.”
There was a pause on the other side of the line. “Uh, I can probably get to you guys tomorrow afternoon, but I’m going to stay in the hospital for now. I know it’s shitty. Believe me, I was really excited for this weekend, but now I’m in a weird headspace. If you guys could find a cheap roadside motel or something, come back here tomorrow, and we’ll figure something out. But tonight, I cannot leave the hospital.”
“All right, yeah, I understand. We’ll figure something out. Talk to you later, Peter,” Barry said.
“Hope your cousin feels better,” John said.
“Thanks, guys. I’ll for sure see you tomorrow if you come out. I think my cousin will be all good by then. Saturday, though, we’ll for sure watch the Ohio State game. I have a reservation and everything still. I’m really sorry about all this, but you guys don’t have to buy any drinks this whole weekend. I got you,” Peter said, and he ended the call.
Barry pressed his hands against his eyes and sighed. “What are we going to do, man?”
“I thought maybe it’s just best if we turn back around and plan for another weekend. I know it sucks that we called off work tomorrow, and we both really want to watch the game at an Ohio State bar, but maybe it’s best if we try and do another weekend.”
“What? Are you insane? I wasn’t talking about that. I was more so wondering where the hell are we going to stay from here to Chicago? I don’t want to stay at a roadside motel. I bet if I do some research, we can find a decent hotel, maybe a cool town to watch the Thursday night football game.”
John rolled his eyes. “I don’t know, man. Do you really want to go through all this?”
“Yes! Of course! Peter said he would be good to meet up with us tomorrow. You and I can at least go out clubbing on Friday night if he can’t. Then on Saturday, we can hang out with his friends and get shitfaced while we watch the game. That sounds amazing.”
John thought about it for a moment.
“I’m not getting any younger over here, Johnny boy. What’s it going to be?”
“Okay, I’m down, but look up a place for us to stay now and figure it out as soon as you can.”
“All right, I’ll try.”
John contemplated.” If you could, find a cool place with maybe a little downtown area and a sports bar. Have a few beers, watch the Thursday night game, go back to our hotel or B&B, whatever you find, and we’ll call it a night. That sounds awesome.”
“Yeah, that sounds all right to me. I’m also going to look up what might be a good place to meet singles in our area.” Barry smirked at John.
“You can’t be serious. Let’s just have a chill night. We’re about to rage all weekend. Might as well take this chance to conserve some of our energy and health.”
“I don’t even know who you are anymore. I’m down to feel like death tomorrow if we can salvage a good time here.”
“But where? There’s nothing around us. I’m not trying to have a hangover all day while I drive to Chicago tomorrow.”
“You say this now, but once we start getting some beers in you and some ladies start talking to us, you’ll change your mind.” Barry snickered. He focused on his phone and searched for the nearest sports bar. “Hell, I’d be down to go to a strip club too if we find one.”
“No. We’re not doing that. I’m not trying to spend a ton of money while we’re in transit.”
“I’ll pay your cover and your drinks. How about that?”
“Sure, I’d go then,” John lied. He just wanted to get Barry to stop talking. And he knew if he said no, Barry would keep pestering.
The car was silent for 5 minutes as Barry kept scrolling and typing on his phone.
“Well? Any update?” John asked.
“Yeah, I think I found a place. Oh boy, have I found a place!” Barry cracked up.
“When you calm down, tell me the name.”
Barry settled his laughter down and exhaled with delight. “Dude, this place is called BIG Henry’s. It’s a sports bar with really great neon out front. Looks like they’re mostly a Purdue, Indiana, and Notre Dame bar.”
“Of course they are. We’re in Indiana. Kinda weird they don’t just pick one.”
“Yeah, I don’t know, that’s kinda dumb. Commit to one team or don’t.” Barry shrugged. “But hey, I think this is perfect, let’s go to this townie bar. Big Henry’s.” Berry snickered. “I bet it’s going to be a big party at Big Henry’s. They’ll have the Colts game going on, so it should be fun.”
“Works for me,” John said. They rerouted their directions to Wilton, Indiana, to Big Henry’s sports bar. Only an hour away. “Do they have a hotel nearby?”
“Yeah, they got a little inn. This downtown looks pretty nice, a cool little old area. Like an old train town.” Barry turned up the country music and texted some other friends.
John kept driving until they arrived at Wilton around 8PM. They approached a building with a faded sign and looked like it had been there since the ’90s. Big Henry’s. Blue font, a white background, a quarterback throwing a football, and a player with a basketball on both sides. There were neon signs of the Notre Dame logo, the Indiana University logo, and the Purdue logo in the front windows. A few people stood outside smoking cigarettes. The sun had already set, but it was a warm winter night. John and Barry went inside and grinned. The whole bar had a massive string of multicolored holiday lights on the wall. The bar had a shelf near the ceiling, decorated with football helmets, footballs, and basketballs. Everyone wore a blue and white shirt. All of them were Colts fans.
“It’s like a cult in here,” John said.
“More like a... COLT. Get it? Cult, Colt? They’re Colts fans... Nevermind. Bad pun,” Barry said. “I’m just relieved I’m wearing a blue shirt.”
The entire bar at the front was filled; clumps of people circled together. Near the back, there was an open table in the corner.
“Looks like we got here just at the right time. I can’t believe how crowded it is. It’s 20 minutes until kickoff,” John said.
Barry and John took a seat and stared at the single-paged double-sided menu. Barry set down the menu after looking at it for ten seconds. “All right, I’m going to get a burger and fries and a Miller Lite.”
“That sounds good to me. I wish they had some IPAs here, though,” John said.
“Dude, come on, do you see where you’re at? They don’t serve craft beer here.”
“I know, it’s annoying. It’s the 2020’s. Figure it out.” John chuckled.
“I think it’s awesome. This place has decided not to evolve.”
A server stepped up to their table.” Are you two ready to order?”
Barry’s eyes lit up at the sight of her. “Oh yeah, we’re ready to order. But first I want to introduce myself because I’m about to ask you something. My name is Barry, and I’d love to get one date with you, please?” Barry was smooth in his delivery, and he followed it up immediately with a laugh. “I’m joking, but you are beautiful.”
“Uh, thanks,” the server said as she laughed and blushed. “But can I actually take a real order for you?”
“We’ll both get two Miller Lites and burgers and fries,” Barry said as he knocked on the table once.
The server smiled at Barry the whole time. Amused. “Sounds good. Making it easy for me. I’m Kim if you need anything else.” She walked away.
Barry turned around to check her out.
“Dude! What the hell is wrong with you? I don’t want to have these people spit in our food. You’re a wild animal.”
“Oh, come on, I’m just having some fun. She thought it was funny and she smiled. Harmless flirtation from a good-looking guy. I’m not some random creep.”
John shook his head and exhaled. “Do you hear yourself sometimes? That’s exactly what you are, a random creep. You’re gonna get us in trouble, I swear. What if her boyfriend is at another table nearby or something? Did you ever think about that? Of course you didn’t, because you don’t think. At least take some time and case the joint a little. You’re over here going for the throat and also ruining my reputation.”
“Relax, we’ll be fine.” Barry held up his hand and focused on the massive TV set across the bar.
Kim returned to the table with two large pint glasses filled with golden liquid. The aroma of light beer made Barry’s mouth water.
“The burgers and fries will be right out,” Kim said.
“Is it mandatory for the whole staff to wear Colts shirts for game nights?” Barry asked as his eyes softened. He was all smiles.
Kim’s lip curled up. “Yeah, but I’m also a fan, so I don’t mind wearing it. I don’t see you guys wearing any gear.”
“We’re actually not from around here. We’re from Cincinnati.”
“Oh, welcome to Wilton. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay.”
“Is this a common vacation spot or something?”
Kim shrugged. “It’s a nice little town with a decent amount to do. We get a fair amount of out-of-towners. Mostly during the summertime when they can walk around the downtown area without the cold.”
“No kidding? We were actually on our way to Chicago but had a change of plans. This looked like the nearest sports bar, and it sounded like a good time.”
“You guys came to the right place.” Kim smiled. “I’ll be right back with your food in just a second.” She turned and bounced away to other tables, making her rounds.
Barry gazed at her as she left. “Hey, dude, did you notice her tattoo under her t-shirt on the left arm?”
John looked unamused. “No, I didn’t have a very good angle.”
“I couldn’t really tell what it was, but it looked wicked. You know I dig girls with tats, man. I think I’m in love.”
“God, I can’t take you anywhere, I swear.” John laughed, but he was irritated. John knew that Barry wouldn’t change his demeanor no matter what he said.
The football game started, the audio of the room switched from classic rock to the game. Every patron focused on the nearest TV, but they continued their conversations.
Kim approached their table with two baskets, each with a burger and a pile of fries. She delivered the food and set ketchup and mustard bottles at the center of the table. “Everything look okay?”
“All that’s missing is your number,” Barry said.
Kim laughed it off but stood in front of their table. “Sorry, don’t think I can do that while I’m on the clock.”
“Oh, but perhaps afterward?” Barry raised an eyebrow.
Kim shrugged. “Maybe. Just holler at me if you need anything.”
“I actually do have a question. I noticed you have a tattoo on your left arm? I was wondering what it was? It looks beautiful.”
Kim’s lips curved all the way up. She rolled up her sleeve, displaying her tattoo. A woman’s head was attached to a demonic bird with large talons and broad bat-like wings.
“Whoa, what is that?” Barry asked.
“It’s a harpy.”
“I have no idea what that is.”
“It’s just a Greek mythology creature.”
“What’s the meaning behind it?”
“Just thought it looked cool. I always wanted a tattoo, and it seemed to fit me. I plan on getting a whole sleeve someday.”
“That’s awesome. I love it. I actually have a tattoo of my own.” Barry rolled up his hoodie sleeve, and on his right shoulder, he had a scarlet block “O” with a gray buckeye in the corner. “Johnny and I went to the Ohio State University.”
“Wow, so you guys didn’t even grow up around here?”
“Nope. Just traveling through, but we plan on staying the night here.”
“Oh, no kidding? Are you planning on staying at the inn just down the street?” Kim pointed with her thumb.
“We haven’t made reservations yet, but yeah, we probably will.” Barry nodded.
John glared at Barry but bit his tongue.
“So, neither of you have any plans after this?” Kim asked.
“Just going to watch the game here and drink a few beers,” Barry said.
“You guys should really check out the rest of Wilton. Are you familiar with any of the other places here?”
John and Barry both shook their heads.
Kim smirked. “Cool, cool. Well, this will probably come as a surprise to you, but Wilton has a great nightlife scene. Both of you seem really cool, and I’d love to show you around. And if you’d want, you could probably crash at my place. I have a loft downtown.”
Barry grinned. “That would be amazing, Kim. We’d really appreciate that, thank you.”
“Of course, I’ll be back around, but I have other tables to get to.” Kim walked away, beaming.
As soon as she walked away, Barry cracked up. “Dude, this place is unbelievable. The women must never meet guys that are worth a damn around here. That was way too easy.”
“Way to go,” John said. Barry couldn’t tell if John was being sarcastic or serious. Either way, Barry didn’t care.
“I just wonder what kind of nightlife is here in Wilton, you know? It seems like such a small town,” Barry said.
“Driving in, it looked like there were a few businesses or bars up the road. Seems pretty cool for a small town,” John said.
Barry and John ate their burgers, drank their sweet, crisp Miller Lites, and doused their fries with ketchup. Both of them were highly satisfied with their experience at Big Henry’s. They waited around, watching the rest of the Thursday Night Football game, and they left once Kim finished her shift.
The three of them joined together at the front of Big Henry’s.
“Let’s check out the downtown strip,” Kim said.
Kim led the way, and Barry talked her ear off while John walked a few feet behind them.
It was one of John and Barry’s last tangible memories before everything became a blur.
They lost track of time.
The sun rose up from the horizon, and the only sign left of John and Barry was their car parked in Big Henry’s lot full of their belongings. The car was towed by the owner at 4PM and no one came to claim it.
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I’ve been in tune with my intuition more than ever these past few weeks & started to feel my TF coming around & truly recognizing this connection for the beautiful magic it is. Today after NEVER EVER telling or admitting once he had feelings for me, HE FINALLY TOLD ME I 😳 (although we did have a nice bubble love phase when we first met & then separated for years when it got too intense, but last year in January we both became single & reconnected randomly). I just this past year realized he was my TF after going into the dark night of the soul & awakening shortly after reconnecting with my TF again and starting to follow my dreams and passions career wise! This whole journey has truly been insane, but he’s never told me he’s loved me aside from telepathically which I did worry that maybe I was just crazy hearing things in my head, but today he said it… the big “I love you” & SO UNEXPECTEDLY 😳 I don’t know what’s next to come I do feel like we both are still healing & growing, but to finally after THIS LONG know I’m not just going nuts feels pretty good!!!! 💜✨ wishing us all the best of luck and love on this journey! I know it isn’t about reunion but if it were to happen, I’d be so happy for all of you & myself!
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WBS is full of crazyness. This market phase is the opposite of 2020 and 2021 rally. Everything in this sub is exaggerated.
Before we had.... Buy buy buy... Don't miss the call. Now we have... Sell sell sell.. The bubble of the bubble is gonna burst. "Sell you idiot my friend!! " "Tons of cash from big players" "Bought more puts"
I don't know where we are in this market phase but idiots who are buying and making money on puts will be f***** from the same puts when the market will bounce back in a couple of session.
Buy or sell responsibly.
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2022.01.22 16:11 cheetahpeetah Could this have been doctor malpractice? What can I do now?

25F 5'3 105 Canadian, on and off pain in the right wrist (scaphoid – radius area) especially when I carry heavy objects or when I am on my computer for a while
Since I fractured my right wrist when i was 11-12 years old, no, vyvanse 40mg and oral contraception, just alcohol
When I was 11-12 years, I fell from the playground and landed on my wrist. I went to the hospital for xrays and my doctor said I had a chip in my wrist so I would need a cast but only for a few months.
This is where I am wondering about malpractice:
The doctor was about to put my cast on and he told me to hold my hand out straight and pretend I'm holding a Coke can. Then he took my wrist and moved it 45º inwards so it was on an angle and then put the cast on.
I remember thinking it was strange that he put my wrist at this angle. I specifically remember my friends at school playfully teasing me about it because they had never seen someone's wrist in a cast like that.
Since then I have gotten on and off pain in the scaphoid – radius area.
Was it right for the doctor to put my wrist in an angle in the cast like this?
When I turn both of my wrists, I can almost hear and feel some friction between the bones. My new job requires me to use my computer a lot and recently the pain in this area is causing me to stop working for too long because the pain is too intense. I don't get anying numbing or tinging (thought it was carpel tunnel) just pain in this one specific area.
I take regular breaks and do exercises, use my left hand when i can but it's still coming back. I don't know what to do, it's affecting my work and hobbies.
Please give advice on what I can do Im not looking for a lawsuit, I just want to know if this incident is the cause of my pain, if putting my wrist on an angle is actually normal practice, or if I should see a specialist and if so what kind.
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