Ice cream!!

2022.01.17 04:13 joeybadman Ice cream!!

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2022.01.17 04:13 sluggyshea Follow up question regarding predatory mites

Hello! Gonna make this quick; I’m just looking for predatory mites to treat my boys mite issue. Trying to look up where to buy some, but it brings me to a place in the UK every time, and I’m worried to buy from there in the scenario the mites show up dead at my door due to the winter here. Links or suggestions appreciated
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2022.01.17 04:13 ummonadi Any game mechanics for bot rarity?

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2022.01.17 04:13 zapdosfangaming She doesn't give a fuck, but she likes to fuck

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2022.01.17 04:13 ddbllwyn Happy Chinese New Year! Drago in Boxes! 🐉🧧 📦

Drago is in his boxes are ready to be moved!
Looking for 5 NMT or 1 Mill Bells or closest offer!
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2022.01.17 04:13 FrostyMop Has anyone had a higher avg kd lobby than this? For some reason the website won’t let me open the game to see all the players as we thought we died to a team with a hacker so wanted to check, I get a 404 page not found when I open the match stats.

Has anyone had a higher avg kd lobby than this? For some reason the website won’t let me open the game to see all the players as we thought we died to a team with a hacker so wanted to check, I get a 404 page not found when I open the match stats. submitted by FrostyMop to CODWarzone [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 04:13 ur_rad_dad she was a thicc potato a real fat spud

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2022.01.17 04:13 I_know_right_AS_IF Found a pic of the average scrote lurking our sub

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2022.01.17 04:13 xKev98_ WQ raid Boss theory

Listening to Byf and EvanF1997 bounce ideas about Sagira and the potential Raid Boss I have a theory
What if the raid boss for WQ is Sagira? Sagira as we know has just "vanished". We don't know what happened to Osiris' ghost, we just know she's gone. Savathun has taken control of Osiris. Everyone knows Osiris is without his ghost. The WQ promotional material mentioned in the beginning of the video says and I'm paraphrasing "confront the ancient danger imprisoned within..."
Ghosts are ancient. Not our enemy, but ancient. The darkness is our ancient enemy. The darkness is dangerous to our ghosts and in turn, our light. If savathun captured Sagira, who works on behalf of the traveller, and throws Sagira into the Prymid, which is like a prison to ghosts...
What if Sagira goes insane, succumbs to the darkness and the Raid Boss is a Dark Sagira? Like how Shiro Chi and Kali were in LW.
It wouldn't be hard programming wise too. Bungie just needs to take the chasis of a sepiks and make it more badass
because if you remember in shadowkeep, our ghost instantly became weak just by going near the pyramid ship. In beyond light, our ghost was whiny that were weilding darkness. Can you imagine a ghost being imprisoned without their guardian in a prymid ship?
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2022.01.17 04:13 SnakeLuvr1 Sudden depression and owning reptiles... advice needed

Hey guys! So I know the title of this may seem concerning, but I want to clarify and reassure you that there is no neglect going on. Let me explain my situation. Sorry if it is long but I am just looking for advice.
I'm a 17 year old girl that has owned reptiles for 12 years. I own 15 exotics right now. Many of them are small and take up very little room, and several are tarantulas. I have struggled with major depression and anxiety my whole life, but owning reptiles is something that has always helped me. I typically that find caring for them/cleaning their cages etc. Is quite therapeutic.
Recently, I've had relationship issues come up and I lost one of my pacman frogs Lemony which absolutely broke me. I started feeling extremely depressed and then last night my hognose escaped his enclosure and my depression worsened. For the past few weeks, I've found that caring for them is exhausting and more of a chore. This is very concerning because I've never felt like this, and I know owning animals should never feel like a chore. I'm still doing everything that needs to be done, but I feel tired and drained doing it. I'm doubting myself as a keeper and feeling immense guilt over the most random things. I feel like I need to rehome them but I know I would 100% regret that when I get out of my depressive slump.
I see a therapist but because of COVID stuff she's super backed up and can't see me right now. So I'm wondering if you all have tips on motivating myself and snapping out of my slump as I'm calling it. If you've ever seen any of my posts/comments, you'll know I care so much for my babies and I am passionate about reptile keeping. Thanks guys ❤
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2022.01.17 04:13 coachellaboxx Which Podcast and Guest Should Ethan Delete/Cancel Next? Reason in Brackets

View Poll
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2022.01.17 04:13 Somyeol24 Please help me with this shader issue (Using Zaly Warm Shaders)

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2022.01.17 04:13 youneedloureed What is a light hearted or simplistic belief and explanation you have on the topic of consciousness, something you can casually refer to - that if you ruminated on it some time longer, would lead to an entire essay on such belief or explanation?

Simply put, the iceberg or rabbit hole of your thoughts!
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2022.01.17 04:13 NXGZ Which of these two mice shall I go for...

They're pretty much the same, only difference I can see is weight. Anything else I've missed?

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2022.01.17 04:13 Fire_Jester77 Is this a scam?

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2022.01.17 04:13 Midnight_Dragoon 28M] [Friendship] [Chat] Looking for some cool people to talk to and be friends with!

Making a post to try and meet some chill people to talk to, and some friends who I can talk with about anything and everything. I don't want to make this post super long, but I love nature, pretty friendly and get along with anyone, love gaming(PS4), anime (currently watching Demon Slayer Season 2, Dragon Quest, and just started Jujutsu Kaisen) I'm from the US. I plan on traveling all over my state in the coming months if all goes according to plan. I love museums and learning about new cultures, some history, and just learning in general.
I do consider myself more of a homebody though, I usually stay in watching some TV, or playing a game or two when I'm home or on my free time (besides napping cause who doesn't love naps lol) I don't have any pets except for my Beta fish, but no I do love all animals though so if you have any I'll most likely ask you for a pic or two haha.
Anyways, message me if you'd like to chat! I have discord, Telegram, and also Instagram I just made so we can talk there or text is fine too if we get along well! Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you!😊
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2022.01.17 04:13 another_imposter Marketeers! January 16th 23:59 UTC

Synopsis The team were invited into the Executive Zone, to the Xotic Designers Studio where the met the lead designer and CEO of Xotic, Quinn Calhound. Quinn told the team that he was having a difficult time marketing and penetrating the market outside of the Executive Zone. To solve that problem he decided to hire himself a team of "peasant consultants" to help decipher to the mysterious idiocies of the peasant mind.
The team were tasked with figuring out how to break into the outside market with the following products:
The team decided that first, a few things must be fixed about the lineup:
Once these issues were fixed the team set out to put together a fashion show to showcase these new products. Synote called up a contact of hers, Tequila Sunrise (a Tyger Claws Exec who runs many clubs) and asked to borrow a higher class club of his and some of his higher class models & dancers to put on the show. In return Tequila required some payment from Xotic as well as a Major Favor from Synote for taking a risk on his club's reputation on a unproven show & cast.
Cooper & Corbyn surfed the net for Fashionista forums and composed a very convincing message telling them to come see the show. Cooper called his off duty NCPD officers to come check out the show, using the promise of attractive men and women as well as fashionable body armor to allure them. Corbyn convinced Danger Gal to send some of their socialites to participate and Empress went on Techies forums in the attempt to attract cyberware fanatics to check out the show. Corbyn also contacted his Ex-GF at her media company and convinced her to send a Media Rank 2 to report on the show.
Finally, Calypso and Synote sent out alerts to their fans to rile up a crowd. Both succeeded in bringing in a significant number of fans to the venue.
During the show, there were many problems stemming from the haste in which they put together the show and Corbyn was forced to compose a routine, micromanage models, and handle all sorts of problems on top of donning a dress himself and walking the catwalk. While uncomfortable outside of his usual businesswear, he was ultimately able to rock his outfit and certainly came in clutch for his team.
Cooper showed off the amazing scale armor flak dress that Calypso designed and actually invited up 4 CSWAT off-duty coworkers to shoot him to prove its effectiveness. Afterwards he invited an RZ Marshall to shoot him in the High Fashion Light Armorjack and was put into seriously injured state. Fortunately his NCPD buddies were going wild about how ballsy this man was and were very impressed with the surprising protection that the clothing provided.
Calypso strutted his stuff down the catwalk and failed... multiple times... but ultimately made clutch recoveries and contributed to the success of the show.
Synote was rocking the new Neural Link and putting on a electric performance.
Afterwards, once the figures came in, Quinn was extremely satisfied with the team's performance and even offered Calypso a job and Synote an internship (which she can go full time on if she ever picks up ranks in Exec).
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2022.01.17 04:13 ZemmmaJbrt [XB1] H: AAe15r Gl, Be90 gauss W: Tsefms laser rifle No/U

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2022.01.17 04:13 NewsElfForEnterprise Jupiter Asset Management Ltd. Reduces Position in Varonis Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRNS)

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2022.01.17 04:13 maxplainn В Кара-Балте в аварии погиб мужчина. Еще один человек пострадал

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2022.01.17 04:13 CalligrapherLong1993 Typhlosion raid inviting 10-be quick!

Stay online to be invited.
Please add 7641 6491 4697 or 5610 7714 9795. Both level 47 or above.
Good luck with catching!
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2022.01.17 04:13 LV_Matterhorn [220117] Sowon Instagram Update

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2022.01.17 04:13 WeakCommunication743 My house got broken into

Im a college student and I rent out a house. Over winter break it was broken into a robbed. Our landlord is a pos and doesnt really care about anyone or anything. The cops also said they doubt theyll find the guy. Any advise on what to do next or how to approach the situation?
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2022.01.17 04:13 Independent_Shake910 Random image

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2022.01.17 04:13 mrbrendanblack That’s an unfortunate name for someone working in radio

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