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Need a recommendation for a paint shop for non-ICBC parking lot scrape repair

2022.01.28 00:16 MrPeepersVT Need a recommendation for a paint shop for non-ICBC parking lot scrape repair

Was on the receiving end of a pretty good rear quarter panel scrape in a parking lot tonight while in a restaurant. Thankfully the guy came in and found us rather than bolting. For convenience hoping to deal directly out of pocket without ICBC claim since I have an open offer to buy the car a few weeks from now and I don’t need a new claim gumming things up. Any recommendations? Mt. Pleasant to Riley park district is ideal but marine drive and knight to Granville span is good too. Hell even Richmond in a pinch. Thanks.
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Been dipping for a few months and didn’t like Southern Blend. My favorites are Mint and Original. Would I like straight?
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2022.01.28 00:16 DerpAtOffice [Auto Bomber] How often are you on "full ES/leeching" if you use Storm Secret?

With Storm Secret you keep taking damage so if I use ES leech support, how often am I leeching or I will be full ES most of the time from that?
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2022.01.28 00:16 OompaLoompaMan Co Op and CS

Anyone able to talk a little about the computer science program or the co-ops and internships? I just got accepted and wanna learn a little more.
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2022.01.28 00:16 carson2210 What are some overlooked Italian regions and/or varietals that I should look for?

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2022.01.28 00:16 ihopethispasswordisn Wth happened with All Stars s5 on paramount plus?

I swear the fifth season of all stars wasn’t even on the platform for 3 days before it was pulled with without warning or explanation. Any ideas of what’s going on?
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2022.01.28 00:16 prodbykc Help my initial xiao build which is better both is R1 lvl 90 PJWS the first one is 2glad/2 shimenawa second is 2vv/2shimenawa

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2022.01.28 00:16 radcrak beesmas is truly... so guys uhhh any tips????

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2022.01.28 00:16 mekkavelli how do i get started?

general rule of thumb is to start small so what’s something small i can do to get started? all of your jars are so beautiful and interesting to look at so i’d like to educate myself on the general maintenance & parameters before i dive headfirst. i do not wanna neglect any organisms so i’d like all of your personal and/or seasoned opinions on what my first move should be.
ex: optimal first jar size, aquatic or dry, water source (pond, lake, river, etc.), types of shrubbery/greenery, types of organisms i should expect (or some i can buy to add manually), helpful tips i should know before even building the jarrarium
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2022.01.28 00:16 Ulysses5438 How much has your world and/or story changed/evolved since you created it? Have you switched genres or scrapped the very first idea that came to your mind?

When I first created my world it evoked the classic medieval era and it was actually set in the real world but as I started to create fictional places I decided to set it in a completely different world. Later, it evolved to look like the renaissance and now, finally, it resembles the early Edwardian Era with some Napoleonic Era aspects.
And there is primitive interplanetary travel too.
How about yours?
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2022.01.28 00:16 AyJeeJee Help making money in game

Need 7 mil 😫 will repay afterwards with same. Please
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2022.01.28 00:16 Haunting_Ninja5140 Job interview

I missed my job interview, im mad at myself for it, what can or should I do?
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2022.01.28 00:16 remeythecat Stray: Chapter 1 Stranger in a Strange Land (SSB Verse) See comments for Intro Message if you want; there ain't no space to put it in the main post.

He had been sleeping, for how long was a mystery, but when he awoke he was nowhere familiar. This room was big. It was probably as big as his mum’s house in the area it took up alone. Its roof was high as well which lended it an expensive feeling. The room’s walls, floor and ceiling were all painted white or a very, very light grey. It was hard to tell as his eyes were still only half open. The furnishing of the room was very medical in nature. Wait, it was medical in nature and he happened to be hooked up to what passed as a vitals monitor. Thankfully that was the only piece of technology he was attached to.
Now fully awake but still lying down, half cocooned in a set of bed sheets he began to push himself up into a sitting position but only with genuine struggle. His whole body seemed to be stiff, sore and weak. Struggle aside, sitting gave him a better view of this room. First and foremost he noticed that he was in an absolutely massive bed for his size. You could easily fit two people on it and they would still have had space to wriggle around in their sleep without fear of either falling out of bed or annoying the other person to within an inch of their life. Secondly he noticed that the room was very spartan, a few of his things were at the other end of the room from him on some kind of chestofdrawers.
On his right there was a bedside table adorned with three things. A small light, a tall glass of water and a book. He took the water first and proceeded to sip before drinking it faster than was possibly good for him, the room even with large windows open was still sweat inducingly hot. He took off the covers of this oversized bed with his free hand and then placed the glass down back where he had picked it up from. He probably should have put the glass down first but seeing as it was completely empty there was little to worry about. He picked up the small book, the front cover plainly displaying the text ‘Shil’vati to English Lexicon’. That explained the purple cover and gold lettering. Colours that seemed to be their go to scheme. Purple might have been his favourite colour but having it plastered everywhere made it seem much less appealing. A quick flick through of the book itself revealed that the pages were a normal colour. Although a book with purple pages and gold type would have certainly been interesting.
Ah that is why the bed is so large, it’s not meant for someone my size, it’s sized for your average Shil’vati amazon. Probably why the room is so big in all dimensions as well.
He decided to detach himself from the vitals monitor but turned his head away as he did so. He had never been attached to a vitals monitor before and feared needles sliding out his skin, this one however seemed to be completely devoid of the sharp and piercing implements and all he had to do was uncouple the Velcro holding it on his wrist. The vitals monitor showed no signs of life.
Hey look I’m dead came his inner voice in a rather joking manner. He chuckled slightly, he was too stiff to do much else in the laughing department. Looking away from the now unemployed vitals monitor he saw that there was a neat stack of clothing at the left hand side edge of the bed. He swung his legs round, a little slower than he was expecting, and put his feet down on the ground. The floor was mercifully cool and so he applied more pressure to his legs as he slowly stood up. His legs were a lot skinnier than he remembered and with the stiffness he struggled to properly stand up without supporting himself by pushing off from the bed itself. He felt dizzy, I must have been lying down for quite some time, and decided to just stand until it passed. Giving himself a once over he discovered that he was a deal skinnier everywhere and not just in the legs. He was dressed in what he would have called a long tunic if it had been the appropriate size but this was like someone had fashioned a hospital gown out of cloth and simply liked the design of tunics. It was sweaty and he was thankfully wearing underwear so he took the not tunic off. I really have lost a bit of weight. He had always been skinny, lanky might have been a better word but either way he could see his ribs a bit too well and the definition on his upper body muscles had decreased somewhat. His lower body had once upon a time had a little bit of belly but now that had decreased as well. Well I won’t complain about that as now some tight pairs of jeans might be a bit more comfortable and my belts will get some proper use rather than just being ornamentation.
He went for the clothes at the edge of the bed and put on the pants and then picked up the trousers. As he did that the room's only door opened, well not really. Opened was to tame a word but exploded suggested that the door had disintegrated due to some explosive device. Word choice aside the door swung open with some speed and degree of force and a rather panicked face snapped round the door frame’s edge. A rather panicked and purple face. He had been up on his feet for less than a fraction of a moment and awake for slightly longer than that.
“You’re…up?” said the purple stranger as she walked into the room.
“I’m up.” He replied. “Wait, you just spoke English.”
“How else would I talk to you? You don’t know Shil’vati as far as I’m aware.”
“I don’t.”
“Hence my need to know your native language. Now I have a question, should you be up?”
“Well as the resident doctor here I would say no, especially for someone in your current condition. It might not look bad to you but you are rather underweight, your muscles have atrophied by a minor but noticeable amount and right now you have a doctor who thought your vitals had just ceased."
As if to confirm a few things his stomach rumbled. It confirmed in the doctor’s eyes that he was indeed not dead and that he was underweight but it also meant that the patient was well enough to eat and from the intensity of the grumble he could probably put quite the meal away.
“Any chance that I could get something to eat?”
The doctor was unresponsive to the question, too busy looking the patient up and down in both a professional and then a rather unprofessional manner as her face went quite the shade of blue and to be very honest, when you might see only a few men (in comparison to the multitudes of women) in your life and then be met with one only in his pants was probably not something you’d be able to not notice. The doctor certainly had.
“Ah…ahem…Food, yes that can be sorted out quickly but you…eh…better put some clothes on.” She said before leaving and closing the door to afford him some privacy.
Alone in the room again he quickly but stiffly set about getting changed. His stomach however was not too pleased at the slowness at which it was getting fed and complained rather loudly.
“I know, I know. She did say to get dressed.”
If there had been a mirror, there was not due to potential safety concerns, then he would have looked like a mix between a rustic woodsman and a roman of one of the more northerly provinces. This time he was actually dressed in a tunic, a white one with some very minor embroidery on the collar or whatever the equivalent for a tunic was. The trousers were in reality half trousers and were grey in colour. They only had shallow pockets. The tunic and half trousers were a bit loose but he reckoned that they had actually been made for him to grow into, grow as in to gain weight. He had stopped growing up the way by now. It was a strange combination when paired with his belt. It looked rather out of place when compared to this more medieval style of dress.
He exited the room, closing the door behind himself. He had never actually seen a Shil’vati up this close before in an informal setting, was this an informal setting? He wasn't sure, he had however seen Shil’vati while at work. Thankfully his job as a KP kept him far away from the purple amazons but he certainly noticed the height difference, it was hard not too. He stood at 5ft 8 inches and this woman stood at a guess shy of 7ft; and for a doctor was built like a brick wall. The most obvious differences besides the height were the eyes and the tusks. The eyes had an exotic and otherworldly allure to them, they were literally otherworldly after all, but the tusks were just a feature that seemed to invoke no strong emotions. They were just there and that was where they were. He couldn’t imagine what it was like having them and so far he was under the impression that they didn't hinder the Shil’vati in any way shape or form, they probably did not hinder them much anyway; they were only slightly longer teeth. As they walked he noticed that the building’s windows were above his head height and considering he didn’t know where he was that proved to be an annoyance. He assumed that they were in some hot country that bordered the Mediterranean. Spain perhaps?
The doctor opened a door and they walked through into a dining room with a rectangular table. There was one place set. Otherwise it was a rather normal table built to a bigger scale than his own. The number of people it was designed for might be similar to a normal table built to human scale but it was hard to guess with any accuracy.
“You sit down, I’ll be back in a moment to see if the house staff have finished.”
She said house staff, house staff! This must be a fancy place, wait. She said house staff not chefs, these people whoever they are have servants! They really must be at the top of the ladder if they have servants.
The doctor reappeared holding a human sized bowl in her Shil’vati sized hands. Whatever was in it was hot as steam rose lazily from the bowl. She sat down opposite from her patient and placed the bowl down in front of him on the table mat. It seemed that some things did not change across species, table mats foremost amongst them.
Whatever it actually was, was of no concern. It looked like it had lentils in it and it looked edible and to a very hungry man he needed no encouragement to dig it. He would have preferred a fork but he had been given a spoon and made do. The doctor sat there for a bit as her patient practically shovelled food into his mouth. That was a good sign, he was well on the way to recovery if he could eat that much and at that speed. Then he stopped.
“Something the matter?” She asked.
“Indigestion, gimme a sec and I’ll be alright…ate a bit too fast there.” He said between slightly pained looks.
“You should slow down when you’re eating if you get indigestion you know.”
“I know but It feels like it's the first thing that I have eaten in days.”
“This is the first thing that you have eaten in days…This was the part I was not looking forward to but if anyone should break this to you then it’s probably best that I do it.”
At that he set his spoon down and swallowed what was in his mouth.
“Firstly I want to ask you some questions. It makes this part easier if I know what you remember. Name?”
“Milo Becher Arod .”
“Age in Terran years?”
“Kitchen Porter."
“That’s good you know who you are; it is nice to meet you Mr Arod.” She stuck out her hand, he shook it, in reality she shook his hand; there was quite the size difference. “Are there any questions you would like to ask me? Although I’ll give you some information for free. I am La’narra Por’towa, by your world’s time scale I’m 30 years of age and I’m a doctor although you already knew that last part.”
“How long was I out for? You said that this is the first thing that I have eaten in days”
“You were unconscious for four days.”
“Whose house is this?” He asked, surprising unshaken by the fact that he had been out for four days.
“This residence belongs to Duchess Kim’rilla Nal’hari but currently houses her second eldest daughter Countess Vel’ceia Nal’hari along with a few others such as myself, you will meet the others in time. Do you remember anything from before today?”
He sat there, eyes closed as if trying to draw the memories out by force of concentration alone. “I was out walking with my brother, we were being followed.” He screwed his face up a little, “We started speeding up, they did too and then one of them came out from behind a tree and tried to get us. That one was smaller than the rest and tried to grab me. I can’t remember what I did next besides telling my brother to run. After that everything petered out after that and we woke up in our cells. Should I keep going?”
“Yes, it’s important that you do. Just try to be as clear as you possibly can.”
“We were in some kind of ship, must have been a big one. I couldn't feel any rocking; they didn’t feed us very much. Just enough to keep us going but they must have put something in the food. I don't remember much else of the journey other than brief bouts of wakefulness . I suppose the food put us to sleep, must have had something in it.”
He paused. Collecting his thoughts and piecing together what he had just said before his brain shut that down and dumped panic into his system.
“Where is my brother!?”
“He is safe; on his way home. I understand that you kept him in good enough shape. Because of that we were able to send him home to begin with. Hence your somewhat under fed state although I suppose that if they didn't feed you much to begin with that wouldn’t have helped.”
Milo gave out a sigh of relief before a thought in the back of his mind welled up.
Home. Anything Home. Anything for home. Anything to get him home.
“I made a promise to someone, so that my brother could get home. I don’t remember what the promise was or who it was too.”
“Ah…well,” Said Doctor Por’towa blushing a little bit as she tried to bring up the courage to tell him what he had said and to potentially answer the important question that was bound to come afterward, “you said that you would marry her if she got your brother back home as fast as possible. I believe the wording was, ‘Anything. fuck, I’ll marry you if you like but get my brother home.’ she agreed of course, I don't think there is any Shil girl who wouldn't agree to something like that.”
“She at least kept her end of the bargain so I suppose that I better keep mine.” He said, “Still if I'm only a country or two away then it won’t be that bad.”
She coughed at that, “This will probably be hard for you to process but you’re not on Earth anymore.”
“What!?” There was an edge to his voice. “I’ve only been out for four days and before that we were on a ship for maybe seven days at the most. A ship, a boat that sails on water. How am I on another planet?”
“You were out for four days after we rescued you from that slaver’s cargo hold, you had been in space for 28 days before that.” There was a dreadful silence that followed. She had told him the truth, it was her duty as a doctor after all but she had also just shattered a very large section of his world in the span of a few seconds, never mind a few sentences. Not something that she, as a doctor, liked doing. It had a nasty habit of complicating things.
“Fuck, 28 days?”
“28 days.”
“So with the four days I was out I have been off Earth for over a month and I didn’t even know it until just now?”
She nodded.
“That seriously sucks. First time in space and I travel as a fucking captive waiting to sold at auction.” He let out a laugh, a surprisingly unforced one. A slight laugh at the insanity of it was not a reaction that she was expecting.
“Not a start to interstellar travel that anyone would agree with. I am honestly surprised at how well you have taken this.”
“I haven’t taken it in at all yet and even if I had, what other choice would I have? This is the way things are and they don’t go back to the way you want them to…what time is it? I haven't seen a clock in a while.”
She checked her watch, well the equivalent at least, “Just coming up for 8:29 in the morning…now. Do you want to take a walk around?”
“Outside?” That question was asked almost out of desperation more so than anything else.
“Yeah, if you’re feeling up for it we could go just now.”
“Let me finish whatever this is first.”
“I’ll go and get a pair of crutches so that it is easier for you to move around.” The doctor got up and left before disappearing back down the way they had come. She came back about two minutes later carrying a pair of crutches that were very much human sized.
“How come it took you so little time to find me a set of crutches?” He asked.
“Well Shil’vati men are on average just a little shorter than you.”
“No way.”
“I tell no lies although I’d be surprised if you had seen a male. You might not need these straight away,” She said hefting both the crutches up. “but I would strongly recommend that you use them once we have been outside for a bit, they’ll help you with potentially uneven ground and allow you to put your weight on them so you don’t tire so quickly.” She handed them to him as she walked the few steps around to him.
“Thank you.” He said after which he used them as slight leverage to get himself up. Once he was up however he refrained from using the crutches, instead carrying them.
“Well, I suppose that you’d better follow me then. You’re probably sick of hearing this by now but your body is not capable of what you are used to so take it easy and don’t push yourself, you are half starved after all. If you need to stop or take a break just tell me.”
“Take it slow…” He said, letting out a breath to relax, “Got it.”
They went down another corridor which itself had a few more doors. Milo only made progress slowly, the Doctor however seemed to be fine with walking at a reasonably slow speed.
“So, considering I know only you at the moment, what is everyone else like? How many others are there?”
“Well on site there is myself, you of course, six guards, and the house staff of which there are four. The guards will be out patrolling at the moment but I would expect that we’ll meet Sergeant Ol’fia on her rounds. They are all of a good sort.”
“House staff? What do they do exactly?”
“They make the morning meals, maintain the grounds and perform general maintenance. Although the Duchess does forbid them from certain tasks. Those which they don’t do are left to the individual. Cleaning, laundry, midday meals, things like that.”
“What is Vel’ceia like?”
“First word that comes to mind is brave, she led the strike team that rescued you and the others you know, hmm what else?” She mulled it over, “From what I have seen of human women in the looks department I’d say that to you she would probably seem quite attractive. Human men tend to choose attractive women over the less attractive ones?”
“Beauty draws the eyes but has limited sticking power if a man respects himself, otherwise beauty can be very cruel. A wise man marries for personality; looks definitely help though.”
“Well you don’t have to worry about that, she isn’t as hard as her sister nor as severe as her mother. I haven’t yet had the chance to see her be actively disliked but she tends to keep to herself anyway.” Doctor Por’towa stopped as they reached the main door of the house, “You ready?”
“Yeah, some sunlight would be nice.”
The Doctor pushed open the door and held it for him. The sunlight hit him with physical force as he was forced to bolt his eyes shut. It took a few seconds before he was able to open them without any discomfort but having been out of any natural light for just over a month had left his eyes in a poor state of use. Everything was painted with contrast, the shadows were darker than they probably should have been and the light was far brighter than was normal. There was a faint breeze in the air and it was a little cooler than inside.
All of that combined created one of the best feelings he had ever felt. It reminded him of a course book in R.M.P.S (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies or for a shorthand version R.E) that he had read more than a few times. ‘Enlightenment cannot be explained to the non-enlightened but it can be compared to other things. Imagine you had been a slave all your life and then out of nowhere you were suddenly freed. The loss of such a burdensome way of life is what one might feel when they experience enlightenment.’ It might not have been enlightenment but it sure as hell felt close to what he thought such a feeling would be like.
Then Milo’s brain caught up with his eyes and actually told him what he was seeing. Normally he was not one to be caught by supposedly breath taking views. You saw what you saw and that was the end of it. It might look nice and aesthetically pleasing but this was something else yet unnervingly familiar. The colours were similar to those on Earth, the grass was a green colour. A sight more pale but the grass was nevertheless green. The earth was from what he could tell normal earthy colour although being within the grounds of a manor meant that a proper idea of what the soil actually looked like would have to wait seeing as the ground closest to the building itself was paved over and it was hard to see due to the contrast.
It was neither of those things that really drew his attention to the alien nature of the landscape, it was the trees. The trees for starters were as thick as any aged oak tree but with bark the style of any slim limbed birch. The branches were as thick as an oak’s too; the canopies provided by those heavy branches of silvery wood refused to let this world’s sun through in all but a few places. The tree closest to the doorway was old, if its gnarled exterior had anything to say but it looked stout enough. It might have been a hundred paces distant and after that the land gently sloped downwards and was host to thickets of the same birch-oaks before flowing out into a sea of fields in the far distance. To say that it looked like an alien version of the shire was a fact.
“Wow...that…looks nice.”
“Do you feel better?”
“Yeah, god I was missing sunlight more than I thought I was.”
Doctor Por’towa realised that he looked extremely pale now that the sun was shining down. He was pale already having come from Earth’s western hemisphere and it did him no favours in making him look well. A gaunt form and pale colour made him look like some ghoulish creature on its last legs but he was paradoxically more aware and sharper in his senses now that he had the sun looking down on him again.
“Sorry could you take these,” He said as he held the crutches out, “I need to have a quick stretch.”
She took them and he proceeded to hold both of his arms clasped above his head in an arch before twisting. She heard a few popping cracks. He then proceeded to do the same with his neck. It gave off a predatory feeling, like a beast limbering up and getting ready for the kill, the analogy certainly fit with his current ghoulish look she thought. She handed the crutches back to him once he had finished stretching.
There were a few steps to walk down and he took them at a tentative angle, slowly lowering himself although he had gone without using the crutches for this. She watched him very carefully and then realised that she had forgotten to get his sandals when his bare feet touched the stone slab that was part of the paving. Perhaps a minor thing to forget but it felt like it was rather important.
“Do you want anything for your feet?”
He looked down, now only himself noticing that he was barefoot, “I’m okay, plus I’m outside now and touching alien grass with my hands is probably going to be more difficult that it is worth at the moment so I’ll just wiggle my toes in the grass when we get to it.” He wiggled his toes for emphasis.
“Do you think that you can walk to the big tree over there?” She said while pointing at the gnarled old tree.
“I might be a bit stiff and out of practice but I’m not crippled just yet.” He said with a slight smile. He got there a little faster than she was expecting but he sat down as soon as he had reached the shade by lowering himself down the trunk of the tree. “God, can’t believe I’m sweating after only a hundred steps; suppose the heat doesn't help much either but it was worth it.”
“The shade is nice.” She agreed. Doctor Por’towa was sitting as well, she was cross legged while he had his legs in a more foetal position.
“Doctor Por’towa how old is Vel’ceia?”
The Doctor caught the slight look of worry on his face as he said that.
“I…uh…couldn’t make a good guess when I made that promise.” He said, going slightly red in the face.
“Don’t worry about that, she is what…four months older than you. Did you think that you’d be marrying someone a lot older?” She said but not before she suppressed a slight laugh at his ‘uncharacteristic expression’.
“It did cross my mind,” he replied, still a little embarrassed, “but if she is my age then it makes life a little easier.”
“You know you don’t have to be so formal with my name. La’narra is fine.”
“Sorry, it takes me a while to get used to using people’s names, Doctor Por’towa just feels easier to use and I have only known you for what, less than a half hour. It feels odd to be using your personal name so quickly.”
“But does it bother you that I use your given name?”
“No, you're a Doctor which means that I almost trust you implicitly, so you using my name is a given; plus I’m Milo, that's what I’m called. Mr Arod would just be a formality. You on the other hand actually have a title. I don’t.”
“Well officially proper titles are reserved for the nobility, I’m a Doctor not a noble, but a noble Doctor on the other hand; that would do.”
Milo gave off a slight smile at the turn of phrase, “Would you prefer that I just call you La’narra?”
She nodded, “I think that it would make my job, looking after you that is, a little easier. They sat there for a bit; simply enjoying the weather. Milo scanned the view. It wasn’t the greatest considering they were facing the house. It was not a tall building but it was very wide but it definitely fit the description of a lady’s manse. “Are you ready to start moving again?” La’narra asked.
“Yeah, give me a second.” He said as he levered himself up using the tree’s trunk. He used his right arm to help as he held the crutches in his left.
“What’s that on your arm?”
“Which one?”
“The right one.”
He gave his arm a look, right enough there was something there. His skin had gone a bit scaly. “You don’t need to worry about that, it happens when I don’t get enough vitamin D, I can’t remember what it is called…I think that it's called psoriasis, can’t remember. If it is, then from what I remember reading about it; it might be caused by an immune system problem which then causes the body to produce too many skin cells although in my case it normally happens when I’ve been out of sunlight for too long. I’m actually surprised that it isn’t worse, given how long I was on that ship for. One time when I had it bad at school one of the guys in my PE class asked if my cuts healed twice as fast because the skin regrew too quickly.”
“I’ll guess that he was disappointed.”
“Yeah he was, it would be pretty neat though, if it did that is.”
Is it genetic?”
“Well my Grandad had it when he was little but my mum never had it, so maybe it skips a generation?” He said with a shrug.
“Does it hurt at all?”
“No, sometimes it can get a bit itchy, but dry skin does that anyway. Give it a few days and it will be gone.”
La’narra pulled out what for all the world looked like an Ipad or a tablet and began typing something on it.
“You really don’t need to make a note of something so minor.”
“No I do, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t make a note even if it’s a just in case note.”
“Fair enough.”
They had walked about 70 paces when one of the guards came into view.
“That is Sergeant Ol’fia.” La’narra said. The Sergeant was perhaps 90 paces distant but the distance between the two parties decreased as they were both on a course to intercept each other. When the two parties met both Doctor La’narra and Sergeant Ol’fia bumped fists in greeting.
“Morning Ol’fia.”
“Good morning La’narra, I see that the Human is well enough to walk.”
“Yes, I thought that he might have slept longer but he woke up due to hunger more so than anything else. Gave me quite the fright when he unstrapped himself from the vitals monitor. Only for me to find him up and standing.”
“He looks fairly cheery, have you told him yet?”
“I told him, Milo did say that he couldn’t really process it right now so I’m waiting to see what happens regarding his mental state. Luckily fresh air and sunlight have done him some good. Still there is a lot to do regarding his full recovery, never mind getting him properly settled.”
“It is at least some good news. Does he know any Shil?”
“No but I’m sure that he will learn the basics quickly enough.”
“Do you mind if I try to talk to him?”
“Be my guest, I’ll translate between the two of you as I think that would be better than using the omnipad’s text translator or you putting your helmet on.”
The Sergeant seemed to tower over the Doctor even though she was only a few inches taller than La’narra; all female Shil’vati were built like towers of solid muscle but the Sergeant looked like she could have torn Milo in half if she had wanted to. She was a very intimidating figure and when she crouched down to get on a more even level with Milo it looked very much like an adult speaking to a child. It didn't help that Milo was a pace or two behind La’narra, he felt like he was hiding.
La’narra then switched back to English so that Milo could understand, “Sergeant Ol’fia wants to introduce herself, so I’ll translate between the two of you just to make communication easier.”
“Okay, how do I say hello in Shil?”
“Say Hello.”
Milo said the unfamiliar word, mainly succeeding and put out his fist. From her crouched position Ol’fia bumped his fist in return with some enthusiasm. Surprisingly Ol’fia then said hello in english. It sounded more like she was saying halo but he understood what she was saying. The context was more than enough of a clue. She followed her halo by saying something in Shil. At a guess it might have been something along the lines of ‘how are you?/How are you feeling?” La’narra confirmed that.
“Much better now that I’ve been fed and seen the sun again; the heat will take some getting used to.”
The Sergeant already showing a slight smile allowed it to grow at the good news, she might have already heard it from the Doctor but to hear it straight from the human himself was better.
She then continued on, “Well I hope that once you have had more time to recover you will join us in some of our training exercises, I think that would be a good way of getting to know everyone a little better and it’ll get you back up to a good state of physical health.”
“That would be good; might be a while before I’m able to though.”
“Excellent!” The Sergeant said, Milo didn’t really even need La’narra to tell him that based upon the way the Sergeant’s face lit up. It was quite odd to see such a grim looking woman have such a winning smile but he didn’t complain. Smiling was thankfully contagious.
“I’ll see the both of you later, duty calls.” The Sergeant said with a faint shrug.
La’narra said farewell in her own tongue, Milo said goodbye in English.
“So what did you think of the Sergeant?”
“She was nice, a bit intimidating.”
La’narra let out a slight laugh at that, “She wouldn’t be the Sergeant if she wasn’t intimidating.”
“Do you mind if we go back inside? I’ll feel like I’m going to end up getting sunburnt.” asked Milo.
La’narra was confused by the fact that he was asking her. She had been to Earth before where once upon a time she had been a medic in the marines, her last year in the service had been on Earth in the first wave of the liberation or, as she and many others called it, the invasion. She had learned an awful lot about human biology due to the fact that she spent half her working hours sewing them back together and treating utterly horrendous wounds that she thought would have killed them outright. Adrenaline was a hell of drug; there had been times when she had wished that her fellow Shil’vati had such a natural chemical inbuilt into their system, there might not have been a lot of fatal Shil’vati casualties in comparison to human ones but there were a lot of wounded. Flexifibre body armour might stop a bullet going straight through you and blowing a hole out of the back of you but the sheer kinetic force broke bones even with the armour on. Adrenaline seemed to mitigate some of the negatives of broken bones for a short while in extreme situations. Like combat for instance.
She knew a lot about the human body and what it needed but she knew almost nothing of human social customs or roles other than their general reversal. It was such a brutal oversimplification and even though she logically knew this, it still came as a bit of a shock when he asked her to do something that was, for all intents and purposes, his own good.
“Yeah sure, better to avoid getting burnt to a crisp.” She was certain that a month spent without any sunlight had drastically reduced the amount of melanin in his skin, not that there was much to begin with. On the way back Milo used his crutches for that little bit of extra speed after having carried them around without really using them.
They had spent maybe just under half an hour outside. The heat along with the sun itself would have to be gotten used to. Well Milo would have to get used to it anyway. Shil’vati were used to warmer climates and enjoyed hotter ones than he was used to. Coming from the UK meant that hot weather was normally reserved for the summer alone while warm weather was confined to spring and autumn. Winter was a different game altogether. It could be bloody freezing or it could be surprisingly hot for the time of year.
“Is there a shower that I could hop into?”
“Yeah, there is an ensuite in Vel’ceia’s room and there is one just down the hall. Third door on the left.”
“I’ll go into the one down the hall, I haven’t properly met Vel’ceia yet. It feels like it would be a pretty massive invasion of privacy if I was to just waltz in without having at least asked.”
“There should be a few towels in there already. I don’t know if Shil’vati showers are similar to human ones. Do you want me to show you how they work?”
“No, it's alright. I’m fairly sure I can figure out how to operate a different design of shower.”
Most of the things in the bathroom were a little bigger than what you might have found in a normal bathroom, some things were however much larger. The bathtub was huge, you could have easily fit at least five normal sized men in it and the shower head, while proportionally smaller, was still big enough for him to stand under and be completely encased in water. Otherwise everything was familiar enough. Milo turned on the shower and waited a few seconds before stepping in.
“Holy shit that’s hot!” He said as he took himself out of the manufactured waterfall with a speed that only extreme heat prompted. He found the cold water and turned it on before tentatively putting out his right hand to test the temperature. It was now a little over lukewarm instead of being hot enough to melt the skin from his bones.
His stiff body practically came apart as the water relaxed every meagre muscle that he had. A month’s worth of naturally produced filth was washed off as well. After a month without having had a shower it was practically heaven and with the bonus of feeling properly clean it was possibly the best shower he had ever had. The only negative was that he had to brush out a month’s worth of tangles and knots from his hair. Not a painless thing to do when it was long.
With a now thoroughly relaxed body his mind could process everything that he had learned in the past hour along with digging through cloudy memories of the last month. It had turned an almost perfect shower into something less worthy of such an epithet. He could feel the trickle of adrenaline into his system along with the glow of anger coming from the centre of his chest. It took ten seconds under cold water and controlled breaths to get his mind and his humours back under control. After towelling himself off he got dressed, thinking better of the idea to go out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. This was after all still a house full of strangers; he had made some progress with getting to know some of them. La’narra was very approachable and the Sergeant was, under a grim demeanour, eager to smile which was a good thing. People who smiled eagerly were always a positive influence simply because their smile was always genuine. I’ll meet the others in time.
Milo had so far been up for just an hour and twenty minutes; twenty minutes of which had been spent in the shower. He had spent another twenty drying himself off. Long showers were a habit that were easy to get lost in and it wasn’t going to be a habit that he planned to get rid of anytime soon.
The rest of the day was spent answering questions from the Doctor along with minor physical exercise, asking his own questions and learning general information. Laskar’s days for instance lasted 25 hours and had a year 370 days long. Its seasons were fairly similar to Earth’s due to its tilt although he was surprised to learn that it did snow here. Fairly regularly when the time of year allowed for it, the Shil’vati did not enjoy that time of year. The planet itself could barely be called inhabited by Shil’vati standards, it could barely be called populated by human ones either as it only had a population of roughly three million. Most of which lived in small villages rather than the few cities Laskar had.
The Doctor stuck to medical questions until she was satisfied. History of family and personal addictions, history of major injuries and so on. His father smoked, as did his stepmother. His mother was a recovering alcoholic. He had avoided alcohol like the plague, he didn’t smoke either although he held no strong revulsions against it in the same way he did alcohol. He had never broken a bone or anything. He had had a tooth pulled by the dentist once when he was little, that had been unpleasant. Otherwise he suffered from headaches, and migraines, more frequently than the average person and hay fever sometimes bothered him. In this area Milo figured that he was fairly ordinary. Thinking that there were few people who weren’t experienced in some of the things that had coloured his life even though he had lived little of it. The Doctor made no comment.
Milo learned that La’narra was married, specifically the second wife, and had children. A daughter and a son to be specific. She had served as a medic in the marines and had served her last year of service on Earth in the first wave of the invasion. That fact did not invoke any strong negative emotions. She was a medic so that was probably why, after all her job was to heal not to destroy. After that she had come to Laskar and never looked back; having found a good job serving house Nal’hari.
“So what do you think of Laskar so far?”
“Reminds me of home in many ways; it does have the added benefit of having little rubbish strewn about the place…If I could paint on a canvas worth a damn I’d become the next Bob Ross painting the landscape roundabout this house.”
“Who is Bob Ross?”
“A really good painter. If you ever wanted to learn how to paint then I’d recommend that you try and download some of the T.V. episodes that he did if you get the chance to; his series was called the joy of painting. Calmest man you’ll ever see; to properly answer your question, this world is beautiful. I really do mean that, it's just a shame that I couldn’t see it in a better set of circumstances.”
The slightly saddened silence that followed was only broken when both Milo and La’narra heard the dining room door open.
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2022.01.28 00:16 bluelizardK Can depression cause physical symptoms and why?

This frustrates me so much-- why does depression cause tangible, physical symptoms? It's so demoralizing that an illness that can't even be seen makes you feel like you've been hit by a car or something. I'm so behind on assignments rn and I don't even know what to say, because no one will probably understand if I tell them I'm clinically depressed and somehow that causes me actual physical pain.
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2022.01.28 00:16 rubb3l MacBook Pro 13" A1502 dead

Hi all,

my A1502 doesn't start, it may have been deeply decharged the last two months since i did not have to use it.

IF the Battery is actually dead, how would the MacBook behave, if I put the power cord inside it?

I remember the LED on the cord went green at first, and after i came back it was blank. The MacBook did not start. I tried all those Single-User, SMC PRAM Combinations, but it does not start at all.

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