I would like to make a mod, but I don't know how to. What do you recommend I should do?

2022.01.19 08:04 SnooBananas3993 I would like to make a mod, but I don't know how to. What do you recommend I should do?

So I have a vague concept of a mod that I would like to make, but I don't know how to make mods, nor do u believe I could do it alone. How would you start finding a team? Also do you have some good tutorials?
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2022.01.19 08:04 mandemaelklover åh...... jo (credit for original meme: u/loafofbigsad)

åh...... jo (credit for original meme: u/loafofbigsad)
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2022.01.19 08:04 Audioworm Trumpism Without Trump? Yellowjackets Theories! 1.19.22

In episode 1066, Jack AND MILES are joined by comedian Ever Mainard to discuss Jack’s prayers kind of answered with new ITV doc…also Ghislaine ready to talk?, Thought experiment - Does Trumpism continue without Trump?, Anna’s Streaming Corner: Yellowjackets and more!
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2022.01.19 08:04 vesnoimorskoi Name three reasons to play online anywhere other than Li***** and *****.com

I'm just curious what the motivation to play somewhere else could be
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2022.01.19 08:04 AntonRX178 As someone who played Megaman as a kid while being temporarily barred from owning T-rated games for a time, this is still incredibly hilarious to me.

As someone who played Megaman as a kid while being temporarily barred from owning T-rated games for a time, this is still incredibly hilarious to me. submitted by AntonRX178 to Megaman [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:04 Select_Event_7082 Theory about Bruno’s powers

What if everyone, including Bruno himself, always misunderstood his powers. I mean its not like ANYONE had experience with this before, and they weren’t given the Encanto rule-book. This is just a theory but mulling it over I find it to be a sound one.
The power of making prophecies is truly an useless one, (hear me out and keep reading before you vote or comment), he himself even calls it a prophecy when he sings to Pepa. BUT! What if his sight isn’t seeing the future that is about to play out, but rather a sort of Encanto alarm-system. It triggers when bad things are on the course in order for people to take action and avoid them.
“Oh he’s creepy and his vision killed my goldfish”. No, maybe he was seeing the course that would forever be set if you didn’t change something in the way you cared for them.
He didn’t understand because his visions was literary set-in-stone (glass is technically a kind of stone).
And that’s why he also thought that the vision of Mirabel was changing, without clear direction. But what if the vision was actually telling them that the current path they were on couldn’t protect the Encanto. That it had to be torn down, trauma revealed, in order for it to be built again on a foundation not cast in fear. The foundation for the casita itself had to be rebuilt by the villagers, that they had to come to the understanding that they too have to contribute and not just be dependent on the power of the Madrigals (“Luisa, the donkeys got out again”… “Luisa! The DONKEYS!”. Ugh. Chase them down yourself or build a better fence. Y O U R S E L F!).
So my theory is that the visions doesn’t show the future, but the future that needs to be changed and addressed, the future that shouldn’t have to happen.
(A head canon is also that he can also see the past. So he’s seen his mother’s trauma. That helps him to be objective, but it might also be why he is neurotic when it comes to his visions. Because he has seen the violent past he cannot be as chillaxed in the Encanto as his siblings and their kids. “Always muttering and mumbling”. Also I think that this has made him sort of a recluse. Not so much that the family blamed him, more that he felt like a jinx. Always thinking about the worst thing that could happen. I think Camilo and Mirabel remembers him equally much, but the reason they don’t know that much about actual Bruno is because he maybe wasn’t that talkative or engaged that much with the family outside family dinners. I mean apparently when he did he blurted out to a girl under the age of 11 that “the love of her life would be just out of reach”.)
That’s all I think. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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2022.01.19 08:04 CeladonCityNPC [Kamasu] Haven't bought a watch in a while, but just HAD to have the Limited Edition red one

[Kamasu] Haven't bought a watch in a while, but just HAD to have the Limited Edition red one submitted by CeladonCityNPC to JapaneseWatches [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:04 Enerdjsj Fujitora being a low/mid diff fight for PrimeBeard or Roger doesn't mean he is weak.

Now I'm not saying Roger or PrimeBeard low/mid diff fujitora for certain, but its a realistic possibility.
There are only a small handful of people who can even stand one or two named attacks from the two of them. Probably only the top 15 strongest people in the world. And some people with broken fruits that allow them to survive things they normally wouldn't.
There is really no basis to think Fujitora can give Roger a high difficulty fight. The opposite really. We see him hit Luffy with a named attack. It does basically no real damage. We see him with bandages after the reverie. Its a 4 vs 2 with people of questionable strength. Likely, Fujitora is at a level of power where he can take Katakuri or King or Marco. But it won't be easy. But that doesn't make him weak. He is presumably a top 13 strongest person alive.
But he isn't going to give Roger a hard fight lol
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2022.01.19 08:04 palavi_10 don't know where am i going wrong?

const sustainableToken = artifacts.require("sustainableToken"); contract("sustainableToken", function (accounts) { it("sets the total supply upon deployment", function() { return sustainableToken.deployed().then(function(i) { tokenIns = i; return tokenIns.totalSupply(); }).then(function(totalSupply){ assert.equal(totalSupply.toNumber(), 1000000, 'sets the total supply to 1,000,000'); }); }); }); 
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2022.01.19 08:04 DeadBedRedemptionII I've been panicking and full of shame and terror for two days and I need help. (Long)

Pretty terrified to post this one. I'm afraid I'm "acting out" or oversharing, and if I am I'm sorry and please tell me.

From 1/17:
I've spent many years presenting myself as either having everything figured out or being well on my way to doing so.

I have so, so many books. Something like 130 that I've categorized as "Psychology & Self-Help."

Feeling really upset after watching a Psych2Go video on 10 Signs Someone Might Not Be for You. Lots of fear. Sadness. Dread. Helplessness. Grief. It's sitting in the top of my chest and just behind my forehead. Learned helplessness. Helpless in my dreams. I don't know what to do. I feel so scared. Mom called me, I missed it. i want to ask her for help, but I know I won't get the help I really need. I feel trapped. Maybe I really do need to apply for disability. It feels so wrong. But I don't know what else to do, I need some more agency. Because I do imagine myself with other people and have for a long time. I thought it might be normal. And maybe it is. But apparently it's a clear sign. I'm afraid. I just need to keep writing, I think this is clearing my mind a bit because of course it is.
I don't know if my partner and I have a future or if things can or can't be improved. I know there are things to try but I don't know if she would even be willing. Couple's therapy would be a good start, but that doesn't seem to be an option with how expensive my solo therapy is already and her (I think) unwillingness to try. I just feel so sad, so alone. I don't know who to look to for help.
I watched a video before that one, called 7 Signs You're Wasting Your Life and of course I have all of them. I'm tired. Exhausted. I keep thinking about my problems, ruminating. This has to get better. It isn't sustainable.
I'm afraid I'm going to stay with her and be miserable. I'm afraid I'm going to stay and lose her anyway. I'm afraid I'm going to use her to get better and then leave her. I'm afraid it will be the wrong decision. I'm afraid she doesn't love me. I'm afraid I don't love her. I'm afraid we love each other but have poor communication. I'm afraid my trauma is blinding me. I'm afraid what steps I've taken to improve are showing me the horrible truth. I'm sad. I'm tired. I'm afraid. I'm lost. I don't know what to do. I just have to keep writing.
I skimmed through It's Not You, It's What Happened to You, which was a bit triggering but I managed to walk away from it before I went into overwhelm. Though I seem to have tipped over into it after watching that video. Those videos, rather. Maybe I'll look at the UNSTUCK slack.
Maybe the solution is to stop trying to figure out what's going to happen, to stop pretending I know what all the options are and just find out what happens next. I can't know what's going to happen. Surely there are options and possibilities I've not thought of, and most of the time what actually happens is far off from any plan or prediction I could make.
Maybe I will apply for disability. Maybe it is my best option. For now.

From 1/18:
I wanted to be important. Objectively important. To everyone. Because if I were important then no one would hurt me and everyone would want to keep me safe. I wouldn't have to work. Or try things I was afraid to. I could just wear my suit and repeat something I'd read and people would be impressed and make me the exception to the rule and nobody would know how scared and lonely I was.
I'm afraid I've ruined my life. I left everyone I know and love to come here because I was more desperate to get away from my mother than anything else. I didn't want to see her anymore and I figured thanks to the internet my friendships could be maintained, but I'm horribly lonely. Everyone is fine without me. I stay here because I'm comfortable, or at least more comfortable than I would be if I left considering I don't know where I would go besides my mother's house. I don't feel safe to fail. My mother was right, fear of failure, but it's more than that. It's a fear of failure without being held up. I left everyone. I abandoned my friends and family to be here with someone who I'm not always sure I love.
I have looked around imagining myself with other people, as if I could swap one woman for another if I decided I wasn't happy. I've bought one thing after another and asked myself, "Would I be okay if I left now? Is this enough? Do I still need her?" I feel like a monster. I can't think clearly. Too much despair. Too much regret.
I feel like I'm using my partner and should leave, but I don't think I can. If I try to get to the point of being self-sustaining I feel like I'd be using her even more, as a jumping off point. Your family are supposed to be that, but I don't feel safe with mine. I don't have a foundation to fall back on, and even if I did have one I'm afraid I'd make the wrong decision.
I'm afraid that all of this is a subconscious ruse to get people to pity me so I don't have to swallow my pride and put on a McDonald's uniform -- because I wanted to be important. But the evidence shows that I'm nothing close to it. I'm exhausted. Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. I think I could fall asleep again.
My mother was supposed to be the person who held me up so that I could try and fail and try again until I found my place, but she was so critical and had such unreasonable expectations. And then suddenly she stopped all off it, she stopped getting involved and let me flounder and then blamed me. I needed her to take care of me, which means more than food, clothes, and shelter. I needed real, unconditional love. I needed reassurance. I needed safety. I needed a rock to stand on. But I could feel myself drowning. I looked around at my peers and knew I was missing something. I knew something wasn't right. But if I was important then it would be okay.
I ran away from challenge and opportunity and probably pleasurable experiences. I pushed people away who wanted to get close. I gave up easy. I dated people without any real emotional connection, except for one who shattered my heart, but for good reason. It was a six month relationship, it ended seven years ago, and I'm still feeling the pain.
i wish some all-powerful someone would look at and take pity on me and wave the magic wand to fix it all. I'm wasting my life. And for all I know I could have very little left, But that person isn't coming. Because I'm not actually important.
I don't know that I'd have moved here if I was going to have to get a job. I think I moved here more for what Sophia could give me than for who she is. Important people don't have to work a crappy job. I judged people as stupid or lesser so that I could justify this attitude. If everyone who worked a terrible job were dumb then i could feel safe so long as people keep remarking on how brilliant I am. I need help. I never grew up. I pretended to be an adult through high school, but I'd really stopped growing in middle school. My world began to shrink. My grades dropped. I quit the school band. I've been shaking myself to tears for a while and I think I'm starting to dissociate. Maybe I should take a break.

I want to be soothed and comforted, but the person who might do it is also the person I keep thinking I shouldn't be with. My enabler? I'm afraid the days I feel good are days I'm using some form of bypassing. That I'm not doing enough and am slowly drowning. I can be irritable, impatient, demanding with her.
I've never been alone, never stood on my own feet. I can't even pay for my own therapy. I went from my mother's house to my partner's apartment and now I'm here. I've never taken care of myself. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared. I don't see how anyone could read this and not say either "Yeah, you're screwed," or "What the heck is wrong with you, entitled brat? Get off your ass." But all I can think is "Please help me." I'm helpless even in my dreams and always have been. Helpless and alone. Hunted. Immobile. Unable to scream.
I didn't eat lunch yesterday. Dinner was nutritious but low calorie. I feel like a pet, a worm, a bottom feeder, a leach. I drain the life out of everyone I come into contact with so I can just scrape by. Everyone will get tired of me. Everyone will resent me. Everyone will abandon me because I have abandoned my self. Scared to try, scared not to. Scared to leave, scared to stay. Scared to share this, scared to keep it to myself. I need parents. I need support. I don't feel like I've got it. I feel like I'm slowly drowning and I can't tell if I'm in the ocean or two inches of bathtub water. Asking for help feels like asking someone to stop me from drowning, but I don't think anyone will come. I think I might even deserve to sink.
"It's two inches in the tub, get up!" But I'm so afraid of drowning that all I can do is lay down in the tub and wait for it t o take me. People watch with disgust, "Why would I help him?" without knowing what's going on inside me. If I looked the way I feel walking down the street people would pull over to offer help.
If I help myself I might leave, and then I'll the the guy who used and abandoned someone who cares about him. But right now she feels like more of a protector and supporter than a partner. And it's my fault. If it isn't my fault, why is it only my responsibility? Why should I have to do this alone? Why, if it isn't my fault, is there not a village of people jumping at the chance to help me?
It's 6:00am and I could fall asleep but feel too anxious and afraid to allow it, thinking I'd just struggle to sleep tonight. My life is just blowing by. Please help me. Please don't hate me. Please don't look at me with disgust. Please don't let me drown. I swear I'm trying. I didn't mean for this to happen. I didn't mean to be bad. I'm so sorry I've been irritable. I'm sorry I was mean, reactive, volatile, hateful. I'm sorry I left you. I'm sorry I was only out for myself. I'm sorry I used you. I was scared and still am and I'm so ashamed. There's so much pain here. I'm sorry it's touched you. I've tried my best to contain and tame it. I had no mentors. No one knew. And now it's all so big that no one could possibly help who maybe could have when I was a kid. I hated my body. I hid it away from everyone, convinced if anyone saw me they would be disgusted. Afraid to admit when I don't know. Afraid to try even when I think I could do it. I played dumb to get out of doing things. I didn't have anyone to share my pain with. I listened to everyone else, but almost never shared my own struggles. And when I did nobody knew how to help.
When I'm not afraid of leaving, I'm afraid of being abandoned. Whether I stay or go, I will lose because nothing lasts forever. So I need more. But who on earth would want a leach? I don't know that I have the resiliency to do this. I'm scared. My partner shouldn't have to do this for me. My parents were supposed to. But they aren't well. They aren't safe. So tired.
i spent so long managing my mother's moods and emotions that I never learned to recognize or trust my own. I didn't get to know what love looks like. Dad used humor to mask his unhappiness with mom until his anger came up. Mom used emotional blackmail, gaslighting, manipulation, and transactional relationships to get what she wanted. I was in her house for 26 years. How could I possibly handle this on my own? Why am I not surrounded with love and support? I need help.

My mother was pregnant with my brother at 17. My brother tells me my mother was shamed in front of the church when she was pregnant and that my grandfather used to beat her. She married my dad because she was supposed to. Her brother married an addict who already had a son, and he died in a car accident shortly after he got out of jail. The so he had with his wife has been through hell. My dad's sister had a son with a man neither of us have ever met. His brother married someone with lots of trauma herself, and their two sons have taken on their stuff in ways I doubt I'll ever know, including drugs. Both sides of my family are full of disfunction. I never had a chance. I need help. I need a family. I need a home base.
I think I had PTSD after the surgery I had at 18 months old. Nightmares. Fear of the dark. Fear of bugs. Fear of heights. Fear of strangers. Fear of talking on the phone.

I went walkin' with my mama one day
When she warned me what people say
"Live your life until love is found
Or love's gonna get you down."

Take a look at a boy like me
Never stood on my own two feet
Now I'm as blue as I can be
Cause love only gets you down

So much guilt, shame, and fear. I numbed with books, social media, reddit, YouTube, TV, Films, Music, porn, video games, maladaptive daydreaming, relationships. I needed help, and I knew it. I think I may have waited too long. I think the first person I told was the doctor who looked at my thumb when I sliced it open with a mandolin in April 2016.

I want to be seen, understood, forgiven, helped, loved. Held. Adored.

I don't know if I'm addicted to porn or not. I don't spend hours of the day watching, but I was exposed to it as a child and I don't know what it's doing to me.

I grew accustomed to giving affection to people I didn't feel safe with, to saying "I love you," to people I didn't even trust. I got my self worth from other people. If people I liked said yes to me, I felt good. Otherwise I felt worthless. It includes my partner. She likes me, so I must be good after all.

As if I'd have found my soul mate after four months of OKCupid. As if there were such a thing to be found.

My mother had such unreasonable expectations of me and shamed me when I didn't meet them. She knew my teachers at school and they knew her. "Not MY son!" "Don't you embarrass me!" "I'll embarrass you in front of everyone, I don't care!" "What you do reflects badly on me!"

I just read something on the CPTSD subreddit that has me sobbing. I realized I think I have this learned helplessness because I want someone to come into my life and say "Here, let me do this for you. We love you. You don't owe us anything. We love you. You've been though enough, you can be at ease now. Stay here, stay with us. We love you." Because, as thee post said, "between feeling overwhelmed at life and being consistently shot down for doing everything wrong, I had very little." And maybe I'm exhausted from having so much responsibility thrust on me. School was already a lot. Then there was my mother's emotions and everything she told me about Dad. Everything she blamed on me or assigned to me, having to walk on egg shells so I didn't get criticized or yelled at. I had so much to be responsible for that I don't feel equipped to take on even normal responsibilities now. Maybe it's because after years of being yelled at it's difficult for me to take responsibility for my life without someone yelling at me to do something.

I'm anxious and afraid to the point of shaking right now. I was just in my support group and talked about some of what I wrote here and it brought all the fear back up. I really do feel entitled and I have so much shame about that feeling. My mother used to say "You want everything handed to you!" over and over again, and I think it might be true. I wanted to be protected. I left everyone I know to come here and I'm miserable but have no where else to go. My mother would absolutely take me in, but she's also my abuser. I feel like I've ruined my life and I don't know what to do.
I don't think I'd have come here if I'd been healthy. I don't think the relationship would have lasted one year, but it's been over six.
I made a mistake coming here. I think. I don't know. Maybe the right thing was to get away however I could, but I feel like I've done this TO her even though she's fully aware of what's going on with me. I'd have stayed in that crappy security job for who knows how many more years if she hadn't come along and helped me escape. I'm afraid all of what's going on with me is more to do with this relationship than it is anything else. This breakdown started as a reaction to when I saw my doctor and thought "It's a shame she's married." A few days after that I still couldn't bear to admit that I'm unhappy. I just sobbed and said "I don't deserve you," instead of what I was thinking, which was "I need what you can't give me and I feel so horrible and such self-disgust that I'm about to explode. I'm about to lose everything and I think my nightmare of being homeless is going to come true and I think I've been using you and I'm so sorry." I was basically non-functional and spent all on the couch staring at a wall and unable to eat anything but a single smoothie a day, sometimes less. I was depressed to the point of agony I didn't know it was possible to feel. I wasn't sure I would survive.
I feel quite sure she would be just fine without me, she's indicated as much, but I'm so codependent and terrified of change that I can't do anything but tremble if I think about it for more than a couple of minutes. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. I don't know how I'm going to feel when I wake up.
If I'm not ruminating on this, it's on spiritual matters. On whether materialism is true or if there's a God or whether we've got free will. Or it's about my terror in the face of inevitable loss. Of my grandparents, my siblings, my friends, my pets, my partner. Even if everything works out, time takes everyone.
I need community. I need a family of friends who look out for each other. I need to feel safe. I knew, even in the beginning, this relationship couldn't last. But doubts are normal, right? And relationships can surprise you, right? Who knows what could happen.
I very much doubt this monster of an image of my mother which lives in my mind is accurate. But it feels so dangerous to consider being around her. Before I moved away I was afraid she might try to kill me so I couldn't leave.

I'm sorry if all of this is inappropriate, I feel like I'm about to burst and I need to be seen or else the shame might engulf me.

If none of this is my fault, if I REALLY don't deserve it, why is it so hard to find help? Why is my therapist $200 a session? Why am I not surrounded with unshakable support?

I have so much to lose. My home. My two cats. My partner and friend. My therapist. My stability. She pays for my therapy. My phone bill. My student loan. She provides for me. I'm safe here. I'm safe from my family. I got away so that I could heal, but I don't feel like I'm healing right now. Time is falling through my fingers. I'm terrified I've done something terrible. I don't know what the right thing to do is. By staying here I seem to be hurting both Sophia and myself. By leaving I could be putting myself in a much worse place and I'll have abandoned my cats and partner. And what about me? Which of these means abandoning myself? Does either of them? Both? What have I done to myself? I need help. I need so much help. I want to tell Mom and Dad, but I don't feel safe. I don't feel safe anywhere.
I'm afraid of the world. I'm afraid to try, afraid to fail, afraid to succeed. Afraid of both power and powerlessness. I don't feel like I can change that right now. I thought we'd lose the house when I was a kid. I thought I'd be poor and homeless and stuck forever. I looked for a rescuer and found one. I want to let go of my fear.

I have a hero complex, this conviction I'm meant for greatness and have something important to do, that I have to somehow save the world. That if I'm not saving the world I'm humiliating myself. I also want to be taken care of and looked after because I don't feel capable of taking care of myself. I'm afraid to move back because I don't want to fight with Mom anymore and I know we will argue and make each other crazy. I do want everything handed to me because I feel so helpless and have since I was a child. I don't know what the root is. The surgery. My dreams. Trauma. Genetics. I don't know.
An IFS meditation helped some. I saw the fear, the helplessness of dreaming that I want to scream and can't. But it's more than that and I don't feel capable of navigating it on my own.
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2022.01.19 08:04 tenhourguy Running ancient emulators?

Is there anyone here who has got an emulator working for the really old Android versions? Talking about Cupcake to Gingerbread, mainly. Ideally on Linux but I'd also settle for Windows. The ones in Android Studio seem to be broken and I've not had much luck running ISOs in VirtualBox either.
I'm aware the market share for such old devices is tiny with probably not a single app store supporting them anymore, and releasing anything that'll run on them is ultimately a waste of time, but this is one of those "I want to do it because I can" things.
I have a suitably old phone and can even underclock it, so testing performance isn't an issue. It's just testing if the app runs as expected on versions as low as my minimum API level that needs doing.
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2022.01.19 08:04 justcuriousoptc "must have" mods?

Saw the last couple of days several post about mods one should pick up. As a new player I wanted to know if there is a list to look out for mods you could/should get/own
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2022.01.19 08:04 CircuitMoon No thanks

No thanks submitted by CircuitMoon to ForzaHorizon [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:04 Floor-Proof TOD'S

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2022.01.19 08:04 Somedvde Hot take: I prefer the stories, struggles and believes of the non-sensitives rather than the circlejerk of the sensitives

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2022.01.19 08:04 jonnyshapland Experiences of UK businesses that use fulfilment centres?

I’ve been running a business for over a year now and in order to scale I want to outsource my fulfilment. I personally don’t have the time to fulfil all the orders as I’m still in full time work.
My questions are: 1- What’s your experience with fulfilment centres? 2- What are the going rates? Is it monthly fees or % of sales? 3- Any suggestions of Uk based fulfilment centres you have used!
It sometimes feels impossible to find answers to these things without a mentor or specialist in your nice! But who needs that when you have Reddit!
Good luck to everyone in 2022 👊🏾 Any advice/ suggestions would be hugely appreciated!
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2022.01.19 08:04 MRRJ2313 Hen tie

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2022.01.19 08:04 speedsnag Yo guys help me out.I had m9 bayo sfari mesh ft(hea now on market) And i wanna help from yall should i sell m9 and get all that skins there in my buying orders? Btw rn having 0 skins and only knife

Yo guys help me out.I had m9 bayo sfari mesh ft(hea now on market) And i wanna help from yall should i sell m9 and get all that skins there in my buying orders? Btw rn having 0 skins and only knife submitted by speedsnag to csgo [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:04 delinquent-gopnik Koliko vas radi u struci za koju ste učili ?

Moji prijatelji su završili školu i faks za to i to , idu tražit posao, ali nitko ih neće zaposliti jer nemaju radnog iskustva, a nemaju radnog iskustva jer ih nitko neće zaposlit, jer se naravno nitkom se ne da trenirat novaka. Prijatelji biolozi ne mogu nać posao. Prijatelj kuhar radi u autopraonici, a zaštitarske firme pune ljudi koji su po struci pomorci, nautičari i brodostrojari, ali ne mogu naći ukrcaj , jer firme rijetko kad primaju kadete za kadeturu.
Za što ste vi učili, i koliko vam je trebalo ta pronađete posao u svojoj struci ?
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2022.01.19 08:04 Electronic-Two-6378 French lessons.

Hello, I'm a semi-experienced French teacher; teaching to get more education skills, for the reason that I like to expand my teaching methodologies. I'm also graduated of TESOL and CELTA which consists in communicative language teaching.
I'm a native French speaker with metropolitan accent (Parisian accent). If you don't have any knowledge in French, that's great! I can teach you step-by-step, with a solid basis, I'm a patient teacher. If you, on the contrary, have a certain level, we will first start with a trial lesson of one hour ($5), which is considered a level test.
If you're starting from scratch, we'll be having a trial one with indefinite time (less than 30 minutes) where we're gonna just talk and make the presentations. And, I'm sure that our lessons will get fun!
My fees: USD10 per lesson (1 hour), if you do want to know any further or to discuss the timetable, contact me.
Speaking of timetable, consider my time zone as GMT. My mean of contact:
E-mail address: nounnaa.21@gmail.com
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2022.01.19 08:04 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Heavy rains in Madagascar cause flooding in capital, 10 dead | ABC

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2022.01.19 08:04 Appropriate-Claim190 What Is Going on with this Fast Pay??

It's been 2 weeks (started 01/04 and today is 01/19) and I have done around 50 orders---fast pay is still greyed out.
Do you have to do 25 in the week total or something???? (No I don't want DasherDirect)
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2022.01.19 08:04 hiloflax Weird question for the guys

Any of y’all ever have your nuts start aching after a couple days smoking. Not super bad just enough to be uncomfortable.
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2022.01.19 08:04 meuxbox Criador do Xbox fala sobre aquisição da Activision Blizzard pela Microsoft

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2022.01.19 08:04 Long-Weekend-2540 You don’t even need content

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