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Woodland mansion over deep ravine. Seed: 2012811166

2022.01.22 00:08 Round_Soup_9633 Woodland mansion over deep ravine. Seed: 2012811166

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2022.01.22 00:08 PoisonClanRocks How Do I Transfer Mail from One MacBook to Another?

I have been using an Early 2015 MacBook Pro running v. 10.12.6 and recently purchased a 2020 MacBook Pro currently running v. 12.0.1.
I want to transfer the Mail (v. 10.3) + Accounts from the older MacBook to the newer.
1) Is there a way to do this easily? (ELI5)
2) Or would it be better to restart by re-entering the accounts and downloading the mail from my host? I did this before when I got my '15 MBP; I faintly remember my host had my Inbox mails but maybe not my Sent mails.
My apologies if this has been asked recently but I didn't see anything similar when I did a search in this sub. And I couldn't find anything specific on YouTube.
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2022.01.22 00:08 khujlie How to start conversation with girls

Its become difficult to talk with girls,i don't even know how to start conversation, My point is when i think to talk any girl what happen if she ignore, becouse as i m boy i have to put self respect first
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2022.01.22 00:08 EleeysiumWasTaken Can you guys Help me? I need to know how to shade my art here. I'm using Ibis Paint X. What brush do I use?

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2022.01.22 00:08 Des_demona I feel like something’s missing, I just feel lost

I’m having trouble finding work, not really having trouble, but I want to find something remote. All remote work either pays crap or has thousands of applicants. So I spend my days sitting on my ass leeching off my mother. I can’t stand living with her. She is very filthy and so are her grandchildren. I want to nove out of this state but that requires a remote job which I can’t find. So i’m stuck here. I feel stuck.
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2022.01.22 00:08 repkick90 Meet Lola !!! My chiweenie baby

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2022.01.22 00:08 SaynAngelKnight Muv-Luv: Where the franchise goes and how to get there

Recently reorganized our Muv-Luv Discord server.
Now it's super easy to know where to go after you finish the main trilogy and want to continue with the franchise, how to get there, and where to find it.
Muv-Luv fan Discord Permanent Server Link
Video of the reorganized section
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2022.01.22 00:08 KingBlaz3420 Splitscreen on ps4?

Yeah? Can I rock stone with my wifey or nah
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2022.01.22 00:08 keman88 F30 Anyone want some tea?

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2022.01.22 00:08 Ultimate_Consumer CDC: Natural immunity stronger than vaccines alone during delta wave

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2022.01.22 00:08 TheRealCrazyJacks I mean, who doesn't live garlic bread??

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2022.01.22 00:08 margaas123 Why not use two lion rings insted of lion and bull? 40% more insted of just 20%

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2022.01.22 00:08 RDL1322 Is quality control on Bose QC non-existent?

So I bought my first pair of Bose quiet comfort earbuds last week from Costco. Took them home, synced them to my phone. Everything seemed to be working fine. Left to work the next day, and went to go do some PT and the right ear bud was fatally dead. Contacted customer service but nothing could be done, but a replacement with. 2-3 week turnaround. I opted to just return and repurchase an new pair at Costco. So now I am on my second pair, brought them home and synced them to my phone, no issues. Have not used them much, I tend to use them at work more. Now here I am at work again, go to do some PT, and the right ear bud is having issues. What is wrong with your products? Since I’ve gone through this before, I went ahead and retired to to a total reset. …Close lid for 5sec. Open then press Bluetooth button for 30 sec. What should allegedly happen is the ear buds flash with a blue light. What actually happens is the left flashes white, the right now flashes red. And now I cannot connect to them. Left it in the charger for a while, came back to try the reset again. And now the left one is solid white, the right is flashing. Still no blue light. and it is not discoverable by the app., or by bluetooth in settings. I've contacted customer support on both sets now, with the inevitable response of sorry we can't do anything further, but you can send them in and we'll send you a new pair. So.....3 plus weeks without earbuds.. No thanks, I'll just return them to Costco again. I have contacted customer service via, text on phone, chat on website, FB Messenger, and via Phone call. I got no response through 2 out of 4 means of communication, FB Messenger I'm going on 1.5 hrs for no response, and Phone call is long winded, nothing suggested that I haven't already tried and as I said the inevitable response that I should send them in for replacement. So the big question is, do I go for round three???? Or should I give up on Bose all together, go with a different brand, and shit talk Bose as garbage for the rest of my life?
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2022.01.22 00:08 HorrorOk4971 Kylie of the SS Bloodline: Don't Touch My Brother

Kylie, a engineer on the SS Bloodline, was known for being loud, friendly, and outspoken. She always tried to make friends with any new recruit, and nearly forced her way into packs without a care, and once she was there everyone felt off when she was missing.
Many non-humanoid on the crew were surprised to find that she was in fact the older nest-mate of Ivan, the abrasive and sharp tongue researcher who no one could get close to. The humans laughed at them and told them that, apparently, "They're carbon copies of one another, just opposite gender!"
It took the non-humans a few cycles until they saw it, and once they did they felt like fools. The identical light mane colors, the same crystal blue of the eyes, pale skin with, and this really should have given it away, matching tribe tattoos on their shoulders. They truly were identical to one another, with the exact opposite personalities. It was so confusing how two nest mates could grow up to be so different. Most nest mates turned out to be incredibly similar, with the same stimulations and instructions from childhood. Some questioned the two siblings if they were raised in separate nests.
Kylie laughed at the question, saying, "Nah, he's just always been like that. Quiet, you know? Wait until he's comfortable with you, he's an annoying little prick in the best way. Let me know if he becomes too much of a jackass once that happens, I'll set him straight."
Some took this as a threat against the researcher, and eagerly awaited the day that the stronger nest mate would correct the younger's horrible personality, and others... Others decided to take the matter into their own hands to speed up the process.
They tormented the researcher. Shoved into his shoulders in the halls (even though it didn't do much good, even with his slight frame for a human he was still more firmly built than most aliens), knocking his trays out if his hands, 'accidentally' mixing chemicals into his specimens, some were even tempted to mess with the legal poison that humans drank called "coffee", but they've already witnessed even the kindest human turning hostile without the liquid to tame them. This continued for weeks and weeks, and Ivan never fought back. Never said a word. Just glared at them with his nostrils flared out and face turning red, a human sign of rising anger.
Gurtul and /!!|?, two original instigators, eagerly watched as Kylie took notice of her nest mate's change in behavior, watching him with wide, predator eyes in the mess hall as he sat by himself, her self-made pack chattering around her. They whispered among themselves about how it should be soon and finally, finally that arrogant little newbie would learn his place. Or at least be quiet in a corner where he belonged. The engineer bid fair well to her pack and stood up, approaching her nest mate with a certain single mindedness known only to predator species, and grabbed his shoulder, turning him to look into her face.
Kylie cupped her brother's face, drawing her brows together in concern. "Hey. Hey, I know that look. What's going on, Monkey?"
Ivan quickly glanced away, muttering, "What look. I don't have a look. This is my face."
She pinched his cheeks for his quip. "Yeah? And I'm the president of Earth. Come on, you haven't had this look since high school. Spill, what's going on?" The last time she had seen this was when the two twins were freshmen back on Earth, and her smaller brother was being shoved around by the older seniors for being both 'nerdy' and 'goth'.
Ivan sighed and rolled his eyes. "I'm fine, you barbarian. Nothing I can't handle. Just some bastards doing stupid kid stuff. They're not even strong enough to actually hurt me, I will gotten worse from you." He can't help the instinctual eye dart to his harassers, and curse under his breath when he notices that his sister saw.
Kylie's eyes quickly go to where Ivan's had flickered to just moments before, and her lip curled up into a snarl at the sight of the Ferigin and Ishvar in researcher robes laughing together at a table. "Ok.... I'm just going to go talk to them." She started walking towards them.
Ivan jumped up with wide eyes and tried to catch her. "Kylie no-"
"I just wanna talk-"
"I've got this-"
"I just wanna talk-"
"If you'd just let me handle this-"
"I just wanna talk-"
"We both know this isn't going to be a talk-"
"I just wanna talk-"
Gurtul did not expect the fist-shaped war hammer to smash into his face.
The Ferigin felt the cartilage under his skin crack as his head snapped back and he fell to the ground, stunned about what just happened as he heard his friend squealing in the background of the ringing in his receptors. Then all the gas was knocked out of his body by a heavy boot slamming down on his torso, making him release a much higher hiss than he thought he could make. He forced his visual receptors open to figure out what was attacking him, and was surprised being measure to witness Kylie standing on top of him, /!!|? held up in her clutches by it's neck with her face a bright, angry red.
"Sis, sis, Kylie, they've had enough! That's enough! They're weaker than you!" Pale hands frantically pulled at the one holding /!!|? in the air, forcing Kylie's fingers open, and Gurtul got a glimpse of Ivan's face before he slipped into unconsciousness, /!!|?'s soft body flopping to the floor next to him.
The next Cycle, the four of them were called to the Captain's Quarters.
"I'm sure you're aware of why I have you all in my office, correct?" Captain Orphius asked, glancing between the group. "You've all better have a very good reason for the incident yesterday in the mess hall."
Gurtul and /!!|? immediately spoke up first, saying how they were innocently sitting at their table having a discussion, when all of a suddenly Engineer Kylie attacked them, more than likely at the provocation of Researcher Ivan. They are nest mates, after all, why wouldn't they have similar temperaments?
Kylie raised an eyebrow at them (the action drawing shudders down all three non-human's back, it just wasn't natural) and turned to the Captain. "Captain, I think I was well in my rights for what I did."
The Captain sighed. "Explain yourself."
Kylie cocked a hip. "Wouldn't you also attack those that had spent cycle after cycle attacking and tormenting your sibling? They had pushed my brother to the point that he was withdrawing from even me. Once more, Captain, I think I was well within my rights."
The Captain stopped, and looked at the two, who suddenly looked incredibly nervous.
"....... I'll have to review some footage. If Grutul and /!!|? are correct, Engineer Kylie and Researcher Ivan will be recommissioned to a separate vessel and have marks put on their records. On the other hand, if the twins are correct, then you two will have to fill out 200 quads worth of species sensitivity training, and I'll be sending you both back to your homeworlds for recommissioning. Am I understood?"
"But.... But that's not fair! They attacked us!" Grutul cried, Pinchers clicking nervously.
The Captain trained both his eyes on them. "Neither is tormenting a college for no reason but pettiness. I think their actions were warranted. Dismissed, and don't let me see you back in here for at least seven cycles."
The four exited the office, and Kylie turned to grin at the two. It was not the kind, sweet smile they were used to seeing on her. This one was full of teeth.
"You shouldn't have fucked with my brother."
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2022.01.22 00:08 ihateivann Okay bros. It’s time for me to upgrade from my 1060. I’m looking to stream/record games like halo, battlefield, warzone, etc… at 1080p60fps, but will upgrade my monitors to 120 or 144fps on my birthday. would this pc hold up for all of that?

Okay bros. It’s time for me to upgrade from my 1060. I’m looking to stream/record games like halo, battlefield, warzone, etc… at 1080p60fps, but will upgrade my monitors to 120 or 144fps on my birthday. would this pc hold up for all of that? submitted by ihateivann to pcmasterrace [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 00:08 anastasiawomack Chloe posted these on Instagram today

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2022.01.22 00:08 LameName90210 11 fire stations in Auckland closed or short staffed on Saturday

January 22, 2022 at 03:52PM
By: SAPEER MAYRON , Stuff.co.nz
The firefighters union says cover in Auckland is "dangerously low" this weekend, as more than one-third of the city's 26 stations are understaffed.
View Stuff Article
What do you think?
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2022.01.22 00:08 MackNasty66 An old goblin blood hunter shows a youngling why they call him " The Iron-Blooded Demon"

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2022.01.22 00:08 OfficiallyRelevant Looked up ferrets for the first time IN YEARS last night... then today someone shows up at work with a pet ferret...

Not sure if this is the right sub for this as this is more of a synchronicity thing than anything else. But goddamn... I've had interesting synchronicities in the past... but this has to take the cake.
So last night I come across a post on Reddit about ferrets and it's the most random thing ever. So I'm like 'huh, you know, I like ferrets, but I've never really done any research on them.' So I take a look at their wikipedia page and find out some cool facts. Facts like how they sleep for 14-18 hours a day which, by the way, I don't even know how you have a life when sleeping that much...
But I digress... so I'm at work here today, just chillin'... and I shit you not someone brings in a pet ferret. It's the cutest fucking thing ever. They leave. And at that point I realize 'wait a minute... what the fuck?' I hadn't even thought of the animal in years and last night do some research on them on a whim... and someone literally shows up with a pet the next day.
What the fuck. Not sure this qualifies as a glitch in the matrix, but I thought it was an interesting synchronicity for sure.
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2022.01.22 00:08 caryconcannon Delivery Drivers - What is the consensus on ordering in shitty weather?

Debating on if it’s a dick move to order something in really bad weather or if it’s withholding money that people need to earn by not ordering.
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2022.01.22 00:08 Shion__1374 Where to get a Metal Coat and Water Stone?, also what is the best nature for Ayylamo?

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2022.01.22 00:08 anyapip Make my baby stop snacking

Hi all, FTM to an EBF 6 MO who had reflux therefore she’s used to eating small but frequent meals. She is now better with reflux and is sleep trained (I used to feed to sleep because she would barely get any calories in during the day due to pain). But when I try to feed her before nighttime she still eats for about 2-3 min (this is her normal daytime “small but frequent feeds”; at night when I fed to sleep she could eat anywhere from 20-45 min. I don’t know the amount in oz).
TL;DR how do I make my baby go from snacking to regular eating?
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2022.01.22 00:08 Vinsu_ What HODLING looks like right now

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2022.01.22 00:08 fgsfds000 Girlfriend rear ended a truck going 35 mph on a snowy pass. Is this savable?

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2022.01.22 00:08 TheUltimaWerewolf Awooga

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