I mean, this is black humor, don't report it

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2022.01.19 13:32 Thaelon Can you still get Ragna Chests from Raids that don't cost a ticket

Just curious if anyone is still doing this. I've done it the past few raids when I see one that doesn't cost a ticket (like less than 1% life left I think?), but I haven't gotten a chest at all for these past few. Not sure if it's just RNG or if that's a feature that was stripped from the game.
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Hey, if anyone can help me with some Excel work I have, I'm willing to pay and would greatly appreciate it! Thank you
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Is there a set file size or canvas size in the NFT game? The reason I ask is because I kept getting a 502 and 504 error while minting NFTs. Just wondering if that has something to do with my file sizes that I am trying to upload. I'm not sure I am a noob at this, I still got like 9 NFTs up but I definitely would have had 20 plus if I didn't get the errors.... Anyone know?
thanks for your time.
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What's the name of the song that plays when C2 is falling after lelouch shot the sword of akasha when lelouch catches her. You get to see the scary memory thing but the song that's playing is really good I want the name of it
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2022.01.19 13:32 BookGirlBoston What’s in a Name (or We Are Our Own Worst Enemies)

Alternative Title: Naming Villains is just fan services
Folks, u/Paisley-Cat recommended I make gird to go through all the villains. I did not do the assignment and have instead decided to write a character essay about why the actual names of the villains do not matter.
The Monster in the Mines
There is a monster in the mines, we all know this, the entire internet thinks it is Doomsday. Except the people who think it’s Subjekt-17, Blanque, Manchester Black, Blanque, Dominus or Saviour. I am going to go ahead and say it is probably Doomsday, which I will explain in more detail, but really it does not actually matter, what matters is how the characters interact with the monster.
In the first season, we see characters takes on a lot of names. Morgan Edge became Tal-Rho, and the stranger became Captain Luthor, who ultimately was John Henry Irons. Very early in theorizing last year (by like the 5th episode) people had predicted that the Stranger was actually Earth-3 Luthor (Except for the very small group that guessed Steel) , and Edge was actually Zod. While neither of these were technically correct, they are not wrong either. I talked in depth about this here. The short version, John Henry is a composite character that brings in both attributes of Earth-3 Luthor, Steel, and a fair about of Batman (mostly with the fail-safe plot, and the “fight speech”). Tal-Rho was an original character that no one could have guessed but again really plays on all the evil Kryptonians that have existed in comics, movies, and TV over the years, with just a touch of Brainiac to round things out. While the characters had big reveals, we knew exactly where they were going by really S1E2. We knew that the Stranger came from a planet that had been destroyed by Superman and was headed to a redemption arc and we knew that Morgan Edge was about to mess up Smallville massively with his mining project, even though we were new to theorizing about this show, this was all pretty obvious . That was the exactly where the season went. Sure, we could not have predicted the details, but the thesis was laid out and throughout all the big reveals, and the end game was clear, the Stranger was going to be redeemed, Edge was going to mess with Smallville.
So, where does this leave us with the Monster in the mines. I think it is actually Doomsday (I’m going to call them Doomsday for now, because no matter what their actually name is, at the moment it is entirely meant to feel like Doomsday, just like JHI was meant to feel like Earth-3 Luthor), but I think it is a very different take on Doomsday. Really, without argument, the entire impetuses of Doomsday in the original canon was a character strong enough to kill Superman. Superman, who has almost no physical limitations. This time around, I do not think Doomsday is going to kill Clark, but I think Doomsday is going to be an allegory to physicals vulnerability.
Clark is not a character that handles physical vulnerability well. We see this most prominently in S1E9, when Clark is dealing with the aftereffects of the Kryptonite gas. When he enters the bank, he is already feeling the effects and yet he forges on. He was mildly injured after the bank robbery, a bit bruised up, but because he could not take stock of his physical limitations in the moment, it actually created a domino effect, revealing his weakness and alerting Edge that Lois was vulnerable to attack. In the in-between moments, we see Clark not really responding appropriately to his injury. He’s in the kitchen casually icing his bruises, completely ignoring the fact that he is actually sick. Lois is the one who calls him out on it and calls her dad. Clark really does not take the Kryptonite gas seriously until Jordan gets sick as well. Like, I’m pretty sure if Jordan never got sick, Clark was just going to ignore it until things either got better or worse.
In the first two episodes of season 2, we see a very similar plot play out. Clark is dealing with these painful visions, they are dangerous and put others at risk and yet he is having a hard time pulling back. When Lois asks why he did not tell her, he brushes it off as something he did not want to bother her with, but I think it relates more to his own insecurities with being physically vulnerable. It is only when there is a potential link between the Eradication process and the visions, which may affect Jordan, does Clark finally start to think about a solution. Clark continues on, placing others in danger when heads off to the airplane hanger to save those folks from the gunman even though everyone but Clark knew it was a bad idea. Clark is not dealing with physical limitations. Sure, it’s painful, but I think the bigger issue is that he has never dealt with needing to step back and saying “I can’t, I need a break, I am sick or injured.”
So, why does Doomsday pair so well with this part of Clark’s character. Doomsday is the first thing that ever-stopped Superman (I think), as much as Kryptonite makes him sick, it is always a temporary thing, something he can get out of, especially in the context of this show. Whatever the thing is in the mines, will continue to test Clark’s physical vulnerabilities in a way very few things can. Whatever happens this season, the big theme is going to be Clark having to deal with his own mortality in a way he really never has before, even if he lives. Clark will have to learn that he cannot do it alone. I am going to continue to assert that Clark will need to team up with his friends, family, and allies to defeat Doomsday, but first that means Clark will need to deal how it feels to be vulnerable physically. This is going to be a really hard personal struggle. He had never not been strong before. He has never not been capable of saving the day.
I am not sure why the monster in the mines is sending visions or how that plays in, but I think in the end, the true purpose is just to play on the allegory of dealing with limitations.
The Cult Leader
So, I am just going to pass over the fact that a CW Superman show is tackling a cult leader with the name Alli, because I am sure there are going to be 1,392,073 posts about that. At this point, we do not actually know how the cult plot is going to play out, whether the villain is the Cult Leader (who I am sure we meet), the podcaster, or something else. Eventually we will learn that the cult leader is actually Palpatine’s Granddaughter all along, or Mad Eye moody was actually hidden in a box, a big comic book reveal that the internet will lose their minds over, only for the named villain to be a loose interpretation of anything that has ever existed in the comic books or other Superman media.
But what is really important here is that cult leaders exploit emotionally vulnerable people. Lois struggling with being emotionally vulnerable when things get hard. We saw this play out in S1E8 and again in S2E1. In both situations, Lois was dealing with big feelings, but was having a really hard time processing them. In both of these episodes, it was actually Lois losing her temper with his sons that made her seek the help she needed. In the S1E8 it was the fight with Jonathan and in S2E1 it was snapping at Jordan. Whether that was a therapist or just opening up to Clark. Like Clark, Lois must confront her vulnerabilities when it starts effecting her children.
Like Clark struggled to open up to Lois about the visions and the Kryptonite injury, Lois had a hard time opening up to Clark about the child they lost and the arrival of Natalie Irons and the subsequent feelings with her mother. I have a feeling that what happened with Lucy is also something Lois has had a hard time talking to both Clark and Sam about. Also, Sam probably has a hard time talking about it. Lois is now going to have the spend the season dealing with the emotions around her sister’s suicide attempt and the mother that abandoned her, all while dealing with an emotionally manipulative cult leader and the daughter she does not know. Just like Clark will need to learn his physical limitation, Lois will need to learn how to deal with her emotional limitations. In order to overcome this, she will need to lean on her family, friends, and allies. For Lois this very likely means Clark, Chrissy, and John Henry Irons.
Playing to each other strengths
In so many ways, Lois and Clark complement each other in their vulnerabilities. Over and over, we see Clark reaching out when he is feeling emotionally vulnerable. This thread runs through the entire first season when we see Clark lean on Lois during his mother’s funeral and as he struggles to deal with the boys. We see this in S1E5 when Clark seeks Lois’s comfort after Derek Powell’s death. In the final scene of S1E12, we see Clark lean into Lois in the final scene of the episode when he is still really not okay after Zod. We see this in S1E14 when Clark finds Lois after Edge has taken Jordan. Part of why Clark can be so strong physically is because is able to be emotionally vulnerable and lean on Lois when things are hard. He is comfortable with his emotional limitations.
By Contrast, Lois leans on Clark when she is feeling physically vulnerable. This is again a thread that runs throughout. Whether this is calling Clark when the boys she needs back up in the pilot at the bonfire, calling for help in S1E3 at the motel, or calling for Clark when Jonathan is in John Henry’s murder van. Lois is comfortable using the ELT and she is comfortable with her physical limitations. She had learned long ago to lean on Clark when things are tough.
This season, Clark will need to lean on Lois for his struggles with being physically vulnerable and Lois will need to lean on Clark for emotional vulnerability in a way they have struggled with in the past. We should hopefully see some really nice growth from Lois as Clark as a couple this season.
I think one thing that people have been critical of and rightfully so is that there has been a lack of Lois and Clark moments. I am hopefully that this growing together story helps with things.
The Boys and their Vulnerability
I think like their parents, both of the boys will also have to learn about their own vulnerabilities which is think should play nicely against their parents, and if this show does not let us down, should give us the Jon/Clark and Jordan/ Lois moments we want.
S2E2 was a very light Jon episode, which I am disappointed about, but it did set up the Jonathan plot that is hopefully pretty rewarding. The football players are obviously doing X-K as if it were steroids. Jonathan is a character that has felt physically vulnerable since early in season 1. He was injured twice last season and is working on coming back from that. So, this leaves Jonathan with about 4 possible story lines. The first is that Jonathan is not tempt by X-K, does not get powers and continues to languish as QB2. I hate this plot, everyone hates this plot, please writers do something better.
The second option is Jonathan is still not tempted by X-K but does get powers and is now entangled in the X-K ring, which would be a nice, complex story line. Because in the end, Jonathan is stuck taking the L even though he just exsisted as he was intended to, but now every thinks we was also doing X-K. This would be a great “Poor Jon” story because he gets powers but has to deal with this weird lie behind them. This is one of the stories I would find acceptable.
The third option for Jon is that he is tempt by X-K, he does it, and he gets powers temporarily. This is honestly an arc I despise. I have hated it from the very moment the writers introduced X-K and I continue to hate it. He is still half Kryptonian, if he is going to get powers, give him powers. I have said this a million times, but let Jonathan be Kryptonian. On a tangent, Edge is maybe the only one who includes Jonathan as Kryptonian. Edge may call Jonathan a weakling, but he has never called him human. So, I do wonder if there is something there, but I digress.
The final option, which may be my favorite is that Jonathan is tempted by X-K but the effects are pretty disastrous. In the context of this show, Kryptonians have never been through any X-K processing. They have been around it, but it has never been used on them like it was used on humans. Now that Lara is finally and officially in the picture, this story line works well. Jonathan takes the X-K, gets sick and Clark has to rush him to the fortress (I also like dad’s fortress better, so hopefully that one). Jonathan is healed, but now Clark and Jonathan are forced to have a conversation about what it feels like to be physically vulnerable. Jonathan has to face his Kryptonian-ness. It is a win/ win for the story. If the intent is to never give Jonathan powers, this at least gives Jonathan something Kryptonian to have which should reveal some of the desire here.
Whatever happens with Jonathan, his feelings of inadequacy on the field will very likely complement Clark’s feelings around his own physical limitations. Could this be the set up for the Clark/ Jonathan moment we have all been anxiously waiting for.
Jordan seems to be secure in his physical vulnerability. He just went head-to-head with Edge, but emotionally, not so much. Just like Jonathan’s feeling on inadequacy on the football field feel minor compared to Superman being incapacitated. Jordan’s feelings around his first heartbreak are pretty minor compared to the big things Lois is dealing with. But, when you are a teenager, going through things for the first time, even routine upsets can feel world ending. I am not exactly sure what is going to happen with Sarah and Jordan. What I do know that Jordan just got on a rollercoaster of teenage emotions, and they are not stopping anytime soon. Also already, we have seen Jordan diving headfirst into a potentially dangerous situation by convincing his dad to take him to the fortress. Avoiding emotions by doing something else seems very on brand for Lois Lane. Just as much, we have already Jordan avoid Lois’s questions around Sarah in the S2E1. Jordan started out pretty closed up in the pilot, so I expect a bit of a return to that this season. Less in true character regression, but more in the things we all go through to grow.
I am hoping that we see both Jordan and Lois work through emotional vulnerability together in this season.
We will eventually learn the names of the villains, for fans of Superman media, there will be plenty of “Oh Snap moments” but in the end who the villains are is secondary to what the villains mean to our main characters. The villains this season will play on insecurities these characters Clark will have to deal with his physical limitations, while Lois will have to deal with her emotional limitations. They will need to learn to lean on each other and will have their kids as guardrails to remind them that they are not invincible, even if they think they are.
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Literally everything in my watch again list is below 85%. Watched a show 3 times? Best I can do is 63%. Watched a movie trilogy? Yeah there all gonna be 85% or less. Watched a movie twice within 5 hours, 74%. Yet everything in “Popular on Netflix” is 95% or more and some of this stuff I’ve never watched anything similar too (Also like 90% of the stuff there are Netflix originals, Coincident?. Anyway all I wanted to say is Netflix really needs to flex the match system
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