Anyone know any places in the UK to get a sword for 86 grimlock

2022.01.23 13:23 Valuable_Ad6594 Anyone know any places in the UK to get a sword for 86 grimlock

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2022.01.23 13:23 CharlesPartridge0312 Disney Movie Traveling, part seven: The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (the Ichabod portion)

We recently re-watched the Ichabod portion of the movie, when we saw that somehow, Ichabod escaped the Headless Horseman, and married Katrina. Something must’ve changed under our noses, and we need your help to get to the bottom of this.
Rules for the Ichabod portion:
1) We put you in the movie scene before the chase scene commences with Ichabod and the Headless Horseman. Be careful.
2) When you hear the Headless Horseman laughing, hide. It doesn’t matter where, just hide.
3) If the Headless Horseman sees you, it is too late. All you can do now is accept your fate.
4) Follow the Headless Horseman behind. Don’t follow too close or else he’ll notice you.
5) As soon as Ichabod crosses the bridge, grab the Headless Horseman’s pumpkin head, and throw it at Ichabod when he turns around.
6) After you do that, run away and avoid the Headless Horseman. Hide in the bushes or up in the trees if you can.
7) If the Headless Horseman gives up on looking for you, climb down to the ground, and teleport yourself back to Disney Labs.
We hope you survive the Headless Horseman, and avoid having your head chopped off. Good luck.
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2022.01.23 13:23 AllIWantIsSpace Are brood brothers competitive?

New to GSC and my own uprising.... I play competitive 40k for fun, and as I'm assembling a list, I was wondering, with crossfire being such a huge thing that seems really fun and tactical, would 500 points of brood brothers be worth taking? A lot of options seem superfluous when compared to the GSC codex, BUT things like tanks (mmmmm, 2+ save), mortars, and artillery all seem like options that could have some serious utility. Could anyone offer advice here?
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2022.01.23 13:23 xxYourSecretxx I just wish someone would treat me like a princess🥲💭

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2022.01.23 13:23 HealsBadMan1 Posting daily Kronii content until she joins Reddit (Day 153)

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2022.01.23 13:23 ChemistryFresh7795 I really love it it’s my best mug at the moment!

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2022.01.23 13:23 RasheenHyuga What’s the difference between pantheistic and polytheistic, and which would ancient Greek belief be considered?

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2022.01.23 13:23 aurumunicorn Lime liner and warm blush

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2022.01.23 13:23 Shiinette Do people from Falcom check this Reddit?

The title says it all: do you think that people from Falcom come and check this Reddit?
I know they follow fans on Twitter (their Twitter) because I also follow a lot of artists who draw Kiseki fanarts... but I was wondering if they come to Reddit (or even the Discord..? But it's quite chaotic over there ahah).
I was curious because I saw the dev team from the JRPG Monark posting on /JRPG.
If Falcom does come, they would see various opinions about the bonding system, about how some ""villains"" are bad-written (Lechter, Claire...), how the stakes seem not high (no real deaths...)... and so on.
Please note that I'm not here to debate these opinions ; I don't essentially agree. I'm just talking about recurrent posts.
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2022.01.23 13:23 TheVioletDragon Finally got around to making a Hollow Knight OC, Clōvis the Troupe Mantis

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2022.01.23 13:23 ZoobBot 202844

This is the 202844th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.23 13:23 sploush Get 6 free stocks from MooMoo worth up to $3,500 each! Plus you’ll get an extra $45 $LCID stock guaranteed with my referral link! $100 min deposit required. Promo ends 1/31/22! [USA only]

Join MooMoo with my link and you can get 6 FREE stocks worth up $3,500 each!
Exclusive referral bonus: by using my link you will also get a guaranteed $LCID stock worth $45! $100 deposit required.
USA only!
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2022.01.23 13:23 Cyborg_911 Located in New Jersey, UKC.

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2022.01.23 13:23 GoodPointWellArgued HELP

I am selling a psn account and I’d like to know how to safely remove all information from this account and how to safely attach it to a throwaway email
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2022.01.23 13:23 kinkycouplescx [mf4mf] Vegas vacation

40(f) 37(m) flying in on Monday the 24th. Looking for m/f couples for drinks and maybe play a little. Wife is bi. Feel free to dm us. Staying at the Flamingo.
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2022.01.23 13:23 moriam700 QuarashiNetwork

#QuarashiNetwork #Blockchain #TokenSale #ICO #Presale #Cryptocurrency
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2022.01.23 13:23 Nathanf5740 The one thing that I may not be able to achieve this season

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2022.01.23 13:23 MrMrPls [TH11] Which attack strategy would work on this base? (No queen)

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2022.01.23 13:23 AKA_Horse_Choker If you could travel to the future and unable to come back, would you? Where would you go?

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2022.01.23 13:23 Fit_Deer5447 Potty Training Attractant Spray

Was wondering if anyone has had any luck in the past using potty training sprays with their puppies. My 2 month old goldendoodle goes #2 fine outside, but has been peeing in the house more often than outside. Curious if the spray works/if anyone has recommendations for my furbaby to go outside for both #1 & #2. Thank you!
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2022.01.23 13:23 RegisteredUserMe Sun bathing

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2022.01.23 13:23 Kankokoko *open a box* -> *instant disappointment*

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2022.01.23 13:23 GrilledPineapple1903 Why we have to always apply the scale

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2022.01.23 13:23 nntnd0 22M I would really like to make a new friendship with someone

I'm going through a lot right now and will be starting tomorrow to seek professional help for mental health after having a breakdown and hitting rockbottom once again yesterday, and so i'd really like to make a friend that can support me and distract me from my issues. I have no friends irl at the moment and just have a few online friends who I rarely speak to anymore, and I think having a new friend would really help me feel less alone.
I don't want to talk really about my issues, I am not looking for someone to just unload all of my problems onto. I just want a friendship that we can talk to eachother about hobbies and interests and our lives etc.
In terms of me I am 22, male, and I like playing PC games and Switch games in my freetime when I am not at work. I live in Europe and recently moved country 3 months ago. I don't do anything else beyond work and play games since I have nothing else to do and no motivation to do anything new at the moment (but im working on that part). I am a kind and caring person, I like asking how people are and what is bothering them and understanding people.
I really don't like being alone and having no one to talk too, it hurts me a lot and so if you are interested in talking to me and maybe becoming friends please send me a DM here on Reddit and we can see where it goes. I have Discord by the way but I do not really like voice calling, I prefer texting until I am comfortable with someone first.
Also I'd prefer meeting someone from a similar age and in a similar timezone (Europe or Middle East) to make it easier to talk as we will have similar schedules timewise.
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2022.01.23 13:23 RoofFalse well dang

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