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Boost for boost?

2022.01.27 00:04 Lochwirtu9 Boost for boost?

I could really use the extra funds right now, so I’m looking to exchange boosts with somebody. I can boost whoever gives me a boost in return. Just post here or message me to let me know 😁
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2022.01.27 00:04 EmpiricalMonarch Should producers have given younger fans a bone?

I’m excited for CBB3, but I think I’m confused because I thought there would be more celebrities (or at least one) that cater to a younger audience.
I know Miranda Cosgrove has been talked off to death, but I mean somebody like that could’ve been included in the circle. iCarly and the reboot were popular among an audience that were kids in the mid 2000s.
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2022.01.27 00:04 THEZUKUS Fed Interest-Rate Decision Tees Up March Increase

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2022.01.27 00:04 IanBlak [BDSP] LF: Custap Berry, Timid/Jolly Mew | FT: 6iv Dittos, Mostly any item except rare berries/TMs

Have: - 6iv Japanese Dittos (cloned) - Apriballs - Gold / Silver Bottle Caps - Mints - Ability Patch / Capsule - Basically any item excluding some rare TMs/Berries
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2022.01.27 00:04 jacquie_gen0 aa

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2022.01.27 00:04 SomeBroOnTheInternet Support for Halo MCC?

Can't seem to link properly to Halo MCC, isn't found as a game profile. I've done the work around for it directly to the game file, but as the work around is, it's clunky, not buttery smooth the way it is on infinite for me. Is there not support for MCC? Or am I missing it somehow? Or can MCC not be supported because it houses multiple games?
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2022.01.27 00:04 fallinqxroses Buying rhd or a low tier halo with rbx:)

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2022.01.27 00:04 Puzzleheaded-Pin-511 Game help

Hey i need some help yall theres this game i used to play on mobile it was a beach defense game with a minigun a golden minigun a bazooka and a golden bazooka i cant find any trace of it its like the game defence the beach if you know anything tell me it would mean alot and if you do ill upvote all your post of you have any
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2022.01.27 00:04 Maddox18305 [IIL] Bluffer's Guide To The Flight Deck-Flotation Toy Warning [WEWIL]

Spotify Link
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2022.01.27 00:04 schmeckendeugler [YouTube compilation] Tsunami in Tonga from Hunga Tonga Volcano Eruption

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2022.01.27 00:04 dazedjosh Kangaroos' Fantasy: The must-have rookie, beware this veteran

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2022.01.27 00:04 Daydreamer631 Can someone defend the purpose of non-elimination legs other than to make the season longer?

Maybe I’m just a bad fan or something but I hate spending an hour watching the show just to find out there were no consequences for coming in last (Yes I know there are usually penalties of some kind for coming in last but I still feel like last place should get eliminated). It’s like if Survivor had non-elimination tribal councils. I understand that would probably make for a shorter season but honestly I would take that over sitting through pointless episodes.
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2022.01.27 00:04 THEZUKUS Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Prioritize Deliveries Over New Vehicles in 2022

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2022.01.27 00:04 evil-ellie How to change habits? Newly diagnosed, looking for help.

I have been diagnosed with ASD just before Christmas '21 (best Christmas gift ever, recognition ❤️). But unfortunately I have to wait for 6 months at least to get the professional help I desperately need, so like most millennials & younger I turn to Reddit.
I have several habits two of which I want to change for myself and 1 for husband/society. But I have tried so many times to change them but I couldn't. Priorities: 1) walk a few times per week. (I hate walking, the no purpose, the external stimuli (light, sound, weather), conversation with people and walking buddy) but my body needs it (even if it physically hurts like h**l) 2) hubby complains about my bedtime (3am) but I can't sleep before that because the night is the only time with real peace and quiet, when I can fully relax and just be me. But husband is the one who earns the money because I can't atm. (Severe depression, burn-out, fibromyalgia, etc.) 3) I can't seem to incorporate fruit in my diet. I have developed ARFID over the years. How do you deal with the stimulation/gagging and fear of a wrong bite?
Any tips/websites that have relevant information on the situation would be welcome. Thank you
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2022.01.27 00:04 KacyRaider Is anyone online to talk?

I've had a lot of stuff to deal with and think about today and I'm really overwhelmed. Is anyone online who would be willing to talk to me and hear me out about this stuff?
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2022.01.27 00:04 Cowboiibiibops "Come Mandy.. Grim awaits us.. One more adventure to see god.."

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2022.01.27 00:04 DroningSong4 Water is WHAT

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2022.01.27 00:04 fanvest Eating halal locusts

I made a video of myself eating locusts if anyone is interested in watching.
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2022.01.27 00:04 Arabityarabarab I love the shining and a clockwork orange, so what next?

What the title says really. I also have a cousin who’s the spitting image of young Kubrick 🤷‍♀️
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2022.01.27 00:04 HelloItsMeGuyFieri The Knicks starting backcourt combined for 14 Points and 0 Assists on scorching hit 4/15 from the field and a +/- of - over9000

They started both halves.
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2022.01.27 00:04 BoomerASooner CFB Multiplayer Sim League

Love college football? Ever wish you could step into your favorite team’s shoes? Look no further than the NZCFL, an 120-team college football simulation league, where plenty of teams (including FCS) are open! The NZCFL offers a unique combination of a realistic coaching and recruiting experience with flexibility in its time requirements. Our recruiting system, designed to emulate the real-life football recruiting process, allows you to put in as much time as you want to on the process while still allowing you to sign a program-changing class. If you’re looking for that more casual experience, it’s easy to get the process knocked out in one sitting, but you’ll still be able to go even farther if you’re able to put the time in. That’s what makes this league such a great experience -- you’re in control. You have the ability to build a legacy and leave a lasting impact on these teams. We also have a media aspect to it, with podcasts, articles, rankings, and more! Come join us by claiming a team in the Reddit reservation thread at NZCFL and joining the server! https://discord.gg/vJnYPFd
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2022.01.27 00:04 AppleSauceYESS I always mess this stuff up and I don’t know why.

I don’t really know what to call this but I guess it is kind of just going to be like a rant/vent and maybe get some advice? I just feel like I always eventually notice signs and I’m getting quicker at recognizing them but I just still always notice them to late/just don’t think in time of what to actually say. Like we can just be talking or whatever and then my brain will just lag as if it’s a school issued computer and I just can’t think of what I want to do but then like 5 minutes later my brain will finally load and realize that I messed something up. And a lot of the times its not even 5 minutes, it’s mostly just right after. Like she was showing me something she had on her notebook or whatever (think it was like a sticker) and said something about how it’s cute and looks like her dog and i literally just had no idea how the heck to respond and all I said was just “cool” (brain being slow asf) and she didn’t seem like annoyed but I think she wanted me to react in a different way considering she kinda like sarcastically said “thanks (my name)” like it clearly wasn’t in a rude way but I think I just didn’t seem to have the right reaction that she wanted. And then a different time when we were in the middle of class she kept saying how hungry she was and how her stomach was hurting from it or whatever and like our teachers don’t really care about if we eat in class but I didn’t really think about that until later. Like I swear a few minutes after the last time she ended up saying that I thought to myself how I coulda like offered food or sumn (I bring my own food from my house but not many people do that) and then it was just annoying em cause I know I could‘ve had a way better reaction and possibly helped myself out in a way but instead my dumbass just said something about how “there’s still 3 full periods until lunch”. like what the f**k am I actually thinking about when I speak. I seriously do not get what just does not work in my brain when I am talking. Like I am plenty fine with being able to think of other things and I find it super easy to make her laugh (which I obviously try to do) but I just always seem to screw up at actually responding to things in a good way. Like I just don’t get what the heck goes on all of a sudden because I can talk and think completely fine like 99% of the time but when it comes to some things that I could actually think of to like help my odds and help her realize how I feel I just always screw it up. Literally nothing else do I have trouble with when talking to her but it’s just those specific moments. So, I am hoping that maybe some people could possibly give advice, if there’s even any way to give advice on a problem like this.
TL;DR I barely ever have problems talking to the girl I like but when it comes to things that could actually help my chances with her my brain becomes slower than internet explorer. Is there any way to help this not happen as much?
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2022.01.27 00:04 mrtdott We are still eArLy guys

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2022.01.27 00:04 Less_Cardiologist952 Galactic News Network emergency broadcast ( feel free to suggest more breaking news memes in the replies )

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2022.01.27 00:04 Rolpando Weekly Update: Approved Grants on Harmony

Weekly Update: Approved Grants on Harmony Hello everyone!

I hope the community is doing well! Here is this weeks approved grants! Feel free to check last weeks approved grants here.
January 2022

Metatr.one: Metatr.one is the Defi NFT run by MetaPunks on Harmony mainnet. Launched on November 4 / 21 with the goal to become the leading marketplace platform on Harmony network. Metatr.one’s core values are accessibility, decentralization, and world-class user experience, with a focus on creating an inclusive environment for creators and consumers alike.

PixelDAO: Our vision is to become the premier protocol owned liquidity metaplay incubator and an accelerator of metaverse game development across chains. We will utilize the protocol-owned liquidity model to bootstrap our treasury with FRAX and Metaverse assets, then deploy our capital to invest into new and promising P2E/Metaverse projects while leveraging our network to give our partners an edge in this burgeoning sector.

BlockAssist: BlockAssist is an expanding set of blockchain monitoring, notification, and accounting services designed to help users track their assets and maintain clear records of cryptocurrency transactions. BlockAssist is currently operating in private beta on Ethereum with a management interface built in Slack and a web/SMS interface in development.

Hello Gophers: Hello Gophers is a Play2Earn Metaverse Risk Protocol Game that rewards players based on random odds. A game where you can stake your NFT to earn daily yield rewards or steal another player’s NFT and impose a tax on their rewards based on the rarity of your NFT. Each decision made by players will carry a certain risk and reward. Players will be able to decide if they want to take the chance to win it all or risk losing everything.

MetricsDAO: MetricsDAO is now able to build queries from the data and deliver insights valued by the community. In the interest of decentralization these insights would be delivered via a community-owned dashboard.

ZCloak: zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computing platform. It enables a new computation paradigm where people can do computation/analysis of their data in client device, not in centralized servers. The integrity of their computation is proven by Zero-Knowledge Proof. With zCloak Network, people can use their real-world data for e.g. DeFi, Identity, Biometric applications without disclosing their privacy. zCloak Network will adopt a business model of Zero-Knowledge Proof as a Service for major public blockchains.
SPANISH DAO SPANISH DAO: We are pleased to announce the creation of our DAO from Spain. After meeting Li, Abhi, Cristiano, Abraham and many more people on the team in Lisbon we had to start our own DAO to help as much as possible Harmony Protocol and the whole ecosistem.

TofuNFT: tofuNFT is a permissionless, decentralized and full-featured NFT marketplace. We provide numerous creative improvements to the existing marketplace experience like incentivized bidding, real-time notification, attributes filtering, bulk listing, and rarity explorer. Our marketplace has been developed on Harmony, in beta mode, and ready to launch soon to deliver this to the hands of Harmony’s community.

**Just remember, just because they have the grant approved does not mean they receive the funds right away. They have to meet certain deliverables before they receive the funds. And they are distributed in stages.*\*

Let me know if I missed anything! Will update again next week! Enjoy!
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