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Later in life

2022.01.26 14:29 Inspection-Kind Later in life

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2022.01.26 14:29 cookie492757 should I tell my toxic friend how I feel?

I had a really really toxic friend for a while and I finally cut ties with them but I never gave them an explanation for why I did what I did. I still feel like I haven't given myself closure with that relationship and there's still so many things I wanted to tell her. THings I was too scared to say in case I hurt her feelings, but now realise it was my own feelings that she never let me communicate cause she would gaslight me and victimise herself and I fell into that trap constantly. She also put so much pressure on me to take care of her problems (self harming, abuse, mental issues and constant feelings of suicide). I was her therapist, and I did offer to help but I never realised that it would become so serious. I was only 14 and wasn't really awaare of that kind of stuff and got really stressed when they'd talk about it and i felt like I had to be there for them. Everyday I'd talk to them about that kind of stuff and it really worried me and when I needed a bit of a break from it and for one afternoon ignored them they started huge fights with me. About how i never cared about them, didn't like them, was pretending to be their friend and stuff like that. That is probably the one thing that she could say that would actually hurt me. When I was younger I was caught in lots of bad realtionships. I was always left out cause I didn't understand stuff about sex and more mature topics when they'd talk about it causeI was a year younger than most people and i was a very inoccent and good child and not many people could realte to me for that. And I finally felt like this would be a forever friendship, as many people do, but when I literally put every last bit of effort into that relationship with her and she'd just tell me im a shit friend. I'd completely break down and then try my best to suck up to her and assure her I am friends. And this would happen so often and the one time I tried to speak up about how I felt they got so mad. I told them that it hurts when they accuse me of not putting effort into the relationship or telling me I don't care, caause I do. Then they just left and never adressed it. But we'd have other fights too, and i'm not kidding when I say she would rant about me, directly to me. She would point out every single thing that I do that has pissed her off and id be the most random shit. Like when I would "take my phone out during the movie when its supposed to be friend time" or when I was excited about being in the top class but was being insensative becaue she didn't, or when she completely misjudged me in so many situations she waasn't apart of to make me seem like the bad guy. I would try to speak back to her telling her that she hurts me too and then she told me that I was "making myself out to be the angel, when really I've made the most mistakes". It was a never ending thing and I was constantly hurt. She also had a really reaally bad influence on all my other realtionships. I'm someone who never really had a close friend group but could hang out with everyone and would hang out with everyone, but when I became her friend I wasn't allowed to hang out with anyone. If I ever sat in the middle of her and another friend and talked to them over her, she would ignore me for the rest of the day and i would feel so hurt and bad as if I did soemthing wrong and only over text would she tell me she was hurt and blame me again. I always had to in the mornings stay in the batheroom with her cause she didn't like other people and if I didn't, again she would tell me that I hated her and didn't care about her or her issues and stuff like that and I would give in and apologyse. So i lost all connections I had with other people exept from her.

I could honseslty go on about the many things shes done but i got carried away and I was wondeirng if i should tell her or send her a message to give the end of the relationship closure, otherwise I'd have to talk to her at school and be nice and she'd never know the impact she really had on me. If so, can anyone help me with it. I can talk about the situation but I still dont want to hurt her when I write the message so thats a bit of the backstory.
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2022.01.26 14:29 Abak3dpotat0 How exactly does Tiamat "spend as many rounds as necessary to laughingly devour her hapless servants five at a time"

So my party are coming up to the final battle and if Tiamat is summoned she supposedly eats the red wizards who summon her five at a time. However by her stat block she can only move on her turn and the red wizards are all so far away that she needs to dash on her turn to get to them and then legendary action to eat them, after she spends 2 legendary actions to bite she isn't even in range to breath weapon the other servants.
This also means that if the players do worse against the red wizards doing the summoning, she has to spend more rounds going around eating them, giving the adventurers more time to blast her. If they kill all but 5 red wizards (with 2 being in one spire and 2 being in another spire so they they are within reach of each other) who are required to summon Tiamat then she takes 4 rounds to kill the 5 and devour Severin's Corpse. If the party leave all red wizards alive then it takes 6 rounds to eat them all giving the party 2 more rounds of blasting her.
I'm probably just going to run it like a cut scene where when she is summoned she swallows Severin whole and the other heads fill each spire with their respective breaths, killing the red wizards instantly and then she turns to the party and the fight begins
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2022.01.26 14:29 NonnaCafe "Mark as read" button(feature request)

I think it would be nice that if you right click the discord logo on the handle bar with the servers the logo right at the the top if you right click it there should be a "mark as read" button which will mark as read from all server you're in, its much easier than marking every folder or worse every server individually, hope this gets implemented.
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2022.01.26 14:29 Panda_Beard92 My revised Johto and Kanto badges for reimagined gyms in the regions!

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2022.01.26 14:29 QuesnelMultigun Quesnel, BC: Winter Brutality 2 Gun Match now on March 5th & 6th

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2022.01.26 14:29 Nobody_Red New natural Disaster Part 1

So basically just something to revive the aldready dead game.
The disaster is ice age. It will occur weekly on a certain day. A glacier will spread from the artic biome and slowly cover the hole map.Land and the sub biome forest will become a copy of the artic. The ocean will become a big artic pond(same size).and the desert will become land. The volcano will not contain lava but obsidien only the actual volcano will contain lava.The glacier will take 5 minutes to spread and the whole effect will last for 20 mins and another 5 minutes for everything to be normal
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2022.01.26 14:29 vandroyi19 Welchen Film eurer Kindheit habt ihr geliebt, könnt ihn aber jetzt nicht mehr sehen, ohne dass es euch peinlich wird?

Bei mir ist es der 1995er Power Rangers-Film. Als Kind habe ich den Film abgöttisch geliebt und die VHS rauf und runter gesehen. Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mir, warum auch immer, den Film nochmal reingezogen, aber nach knapp 30 Minuten wieder ausgemacht, es war mir einfach zu peinlich, diesen Inbegriff des 90er-Trashs weiter anzuschauen. Meine Eltern werden sich bestimmt auch ihren Teil dabei gedacht haben.
Aber dafür bin ich immer noch verknallt in Kimberly.
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2022.01.26 14:29 v8powerbaby Check me

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2022.01.26 14:29 immature_babyy 19F first post here 🥰 what do you think?

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2022.01.26 14:29 JohnBrine Meat hooks just don’t double dip like they used too.

Thats right I said double dip.
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2022.01.26 14:29 Le-on_el_pro why all heroes are good

First, I want to say that English is not my first language, and I might mess up some words. you have been warned
Hello everyone, today I want to explain why all heroes are amazing and why you should use each one.

Quincy- Quincy is probably the most debated hero of all of them so let me explain why he is good. Quincy is a steppingstone hero which means Hes a hero that you place down to defend early rounds so you can get better towers. But that is not his only use, he is also good at destroying Moab's and is good at destroying giant clumps of boons with his abilities. He is best on all maps except a certain few.

Gwen- Gwen is a great hero but has massive flaws like purple bloons and Moab's. But besides that, she is really good for early and mid-game. Her passive ability is really good and can come in clutch, her level 3 ability is also good at defeating clumps of bloons. But where she really shines is with her level 10 ability. Not only does it destroy even the toughest bloons, but it also gives the other towers the passive ability. She is good on beginner and intermediate maps.

Obyn- Obyn is an amazing hero. He was good before the update but now he is even better. If you did not know he used to only buff all magic monkeys and extra buffs to druid and bottom path druid. But in the new update he now buffs every tier druid and gives all magic monkeys 5% cooldown on all abilities. Obyns buffs alone make him a good tower, but his other abilities make him even better. Obyn can pop leads which is very good. His tier 3 ability is good for dealing with the round 40 Moab and camo bloons. His level 10 ability is amazing and only gets better at level 10. he is good on all maps besides a few.

Striker- Striker is sadly not as good as he used to be but can still be helpful. Strikers only purpose is to buff the bomb shooter and mortar. His buffs are ok, but his level 3 ability is what makes him stand out. His level 3 ability is a rocket that stuns bloons/moabs. It's really good for the round 40 Moab and gets better the more he levels up. His level 10 ability can be useful but rarely is needed, until level 20 that is. When he levels up to level 20 strikers' level 10 ability now doubles the damage of all bomb shooters and motors which is amazing. He is only good on certain maps.

Psi- (I will be calling psi a he so don't get angry) Psi is good but only when he is a high level. Psi can one shot most bloons but what really screws him over is his attack speed and levels. Psi attack speed is really slow, and he also levels up really slow but once you get him to the level, he can one shot Moab's is where he becomes excellent. his abilities are fine his level 3 is good, but it has to be close to the track but Hes a sniper. Why would you put him close to the Track? His level 10 is really good thought. knocking back bloons and moabs can really come in clutch. He is good on all maps besides a few.

Churchill- For Churchill you should probably not listen to this one because I only used Churchill like 20 times. Churchill is extremely good when he is on a straight line. his attack is powerful, and his abilities are powerful, but his cost is what makes him bad. He is good on beginner and some intermediate maps.

Ben- Ben is arguably one of the best heroes in the game. Not only does he generate a whole bunch of cash he also buffs banks to make even more money. His level 3 ability is bad, his level 10 is excellent and his bloon trojan is amazing. The only downside is that he is useless in CHIMPS. He is good on every single map.

Ezili- Ezili is good in very niche situations. Like she can one shot a bad, but she is not really good at anything else. She can be useful to buff towers with her totem but that takes 10 lives or 1 if she is a high level. She is good on some maps.

Adora- Adora is good hero. Her boost to the sun avatars are good but you have to sacrifice a tower. her level 3 and 10 are good. You will mainly use Adora for late game or boss events. She is good on most maps.

Sauda- Is one of the best towers in the game but her range is what makes her bad on most maps. He level 3 is really good for destroying strong bloons and her level 10 is amazing for destroying big clumps of bloons. She can also do more damage to bloons if they are stunned which is good but not a lot of towers stun bloons. The only cheap one is 003 ninja. (Or cave monkey if you're on the ice map). She is good on almost every map.

Brickell- Brickell is a good hero. She can buff water towers and VTSG if it's on water. Her abilities are good. level 3 is really good, but her level 10 is not that good. her attack is nothing special. She is good on most maps with water

Pat- Pat is a very good hero. Pats level 3 ability is one of the best in the game. his level 10 is nice but not that good. his attack is very good with its stun and knock back. His only weakness is range. He is good on most maps.

Etienne- Eti is a great hero. His level 3 is a good ability, but his level 10 is amazing. his level 10 can carry you through some rounds and level 20 makes it permanent which is amazing. His passive ability to give camo to every tower one the map is also amazing. He is good on most maps.

What do you think?
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2022.01.26 14:29 hallelooya A Hebrew Teacher Called Herself an Anti-Zionist. She Was Fired.

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2022.01.26 14:29 LouisCrowder Fortnite Funny Moments - Raging at Squads!

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2022.01.26 14:29 CaptainMoist23 What are the restaurants that locals go to on a regular basis in and around San Diego?

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2022.01.26 14:29 realityczek TLDR; Migration assistant FTW? DS1821+ Arrives today - thanks for all your help! Here is the plan.

Well, that escalated quickly. The initial goal was to replace one of the 8TB drives in my DS918+ with a 16TB, and a week later I am taking delivery of:

I WAS thinking (and previous posts mentioned) moving the 4x 8TB to the new hardware, then doing the expansion / replacement dance over the next few days. When I had less than 4x new drives? A good strategy. However, now that I have enough storage to accept the old data, I think this is the plan.
  1. Build the new NAS - put in the 4x 16TB, add the ram and NVME, put int he 10gb card get it all up and running. Build a single SHR-2 array. I will wind up with 32TB of space
  2. Get it up on the new switch
  3. Use migration assistant and transfer the data over ethernet. With a 10gb card int he new server, and the old one doing a bonded network with 2x 1gb (I don't have a 10gb card for the NAS) that should take less than 2 days
  4. Once it is up and running on the new NAS, and I am confident... I will decommission the old NAS. I can then move 2x 8TB drives to the new server and use 2 for other things. I wind up with 48TB total in the SHR2.
  5. note: CloudSync is the only service I currently make use of on the NAS, no funky VM's etc
I think time wise, this is a competitive strategy. Moving the drives, then adding some 16's and then replacing 2 of the 8s was going to be a LOT of playing with the system that would take time anyway. Additionally, this way I get to do a SLIGHT burn in on the new hardware and drives without any risk to my existing NAS. If anything goes wrong? I just stop the migration and go on as before till I straighten it out.
Am I missing something?
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2022.01.26 14:29 Soft_Bred Changing Profile Folder Names

Changing Profile Folder Names Hi, so i was just wondering if it were possible to rename Firefox's profile folders, since they are named a bit weirdly.
Also is there a way to find out which profile relates to what? Like why are there three here? shouldn't there be one?
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2022.01.26 14:29 _StoRmz411_ Expanding on u/marijn118's Preseason Difficulty Ratings (Explanation in Comments)

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2022.01.26 14:29 TLJDidNothingWrong I love how this scene implies that Chopper’s droid programming includes combat knowledge of martial arts

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2022.01.26 14:29 rafmannn White quarter round moulding

I’m looking to finish off my flooring and was looking into white moulding. Home Depot has a few options. Royal moulding seems to have some at a good price but one says PVC white only and the other primed white PVC. Not sure what’s the difference if any. Please let me know what’s a good white quarter molding I should get from Home Depot.
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2022.01.26 14:29 ricartemis Zeus discovers...a friend or foe?!?

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2022.01.26 14:29 Needsigara DeFI Hero Fair launching soon safe dev and experienced team [100x potential token] Join tg to get more info 🚀

The ecosystem welcomes Safe Energy. A future focused project with a community-driven deflationary token designed to raise awareness to the current state of the planet, as well as the critical importance of harnessing renewable energy for use in our ecosystem
DefiHero is a decentralized token launching on binance smart chain ⛓ (BSC)
Invest in the future.! Watch stunning fetal development of defihero on the chart.
🔓 Secured by Technology
In decentralized systems, only the person owns the assets. For this reason, it is considered the safest financial system. Defihero and DEFi ecosystem are coded and supervised by expert engineers. Also, defihero Initial Liquidity will be locked 30days through MUDRA.
When the buyback function is turned on, tokens are bought back from the market, resulting in an immediate effect on the price. The tokens bought through buyback are immediately burned. 2% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. Thanks to auto buyback, auto liquidity and auto burn systems, defihero will grow rapidly.
Massive Marketing
Three percent of each transaction is collected in the marketing wallet, and all the money in this wallet is spent on advertising. Everyone will be talking about defihero Advertising deals with internet celebrities will benefit this. Advertisements and promotions will be made on many different platforms and the number of defi hero investors will be increased continuously.
A Proprietary, Hyper Deflationary Token!
🪙 DEFi degen token ♻️ Buyback System 💧 1 - 3 BNB INITIAL LIQUIDITY 🔓 Liquidity will be locked via mudra 🚢 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tax: 12%: 8% Marketing Wallet 3% team wallet 2% to Liquidity Pool (LP)
Official links:...
Community: https://t.me/Defiherocommunity
Website: https://www.defiherocommunity.org
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/DefiHero_?t=Ba2pOH5vyjjaSxveuCtMOA&s=09
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2022.01.26 14:29 sL1NK_19 I think this tank is broken. First game...

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2022.01.26 14:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - What's the deal with all the Ohio billboards in Texas? | Houston Chronicle

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2022.01.26 14:29 Snowefig How do I get better at math?

So I’m turning 17 soon and I’m still really bad at algebra. I never understood why we have to flip the number to the other side and stuff like that. Everyone else gets it except for me. Is there a website I can use that will teach me in a way that I can understand?
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