Steins;Gate Limited Edition "El Psy Kongroo Edition" extras

2022.01.28 02:16 Browncoat007 Steins;Gate Limited Edition "El Psy Kongroo Edition" extras

Wondering if anybody is looking to sell this version. More specifically if anyone wants to sell the art book and metal upa extras that this version came with (I don't even have a vita or a ps3).
Seems pretty rare. Missed out on a sale on eBay so just thought I'd throw this out there. Send me a message or maybe this'll just prompt someone to put one up on eBay.
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2022.01.28 02:16 BeigeTelephone Equipment rental system plugin?

I run the Media Lab at my local community maker space. I’d like to create a simple and minimal on-line rental system where members can reserve our audio, video, and VR equipment.
Are there any Wordpress plugins or themes that function as equipment rental/item checkout systems?
If no plugins are available, I welcome thoughts on methods for creating a stripped down, basic equipment checkout page.
(My searches so far have only turned up House and Vacation Rental plugins and themes, which don’t have much cross-application with a simple gear rental page)
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2022.01.28 02:16 No_Elk1172 Well..

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2022.01.28 02:16 Eduarda_Goncalves1 Hi everyone✨

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2022.01.28 02:16 YoitsyaboiTOP Sleeping Dogs is fantastic and more should play it

As someone who's gone back to play Sleeping Dogs after beating it a few years ago on PS4, I was genuinely shocked to see how well this game holds up. Yeah okay the graphics aren't anything amazing but the combat and the way you can interact with the environment is exactly what this GTA style of game needs and its a shame we haven't seen a lot of that over the years with these types of games. I honestly think that if Square Enix really pushed this title to the moon and tried for a series it could compete with Saints Row at the very least. What's your thoughts on Sleeping Dogs? I'd love to know.
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2022.01.28 02:16 Rammstein_626 What is the creepiest mask from the purge franchise?

So I just finished watching season 2 of The Purge and I got to say that the GOD mask is way creepier looking than the way it looked in The Purge: Anarchy. In the show the mask looks identical to it's Anarchy counterpart however, the mask in the show has a form of black liquid dripping down from the eye holes. And this is where the spoiler part of the post comes into play: one of the main characters kills the purger(who had the mask on)covering it with blood giving it an even creepier look. Said character goes back to the place after the purge is over to steal the mask. Later on in the season, the same character gets confronted in a cemetery with purgers wearing the same mask(just that the blood on their masks is fake) It was such an unsettling scene i probably would've shit myself if i was in a cemetery with people wearing that GOD mask surrounding me in a circle. What purge mask do you think is creepy?
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2022.01.28 02:16 logazn Anyone know how to fix this issue?just want normal text

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2022.01.28 02:16 Sufficient-Neat-268 Mc has a secret to hide

I’m looking for an anime with a mc that has a secret to hide. For example, in my hero academia, the mc has to keep his power a secret.
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2022.01.28 02:16 BasicTelevision5 Just hurt my back laughing at Shoresy

“Fuck you, Reilly. I made your mom so wet, Trudeau deployed a 24 hour infantry unit to stack sandbags around my bed…”
I’m laughing so hard but in so much pain… and it’s totally worth it.
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2022.01.28 02:16 No-Childhood9390 Trading mintsnake mih and shiny Jose kujo (epic) and zepelin hat LF b tier stand

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2022.01.28 02:16 abhisn Manikandan, one of my favs in recent times, with some outstanding mimicry (4:35 onwards)

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2022.01.28 02:16 286Joseph Naga Kingdom

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2022.01.28 02:16 thirtysecondgenesis Sorry if this is not the right place to post this but...

Whenever I write a song that I like, I have trouble being proud of it because I feel like it wasn't my work or that I'm copying. I know I'm not but even if I am slightly inspired by a existing song's style or when the vibe of a song that I write is similar to an existing one, or if I realize that one small chord change or small part of the melody is slightly similar to a song I know, I feel like a copycat or like I'm taking credit for someone else's work. Sometimes I don't even know what exactly it sounds like but it just feels unoriginal if that makes sense. I always try to restrict myself from predictable chord progressions that I like the first time I play them.
Does anyone else experience this? If this is the wrong place to post this, you can take it down.
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2022.01.28 02:16 Bro_Man_600 Was Fish from Mac Creek really beaten to death over a $5 debt?

Thats what i read online idk if any of y’all heard different. Sounds petty asf if its true. Fish’s death was esp evil since he was reportedly mentally disabled. 800 didn’t have to do him like that.
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2022.01.28 02:16 Bindi_Irwins_Revenge 1999 SPECIAL REPORT: " WIGGERS"

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2022.01.28 02:16 Old_Cartoonist_8825 I stopped playing about a year ago and now have forgotten everything, help

I stopped playing after getting into evil and getting hacks. I came back to the game yesterday and have 1.3bn exp and 1.7mil AP. How do I pick the game back up, I've forgotten the rebirth cycles and and all the progression stuff, plz help
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2022.01.28 02:16 Thecynicalsethla Anyone else just using decks you like and if so what are they?

I'm personally running a mermail/Alantean deck and it's pretty fun. I do admittedly have a few hand traps but for the most part I just send cards from my hand to the GY and destroy/special summon shit. It's not the best but I love it. What are you guys rocking?
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2022.01.28 02:16 randomapple9 Froced Quarantine at Facility for Foreigners

Hello Everyone!
Recently, I have had a few foreign friends test positive for Covid, be asymptomatic, live alone and STILL be taken to quarantine at these 'facilities' against there will. They were taken there because aparently they couldnt communicate with them on the phone in English but the gag was no one at the facility even spoke English making their reasoning null and void!
Some of the conditions at these facilities were terrible like mixed gender sharing rooms (especially terrifying for women), no respect for dietary requirements etc.
Does any one else think this is just straight up discrimination and totally fucked? If so can we get some traction going like we did with getting foreign vaccines recognised here? Like what can we do? Can we write to the embassy etc?
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2022.01.28 02:16 OnlyForeignWhips 4out 1in offense?

Im trying to recruit players to run this offense but I don't know what type of players should I recruit.
Is this offense basically a dominant center surrounding by 3pt shooters?
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2022.01.28 02:16 hopelessboarder Deck Advice

Pulled a few BLS - Sacred Soldier and CED cards so trying to make a deck around them. Moreso just showing all the cards I have that I think could be used.
Any advice on making a deck around these cards? or should I make separate decks for each card?
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2022.01.28 02:16 Shardasaur Going to play my first game of 40K (solohammer)

I unfortunately don’t have any friends that play or a club nearby, so going to have a go at solohammer with my two armies I’ve been painting. My opponent is an idiot… How are these for lists, and any advice for a first solohammer game? Thanks in advance!
——List 1——— Necron 500 Necrons - Combat Patrol - Eternal War ( 3CP - 490PT - 10PT ) Necrons Patrol Detachment ( 2CP - 490PT ) SUB-FACTION: Nephrekh HQ WARLORD: Overlord (125) Staff of light, Resurrection orb TRAITS: Nephrekh: Skin of Living Gold RELICS: Nanoscarab Casket

TROOPS Necron Warriors (260) 10x Necron Warrior 10x Necron Warrior: Gauss reaper ELITES Skorpekh Destroyers (105) 2x Skorpekh Destroyer 1x Skorpekh Destroyer with hyperphase reap-blade 
Total Command Points: 2/5 Reinforcement Points: 10 Total Points: 490/500
——List 2——
Blood angel 500 Adeptus Astartes - Combat Patrol - Eternal War ( 2CP - 495PT - 5PT ) Adeptus Astartes Patrol Detachment ( 2CP - 495PT ) SUB-FACTION: Blood Angels HQ WARLORD: Librarian Dreadnought (155) Heavy flamer TRAITS: The Imperium's Sword PSYCHIC POWERS: Quickening, Wings of Sanguinius RELICS: Adamantine Mantle (Blood Angels)
TROOPS Assault Intercessor Squad (190) 9x Assault Intercessor 1x Assault Intercessor Sergeant FAST ATTACK Outrider Squad (150) 2x Outrider 1x Outrider Sergeant RELICS: Icon of the Angel STRATAGEMS: Angel Ascendant 
STRATAGEMS Angel Ascendant (1CP) Total Command Points: 3/5 Reinforcement Points: 5 Total Points: 495/500
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2022.01.28 02:16 TimTyrant Increase 5* Chance on Birthday

Ok so I have a theory, not so much about lore but actually about your birthday and the gacha system. As we all know when your birthday comes around you gain a birthday cake collectable and a single fragile resin which, while it is helpful, isn't a whole lot. However I have had 3 different people show my physical evidence that they all pulled 5 stars on theirbirthday, outside of pity (one at 9 pulls, one 69, and one 23), of course I have Googled this but all signs point against increased 5 star drop rate on birthday, so I come to my fellow redditors to ask if yall have experienced anything similar and if it is in fact a thing after all.
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2022.01.28 02:16 garlicoinpapyrus Garlic magic mirror

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2022.01.28 02:16 yohulugi 🌳🏠

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2022.01.28 02:16 Yimmelo B Y U

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