There really isn't another band in the world like Sabbath!

2022.01.20 04:48 GTJ007 There really isn't another band in the world like Sabbath!

I dunno why but whenever I am high I love listening to Black Sabbath. But no other band has been able to capture that doomish rock and roll 70s sound. Even ozzy when he went solo doesn't capture the feeling. Black Sabbath just kicks so much ass
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2022.01.20 04:48 TheGameAce Substrate recommendations?

Getting prepared to set up an old 10-gallon as a tank for plants, shrimp, and fry. I want to set it up as best I can, so I was wondering if anyone has recommendations on a good substrate, or combination of substrates?
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2022.01.20 04:48 meoskyan_art cat pancakes! [art]

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2022.01.20 04:48 Downtown-Reaction-38 What’s the best gun to voucher please don’t send a video to beasts video i wanna know ur guys fav gun that is fun and hard hitting

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2022.01.20 04:48 Time_splitter gUiLd wArS tOo

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2022.01.20 04:48 Lagmaster4life i think i’ll kill everyone

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2022.01.20 04:48 According-Donkey4310 What does it really mean to be starseed?

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2022.01.20 04:48 No_Estate_243 TradingView Review [2022] – Is TradingView Worth It?

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2022.01.20 04:48 WinkNudgeSayNoMore Klaasje was just bait

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2022.01.20 04:48 Bryant60 Applying for internal jobs

So I received an email and was set up with an interview for one of the jobs I applied for. When I went to my applications, it now shows that job as “under consideration.” For a while this was the only response I got but I applied to more jobs and now it says I am “under consideration” for about 20 jobs, however I haven’t received any more emails. Is it possible that they are now going to my employee email instead of my personal one? A little while ago I received a message that my Amazon jobs profile was now linked to my work email. I’ve still been receiving confirmations at my personal email when I apply for jobs, but like I said I haven’t actually heard from any of the hiring managers. The only one I ever heard from was the very first one that became “under consideration.” So basically I’m wondering if they started going to my work outlook email. So anyway I finally accessed/set up my outlook email today and there was nothing in it but perhaps I had been sent emails that never went through. Does anyone know if they typically send those emails to your personal email or if you’re expected to check outlook? Sorry I know it’s a weird and long question but any answers are appreciated and I would be very frustrated if there were messages I wasn’t receiving.
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2022.01.20 04:48 lacks868 2021 OMS Analytics t-shirt

Hi, Just wondering if any persons in the Fall 2021 intake got their tshirt as yet. That’s if you signed up for one. Don’t know if they were mailed out as yet.
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2022.01.20 04:48 lochydjango r/VeChainTrader Subdirect Statistics

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2022.01.20 04:48 TheBitchIsBackMF This is never not true

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2022.01.20 04:48 KHABIBp4p Iphone app

Is the app worth it? And does it work properly without any bugs?
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2022.01.20 04:48 nevertheher0 "Even seedy loan sharks have feelings" a few redditors said he'd grow on me (I wasn't pleased initially after he took my lunch money). But darn it, they were spot on. One of the things I'm loving about this series is how they nail a natural feel for the dialog.

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2022.01.20 04:48 hi_pumpkin_girl brother continues to leave his candles burning overnight… what to do

my brother is 18 and i am 21. we live with our parents and my brother gets high every single night. he lights multiple 3 wick and single wick candles at once, to “set the mood,” or “the vibes.” but the thing is, he gets so high he falls asleep and forgets to blow out his candles. he has this placed sporadically around his room. one on his amp, desk, dresser, even the floor.
i end up staying up when i should be asleep to make sure his candles are out. we’ve woken up multiple times to smelling a candle on in the morning because he left it burning all night. he doesn’t care and doesn’t believe that it is a fire hazard. what can my mom or i say or do to get it through his head that if he can’t remember to blow out the candles then don’t light them. thank u in advance
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2022.01.20 04:48 ifeel_king5 K I N G - music kare heal (2022)

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2022.01.20 04:48 equuleusstar Whose death do you think has made the world a better place?

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2022.01.20 04:48 happydaddyintx77 What one hit wonder continued to make music you enjoy?

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2022.01.20 04:48 VeryNotDead After gaining my motivation back, i have put some details on it

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2022.01.20 04:48 ghostofhedges Experience buff should increase each month after launch of SoM

If both quest experience and killing mobs experience starts to become higher all the way to 100%, would benefit the whole idea of a short season of classic. As time progresses the levelling part of the game becomes less relevant, and in order for the game to receive new players or rerolls to fill raiding spots this can help guilds find the players needed for their rooster.
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2022.01.20 04:48 SageSaturnalia Hey, 👉👈🥺💋this is how I turn my receipts into free gift cards. Try the app and use my referral code NMGAG for us both to get points but use before your first receipt!!!!! So we get our bonus pts!

I’m trying to buy myself a coat and gloves to stay warm. Please help a girl out I’m struggling I can’t even walk in snow higher than an inch or two due to no boots. Every person helps so much I also spread other peoples codes around when I don’t need them for the rest of you guys!!!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME NOT FREEZE TO DEATH waiting for the bus!!!
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2022.01.20 04:48 Dopebox81 Yeah same

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2022.01.20 04:48 earthillumination Do you have enough squishy's that you can fall into them and it's all soft and cozy? 😻💜

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