His friends car has low mileage and thats totally cool

2022.01.16 20:05 FemaleBodyInspector5 His friends car has low mileage and thats totally cool

My boyfirend has friends that all seem really cool. One of them Waren has been checking me out alot lateley. I didnt think he saw me catch him looking thr first time as i was leaving from coffee and i saw him at work. But ive been noticing from a distance. He seems harmless and like a pretty good guy. I walked right by him today and pretended like i didnt notice him notice me. I guess ive just been kind of nervous to break the ice with him. Well one of us has to do. So i guess next time i see him i will intoduce myself. One of us has to right?
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2022.01.16 20:05 ghoostunderthelight A friend unknowingly hated on my fic

I'm laughing my ass off. I was talking with a friend of mine and I dont know how we started talking about fanfictions and they bring a fanfic up, as soon as they described the plot I recognized it as an old fanfic I wrote when I was a beginner. They began saying how bad and OOC everything was + a few other things which to be honest were true. I went along and pretended to not know about the fic, not only because I was a little embarassed but because I didn't want to generate unnecesary tension or make them think I was angry. They told me they never shared their opinion with anyone before... I just think it's hilarious how when they finally shared it, it was with the author herself 💀 Anyway, it was awkward but really funny. That is why I don't talk about fics I read to other people unless I have good things to say: You never know if you are talking to the person who wrote them!
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2022.01.16 20:05 Mentaldonkey1 Commissioned of the recipient’s passed friend. Me, 1/16/22, pencil and office pen.

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2022.01.16 20:05 punkrockresumes Idk if anyone else has made this comparison, but this is all I see when they show Dalton

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2022.01.16 20:05 StormyUwU3311 I keep getting error code 0 whenever i boot a minecraft 1.16.5 modpack from a third party launcher.

I have tried so many fixes but none have worked. I have a server I want to play 1.16.5 modpacks on. Please help.
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2022.01.16 20:05 throwawaylurker012 The “Tuesday Morning” Rabbit Hole + Revisiting the CMBS “Bigger Short” Pt. 1: RC’s Tweet, TUEM v. TUES, & 92 Days

The “Tuesday Morning” Rabbit Hole + Revisiting the CMBS “Bigger Short” Pt. 1: RC’s Tweet, TUEM v. TUES, & 92 Days 1. Backstory: The “Tuesday Morning” Meme
On Apr. 12th, Ryan Cohen first posted this picture of a GameStop store in Culver City, CA:

Many GME holders, Superstonk users, and even GMEDD.com researchers jumped on potential connections to GME, including whether it might signal “diamond hands” based on the kid’s Minecraft “diamond sword” toy, the store’s proximity to both SpaceX & SLGG HQ, and more. Later Wu-Tang/PleasrDAO theories touched on RC’s hoodie in this pic (and even that Wu-Tang Day fell on Tues., Nov., 9th). But what I realized in looking into this RC tweet was that with all the “Tuesday Morning” memes, there was no actual tweet by RC featuring a Tuesday Morning storefront. For some reason, I always thought there was but there wasn’t. The “Tuesday Morning” phrase came when users noticed a pic of this mall on Google Maps:

Some theories talked about whether the “Tuesday Morning” space might also be expanded into for an e-gaming space, especially after u/kawstacos posted that the store had emptied out:
But, as far as I know, ideas for an e-sports venue there never materialized. This is also when we all found out GameStop already has an e-gaming center in Dallas with Complexity. (Coincidentally, Tuesday Morning is another homegrown Texas retail company (just like GME), and is based out of Dallas.)
I wanted to see if any other Superstonk DD had touched upon any more “Tuesday Morning” connections and stumbled upon this post by u/shamelessamos92:
As far as I could find, no other post made this mention of Tuesday Morning having weird stock movements.
2. Approaching the Rabbit Hole: TUEM’s Abnormal Trading Volume & Price Movement
After seeing shamelessamos’ post, it made me want to dig further. Whether or not RC was trying to signal this (which grew increasingly unlikely), it still was a weird enough graph that made me want to dig further, even as I hadn’t even known the company was on the stock exchange.
What had actually started all of this and first pushed me down this Tuesday Morning rabbit hole on a Saturday night was–in essence–a treasure hunt, with me hunting down examples of abnormal trading volume spikes in meme stocks. I had started by looking into abnormal trading volume spikes in the main meme basket stocks outside of GME & popcorn (EXPR, KOSS, etc.), until I eventually was fanning out and looking at a very different chart for a very different stock after reading up on a list of retail companies hit hard by Covid last year. It made me look up Tuesday Morning and its ticker TUEM:

TUEM started trading on January 13th, 2021. It opened with about 200-500K worth of trading volume in mid-January, then its price edged up on 1-2.5 million shares traded between Jan. 21st-27th during the sneeze. Few other days last year also saw 1-2 mil. worth of volume (May 12th, June 14th, Oct. & Nov. 4th) and 2-3 mil. worth (May 6th, Sept. 27th), but those days still caused generally steep climbs or drops in the price. But let’s be honest: those days aren’t what stands out most on this chart in terms of abnormal volume.
What does stand out are those giant Shrek dildos and red crayons clustered around mid-Sept., where the price flash crashed by half then bubbled back up over a few days. It dropped on nearly 7 million volume on Sept. 9. Everyone’s favorite sphincter sommelier MarketWatch addressed it this way:
Tuesday Morning Corporation (NASDAQ:TUEM) was sure having a rough Thursday morning. The retailer's stock was down by more than 39% on the back of fresh quarterly results. Tuesday Morning is not followed by many analysts (fOrGeT Tuesday Morning? Chukumba much?); Yahoo! Finance lists but a single one…”
TUEM did release quarterly results that week, but then, in the span of the next few days, millions more traded before finding its biggest day of volume on Sept. 16 at nearly 21 million shares traded (!) So a quick look at its chart saw that we have a company that just started trading in Jan. 2021 and already has such odd trading volume and–to some degree–price movement, even around the “sneeze”. I looked to Fintel for more and saw it offered some answers in a common GME refrain: current short interest was ~11%, with 13 days to cover (!).

Apart from seeing the spikes in FTDs prop up around the time of that major flash crash, you’ll even notice that it almost looks like FTDs existed even before it started trading or near the start of its run. The FTD numbers may not be much in the grand scheme of its float: at 86 million shares outstanding, TUEM’s float is a bit above GME’s. One thing that same American apes might also call out about Tuesday Morning is that it can’t have just started in Jan. 2021. Lots of American apes have seen stores befreseems like it’s cut a bit short (heh). But this doesn’t seem to make too much sense, as probably a good number of American apes have seen Tuesday Morning before 2021. Why’s that again, you mayo-fondling Motley Fools?
“Also that month, it successfully relisted its stock on the Nasdaq one year after it had been pulled from the exchange due to the bankruptcy.”
That’s right. The nearly 50 year old retailer went bankrupt just under a year before trading algos got launched on it again.
  1. TUES and Why Did Tuesday Morning Go Bankrupt? Before it was TUEM, it was TUES. The discount homegoods retailer shares a lot of similarities with GME, apart from sharing space with it in strip malls and retail centers. Before its death rattle, it had some championing it like their own pseudo-DFVs who raged against the dying of the TUES light after it went under, arguing that it was an “unusual bankruptcy opportunity” for a company with low leverage, growing sales after being flat for years before going under, and with enough cash to walk from leases (like perhaps the one we saw in RC’s Culver City tweet). Company CEO Steve Becker laid bare that TUES really was trying to make big moves before the lights went out, including boosting its supplier base, improving brands & variety, while revamping leadership and its tech side of the company. Becker’s pleas here reminded me a bit of GME, both before, as well as after in terms of the turnarounds that TUES wanted (bigger inventory, SKUs for example) was something GME was able to implement for itself.
So in short, what happened? In part, it faced competition from TJX, which owns Marshalls and TJ Maxx, is–and was–one of Tuesday Morning’s biggest competitors. Critics of Tuesday Morning said their inventory wasn’t particularly “exciting”, and that it faced harsh competition from those TJX properties. Looking at charts for companies like TJ Maxx, no immediate or abnormal stock movement stuck out around the time that TUES went under. Some argued when it announced bankruptcy of issues in planning its major distribution center in Phoenix, AZ, or having too many under-performing stores, sometimes far too close together. Other critics said that because its revenue was primarily driven by in-person shopping at its stores vs. online transactions, this had hurt it and was only accelerated by Covid.
One critic stuck out the most in his vitriol: Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail. Saunders has commented on other failing businesses in the past, including Toys ‘R Us (“As the competitive dynamics of the toy market intensified, management failed to respond and evolve. As such, the brand lost relevance, customers and ultimately sales…”) and Bed Bath after its AH spike (“Anything with the use of the word ‘marketplace’ and ‘digital sales’ and things like that tends to have a very positive inflationary effect on stock…”), but not ever directly commented on GME to my knowledge. His words:
“While consumers do not expect off-price discount retailers to have a perfectly curated selection of merchandise, they do demand that the range is reasonably coherent and contains interesting finds…Unfortunately, Tuesday Morning often fails to deliver (heh) this. Many stores are not so much an Aladdin’s cave of exciting treasures as a jumbled flea market of whatever buyers could seemingly get their hands on…While the shop floor of off-price retailers may look random, putting together a range requires enormous skill and a certain degree of flair. In our view, Tuesday Morning lacks both."

Ouch. You can look here and decide for yourself.
When Covid started in March 2020, Tuesday Morning did furlough workers, but also tried to renegotiate rent (50%) for its leases which 50 buildings allowed. But the others? Many threatened to terminate TUES’ leases or even lock out Tuesday Morning from its stores.
Tuesday Morning wasn’t the only one to divebomb at that time and get hit hard with lease issues: TUES went bankrupt just days after Le Pain Quotidien, a French bakery chain, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well. But just like TUES wanted to become a beautiful butterfly when it would metamorphose into TUEM, in July 2021, Le Pain Quotidien announced that it was coming back too. This happened after it was able to exit from ~60 leases, in a move the presiding judge saw as “unusual”. (For what reason it was unusual, I’m not sure yet.) But no matter for both. For Becker & Co., in May 2020, Tuesday Morning went bankrupt. It became the 5th retail company to go under due to Covid since the pandemic hit stateside in March 2020. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, saying that long Covid closures of all ~700 stores hurt too much even while it got a $55 million loan (“credit facility”, like GME recently got) to help in late March 2020. TUES’ Chapter 11 would help shed debt and liabilities, even as it still hoped to restructure as a stronger company. Post bankruptcy, now TUEM, Tuesday Morning added 2 Burlington of Burlington Coat Factory executives: Marc Katz (Interim Finance Chief) & Fred Hand (Chief Executive).
  1. “Shorts” Cometh Before the Fall At this point, many of you are wondering that considering TUEM has such weird movement, maybe TUES did too? And you’d be right.

The stock ultimately stopped trading after being listed on June 5th, 2020, but not without encountering crazy high volume a few days before, including 50 million shares traded on May 28th (notice how barely visible the average daily volume is on the bottom row of this chart).
But the biggest potential fuckery callout was found in one SeekingAlpha article:

Yes, you read that right. More than 92 days to cover.
A few years before it shut down, that SeekingAlpha writer discussed that yes, shorts might have found one of its biggest Achilles heels in its supply chain (see Arizona distribution center, or trucking deliveries from CA to TX and back) and if it fixed issues like retail peer Olli did (a Wall Street darling that popped from $20 to $88 around that time). Even CEO Becker called out poor foresight in geographically planning stores (Olli was mainly on the East Coast), but it was still seen as a proverbial “Short Me” sign on its back that gave this insane number especially once it was dropped from market indexes. But fucking still, you had 26% short interest (!) for ~12 million shares shorted out of a float of ~46 million outstanding shares to trade!
The comments on that article include some shocked comments:
Yet you are absolutely right that with improvement expected, it makes no sense to be short at $3. But the stock, on a fundamental basis, while modestly undervalued, has become a value trap, of sorts.
I'd almost guarantee that this is being looked at. Perhaps Becker has high confidence he can turn TUES around and keep TUES independent, but a buyout is likely a wildcard he's keeping in his pocket.
PS: This is what makes such a huge unhedged short position seem unlikely.
So it seems as if in its worn down history, Tuesday Morning has bit shit on by shorts, including as TUES (~26% short interest, 92 days to cover) as much as TUEM (11% short interest, 13 days to cover).
5. Tunneling Through to CMBS Loans: Pulling Layers Back From the CMBS Onion
For Tuesday Morning, the rabbit hole I dug into the most included leases, just like the ones Le Pain tried desperately to get out. While researching Tuesday Morning, I ran across an analytics firm called Trepp Analytics that was covering. It mentioned that Tuesday Morning had hoped to sell itself to get out of bankruptcy. Then I came across this chicken nugget:
“A large number of CMBS loans are backed by malls with Tuesday Morning as a tenant. ‘An example is the $46.5M Redlands Town Center loan which makes up 4.88% of GSMS 2017-GS6. That deal is part of CMBX 11," Trepp Analytics reported.’
In fact, I found a number of property portfolios featuring CMBS loans that propped up malls around the US, each featuring Tuesday Morning as a tenant. Whether it was suburban malls in California (Starwood Mortgage Capital (SMC) in a $10 mil. refinancing deal), North Carolina (Absolut Financial’s 2016 $11 mil. loan), or Virginia (KeyBank’s 2019 $25 mil. loan for a Safeway “anchored” site), several instances existed of CMBS debt being supported or refinanced featuring Tuesday Morning as a tenant (or leading tenant).
Remember Starwood Mortgage Capital (SMC)? Who refinanced CMBS debt at that California suburban mall that leased to Tuesday Morning? Fun fact: they also originated loans for 3 Gamestop properties.
And how about CMBX 11? Trepp mentioned that Tuesday Morning’s leases existed in a CMBS called CMBX 11. Even if it sounds like a new Nvidia graphics card that I can’t afford, instead CMBX 11 is a name of a group of CMBS loans, or commercial mortgage backed securities.
Well let’s look at CMBX 11, which is a package of loans of commercial mortgage backed securities.

“A large number of CMBS loans are backed by malls with Tuesday Morning as a tenant. ‘An example is the $46.5M Redlands Town Center loan which makes up 4.88% of GSMS 2017-GS6.” Now “GSMS 2017-GS6” may sound like word salad, but this loan (bottom row) was considered #10 of the largest loans behind CMBX.11 as of 2020.
1/5th of all CMBX.11 is retail loans like Tuesday Morning and Tuesday Morning had at least one store, that California store that Trepp mentioned, in CMBX.11.
CMBX.11 is just one set of mortgage loans that exists. Here’s a 2019 report by MP Securitized Credit Partners commenting on one another one: CMBX.6: Shorting CMBX.6 BB & BBB- rated tranches provides a great opportunity to capitalize on this dislocation…Our thesis for shorting the CMBX.6 is based on the performance of the 17% of mall loans in this index – a small percentage of loans having such a large impact demonstrates how leveraged the bonds are to the outcome of these properties. Additionally, since a loan cannot pay off above par, any outperformance for the non-mall properties would not offset projected losses on the mall loans. If the macro economy weakens, we would expect performance on the non-mall loans to be worse than historical averages, which would result in additional upside to the short.
Malls? CMBX.6? Well, we’ve just started, but I hope that going into the next post, I can begin to at least pull back some of the layers on the onion that are loans backing commercial, office, and retail spaces–just like what we saw in Tuesday Morning–just like the ones you see in this chart:
From the 2019 MP Securitized Credit Partners report.
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2022.01.16 20:05 boboslippyslime Almost 30K nurse positions need to be filled just since SCOTUS ruling. Nurse vacancies struggling to stay under 1 million. When they talk about 'hospitals are overwhelmed'.. we know why.

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2022.01.16 20:05 Quruli55 Mid Tower Cases with USB C 3.2 Gen 2 Options

I'm starting a new build and was looking for mid tower cases that can support the usb c 3.2 gen 2 feature on my mobo. I'm currently looking at the NZXT H710 which on their website supports it: https://nzxt.com/product/h710 But on the amazon list it says it only supports USB C 3.1 and I can save ~$20 getting it on Amazon vs the NZXT website.
If there are any other viable mid tower cases that have guaranteed 3.2 gen 2 support please let me know.
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2022.01.16 20:05 NiftyDriftNFT New Token on the Block! DNT

Found this token: https://info.uniswap.org/#/pools/0x0846f0e96eeeb5e0cde0e1fbd415527da7857bcb can be worth looking into.
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2022.01.16 20:05 edwardolardo Finished training with Whis for SSB, now horde but Piccollo/Gohan too low Lv.

What should i do? Piccollo sux (lv 46) and Gohan is only lv 75. Horde battles too strong atm lol
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2022.01.16 20:05 kayla69420 New NICU Mom

Hi everyone! My water broke January 6th, and on January 14th I finally gave birth to my 32w0d baby after being in labor for a little over 35 hours! I just got back home, while he’s still in NICU. My heart is breaking as I type this. I was expecting to bring home my baby. He’s still at the hospital. I feel like I’ve abandoned him. I feel like a horrible mom - what could I have done differently to prevent him from coming early? I just feel like everything is my fault. Please, please tell me what’s keeping you other parents going! Sending all of you my love and prayers.
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It's an Ukko! It's an Ukkoskivi! No, it's electrofish!
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2022.01.16 20:05 themoorofvenice The Big Read: At your service — or perhaps not, as manpower crunch worsens for hotels and restaurants

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