da576 y587y nirhf bizae bzs44 4h22z a5262 trsrk a5zsb 6tkry tteai 84yzr f2f6t 6k8k5 hkz76 23nae 8t2dt 9bit3 33k7y 6485b 3bri8 10 year old ASUS machine 4 GB 512 GB HDD still runs with Windows 10. |

10 year old ASUS machine 4 GB 512 GB HDD still runs with Windows 10.

2022.01.24 14:06 aloner-pro 10 year old ASUS machine 4 GB 512 GB HDD still runs with Windows 10.

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2022.01.24 14:06 its_shawn9 Where do you get utgers branded masks?

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2022.01.24 14:06 Freddy1019 Do people actually cover shots for the whole bar like in the movies/tv shows?

Don’t really go to the bar but I’ve always wondered for people that go has there ever been a time or more someone paid for shots for the whole bar?
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2022.01.24 14:06 Alexshervashidze I think Apple must add Passcode verification for turning off an iPhone and do not allow us to turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi when iPhone is locked. Correct me if i’m wrong.

Find my iPhone is useless without internet…take into account that only iphone 11 and above can be detected when its turned off
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2022.01.24 14:06 Mint_bagels Black crystal of the mages guild

How does one go about fulfilling the lumiest achievement of obtaining the 4 black crystals of the mage guild. The only 4 black crystals i see are put on podiums outside where i can reach in the map.
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2022.01.24 14:06 whatdoiwanttoday As far as I understand it there are optimizations in pop os for system76 laptops. Is there a way to get those optimizations in other distros?

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2022.01.24 14:06 ShitWoman I’m gonna HODL these for life!! My precious doge!

I’m gonna HODL these for life!! My precious doge! submitted by ShitWoman to dogecoin [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:06 v0id_walk3r Yashica fx3 super 2000 light metering

Heya, I have the aforementioned camera and some pentacon six and m42 lenses with adapters. Does anybody know how the yashica meters in such situations? The aperture pin is not engaged if I use a lens with an adapter, so does the camera meter according to available light or does it still compute with some default apreture (like 1.2 or similar)? Does anybody know? My question, as it is, could be summed up like: Can I trust the in-camera light menetering even if I am using lenses via adapters that do not report the currently selected apreture back to the camera? Thank you!
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2022.01.24 14:06 AWOLbunny New to this sub, have a question about my pothos plant.

I am new to gardening in general, had my first halfway successful garden this summer. So I just have a question.
When I bought my house, I inherited a pothos plant which had been growing from a pot screwed into the wall. I left the pot where it was for a long while, just pouring in water and the occasional plant food, it grew and grew, pretty long vines now.
This weekend I decided it definitely is ready for a new pot so I unscrewed it from the wall and realized the soil was full of these tiny white worms. Very small, but numerous.
Admittedly, the plant was way overdue for its new pot, especially as it’s hanging pot had no way draining. I have a feeling the worms are from flies who laid their eggs in the yucky stagnant water. It did not stink, but I am embarrassed because I should have recognized this and fix this for my poor plant long ago.
Anyway, I haven’t added any insecticides, but I did wash a bunch of them into a garbage bag during my transplant.
Does anyone have any experience with tiny white worms in their pothos soil? Is there anything more I should do to prevent them from invading again? Will the new pot with better drainage fix my issues? I’ll of course be keeping a better eye on the soil now that my plant is in a place I can actually reach...
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2022.01.24 14:06 vector_senpai I’ve a smaller than average dick and my ex use to tease me for it, how do I get my confidence back?

(M)Basically I’m ~4in down there and my ex use to make fun of my dick and she use to hit me as well . Ever since the breakup I’m unable to find confidence to engage in anything sexual so much so that I don’t even want to go on dates or anything.
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2022.01.24 14:06 McElnoise_bot Adjacent - 'MBMBaM 594: The Trumpet'

Welcome to the TAZCirclejerk MBMBAM episode discussion thread, for your dose of McElnoise!
MBMBaM 594: The Trumpet

Ha ha ha! It’s the great Mambo revival over here and we’ve run out of names of people, so here is just 63:51 of trumpet. Enjoy!
Suggested talking points: Proto-Vuvuzela, My Good Barley Man, Burger Burger Mushroom, MOOstache, The Chimney Man
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2022.01.24 14:06 Buke_Holler 6 years ago today, something happened that I posted about 1 year ago today, when it was 5 years from that day. Please upvote thanks

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2022.01.24 14:06 S4helanthropus Can someone work this out for me I’m genuinely curious

I seen someone with 309 flea rep yesterday selling stuff on the flea. Yes. 309. My question is how much money do I have to put through the flea before I have that rep?
Also FYI that allows 6 sell slots and it’s not even the max
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2022.01.24 14:06 sadcereal Used M240I Carfax Report

I would appreciate a second set of eyes on a vehicle that I have my eye on.
I'm looking at a used 2018 M240I with just under 48,000 miles priced at around $36.5k. 16 service records and < 14k miles driven per year, but two accidents reported - One with minor damage to the front end, another with moderate damage to the entire rear (back left, rear, back right). Images of the car seem to show no evidence of any damage to the exterior.
Carfax claims it is listed at a great price for a couple grand below their estimated value, but I suspect that's because of the two accidents on the report. Would the listed accidents be enough to steer you away? Otherwise, is there anything in specific I should be checking for if I were to see the vehicle in person?
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 14:06 Confident_Pin_3281 Hey Everybody , I have been experiencing low t symptoms since I was 19, I am a 25m who exercises 4-5 times a week and is active. I don’t drink really and eat healthy foods about 80% of the week. Typical symptoms of ed, low libido ect. If anybody has any insight to my blood work that would help.

Hey Everybody , I have been experiencing low t symptoms since I was 19, I am a 25m who exercises 4-5 times a week and is active. I don’t drink really and eat healthy foods about 80% of the week. Typical symptoms of ed, low libido ect. If anybody has any insight to my blood work that would help. submitted by Confident_Pin_3281 to Testosterone [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:06 Captincat1273 My big cat

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2022.01.24 14:06 sunilksamanta Sitakund waterfall

Sitakund waterfall submitted by sunilksamanta to pics [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:06 pesver27 Nathan Fake - Help me determine the name of the style

I love specifically two songs by Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink (Holden Remix), and Outhouse (original).
What genre of music is this classified as? So I can find similar…
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2022.01.24 14:06 ttyltyler Chrome crashes whenever I try and type into a website such as outlook or gmail.

My chrome keeps just crashing whenever I try and type anything in any website. For example if I try and compose an email I can type the website into chrome and go to the site, but if I try and do anything in the site it just crashes when I type.
Other browsers I use don’t have this problem. I use edge and it hasn’t had any of these issues. I’m just so confused because this never happened to me before, I’ve tried clearing cache, redownloading chrome, restarting my laptop, nothing is working.
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2022.01.24 14:06 Specific-Ad239 Anyone have this? Message me

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2022.01.24 14:06 CJungmemegod What are my odds of getting IUOE apprenticeship?

I recently applied at the 450 in Houston. Interviews are April, so I won't know if I am accepted for a few months. I am wondering what my chances of being accepted into the apprenticeship program are? Should I apply at other unions? Obviously its not random, they select people based who they think will do well. But I am trying to get a ball park estimate of how likely it is I will get in to decide if I should apply at other unions or maybe take classes for a CDL. thanks
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2022.01.24 14:06 iamcalifw 🐶 MetaShiba - Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🚀 Renounced Ownership | KYC In Progress 💲Did you miss Doge, ShibaInu, FlokiInu? Don't miss MetaShiba ($METASHIBA) - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

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Renounced Ownership : https://bscscan.com/address/0x1d6B84dB7AE8081410727f6565443501CEf8d0a4#readContract
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2022.01.24 14:06 Idunno-9923 Artwork I did

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2022.01.24 14:06 mrtanack Please stop creating new posts about the NFTs

Not sure how many posts we need about this. Please keep discussion in either:
The Original Post
The post featuring the photos
If you've noticed your post has been removed, or your comment is in a removed post, feel free to copy + paste them in the comments of either thread above.
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2022.01.24 14:06 digitalcitizenalpha Red Sonja

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