PRC? It ain’t China, it’s a... victory?

2022.01.28 14:17 ben81PRO PRC? It ain’t China, it’s a... victory?

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2022.01.28 14:17 aloite_bot [Espoo] Kuntoportaat Niipperiin

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2022.01.28 14:17 loriterry123 Divorced but 💯available for new Cubs😏 I’m looking for a young age I’m okay financially I’ll take care your responsibilities

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2022.01.28 14:17 Zutikivi UPDATE:i made franz in the backround

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2022.01.28 14:17 Shatalroundja Let's Go Brandon.

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2022.01.28 14:17 phaulski Need of these at a slightly different angle for break shot practice

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2022.01.28 14:17 globeworldmap “Laissez-faire” is a documentary divided into two parts. Its purpose is to demonstrate how, in the past 250 years, liberal philosophy has influenced people’s lives all over the world.

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2022.01.28 14:17 urmama331 4868

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2022.01.28 14:17 throwaway171717173 Ban wave?! Or does everyone always die to a hacker?

I saw one post on here from someone saying a ban wave happened and now everybody is posting LoOk HaCkEr. I doubt there was a ban wave and just think you all need to check yourself because, you die in this game from one shot doesn’t mean it was a hacker. Don’t you think if they did a ban wave BSG would have tweeted about how many accounts they banned? They keep us up to date constantly and I fully believe at least one of them look through this wiki and all the posts about hackers. They would have been like “look at all these 1,237,567,796,467 accounts we banned” just to make sure everyone knows they are trying. I’ve played 3000 hours and maybe MAYBE one time have I felt I was hacked on. Maybe it’s just the servers I play I don’t know.
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2022.01.28 14:17 Dawn-dude64 Undertale nft!

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2022.01.28 14:17 ferrric Getting 24+ inches of snow tomorrow. Will I regret waiting for it all to fall before snow blowing?

Trying to figure out if it’s best to snowblow a couple times incrementally during the day or just once at the end. I’ve never used my snow blower in this much snow before though- it’ll be taller than its bucket.
I have an ariens snotek 24”
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2022.01.28 14:17 wraglavs Ada-1 is selling Sheltering Energy today

Last time she sold it was 10+ months ago.
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2022.01.28 14:17 MrTrikster366 Konfiskata samochodu za spowodowanie wypadku po pijaku. Rząd będzie zabierać już nie tylko pieniądze - NCZAS.COM

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2022.01.28 14:17 Playful-Feed4161 ELON PUNKZ

The Elon Punk Yacht Club
Is this the next Crypto Punks?
The Elon Punk Yacht Club (EPYC) is a FREE NFT project that reached 500 members within 24h!
They are giving away FREE NFTs as we speak!
All New and Improved Discord Server has been Created!!
Earn FREE NFTs in the process!!
white_check_markGet Your Free Elon Punk NFT Today! white_check_mark Join NOW! white_check_mark Polygon Blockchain! white_check_mark 6969 Unique Elon Punks! white_check_mark Mint/reveal date Feb 6 14:00 GMT!
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2022.01.28 14:17 craig_b2001 This is my art. Should I stop making NFTs?

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2022.01.28 14:17 MyEndIsSoon H: Good weaps W: AA/B/TS heavies or AA/Q/B commando offers

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2022.01.28 14:17 oeo2oo2ow9eoe Its true

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2022.01.28 14:17 Mysterious_Wing_2250 Snapchat are wiping everyone out

I have lost count of how many peoples snaps are being deleted, most of them for no reason at all.
In my opinion everyone should just boycott this app now
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2022.01.28 14:17 Sun_Hill Biology question involving saliva and a fleshlight.

This is a little disgusting but I need to know. Basically I've got a fleshlight, if you don't know what it is it's a sex toy for guys, it looks/feels like a pussy and you put your dick in it. Your supposed to use some kind of sexual lubricant like ky or something. I didn't have any on hand, so I figured why not use some good old spit. I used a generous amount of spit and proceed to finish(cum). I went ahead and used it again the next day without cleaning it(yes I'm disgusting thank you) the same way with saliva. I then didn't use it for like 4-5 days. Then I decided to give the old plastic pussy the in out in out however upon inspection, and this is kinda nasty so brace yourself, the inside had the tiniest of creatures. White almost maggot like but very small, alive though. I immediately washed it out with soap. So my question; what the hell were those things? I'm guessing the heat combined with the bacteria in saliva and the proteins and shit in semen gave birth to these things. Now bacteria and maggots and grow almost anywhere but these were combined with semen, sperm cells. Could these creatures have human DNA or whatever? They were made with sperm cells. Semen left alone won't turn into bacteria or anything right. And I don't think saliva by itself will either. But combined some sort of living creatures were produced. Is it some sort of biological abomination like that move the fly? These sperm cells came to life, what the fuck does that mean? Is it an alien race?
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2022.01.28 14:17 Beautylo Suhani kapoor cum drainer

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2022.01.28 14:17 Olivesplace War Meal

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2022.01.28 14:17 SnackinYT [H] 3 $15 Fandango Cards [W] 80% PayPal

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2022.01.28 14:17 SoloAldous Hate it when it happens

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2022.01.28 14:17 cinemillstv After 38 Years In Prison, America Is Not The Same

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2022.01.28 14:17 barchartcom An Introduction to Naked Puts

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