First Prints Support

2022.01.17 05:01 Tobar26th First Prints Support

First Prints Support Hey all,

THanks to those who helped me with setting up yesterday.

I've succesfully run my first prints overnight but have some follow up questions

First and foremost what's the best method for cleaning the resin tank? I've poored excess back to the bottle but there's obviously still some left. It's a water washable resin for what it's worth.
Couple of my elements lack some of the definition I'd expect, for example one was a keycap that came out without the 'cross' to afix it to the key. I suspect this is something to do with exposure time but before I go tinkering I'd appreciate any input and thoughts.

Likewise I tried printing this which came out with a lack of definition to it (STL File pictured - no text came out and skull was lacking some of the cracks)

SEttings: Initial layers 90s
Subsequent Layers 6s
Elegoo Water Washable Resin
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2022.01.17 05:01 radimous Can I force my phone connect to 2.4GHz instead to 5GHz with same SSID?

Is there any way I could connect to 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz network with the same SSID? This wifi is not my own, so I can't give them separate SSID
I am A11 with OneUI 3.1 without root
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2022.01.17 05:00 neighbor443333 dakblake when milky bananas didn't exist

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2022.01.17 05:00 CJ_K Midterms scheduled outside class time?

Is there a policy about midterms being scheduled outside of class time? I know final exams can be scheduled pretty much whenever during exam week but I thought midterms needed to be scheduled during class?
Just asking because I have one scheduled for 5-8 on the Friday before student success week and I think that's kinda wack lol
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2022.01.17 05:00 smartybrome Ultimate ITIL 4 Foundation Practice Tests Fully Updated 2022

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2022.01.17 05:00 DMHshadow Why Egypt Is Building a New Capital City [15:22]

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2022.01.17 05:00 TheToastyJ New to natural bar soaps - need recommendations for HEAVILY exfoliating soaps

I recently was gifted to Dr. Squat has soaps. I love them so far. I like “manly” scents, I like the natural ingredients, but most importantly I love the gritty exfoliants in some of their bars.
So I want to branch out, try other bar soaps. But I want recommendations for the grittiest, most heavily exfoliating soaps out there. I’ve got bad eczema all over my body, so the more exfoliant, the better.
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2022.01.17 05:00 Maleficent-Row8161 Anybody up to talk?? 18+

Nothing I love more than late nights. But they can get boring pretty quickly. Anybody down to talk?? ☺️
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2022.01.17 05:00 Cainejaceb GUYS FNF VS PIGGY LEAK

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2022.01.17 05:00 kangaruurunner Shu Qi

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2022.01.17 05:00 Beautiful_Field630 Can you still get wargames banners?

title says it all lol
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2022.01.17 05:00 bka1974 My Anniversary Story

367 days ago, I went out and got my first facial. All the people in my life only knew me by my deadname. I decided to change that. I wore the most femme stuff I had, and for the first time in my life I did not introduce myself as deadname, and someone only knew me as Kendall. In a cool twist of fate, the tech's name is Kyndll. In another cool twist of fate, my last appointment with her was January 15, 2022. It is really strange, though. An odd set of occurranes happened to where the date was set almost by chance. Either way, I had not realized how important that date is, until I got home and checked my calendar to see when I started HRT.
When I got home and saw that it had been a year (!) I was1 elated and it was around this time, I walked past the big mirror in my bathroom and caught my reflection out of the corner of my eye. I was still on a lift from the coincidence in the dates, so feeling playful I looked over to the mirror, and for the first time, I really saw Her. Somehow, in that moment, I knew I could really be someone I love. As that sank in, I physically felt something in my chest shift. Like a flash flood, waves of bottled up emotions poured out of me.
I was saturated with feelings I locked away over 30 years ago. Hope, peace, then harmony with myself. I had them stashed out of sight for so long. All of pain from being pushed around, beaten and belittled started to release. The sense of loss for all the years I have been in hiding, with the guilt and regret for allowing myself to be beaten by a society that does not fathom it's own cruelty, slammed me down, and I literally dropped ro my knees. I let myself feel the enormous hole inside. I know it has been there, waiting to be rediscovered. I haven't cried like that in as long as I remember. The grief felt even worse than the pain of losing the one family member that just loved me for me. I didn't think anything could hurt more than losing Mom. Mourning the loss of yourself, based on this experience, is far worse.
I have never cried in front of a mirror before, but in seeing my face crack like it did, I found a real empathy for myself, and real love is what I saw in the face staring back at me. And it was her face. The girl I had hidden away so long ago was there, looking back me. It was when the mask I've hidden from for these decades fell with the tears and shattered on the ground. For perhaps the first time in decades, I looked at myself as I would if I saw a child crying. For once the person looking back at me did scowl or make a goofy face to hide the pain, and I really saw myself. The veil came off with the streaming tears. The pain, shame, guilt and self hate flowed out with them.
As that reservoir drained, I felt a sort of vibration taking its place. For the first time I saw myself as a radiant person, and came to know what it feels like to "glow". I know I am a long way from where I want to be, but for once I am okay with that. I see who I have been fighting for all these years. Now she gets to be the one who will do the fighting, not the quasi-human that I have pretended to be.
I'm really at a loss for words as I write this. To say I am hopeful or at peace would sound good, but in truth, I just feel "Ready", and that is a damn good feeling. For those of you who made it this far, thank you for letting me share this with you. If you have experienced something like this, I hope you are still living in that warmth that comes with letting go, please share your story too, I am not the only one who would love to hear it. ❤
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2022.01.17 05:00 legrosjambonne "Love day," real butterflies and flowers, me, 2022

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2022.01.17 05:00 frivilous0925 Can I help you?

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2022.01.17 05:00 SketchboyQ215 Jinx’s pistol skin

Not gone lie I’m still mad jinx’s pistol skin didn’t have VFX 😭 i still bought it anyway to support the crossover but damn it had so much potential
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2022.01.17 05:00 Mysterious_Log_2184 3060 Pricing

So I am currently buying parts for my new build and am struggling to find a decent graphics card.
I checked FB Marketplace and saw someone selling a 3060 (Asus Dual) for $780. Just wondering if that’s an acceptable price for the current market or i got ripped off. Considering msrp for the 3060 is around $550 and after tax ≈ 620 there is about a $160 markup. Please let me know your thoughts.
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2022.01.17 05:00 calisthenicslb The bandwagon on fan tokens is still building up

You think fan tokens like PSG are done for? Think again. Fan tokens are being bought and sold like cherries out there. There’s so much money in sports and if you’re not making it someone else is. And unlike you, they’re not even slightly sorry.
Focus on sports tokens, they’re not the same as fan tokens. If fan tokens represented one team, sports tokens represent the ENTIRE sport. I’m taking the NFL coin (not out yet), the UFC token (still under study) and F11 for football (this one is actually out there lol).
I’m shocked this field in investing doesn’t have that much traction yet. Because it’s so profitable yet few eyes rest upon it.
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2022.01.17 05:00 CorpFire Metal plan: can order 2 additional metal cards on renewal?

Hi, I'll renew soon my metal plan. Already received 2 cards for the current year. When I'll renew, will I be able to additional metal card for free?
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2022.01.17 05:00 BlindLibra [Mobile game] [2014ish] A cat, rabbit, and another pet all turn into anime boys

Alright so, i dont know if this game is like a fever dream i had or something but i remember seeing it again awhile back and now i can not remember it at all. It was a text based game, kinda like mystic messenger or doki doki, where this girl brings home 3 pets she found in a basket and decided to take care of them. Next day she finds them turned into boys and that is as far as i can remember. I think there might have been a section where you have to either find them or just talk to them to increase your relationship but this has been driving me insane for these past few years. It was on google play if that is of any help!
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2022.01.17 05:00 cutiepiedaily l

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2022.01.17 05:00 ThinkItsViper New to PETG Filament

I am new to PETG filament and really new to 3d printing in general. I've been trying to print and it hasn't been sticking to the bed. I've set bed temp to 75C and also the Nozzle set to 240C and it still doesn't stick very well. I also have been using a glue stick as an adhesive. Also any just general tips with PETG would be great, Thanks!
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2022.01.17 05:00 omegafrogger (8.03 spoilers) One for every person in Hectval

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2022.01.17 05:00 smartybrome Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104) Exam 2022

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2022.01.17 05:00 smartybrome ISTQB Acceptance Testing training with sample paper

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2022.01.17 05:00 smartybrome ISTQB Foundation Level CTFL training for 2022 + 1000 QUIZ

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