Fantasies are like dollhouses; they can be built, but not lived in.

2022.01.22 14:13 ianwrongside Fantasies are like dollhouses; they can be built, but not lived in.

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2022.01.22 14:13 Nor_RUS82 What scares you the most?

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2022.01.22 14:13 NFTSpotlighter 🎁 NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 AND DROP YOUR WALLET ADDRESS! 👽Cartoon Cartels👽 READ COMMENT!

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2022.01.22 14:13 EatinYaSistaAss My entry I guess

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2022.01.22 14:13 skenny1112 Could someone help me ID this Lil dude?

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2022.01.22 14:13 thenewbelle 26F [Chat] Bestfriend and Partner have both left me so here I am.

Currently on bed smoking and honestly been rotting the past 2 days. Thought chatting up with new people might help lift my spirits up.
So here's few things to note and what I'm looking for.

I don't bite or murder just a sad little woman rn lmao so I would appreciate if we could have some nice silly convos :)
Thank you for your time!
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2022.01.22 14:13 Cancerdemama3000 Hola

Soy nuevo
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2022.01.22 14:13 cryptofuturebright Can't get to quickswap info site, whats up?

Can't get to quickswap info site, whats up?
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2022.01.22 14:13 The_Blind_Bomber Steph Curry hits the game winner, goes home and gets the wordle on the 2nd try

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2022.01.22 14:13 Riverpickles I feel like the playoffs should start before the regular season

Think about it, if the playoffs started before the regular season, most players would be able to finally say that they got a playoff win. Spring training? Screw that, here’s the World Series. The teams get picked by random drawing out of a top hat to make it even and fair for all teams involved.
Pros- Players named Mike Trout would get to play baseball, it would make more money for the league, and it won’t be cold outside and the balls won’t get cold anymore.
Cons- This is a perfect system there are no cons
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2022.01.22 14:13 seph_k Prolonged fever, our story so far

I’m posting the details from a long saga we experienced with our dog centering around a prolonged fever. After a long, scary couple of weeks, we now thankfully have a proposed diagnosis (sterile lymphadenitis, an immune mediated disease) and treatment plan.
Mainly I thought I’d share my story in case it’s helpful for others, since I found myself searching this subreddit for similar cases at various points in this whole experience. But any thoughts about the particular diagnosis and managing treatment for immune mediated disease in the long term are much appreciated.
Species: Dog
Age: 9-10 years
Sex/Neuter status: Female, neutered
Breed: Mutt, probably some chihuahua, misc. terrier,
Body weight: ~20 lbs
Your general location: Northeastern US
We had noticed our dog started to seem a bit “off” the night before, and she is doing worse today. She’s lethargic, has reduced appetite and is generally out of sorts. We’re visiting family and the family dog had recently had a 24-hour bug of some kind, so we’re thinking it could just be that at first.
Since we’re out of town we can’t reach our normal vet, but we want to get a vet to look at her so we wind up going to the only place available on short notice, a local urgent care facility. Amidst many hours of waiting around (since our dog was low on the pecking order of urgent cases), we learn she has a fever of 104 F. The vet does a CBC and a test for tick borne diseases, but doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary other than somewhat low neutrophils (the vet explained this at the time as consistent with a febrile immune response). But by the time they actually present these results to us, the fever has subsided, so they send us home and tell us to call/come back if anything worsens.
After showing improvement the day before (12/31), our dog is acting more lethargic again, and has completely lost her appetite. By noon she’s really looking out of it, glassy eyed, and shivering, and when we take her temperature it’s back up to 104 F. We try to get her temp down a bit with cool towels but it doesn’t seem to help.
So around 3pm we bring her back to the same urgent care facility. They do another blood panel and send out for a PCR tick panel and urinalysis. This time the blood panel shows an even lower neutrophil white blood cell count (aka neutropenia, with a “left shift”). They say it could be immune-mediated neutropenia, which would likely be treated with steroids, or maybe a result of a tick-borne virus, or possibly cancer. They make it seem that we’ll quite likely need to take a bone marrow biopsy to check for cancer when we get back home, especially if antibiotics don’t knock out the fever. This gloomy possible diagnosis looms large in our minds over the next few days.
They give our dog fluids and send us home with antibiotics (Doxy), but decline to give other medications to treat the fever directly (like NSAIDs or steroids) since they aren’t confident in a diagnosis and feel those could be harmful/counterproductive in some scenarios. The fluids alone seem to help a lot though and our dog’s fever subsides and her temperature remains normal through the evening.
Her fever is back first thing in the morning, and her appetite is reduced again. We just about manage to get her to eat a little food and take her antibiotics. We wait it out so that we can go to our normal vet the next day, but it’s a really rough day. The fever gets as high as 105, and we’re pretty much just watching our dog suffer all day and fearing the worst.
Our dog continues to have a fever throughout the day. We snag an appointment with our normal vet in the afternoon, and when we see them they take a blood panel and find her neutrophil levels are looking pretty much normal again. So at this point the scary possibilities we heard about at the last urgent care visit seem less likely, but there’s also basically no strong clues about where the fever is coming from (the tick-borne PCR and urinalysis that were sent out from our last urgent care visit haven’t turned up anything abnormal, and a chem panel sent out during this visit doesn’t turn up anything clear either). We’re entering firmly into “fever of unknown origin” territory.
The vet gives our dog fluids, an NSAID, and steroids, to get the fever down. At this point the hope is that, whatever the cause of the fever, it runs its course and abates. We schedule a follow up visit for two days later.
The fever has abated and our dog is showing a bit more energy, still lethargic and reduced appetite but certainly a major improvement over the previous two days.
We wake up at 5am and our dog seems to have full chills again and is more out of it than ever–almost zombie-like, barely responding to our voice. We read her temp at 103 or so but she feels very hot to the touch. On top of all that we notice the gum near one of her canines has started bleeding a bit.
We have our follow up appointment with the vet at 10am, and they take x-rays, but warn right away that they aren’t really sure they can get to the bottom of it there, and that the recommended next move is to get her inpatient care at hospital, so she can get more undivided focus from an internal medicine specialist, who can run a fuller suite of diagnostics to try and get to the bottom of the fever. They may have to start considering more rare/exotic causes.
The x-ray comes back and doesn’t show anything suspicious either. They give our dog some more NSAID and steroids to bring the fever down, and refer us to Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, to seek to have her admitted for further care.
We head over to the emergency ward of AMC shortly after, where they take her in, and plan to have her transferred to internal medicine in the morning. They do another blood panel where neutrophils look a tad low, the rest looks normal, so again nothing clear cut. Similarly not much signal from chem panel or ultrasound.
We receive a message in the morning that our dog was febrile through the night and was temporarily transferred to the ICU, and is on fluids. She’s started to have some GI issues as well (regurgitation and diarrhea)
At this point we are feeling distraught and helpless, but grateful that she’s at least in a place where she is being monitored and cared for by professionals, since we were feeling even more distraught and helpless when our dog was febrile with us at home.
We hear later in the day from a vet from internal medicine, who has taken on the case and becomes our main point of contact. She says our dog is stable, though her temperature is still at 104. Because she had dark diarrhea overnight, they have her on something to prevent gastro bleeding, and are holding off on NSAIDs and steroids since they can cause gastro bleeding.
Now they are trying to chase down every lead they can to try and find a root cause, though they admit from the start there’s a chance that we won’t find anything concrete and will just have to treat the symptoms. Through the day we hear some of the threads they are looking to pull on (spoiler, none of these really lead anywhere)

At this point they feel fairly confident that it’s not a tick-borne illness at the heart of things, but they have yet to narrow down between other large classes of causes: infectious agent, cancer, or immune mediated disease. There’s always more tests to try, but it’s starting to look like the most likely treatment will be a steroid regimen to reduce the fever, and a continued dynamic response to adjust as needed from there.
We get an update in the morning, a few more tests have come back without anything conclusive. Meanwhile her fever has been waxing and waning, and another CBC shows low neutrophil count again.
However, for the first time they’ve noticed edema in the lower jaw, and firmness in the salivary glands. Partly because of this, immune mediated disease (IMD) is increasingly the top suspicion, which they say can express itself in the lymph nodes. They do more diagnostics around that area (ultrasound and cytology), which aren’t totally conclusive but remain consistent with IMD hypothesis. They mention other possibilities for the neutropenia (systemic lupus, a bone marrow disordecancer) but they think those are lower on the suspicion list.
The treatment plan is starting to get clearer: a steroid regimen to reduce the immune response, plus monitoring/additional medication to prevent GI disruption from steroids.
Our dog has been responding well to steroids, is eating better, and they are feeling increasingly confident in IMD as the cause. They float a possible more specific hypothesis of sterile lymphadenitis. There’s been some back and forth about when she should be discharged, and we agree to pick her up the following day.
We’re thrilled to be reunited with our dog! She is discharged with a prescription of steroids (prednisone), antibiotics (Doxy) plus a bunch of additional medications to counteract possible GI/appetite issues from the steroids (sucralfate, omeprazole, entyce, cerenia). The regimen is a bit daunting, and there are some iffy moments the first day back (lots of diarrhea throughout the day), but overall we are thrilled and relieved to have our dog back and no longer suffering from fever.
1/11-1/22/2022 (time of writing)
We’re continuing our dog on the prednisone, with the goal of weaning her off of it very slowly and hoping there’s no return of fever or other immune response. We’ve been slowly able to ditch many of the ancillary meds as our dog’s been eating well and hasn’t shown any GI issues lately.
The prednisone does make her drink a lot more water and pee a lot more than she normally does, and she’s had a couple of accidents in the house, but who really cares about that at this point.
A checkup on 1/17 goes well, the lower jaw/gland swelling has subsided, and we’re told we can phase out the other meds besides prednisone, and will begin very slowly weaning off the prednisone.
Right now our dog is sleeping peacefully on the sofa next to me and we are so grateful to see her be pretty much her old self again. Can’t help but still fear there could be more twists in this tale, but I’m mostly feeling optimistic and grateful for the care she received (and very fortunate that we had the means to afford emergency and inpatient care we received).
So that’s our story! Hope it’s of interest to some here. I’d love to hear any general advice/experience about treating an IMD with steroids, in particular:
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2022.01.22 14:13 Unrequited_Anal Upcoming Jerma x MTG collab leaked

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2022.01.22 14:13 grumpyoldmandowntown Data suggests Sask. COVID-19 deaths seven times higher than reported

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2022.01.22 14:13 tstanze03 NFL Saturday Props from BV

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2022.01.22 14:13 heythereyouareok Piggy back ride (art by me)

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2022.01.22 14:13 TroyIzAnnointed Lol

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2022.01.22 14:13 jxker818- [Xbox][H] A Amazing Big Shop/ Lots of hidden gems [W] Credits Listed/offers

Let me know if you need to know the crates of certain items most of these items are original crate!!

Goalkeeper Titanium White Artemis GXT-100
Sniper Titanium White Artemis GXT-100
Crimson Breakout-80
Forest Green Breakout-50
3 Lime Breakout- 50 each
Titanium white Breakout- 350
Cobalt Diestro- 80 (OG)
Crimson Fennec-1000
Forest Green Fennec-400
Sky Blue Fennec- 900
Titanium White Guardian GXT-200
Saffron Maverick GXT- 200
Titanium White Merc- 400
Titanium White Twinzer- 250

Black Breakout Froggy- 500
Saffron Dominus Gt Rlcs- 400
2 Burnt Sienna Dominus Rlcs- 50 each
Cobalt Dominus Rlcs- 200
Grey Dominus Rlcs- 150
Paragon Orange Dominus Rlcs- 100
Pink Dominus Rlcs- 50
Burnt Sienna Dominus Rlcs X- 30
Saffron Dominus Rlcs X- 200
Crimson Dominus Stratum Badge- 100
Lime Dominus Stratum Badge- 50
Orange Dominus Stratum Badge- 30
Burnt Sienna Suji-50
Cobalt Suji-80
Crimson Suji-150
Forest Green Suji-200
Lime Suji- 100
5 Pink Suji- 150 each
2 Purple Suji- 150 each
2 sky Blue Suji-250 each
Pink Yorebands- 100
Saffron Yorebands- 100
3 Cobalt Future Shocks- 50 each
4 Crimson Future Shock- 200 each
3 Forest Green future Shocks- 100 each
3 Lime Future Shocks- 100 each
4 Orange Future Shock- 50 each
4 Pink future Shock- 100 each
Purple Future Shock- 50
2 Saffron Future Shock-50 each
2 Sky Blue Future shock- 50 each
2 Titanium White Future shock- 300 each
Goalkeeper Orange Humid Haze- 500
2 Cobra Kai- 250 each
Crimson Dune Racer- 400
9 Gale-fire- 100 each
Sniper Lime Octane Rlcs- 350
Turtle Pink Rlcs- 300
4 Octane Rlcs 100 each
4 Shisa- 200 each
Black Octane Slimline- 300
Purple Warp-Wave- 1100
Crimson Z-Current- 100

6 Anodized- 100 each
9 Anodized Pearls- 150 each
13 Pearlescent Matte- 100 each

Forest Green Aether- 400
Sky Blue Aether- 400
Burnt Sienna Astro-CSX- 300
Titanium White Astro-CSX- 700
Goalkeeper Burnt Sienna Astro-CSX Inverted- 800
Forest Green Astro-CSX Inverted- 1000
Turtle Titanium White Astro-CSX Inverted- 1200
Aviator CNTCT-1 Infinite- 400
Pink CNTCT-1 Infinite- 300
9 NCR Cristiano- 100 each
Crimson Cristiano- 200
Orange Cristiano- 350
Striker Purple Cristiano- 700
Titanium White Cristiano- 300
Lime Decopunk- 100
Crimson Dey Kc Schematized- 850
Sky Blue Dey Kc Schematized- 700
Playmaker Crimson Draco- 1000
Pink Draco- 400
7 Unpainted Emeralds- 50 each
Crimson Emeralds- 200
Striker Flim-Flam Sky Blue Inverted- 800
Lime Fsl - 100
2 Sky Blue Gernot- 100 each
Lime Grimalkin- 300
2 Cobalt Gripstride Inverted- 250 each
Pink Gripstride Inverted- 300
Forest Green HNY: Inverted- 400
Guardian Titanium White HNY: Inverted- 400
Crimson Hypnotik- 400
4 NCVR Black Invader- 200 each
Striker Jak'd Obverse- 1600
Titanium White Jak'd Obverse- 1100
Tactician saffron Petacio- 100
Paragon Black Photon- 450
Show-Off Grey Pyrrhos- 300
Tactician Lime Pyrrhos- 350
Scorer Lime Quimby- 600
Sniper Titanium White Rat Rod- 350
Playmaker Black Reactor- 600
Crimson Reactor- 500
Sniper Grey Reactor- 400
Striker Grey Reactor- 800
Orange Reactor- 200
Lime Reaper- 250
Cobalt Rocket Forge Holographic- 200
Acrobat Crimson Rocket Forge Holographic- 300
Crimson Rocket Forge Holographic- 300
Lime Rocket Forge Holographic- 150
2 Purple Rocket Forge Holographic- 300 each
Pink Rocket Forge Holographic- 250
Saffron Rocket Forge Holographic- 200
2 Sky Blue Rocket Forge Holographic- 350 each
2 Titanium White Rocket Forge Holographic- 800 each
Black Sovereign A/T- 900
Striker Grey Sovereign A/T- 900
Sky Blue Sovereign A/T- 600
Ved-Ava Set- 600
Crimson Wonderment- 600
Paragon Black Yamane- 300
Titanium White Yamane- 200
Forest Green Zeta-50
Sweeper Forest Green Zomba- 350
Tactician Lime Zomba- 400
Crimson Zowie Infinite- 1700
2 ZT-17- 300 Each

Grey Anispray- 50
2 Black Cirrus- 300 each
Sweeper Pink Blast Ray- 500
2 Cold Fusion- 250 each
Titanium White Comet- 200
Skye Blue Dark Matter- 700
2 Grey Ethernal- 700 each
Black Flamethrower- 250
Crimson Flamethrower- 150
Grey Flamethrower- 150
Titanium White Flamethrower- 400
Fusion Set- 7000
Grey Incantor- 700
Titanium White Incantor- 900
Goalkeeper Black Ion- 700
Sky Blue Ion- 200
Orange Ninja star- 200
Acrobat Titanium White Ninja Star- 250
Lime Plasma- 70
Saffron Plasma- 100
Scorer Titanium White Sacred- 400
Forest Green Standard- 200
Lime Standard- 300
Sky Blue standard- 400
Black Sun Ray- 600
Show-Off Burnt Sienna Sun Ray- 300
Playmaker Pink Sun Ray- 500
Acrobat Titanium White Thermal- 400
2 Forest Green Thermal- 150
Grey Thermal- 100
Turtle Titanium White Toon Sketch- 400


Angel Wings- 300
Derby Set- 800
Devil Horns set- 500
Fire Helmet Set- 500
4 Crimson Foam Hat- 200 each
6 Sky Blue Foam Hat- 300 each
3 Titanium White Foam Hat- 250 each
3 Ghost- 100 each
Cobalt Halo- 100
Forest Green Halo- 100 each
2 Pink Halo- 200 each
2 Purple Halo- 300 each
2 Saffron Halo- 100 each
Hard Hat Set- 500
Hawaiian Lei Set- 800
Heart Glasses Set- 800
Homburg Set-800
7 Hustle Brows- 80 each
Ivy Cap Set- 500
Jack-In-The-Box Set- 500
Guardian Orange Jolt Bangle- 200
Grey Jolt Bangle- 200
Orange Jolt Bangle- 200
2 Latte Set- 800 each
Little Bow Set- 800
Goalkeeper Crimson Phoenix Wings- 300
Forest Green Phoenix Wings- 300
Saffron Phoenix Wings- 200
Sky Blue Phoenix Wings- 300
Pirate Hat Set- 500
Pork Pie Set- 800
2 Royal Crown Set - 800 each
Cobalt Wildcat Ears- 250
Crimson Wildcat Ears- 400
Lime Wildcat Ears- 400
Saffron Wildcat Ear- 300
Sky Blue Wildcat Ear- 500
Titanium White Wildcat Ear- 400
Witches Hat Set- 500


Aviator Cobalt Ballistic- 100
Saffron Ballistic- 150
6 Big Splash- 50 each
8 Cobalt Cosmosis- 50 each
2 Forest Green Cosmosis- 50 each
3 Orange Cosmosis- 50 each
Pink Cosmosis- 50 each
Titanium White Cosmosis- 250
2 Reaper - 300 each
Striker reaper- 600
2 Crimson Supernova- 300 each
2 Vampire Bat- 150
Titanium White Vampire Bat- 600

Striker Burnt Sienna Binary- offer
2 Titanium White Discotheque- 400 each
Hack Swerve Set- 500
Black Incantor- 400
3 Titanium White Tachyon- 200 each
Turtle Crimson toon Sketch- 300
Striker Titanium White ZigZag- 1000

4 Doughnut Eater- 100 each
Sky Blue Narwhal - 300
Pink Tagged- 300
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2022.01.22 14:13 Jesse-Young70 My Life for Auir

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2022.01.22 14:13 BigMax93 Been awhile 😅

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2022.01.22 14:13 Night_owl-19 Who in the world did that to Elon musk?

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2022.01.22 14:13 RHG_MERIT KEEP IT GOING LFG 💎✋🏿✋🏾✋🏽✋🏼✋🏻

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2022.01.22 14:13 DKu_03 Found this on my banana chips bag

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2022.01.22 14:13 Invisible-Pancreas "The winner of this bout, and NEW World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion, ___________!"

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2022.01.22 14:13 TdumptomatoeT hi

i was playing yorick top and i finally got a solo kill vs gwen when malzahar showed up and ruined my day with r
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2022.01.22 14:13 chessplayer9030 Nice mate in 1 I got in a blitz game ( i was black)

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