Pretty Basic Here, But I Feel Cute

2022.01.26 13:57 IWantFriendsLol Pretty Basic Here, But I Feel Cute

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2022.01.26 13:57 KitchenAd3097 Easy 2-5-1 Jazz Exercise in Key Of F

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2022.01.26 13:57 fuckballs9001 Why did the bubbles in my cup form a tiny ring? Also this is water

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2022.01.26 13:57 PolyShaun The Book of Boba Fett offers a rebuke of The Book of Boba Fett

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2022.01.26 13:57 vakaviti Aly Raisman

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2022.01.26 13:57 BBQKing1969 Check me

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2022.01.26 13:57 Bashingman Are NFTs used to launder money?

The concept of NFTs makes zero sense. You're shelling out huge sums of money to buy proof that you own something, but you don't actually own the item?
It's like money launderers aren't even trying to hide their money laundering anymore
I'm convinced its a replacement for those crappy modern art pieces that everyone knows is used to launder money
With modern art, you'd have to pay for a canvas, paint, shipping fees, but at least you got something physical to hang on your wall
On the other hand, you get literally nothing by buying an NFT
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2022.01.26 13:57 PolyShaun Crusader Kings 3, coming to PS5 and Xbox in March, plays surprisingly well on console

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2022.01.26 13:57 Fdr_productions Don't Be "THAT" JoJo Fan - Pokémon Leaf Green

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2022.01.26 13:57 SnooGiraffes3930 The Gates of Hell are Open

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2022.01.26 13:57 yougococo [LIVE] AEW Dynamite: January 26 2022 - Beach Break!

[LIVE] AEW Dynamite: January 26 2022 - Beach Break!
Location: Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio
Capacity: ~13,600
Time: 8 pm EST
Card (at time of posting; in no particular order):
– CM Punk speaks
– We hear from AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
– Red Velvet vs Legit Leyla Hirsch
– Chris Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz vs Daniel Garcia and 2point0
– TNT CHAMPIONSHIP LADDER MATCH: Cody Rhodes (C) vs Sammy Guevara (Interim-C?)
– LIGHTS OUT MATCH: Orange Cassidy vs Adam Cole
Missing Something?
-- Results from AEW Dynamite (01/19/2022)
-- Results from AEW Rampage (01/21/2022)
-- AEW Dark: Elevation (01/24/2022)
-- AEW Dark (01/25/2022)
-- Being The Elite Episode 291: "Ironic"
-- Sammy Guevara’s Vlog 357: "BRAZIL"
-- AEW Unrestricted: And The 2021 PWI Awards Go To... Mostly AEW
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2022.01.26 13:57 VenusvonWillendorf Hawrylak

Hello everyone,
Been doing a bit of research and I’m fairly certain my grandfather and his parents were Rusyn. They were Greek Catholic and their place of birth is listed as Poland/Austria. My great grandfather emigrated to Canada in 1913 and his documents list him as Ruthenian, but I cannot find much info on where exactly he came from. It’s also very weird that in earlier documents my family describes themselves as Polish and later the same relatives say they’re Ukrainian. I did find a travel document of my grandfather’s half brother that says he was born in Hawrylak, Poland, but cannot find any info about this town. It seems to be a relatively popular surname though. Does anyone know of this town and if it is Rusyn? Thanks.
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2022.01.26 13:57 Goins2754 Keep XJ or trade? Been looking at TJs & JKs, maybe even a WJ.

I mainly just go hiking & exploring in the mountains about twice each month with a few sporadic adventures into our local ORV parks (Tahuya, Walker Valley, etc), but I also do a couple of 10+ day overlanding trips during the summer and I dream of one day doing tougher trails like the Rubicon Trail or doing some stuff out in Moab. So, I need a vehicle that's comfortable since 90% of what it'll do will be tarmac or dirt road and the biannual overlanding trips, but also something that can do some harder stuff if I ever need it to.
The XJ seemed like a really solid choice, so I bought one a few months ago to fill this role. They're super reliable, they're small enough to get down tighter trails, and if it looks like they'd be fairly reasonable on road with up to 33s (maybe even 35s) - which should be enough for me to do some harder trails with proper armoring and a winch.
But after driving it off and on these past couple of months, I'm not sure it's right for me. It's definitely more cramped on the inside than I was expecting. Of course, I test drove it before I bought it, but I thought maybe it was just the feeling of a different car than I was used to and I'd be able to adjust the seats or something. It hasn't really worked out. I'm not saying I hate it or it's a deal breaker, but it's made me start to look at other vehicles a little more and wonder if I should trade.
I started looking at TJs, but damn they're asking collector car prices at this point. A TJ Rubicon is $20k+ right now! I can literally buy a JK Rubicon for cheaper if I go with the 3.8L! The JK is a little bigger and the 3.8L isn't the best engine, but they're definitely more comfortable for longer trips than the TJ would be (at least in my opinion). There's also the JKU, which might actually be a better suit for my needs, but because it's bigger I always have in my head that it's "worse" for off road - whether it is or not. The biggest pro, IMO, about the TJ/JK/JKU is that they're convertibles. And when I'm on my trips, I would love to be able to take the top off!
The other Jeep that keeps popping into my pro/con sheet is the WJ. It's more comfortable than the XJ, but nearly as capable. If I got one with Quadradrive, it would shore up the open-diffs weakness of the XJ. Plus, they're not $20k+ like the TJs and JKs. Since this is just a 3rd vehicle I take on trips very occasionally, I don't really want to spend a lot of money on this thing.
Currently own an XJ, but it feels a little cramped and maybe isn't what I want; thinking of trading to a different Jeep.

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2022.01.26 13:57 RedditDemonJit Mookey Speaks

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2022.01.26 13:57 Wookie-Tramp [UK] Please recommend a Smart power strip

Hi Reddit,
I am looking for UK recommendations for a smart power strip that has individually switchable sockets and the ability to monitor energy usage. Needs to be Alexa/Google compatible as most of the smart switches are and would prefer a brand name as I understand they almost all have App Support and I would like to have some surety that the app will be maintained.
The strip must have at least 3 sockets available.
I had a look at the KASA 303 from TP Link but it doesn’t do energy monitoring. A UK equivalent of the KASA HS300 is probably what I need.
I am not too bothered about USB ports.
Any and all help/recommendations appreciated.
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2022.01.26 13:57 unicornpinkyflowery who or what can you not live without?

I personally can not live without Pizza, family and oxygen.
idk why it wont post so i will put random letters till its up to 300
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2022.01.26 13:57 tacoxtl are you hyped for the flash movie?

i saw a lot of people on twitter saying they weren’t hyped because of the snyderverse so i’m curious
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2022.01.26 13:57 Ok_Chard3520 Beyond what I was looking for! My friend absolutely loved it!

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2022.01.26 13:57 shouptech I explored the first Linux distribution I used, Storm Linux 2000

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2022.01.26 13:57 throwitaway4567812 How to stay calm today in front of a girl [22 F] that I [21 M] was seeing a few months ago and still kinda like?

I didn’t even wanna dignify my feelings with a Reddit post because none of this should be a big deal but I am nervous about today and I suppose I could use some advice. Basically last semester I was seeing a girl from one of my classes, I asked her out a couple weeks into the semester, and we went out a few times and were interacting a good amount in person and on text. However, right after it seemed clear that she liked me, she kinda withdrew and stopped initiating. I kinda sensed this but there was one thing we had talked about doing together, so I texted her one more time to see if she still wanted to, and she kinda came up with a bs reason for not being able to, so I stayed nice when I responded but just totally backed off at that point and didn’t text her again. Nothing in particular caused this as far as I know, we never even discussed what happened even though it was clear we did have some sort of relationship. I don’t think a conversation would have been weird but it also may not have been necessary based on where we were. Either way we were still friendly in class after this.
I haven’t talked to her in almost 2 months, and I have class with her today, what’s even worse is that she’s the Teaching assistant for the class (she’s a huge overachiever academically and extracurricularly). I guess I always found the fact that she’s such a hard worker pretty hot, even though other than that I’m not sure we’d even be a great fit because she puts school before everything. She hasn’t been in a relationship before and it’s kinda clear that this is why, but at the same time I still want her in a way, even though it’d probably be bad for me. I think it’s also partly the “want what you can’t have” thing, she’s the only girl that has ever “rejected” me, even though like I said we never talked about it, which could be contributing to my anxiety. I can’t help but put her on a pedestal just because she’s way more hard working and achieving than any girl I’ve dated, plus I’m also an introvert and I think I just get nervous in situations like this. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay chill in class today? I wasn’t even really planning on talking to her unless she talks to me, but she probably will, because she’s outgoing and nice.
TL;DR: was seeing a girl last semester, she kinda withdrew for unknown reasons and we haven’t talked in 2 months but I have class with her today and she’s the TA. I kinda still like her for some reason and am nervous about seeing her, looking for some tips on how to stay chill.
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2022.01.26 13:57 dibrancelikuu Sad

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2022.01.26 13:57 Beginning-Drag-7110 Andrew Garfield throws Gwen

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2022.01.26 13:57 Lemoinman What’s your worst experience with going to the toilet?

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2022.01.26 13:57 Adelphir The one with the "P" and It doesn't work unless you push it fast.

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2022.01.26 13:57 eureka_yess GEICO: Best Of Caveman & Pinocchio | Commercials Compilation | HQ

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