What ever happened to her? Is this subreddit still active?

2022.01.21 02:10 RedditIsAwesomeToAsk What ever happened to her? Is this subreddit still active?

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2022.01.21 02:10 drumsareloud I wholeheartedly agree that Logan Roy is one of the best characters on television right now

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2022.01.21 02:10 GayjinFixGame Rules for surviving the night at the Thompson’s part 2.

You finished exploring the house. It’s not that big, but it’s not that small either. You check your watch and see it’s 3 mins until the clock is supposed to ding. You start walking back to the bedroom where the rules are when suddenly you hear a meow. You turn around and see it’s that orange cat from the rules. “Eh, chances of it hissing are low, why not pet it?” You think to yourself. You pet it, and it looks like it wants you to follow it. “nice” you say to yourself. It leads you to the main floor kitchen and scratches at a cabinet. You open it and find the coins. You store them in your pocket as the clock dings. You run back to the bedroom with rules.

Congrats on not dying while exploring the house! Believe it or not, before you got trapped here 2 other kids did, and one of them died because he fell down the stairs! Can you believe that? Then his friend took the pills while crying about “cant live without him” or something like that. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while… Anyway, there will be 2 family members hunting you down in the section, along with 5 entities. I will also further explain the attic in detail. At 9pm Sophia will materialize in the attic. She is the one who keeps you safe. She does this because she was abused and bullied by the family all the time for having only 4 fingers on each hand, and 4 toes on each foot. She hanged herself in the attic because of all the abuse. Do not comment on her fingers or toes while in the attic or you will loose your privileges. Now, onto the rules for surviving section 1 and how to deal with the entities.
1 doorway man. Doorway man stands on the other sides of doorways, waiting for prey. He is 9 feet tall with a big head. The way you can tell if he’s there is 1. If there is an umbrella next to the doodoorway.2. His breathing. He has very, very loud breathing. If you go through a door with doorway man there you will be stuck in a infinite loop of going through the same room over and over and over and he will chase you constantly. If he catches you he will either impale you with his umbrella or slowly bite off your limbs. He isn’t fast and you can outrun him, but he has unlimited stamina.Once stuck in the loop you have 2 options. 1 Take the pills(recommended ). 2Every time you go through the next doorway there is a 1% chance a green door will appear. It will take you back to the main house before you went through the doorway. Thankfully doorway man is the entity that you will least encounter. You’d better take the pills before he eats your arms or you die from loosing to much blood.

2 Cabnet monster. Cabinet monster is a hairy lob of flesh with long skinny human like arms. It also can grow a big mouth. With human like teeth. As the name suggests, cabnet monster teleports between cabinets, closets, big drawers, under beds, and other things like that. Because of this, it is recommended you do not hide during section 1. There is no real way of knowing where he is, but he is known to wait before grabbing his prey. So if your near a closet or cabnet or something like that and hear it open, run. His arms can stretch about 4 and a half feet. He does not leave what he is in. He also gives one of the slowest deaths of everything in the house. If he catches you he will extend the space in whatever he caught you in and slowly eat you alive. He will make sure not to eat the vital areas first. Do not get caught by cabnet monster. You will not be able to take the pills while geting eaten by the cabnet monster.
3.The spider. The spider is a 2 foot tall, 2 foot wide White spider. Despite its scary description and appearance, the spider is easy to counter. It cannot attack you first. First off, don’t get caught in any webs it makes. These webs will be scattered around the house and are easy to spot. They are big enough for you to fit in, but can be hard to avoid when running from something. Second, dont stare into its eyes for to long. It will put you into a trance. Third, it will do its best to scare you. It will jump at you, jump-scare you, make creepy crawling sounds, and try to make you run into a web. If you are to scared of it, it can get you. Just know it cant physically harm you unless you run into it’s web, stare into its eyes, or get to scared of it. Keep this in mind and you will be safe. It can’t harm you unless you let it. If it catches you it will take you to its hidden chamber and slowly suck your blood, but it’s actually a mostly painless death. Only the part when it bites into you is painfull, the blood sucking part just makes you feel weaker and weaker over time until you pass out from it. You will not be able to take the pills while in the spiders web.

4The snake. The snake is just like the spider in a way. It’s a very long snake that is very hungry. First, don’t step on it. This will make it grab you and swallow you. Second, don’t stare into it’s eyes. It’s hissing sound has been known to calm you down and make you want to stare into it’s eyes. Resist. Third, There is a small chance that it will grab you and squeeze you. It is very hungry and trying to get you to stare into it’s eyes. Resist with all your might. It will let you go if it can’t get you to look at it. If you break one of these rules….just know that geting melted down in a snakes stomach is not the quickest of deaths. You will not be able to take the pills while in the snakes stomach.

5Clicker. The clicker is a invisible 7 and a half foot tall skinny featherless bird. If at any point you hear distant clicking, know that it has began its “stalker phase”. It will follow you around everywhere. To make this phase longer, keep moving. It progresses faster when you stay still. When the clicking gets more loud and more near, this is your time to stop it. Find a mirror. When you’ve found one look into it for 10 seconds. After counting to 10 turn around. Wait for the clicking to stop. When it does, turn back around and be prepared for the abomination your about to see. You must act fast. When you see it lunge at you jump out of the way. The mirror will shatter. If you fail to jump out of the way or fail to find a mirror in time, you will suddenly feel a force knock you to the floor. You will then see everything below your head getting mauled. You will then die when either you loose to much blood or it gets to your lungs and heart. You’d better take the pills while he’s ripping you apart.

Family members:
Grandpa. Grandpa has been infected with polio in his leg. Therefore he cannot move without a wheel chair or a walking stick. If you hear a wheelchair or a walking stick hitting the floor then he is near. Do not underestimate his ability to pounce on you. Even tho he is slow he will pounce. He will then stab you with a kitchen knife in a random place and slowly push it in. After that he will disappear. If you know how to properly handle a deep stab wound, and he didn’t stab you in a vital area, then there is medical supplies in the bathroom. If not, take the pills before you bleed out. And one more thing. Do not laugh at him or taunt him. He can actually crawl pretty fast. Faster than you can run. And he will give you more than just one stab wound.

Grandma. Grandma is more dangerous. And faster. She can crawl on ceilings, and can hide in it to. If you see drool driping from the ceiling the she is there. If you hear something in the ceiling following you then stop moving and be very quiet. If you feel drool drip on you, run. she will drop from the ceiling and crawl after you. She will catch up. She does have one weakness, however. She can’t open doors. Find a door and close it in her, then listen. when you hear her crawl away it’s safe to come out. She will only ambush then give chase, not actively hunt. Luckily, most of the time when she catches someone she bites off the head first, the takes the rest of the body up to the ceiling and eats it. Most of the time.
This is also the part where you can collect treasure you seek. If you see something shining it’s a pouch with gold coins in it. There will be 5-15 coins in a bag. These coins are not the same the cat Led you to. Each coin is worth $1000 American dollars, so keep your eye out.

And that’s all. Only 7 things you have to watch out for. Good luck friend, and don’t die.
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2022.01.21 02:10 Anxious-Quail-227 My dog Blue… We need Magenta and a Steve, Joe and Josh 3pk.

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2022.01.21 02:10 bucket--bot an all over 12

makes me feel as art
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2022.01.21 02:10 kylerstanley TIL NASA only uses 15 digits of pi for calculating interplanetary travel. At 40 digits, you could calculate the circumference of a circle the size of the visible universe to an accuracy equal to the diameter of a hydrogen atom.

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2022.01.21 02:10 rektous Help

I just watched the anime. Which chapter should i continue to read? Does anime leaves out any chapter(important plot)? Should i just continue manga from anime end or start from chapter 1?
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2022.01.21 02:10 Tsizemore250 Got ‘em both finally thanks to Mercari and hopefully a future Jet Shatter instead of the ground version (Bad focusing on my iphone casing’s affect on my lens)

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2022.01.21 02:10 devnullest Price is falling.

Cardano is falling right now.
And it gives me laugh because, until now, we've just seen the tip of the iceberg. Remember that we still have a lot of functionality ahead.
- Complete DEX Implementation
- Complete Voting Implementation
- All the proyects that's being founded and developed through Catalyst
- More exchanges
- More dapps
- More partnerships
All of these, are not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when" will be ready. That's for sure. And when all of these are ready, remember that the coin to continue fueling all that would be payed by ADA, the same ADA that now is falling. So remember, that holding ADA is not holding just to see a price go up, but to fuel the growth of an amazing project that's still in its infancy.
For me, we are now at the stage when Ethereum was worth $70 in August 2017. Just imagine where it would be by the end of 2024.
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2022.01.21 02:10 dghjgh Male or female green severums?

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2022.01.21 02:10 Iceborg00 Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (24-10-5) at Columbus Blue Jackets (18-18-1) - 21 Jan 2022 - 07:00PM EST

Pittsburgh Penguins (24-10-5) at Columbus Blue Jackets (18-18-1) Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH, USA Comment with all tables
In-Game Updates Time

04:00PM 05:00PM 06:00PM 07:00PM 08:00PM
Watch, Listen and Talk:
Listen PIT - CBJ
Other-Away Preview - Boxscore - Recap
Other-Home Preview - Boxscore - Recap
GameCenter On NHL.com
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2022.01.21 02:10 hopefulflyer45 Best affordable PPL add on?

I have a PPL, and I am looking for some type of additional training or add on.
I am considering aerobatics lessons, tail wheel training, glider license, mountain flying lessons, training in a new aircraft type, or maybe instrument rating.
I am hesitant to do my instrument rating since I am worried that I don't fly enough to maintain IFR proficiency (~30hours/year). That being said, I only have regular access to C172s so I am leaning towards 172 training things.
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2022.01.21 02:10 county_22 Nothing like a solo sunset ride!

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2022.01.21 02:10 TBG559 She's so bad 🤤

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2022.01.21 02:10 Shraknel Lego pulling some highway robbery with skywalker saga

Lego pulling some highway robbery with skywalker saga If you look at the price for the game on the Nintendo store it is 59.99 for the base version and 69.99 for the deluxe version. While on steam it is 49.99 for base and 59.99 for deluxe.
I actually just checked to see the more expensive price is across all consoles
links to back it up:
xbox - https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/store/lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga/BRMKDCZT0C4L/0001

Playstation - https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1018-PPSA01864_00-LSWTSSBNDLEDELUX

Nintendo - https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/lego-star-wars-the-skywalker-saga-switch/

Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/920210/LEGO_Star_Wars_The_Skywalker_Saga/

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2022.01.21 02:10 throwaway_369369 I honestly believe my existence is cursed.

So this is a long post and I've made a throwaway account so I don't have to admit this to anyone. I'm fairly sure my birth was cursed because everything in my life seems to get fucked up.
I'm not someone who posts to reddit often, I'm more of a lurker. I don't know how to do this whole typing thing. I don't really know how to convey what I'm trying to say over text. So I guess I'll just start from the beginning. Shortly after I was born, my mother got a hysterectomy. She was relatively normal before this, my older sister and my dad talk about how wonderful she was. I guess something about my birth and the subsequent hysterectomy threw her off because afterwards she became a completely different person. I've been told she became moody, accusatory, and completely lost her sex drive.
This ultimately resulted in my parents divorcing. After years of not having sex, my dad cheated on my mom with his secretary and became addicted to porn. This divorce resulted in years of custody battles, child-support lawsuits, and everything else. My mother became completely unhinged after the divorce, becoming an abusive borderline-alcoholic and hoarder. My sweet, saintly grandparents were distraught. My dad's reputation and life were ruined, and dirt broke.
My mom remarried a man who ended up being horribly abusive to me and my sister. She was tormented by him, he was aggressive and while he never turned violent towards me or my sister, he was well known for making violent threats against our personhood.
Sister ended up developing severe mental health issues and ended up in the hospital. And not to reveal tons of personal details in case someone in my life reads this and somehow recognizes its me, but every friend I've ever had I've fucked it up some how. I was bullied all throughout middle school, which I probably deserved because I became the most horrific bitch throughout high school. In college I broke up with a long-time boyfriend after finding out he cheated on me, and said horrible things that I continue to regret.
And maybe none of this sounds like I'm that bad- I get it, I probably seem like an overdramatic drama queen. But everyone I've ever been close with has ended up being horribly damaged. My first ex became a junkie, all of my other exes have ended up with horrible depression. Every time I get close to someone their life gets ruined-- traumatizing break-ups, car crashes, pets dying in a tragic way, failed career paths, etc. And everyone, everyone I've ever even so much as called a friend has had depression. I'm not talking mild, either. Everyone I've ever loved or cared about has become mentally ill, developed depression with suicidal ideation, some of them have even attempted suicide, and I can't help but feel it's my fault.
I know I seem incredibly narcissistic. Maybe I am. But it's so weird. My fiancé was the happiest, most go-lucky person I had ever met. And a year after we started dating, he became depressed. He dropped out of college, and basically wallowed in bed for an entire year. I tried so, so hard to be a good partner. I did. But it still fucking happened. My good friend is now going to rehab to deal with his bipolar disorder and substance abuse issues.
I'm just so, so exhausted. None of my siblings, friends, or family deserve this. They are all good, loving people. I try to be religious and keep an optimistic mind. I'm enrolled in medical school so I can dedicate my life to helping others. I dedicated my college years to self-improvement and I don't tell people anything about myself and I'm very private because I'm scared to get too close to anyone and let this curse fuck them up. Some nights I lie awake and wonder if I'm doing my partner a disservice by being with him, in fear his life will be ruined like me. I'm a Midas but everything I touch gets destroyed, turned to ash.
If you read this wall of text, I appreciate it. It must be annoying to listen to me ramble for paragraphs. I've only mentioned this feeling in passing to my partner. I'm scared to go to therapy in fear of talking about this and somehow ruining my therapist's life too. I've decided to dedicate my life to helping others-- maybe that'll make up for some of the damage I cause.
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2022.01.21 02:10 sankeyysan Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, 6 lanes, 21.5 km long

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2022.01.21 02:10 Hulk_Goes_Smash327 Which side do you want?

12 Team, SF, Dynasty, full ppr, TE premium full contender won 2021 second place 2020
View Poll
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2022.01.21 02:10 213Bishop When your 38 billion dollar comapny cant afford 32 different faces for the first round. (This dude was used five times.)

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2022.01.21 02:10 ThrowawayAcct120947 What would you do if you had 100 days left to live?

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2022.01.21 02:10 SignificanceIcy8199 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2022.01.21 02:10 Pippost_official Asana’s Long-Term Story Is Intact Despite Pullback in ASAN Stock - Read more on PipPost

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2022.01.21 02:10 valley5pineapple Emerica Promo Code

You may get Emerica Promo Code from this link. Finding a real Emerica Promo Code might be hard sometimes. At there, you may get free discount code and offers for online stores and in stores. Also, daily deals and sales are available always.
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