COVID link to Mast Cell activation and MCAS

2022.01.25 01:38 AmericanMurderLog COVID link to Mast Cell activation and MCAS

I didn't find this on the forum, so I thought I would share it. Sorry if this is old info.
Missouri doctors discover one possible cause of long COVID (
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2022.01.25 01:38 LifeOfJoshua Can't launch anything without BD drive.

I loaned a friend my BD cables so he can mod his PS3 phat model. None of my content launches now. I did test before landing him the cables and they will launch with drive hooked up, and not without. Even Multiman won' launch. Just black screen. But dies launch with drive.
So my question is, I'm guessing I have to wait till I get the cables back to do anything but for future sake, isnthere any way to SKIP the BD hardware check when launching content? Once he sets up his ps3 he obviously is going to run into this issue as well once I get cables back. He will end up ordering some but is there anything he can do to get around this for now? Any plugin or app that allows the ps3 to skip BD check?
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.25 01:38 ILikeCap F(th)ree meals and no rent ammirite?

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2022.01.25 01:38 Aggressive-Repeat548 Sofie likes to swim. However, there are monsters out here. She just knows it.

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2022.01.25 01:38 AnswerItself An In Depth Look at Oreki Hourarous Personality...

Did you ever wonder, Why is oreki houtarou the way he is, was he always like that ? Well, by only watching the Anime, this question will remain a mystery, but by reading the light novel, one actually gains lnoweledge about this. First of all, was he always like this ?
Houtarou was not always this energy conserving person who would not do anything unless he is forced to, or has to. During Hyouka in the anime, around the episode where SAtoshi sztarted to feel jealous about oreki and it was about the valentine chocolate which mayaka ibara wanted ti give satoshi, we saw oreki in the past in elementary school, we also had a flashback where we have seen him in class, during the episode in which houtarou wanted to find out why his teacher always admired helicopters. We saw that oreki did not have this energy conserving look, but was just like every other kid full of energy and was a kind person.
During the LN, oreki revealed to chitnada why he is the way he is, or was the way he was at least. Chitanda askred oreki directly, and since these both trust each other a lot, oreki decided to tell chitanda about it. Oreki during middle school was a very helpful and kind person, who would step in for another person in need. Oreki quickly began to realize that most people were using him for their own benefits, and therefore he decided it is not worth exceeding this amount of energy for these tasks, as there is no reward in the end in orekis mind. I am sure we all had these moments in our lifes where we were used, even though we were very friendly. Whether its by friends, others, classmates, doesnt matter, its the same outcome. Since oreki met eru chitanda, he is willing to exceed more energy again, because chitanda showed him the colorful ways of life again. Oreki was the one thing to bring dynamic into chitandas life, and chitanda was the one to bring color and joy into orekis life and way of thinking again.
Well, now you know why oreki was the way he is, but he is slowly changing, and has already done so a lot and helps chitanda with many things, whether it be mysteries or whatever. Now, what kind of a person is oreki exactly ? LEts dive into it a bit further. Houtarou has immense skills, but does not see himself in this way. He is actually thinking its always luck when he succeeds in solving something complicated, whilst in reality, he unconciously knows he is capable of more, but his motto and lifestyle prevents him from unlocking himself so to say. Hotarou himself does have a sense of pride and he truly cares about his loved ones, chitanda, ibara, tomoe as well as satoshi. During eopsidoe ... Houtarou tried to solve the juumonji case, during the kanja festival where they had to sell the hyouka anthology. This was a very complicated mystery in which at first, houtarou was wrong, and felt bad about it for the entire classic club, therefore, he wanted to rectify his misthinking and actually felt bad.
During the Anime, we also saws oreki asking himself "Do I really want a rose coloured life ?" Houtarou actively thinks about his past live, and wonders actually if he should go back to it, satoshi, his best friend also knows orekis capabilities and pushes him towards this, wesaw this during the episode in which they met Mayaka, satoshi teased goutarou with a new mystery and made chitanda curious about it, so houtarou would have to exceed more energy. Most people watching this scene think that satoshi did it because he wanted to tease houtarou, while in reality, satoshi wanted houtarou to solve a case, enchance and realize his immense skills. It makes sense if we think about it. Houtarou made himself a shield around himself, which contains only his expectations, and leaves out everything else regarding a rose coloured life, his abilites , his happiness. He set his standards about himself so low, that he actually thinks everyone could have done what he did, that its just pure luck. Chitanda is the one who got him out of this shield to find a foot towards the colored side of the world and life. We saw something really beautiful during one opening of hyouka, in which chitanda gets houtarou out ofa grey zone into the classis club which is colored, this perfectly showed a part of orekis and chitandas connection as well as orekis start of change into the rose colored side.
The ever so curious eru chitanda, kimi naru masu, we all know who says this when we hear it. If he makes the step and decides to change, will he be able to live a rose-colored life happily and successfully, or will he turn around and around, aimlessly wandering, unable to find his place in this world as he sees both his desire and safety net fade out of reach. Orekis fear lied within this: What if he actually would open up and return to a rose colored life, what if it isnt the same anymore and he cant return to who he was ? Because houtarous expectations are set as low as they are, oreki will be more in doubt then usual, he isnt confident that he can successfully change into the person who he truly is, therefore, ht doesnt want to leave the comfort zone. You know, do you remember when Irisu actually Used houtarou to write the ending of the class fs film, the film of irisu ? Oreki doubted himself and was angry about this fact that he got used. In reality tho, tomoe asked irisu to do this to houtarou out of good will, to make houtarou change and let him start think more deeply about a rose coloured life and his lifestyle. OReki also directed himself as a normal person during the OVA in the pool, chitanda asked oreki if he wants to be special, and he replied he is just normal. I believe this question really awaked orekis thoughts and he actually thought more to the side of the rose coloured.
At the very end of hyouka, we saw oreki actually wanting to confess to chitanda about his love, and helping her with chitandas family business, but then he remember satoshis warning abut a rose coloured life. Houtarou did change a lot in the anime, and even more so in the light novel, and is much more open and comfortable in lifing his life rose coloured now, at least a little more colored you know. He did find goof footing towards the rose coloured side of life, thanks to his sister and close friends, and he is on the right track fo find his true personbality. Only future will tell how houtarou will develop further.
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2022.01.25 01:38 anon_ymuss Adding a transformer for a doorbell

Apologies is this isn’t appropriate for this sub, just not sure where to ask =/
I just moved into a new condo and I want to put a doorbell in. There’s a light switch inside right where the doorbell needs to be on the outside. My understanding is that what needs to be done is have a transformer installed.
The quote I received was $800, or $1,000 if I add a second transformer to mount my security panel inside as well. Is that about right?
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2022.01.25 01:38 amirhossein87 این داستان:امتحانات ترم

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2022.01.25 01:38 Character-Ad-1000 [Strikers] What Happened to Futaba?

This contains no late game spoilers
Let me just say first
I enjoy her character arc in the base game. overcoming her grief and false judgment against a loved ones death is a fantastic theme, and thats not my problem
My problem lies within her dialog, jail chatter, and just general demeanor
She is a totally different person in strikers and just wont shut up, like a worse Ryuji
Admittedly, this is a little subjective, but the typical "Gamer Talk" attitude like "The RNG Gods smile upon us!" comes across as cringe in a serious setting. Hell, even Ryuji has matured since the base game when it comes to his attitude, but it feels like Futaba has gotten more childish
You could say it is just a result of her coming out of her shell, but i disagree. She is constantly yelling and screaming in public. I find it hard to believe someone goes from being as much of a shut in as she was in persona 5 to literally yelling in public about inappropriate things
for example, while in the bathhouse futaba is screaming about the girls rack size and comparing them, despite the fact the girls are very uncomfortable with this.
Like how do you go from "Eek... so many people!" to "DAMN ANN NICE TITS YOU PROBABLY FARMED LOTS OF XP FOR THOSE"
I get shes supposed to replace Ryuji as the "Comic Relief" of the game, but Ryuji did it 100x better because Ryuji was just dumb, while Futaba tries to be funny and fails.
We dont need a comic relief Atlus. Whenever i find myself smiling during this game, it's when the whole gang gets together and has a bro moment, not when Futaba pulls out the joke book
tl;dr Persona 5 Futaba Good Strikers Futaba Bad
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2022.01.25 01:38 4DrivingWhileBlack Issued, but out of regs issued gear…

Someone remind me what the fucking purpose was of all the cold weather gear we were CIF or Command issued to include the Buffalo jackets, the fleece “leopard” jackets, and the cold weather stuffed coyote pants and jacket suits made from cold weather sleeping bag materiel if we weren’t supposed to actually fucking wear them?
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2022.01.25 01:38 FoodieCardsNChina 习大大就是黄衣之主

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2022.01.25 01:38 snorah Transferring to a store in LA…

So i’m moving from SD to LA and i’m going to transfer to a home depot up there. i’m not 100% sure what area but Noho/Weho area is probable. I was wondering if anyone here works in LA’s district and kinda tell me what stores to avoid, or which ones are busy/high volume or what i should look for. thank you!
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2022.01.25 01:38 BillyBobJenkins454 He shortly after surrendered after I summoned Dragon Maid Sheou and discarded red dragon lady for an additional 5500 attack

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2022.01.25 01:38 Jorgesinaloa Tips or what should i get with me to kill Harkon?

Im having a really bad time trying to kill this guy, Specially because the dude keeps spawning skeletons and gargoyles. Fortunately i have a save right before talking to Isran about Auriel's bow so i can get out in the world and grab things with me before going in, what can i get that will help me kill the guy? Or alternatively some tips to deal whit him rn? Thanks beforehand
Im level 20 rn if that helps
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2022.01.25 01:38 jrcoolt For sale - Houston Area

I don't see anything in the rules about selling stuff on here. I have a full G920 setup with a shifter and stand, plus an Oculus 2 that I want to get rid of. I am willing to let them go separately. Excellent condition for both. I don't use either of them as often as I thought I would. I want to take offers. I am focusing my attention to other hobbies, so any realistic offer will be considered to pay for the other hobbies.
If this is not allowed, I'm sorry. I read the rules and didn't see anything against wanting to sell stuff.
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2022.01.25 01:38 WearyProfs52 How Bulldog could kill an Ape? monkaGasp
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2022.01.25 01:38 LonesomeRoad17 What is the Left Hand Path opinion of Apep/Apophis?

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2022.01.25 01:38 shallah Indigenous communities along Alaska’s coast are developing scientific networks to test shellfish for toxins because the state is not doing so

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2022.01.25 01:38 Smart-Mathematician7 Just made a minecraft mod do you guys like it

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2022.01.25 01:38 SpyderMonkey747 My W13😅

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2022.01.25 01:38 nicos_artwork lobo the cranky wolf

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2022.01.25 01:38 yuugyho Finding work after graduating (JMSB)

Is it uncommon for a JMSB grad to find work in the states post grad?
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2022.01.25 01:38 paulwashed Day 4

Halfway thru week 1. Praise God
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2022.01.25 01:38 Naurgul The five parties that make up Finland’s coalition government emerged as collective winners of the country's first-ever regional elections, although the opposition National Coalition Party won the biggest share of the vote of any single party.

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2022.01.25 01:38 13Khyls Ghost of Tsushima Drake Knife Talk Music video!

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2022.01.25 01:38 catman7575646 I’m stuck on the first loading screen

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