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How to predict U move on 2x2 at the end of a solve

2022.01.22 08:13 Idunno233 How to predict U move on 2x2 at the end of a solve

Whenever I do a 2x2 solve I usually end in the U face not being solved, do any of you know how to know what U move to do before u start the alg as I always pause at the end to ce=heck if there is a U move. thx
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2022.01.22 08:13 nuclearpancake69420 Fighting Ronin Alpha as Dreamer (FANART)

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2022.01.22 08:13 Amsay9 when that age of empires beat hit

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2022.01.22 08:13 pinat01 A. Clarinervium dark form & regular form!

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2022.01.22 08:13 SeedlessLemons Fun fact: McDonald's Twitter openly supported Azerbaijan during the Nagorno-Karabakh war

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2022.01.22 08:13 Dumuzzi How Greed Made America a Poor Country

An excellent summary of what ails America, why society is collapsing, why the average person can't make ends meet and why the antiwork movement is so important and gaining ground.
How America Became the World’s Newest Poor Country — And Fascism Became Inevitable
Here’s a little question or two about the American economy. I’m going to give you three guesses. Ready?
My lovely wife is a doctor. She burned out treating Covid patients, and wanted to take a year or two off, and be close to her elderly dad. She’s taking a break to do research. Now she’s at America’s finest hospital, a place which is a household name worldwide. They recruited her because she has degrees from some of the world’s finest medical institutions. She has her own office there. She directs a team of several people. They run studies to save kids’ lives.
Guess how much money she makes?
I’d bet that you probably guessed north of $100K, maybe $200K. You’re — very — wrong. She makes something in the region of $50,000. Sound like a lot? A little? We’ll get to that. Now guess how much the hospital administrators make.
Maybe this time you guessed around $150K, or $200K. Wrong again. They make in the millions of dollars, every year. This hospital is a “non-profit.” LOL. Why should the “administrator” of any non-profit be making more than a million dollars a year? When people who are doing real work, which means saving kids lives, not just shuffling numbers in spreadsheets and taking a cut, are making a fraction of that?
Does that sound sane to you?
Why am I telling you this? So you feel bad for my wife? Well, maybe you should, because when she looked up the inequity, let me tell you, she was incandescent. But not really. It’s an example — an especially egregious one — of what really broke America. Greed.
It is impossible — flatly impossible — for the average American to make ends meet. I can tell you that as an economist, one of the only really good ones America’s ever had. Americans grew poor because their economy failed them. But a poor society can’t afford many things. Things which matter. Like democracy, truth, reason, goodness, decency. Societies faced with sudden descents into poverty implode into authoritarianism, just the way American is. Greed broke America in this larger, truer sense.
But Americans don’t really understand it yet, I think, just how extreme and out of control greed really is in America — and how, paradoxically, it left society poor. Too poor to afford to even be a functioning country or democracy anymore, in the end, and so America’s just imploding now.
Let’s do a little math first, to prove the point that it’s impossible to make ends meet, and then I’ll teach you a little bit about how what’s normal in America is completely and totally abnormal in the rest of the entire world, more or less. The median American income is about $35K. That is what millions of Americans earn. For a “household,” meaning in economic statistics, a family of four, it rises to about $60K.
It is impossible, and I mean impossible, to live on that level income. That is a median income more suited to a poor country than a rich one. But let’s prove it.
Rent? The average rent for an apartment was $1124 in 2021. That’s $14,000. That’s half of the average person’s income eaten up by rent alone. Now we have…all the other expenses of life. Let’s start with the other big one in America: healthcare. The average cost for a family paying for healthcare was almost exactly the same: $1152. Bang. Another $14K. That’s the average American’s entire income gone, on just rent and healthcare.
But maybe you object — my employer pays for my healthcare. Or maybe I don’t even want healthcare (LOL, you mean you can’t afford it, I get it, we’ll come back to that). Sure — it’s not going to make much difference in the end. The average American spends about $1200 “out-of-pocket” even if they’re insured by their employer — let’s call it $1500, because that’s surely an underestimate. That leaves us with maybe about 14K of income per year for the average person — and we still haven’t gotten to most bills.
You need a car in America, to get much of anywhere. You need insurance for it. The average monthly car payment is $600. Let’s call insurance another $100. That’s $700…a month. Or $8400 per year. Suddenly, we’re left with about $5K to cover everything else you need in life.
Water, electricity, gas to put in the car. Internet. A mobile phone. The average water bill’s around $100 per month — bang, another $1200 gone — and now we’re down to just about $3800. Internet and a phone? Call them another $100 per month. Now we’re down to $2600. Electricity? Another $100 per month. Now we’re down to just $1400. Average annual cost of gas to put in that car? It’s about $1100.
Now you’ve got just $300 left.
But you still have to feed and clothe yourself. Your kids. Pay for random stuff like maybe a toy here and there, a treat. I’m sure I’ve left plenty of stuff out that isn’t remotely a luxury — like paying off student loans.
The point I’m trying to make should be crystal clear by now — not least because you’re probably living it. Making ends meet in America is flatly impossible. It cannot be done. My lovely wife’s income is so low that it doesn’t even cover her expenses — car, travel, a hotel every now and then because she’s asked to work overtime regularly.
The economic effect of all this is somewhere between a joke and an embarassment. I’m subsidising this world-famous billion dollar institution which pays its “administrators” millions, because my wife isn’t even paid enough to cover her basic living expenses. Think of how ridiculous that is. The reason those administrators earn millions is because I’m effectively paying them to employ my wife — after they get a cut of overcharging Americans for operations and medicine. But this story isn’t personal — it’s social. Those economics — people can’t make ends meet — are absolutely fatal for a society.
If you can’t make ends meet — a whole society — then what’s the point? Why bother getting educated? Why bother being part of the hard work of democracy? Why bother trusting anyone else? Everything soon enough begins to break down catastrophically, and society stops being one.
America’s a poor country now, and that’s why it’s collapsing. Let me explain a little further.
Even if you move up the social ladder, and “buy” a nicer house, and a nicer car, because you have a slightly bigger income, how is that achieved? Through debt. America is a debtor society. Americans are in massive, massive debt — lifelong debt. Americans die in debt. These are forms of debt which simply don’t exist in the rest of the world — “medical debt,” “student debt” — managed by weird, sinister institutions which don’t exist in the rest of the world, either, like “credit scores.”
But to be a debtor society is aberrant. It is not normal. At least not in the sense of being a modern, functioning one. Because it means that a society of people like that is too poor to afford things like democracy, truth, reason, sanity, care, goodness, decency, and so on. Yes, I mean that, and I’m going to prove it to you shortly.
First, I want you to understand just how norms of greed produced this paradoxical situation of poverty.
Let’s come back to my wife for a moment. When she applied for the job, she was shocked at how little they offered her. I told her that’s just how America is, and she should make a counter offer. She’s a noble person. She wants to help kids, to heal people. The money didn’t matter to her. And she’s not a very good negotiator — especially when it’s angry looking mean misogynistic dudes on the other side of the table. They offered her just 30K to begin with, I believe. She managed to up it. But.
See how…exploitative this is? How disgusting? To offer a person as little as you can? For doing work you want them to do…for you? You are seeing how far you can push them, how much you take from them, how much you can cheat them. Maybe “cheat” is a strong word. But the people making her this paltry offer — not even enough to pay for things like buying a car and driving it back and forth and having a place to live — were making millions.
Now think about it. There’s my wife with all her degrees and knowledge and passion and so forth. What’s it all worth in America? Not even enough to live on. So how bad is it for someone who doesn’t have all those degrees? Just some average person who, decently enough, just wants to be a plumber or teacher or whatnot? How does that make a person feel? Where does it leave a society? When cheating others is a norm, when you can never have enough, even if you have millions upon millions, even when more or less everyone else has too little…can a society really function? You see, in Canada or Europe, she’d do fine — they’d offer a decent salary with good benefits and so on. The idea that it’s OK to begin from a place of exploitation would be considered deeply immoral and antisocial. But not in America.
That level of greed — the extreme level, where I exploit you as hard as possible and smile — is considered normal in America. There is nothing much wrong with it. It is a social norm in that sense. It’s just the “way things are,” acceptable, even justifiable. But this is profoundly, totally, completely abnormal almost anywhere else in the world. If a hospital administrator was making 25 or 50 times what the average employee at the hospital was — millions — it would be a national scandal in most other countries. People would be shocked, and bewildered, and ask things like: “are they embezzling money? Then how did they get to take so much?”
This situation, obviously, isn’t just about hospitals. It’s about everything. My wife, despite being an academic and a doctor with multiple degrees, is, in this job, just a schlub. She’s just a commodity to be exploited by a class of “administrators” and “executives,” who are totally, utterly ruthless when it comes to greed. Their greed is literally world-beating, and they don’t consider it greedy to earn millions for doing nothing of value, they just consider it.…normal. They feel entitled to it. This norm? It doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, except maybe when it comes to war criminals. Those are strong words, but I mean them. Again, in most of Canada and Europe this level of greed would be literally quite incomprehensible.
But in America, it’s systemic. And it’s what made America a poor country. Think about, I don’t know, Amazon. It employs armies of people — who can barely take bathroom breaks, who are managed down to the microsecond by algorithms. They earn a pittance. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is so rich he could vaccinate the planet single-handedly (spolier alert: he hasn’t and won’t). Google’s notorious for stiffing “temp” workers, who are legendary for being stiffed across the economy. Adjunct professors make barely enough to live on, and teachers are paid like paupers and then asked to risk their lives during Covid.
The average person in America has been completely, utterly, totally failed by the economy in a way that a modern society hasn’t seen since the Soviet Union or the Weimar Republic. But you know what happened to those? One collapsed into Nazi fascism, and the other, into authoritarianism.
That link between economic stagnation and social collapse? It’s not a coincidence. This is the part where I teach you why societies which impoverish themselves, like America has, can’t afford things like truth or goodness or decency or democracy. It should be obvious, though, and I bet many of you have already figured it out.
What can’t my lovely wife afford, on her paycheck, which is basically less than minimum wage? Well, she can’t afford to fund a working society for anyone else. She’d like everyone to have healthcare, and she’d definitely have voted for Bernie or Liz Warren had the Dems had the stones to put them forward instead of Biden. But it doesn’t matter. Because on an income of $30K, or even $50K, there is not enough left over in taxes to pay for a functioning society.
We didn’t cover taxes in the example above. If we did, the average earner at $30K would pay the government $2,500. That would have put us deep in the red — even deeper — in the example above. But it would also have had a pernicious secondary effect, a hidden one. That is not a large enough payment to fund a working society like in say Canada or Europe, made of public healthcare, retirement, transport, education, and so forth. It just isn’t…enough.
You’d need to either tax the rich way, way more, and cap their incomes, even if informally, through norms that disdain greed and hold it in contempt and shame and disgrace, as happens in Canada and Europe. Or you’d need to charge the average person around 50% of their income — but at $30K, which isn’t enough to live on in the first place…well, it’s even less so.
You cannot have a modern, functioning society with these failed, Soviet economics. America is in what’s known as a poverty trap. It needs desperately to become a modern society, but can’t become one, because the average person can’t afford it. This is the same trap the Soviet Union found itself in — and that is why it collapsed.
Democracy dies this way, as a result of a nation falling into poverty. Why? Think of even my wife, the educated doctor. When she gets home — overworked, asked to work weekends, given little to no time off, because, remembers, she’s just a schlub to this world famous hospital — the last thing she has any real energy or time for is democracy. A nation of people in that position — overworked, underpaid, given no time off — are too weary and tired and harried to sustain the exercise of self-governance. That is why democracy fails to catch fire in poor countries to begin with. Nobody much can afford it.
But darker waters lie ahead, too. What dies next, because a nation is too poor to afford it? Well, things like trust do. When you work your bones away, for a pittance — and yet elites earn millions for doing nothing of value, just shuffling numbers, and taking their cut, like my wife’s so called “administrators,” why would you have much trust in the system? This is where the Trumpists are — and on this point, who can blame them? America’s working class really was betrayed. It was abandoned to predators, by greed, left impoverished, and as a result, it has no trust left in governance, institutions, systems, or elites.
As trust dies, what happens next? People give up on truth and decency and goodness. Everyone else has been turned into a rival, an enemy, a competitor, for a tiny amount of money, food, income, shelter. Relationships can’t form in such a way. Bonds break. When you’re out there, working your bones away for not even enough to live on, what do you feel? Anger. Rage. Humiliation. And you look for reasons. To explain something. Why are you nobody and nothing? Why is it that no matter how hard you work, or how honest you are, you end up humiliated, nose ground down into the dirt? You turn to fanaticism. Fundamentalism. Extremism. This way lies social collapse, at an even more fundamental level: radicalization.
What do the humiliated want? Justice, in the form of revenge. This is where America’s working class is. They are out for blood, because they want vengeance. For what? For being humiliated, for so long, abandoned and forgotten and left impoverished and hopeless, by people less honest and decent than them. Ground down into poverty — while elites, like “hospital administrators” and “lobbyists” and “exceutives” bank millions, billions. They are led to aim their rage at scapegoats, by demagogues — because humiliation makes your mind stop working. All you want is revenge, because that is the only thing that will give you life meaning, make you feel like you mattered at all.
That is how a society dies . That is how America died.
If I ask my wife’s “hospital administrators” something like “hey, aren’t you guys ashamed of this? My wife makes a pittance for doing real work, while you guys pull in millions for shuffling numbers and taking a cut? And pretending all this is about people’s health?” They’ll look at me like I’m the crazy one.
Because it’s not shameful to be this greedy in America. But it should have been. It is in the rest of the world. It’s considered a moral failing, a sign that you’re a defective human being, that something is seriously wrong with you. Nobody wants anything to do with you. You are a laughingstock, a social buffoon, a disgrace, a failure as a person. But in America, it’s OK to be greedy, not shameful. It’s what’s taught at Ivy League schools and justified by both sides of politics. The problem is that norm of greed left most of society itself humiliated. Because the most ruthless and selfish and greedy ran unrestrained over everyone else, until there wasn’t even left to live on. The impoverished who were ground into dust, meanwhile, finally exploded, humiliation seeking revenge.
That is the inside story of how America died. Everything else is just details, really. I wonder, though, if America will ever really get it.
January 2022
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2022.01.22 08:13 d00nbuggy Going into my old Gmail account j(last name)@gmail and finding loads of other people with the same last name have used it

Jan: call Santander and give them the correct email
Jack: Steph wants to zoom with you, she seems nice
Jakeb: service your damn Tahoe, it’s overdue
John: your daughter got college interviews last year, did you inadvertently ruin her life by not knowing?
JoAnn: well done cancelling paramount, $99.99/month is insane
Josh: Phoenix public library want your overdue books returning
I think that’s everyone.
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2022.01.22 08:13 DavidCallsen Sunbeam Sound Machine - Real Life

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2022.01.22 08:13 SecurityPuppet83 honey... sweetie... honey.......

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2022.01.22 08:13 PhilRoli With every player getting put at 1350, its time to set the Power floor back to 0

In my opinion, it is becoming progressively frustrating with the increase in power level. With every single player being set to 1350 and a new year starting, I think it is the perfect time to reset our power level. Also, as a new player, I would be very confused why I'm starting at 1350 and not 0.
I would love to hear your opinions on that.
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2022.01.22 08:13 manishgulia Buy INNO3D Graphics Card Online at Low Prices India | Esports4G

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2022.01.22 08:13 lenixlobo I'm learning making beats on my phone. Please check it out . Hope you like jt

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2022.01.22 08:13 bloodraged189 Terminology for "Spider-Mans" vs. "Spider-Men"

I was watching a video about the Marvel Spiderverse, and something occurred to me; some people say "Spider-Mans" while others say "Spider-Men". Is there a word for these different ways of making typically singular compound-nouns plural? (i.e. using the usual plural of the irregular noun portion of the compound word, vs. treating the compound as a new word all together)
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2022.01.22 08:13 ictrepresent Free $15 from Dave for taking a $5 advance

Hey! For a limited time, Dave is giving new qualified members $15 to take their first advance up to $250 to spend on anything you choose. Open a Dave Spending account to claim your reward:
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2022.01.22 08:13 mayurikoia ..and relax

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2022.01.22 08:13 awtsgegeae .

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2022.01.22 08:13 GrandMasterLunkin Aang thoughts on killing [ unknown ]

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2022.01.22 08:13 Liljesus333 Should I buy the game now?

Should I buy the ps4 version rn for cheap and wait until the next gen patch is released?d
Do you guys think they will try to charge more money for new features or graphics enhancements when the next gen version releases?
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2022.01.22 08:13 Zestyclose-Worker-27 Three of these are from a random crystal thing - the turquoise one was found in my house randomly….any ideas what kinds they are?

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2022.01.22 08:13 yabdali Need help with a new setup

I am ordering a mini PC with the following specs:

  1. AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX 54W
  2. Dual 2.5Gbps LAN ports
  3. Crucial DDR4 3200Mhz RAM and supports dual-channel 64GB.
  4. M.2 2280 SSD slot PCIe 3.0: M.2 PCIe Gen. 3 NVMe 1.3 up to 2038Mb/S OM8PDP31024B-A01 1024GB Kingstone
  5. M.2 SSD card slot is SATA3 maximum speed can reach 500M/S (empty)
  6. 2.5-inch SATA HDD (7-9.5mm) Slot×1 (SATA 3.0 6.0Gb/s) (empty)
The PC will come with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled and activated. I am intending to use it as per the following:
I have the following questions and appreciate your support:
  1. I have seen Unraid video supports harddrive pass through. Does it also support GPU pass-through if any of the docker or even the Windows VM need access to it? I am considering setting up a docker container for deepstack which will require acccess to the GPU.
  2. I will be using SATA3 SSD and the 2.5 inch SATA HDD to run by Unraid, I don't need redundancy since I am intending to use the NAS devices for backup. Can this be done with Unraid and what are the recommended configurations? Note: NVMe SSD drive (Windows preinstalled) pass through VM, SATA3 SSD and the 2.5 inch SATA HDD assigned to Unraid
  3. Also, can you please recommend what type of drive (SSD & HDD) /models to use?
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2022.01.22 08:13 Disastrous_Pen_2562 Your Ways Of Increasing your BP(Battle Pass)

What is Your Type of Modes (MP BR Zombie Mode) That increases Your Battle Pass?
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2022.01.22 08:13 Dependent-Thing-6160 *angry water sounds*

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2022.01.22 08:13 Silent-Rough-9380 Emo Boy

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2022.01.22 08:13 one-piecer1 One Piece Youtube community is getting really bad

First of all, let me tell you that this is just my opinion and if it doesn't match yours then that's good, that's exactly what makes it an opinion. So here we go:

Is it just me or does it seem like most One Piece YouTubers don't add anything to... um, anything, to be honest? They just repeat the same things that you already know, most of the chapter reviews are not chapter reviews, They just read the chapter out loud and describe the pictures. Like what the hell man? I can see that myself and I can read that line with my own eyes as well. I don't need you to repeat what I already read, I want you to add a point or point out a detail in the writing or art that is not visible at the first glance, That's what a review is.

There is also a lot of Powerscaling videos: Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Powerscaling, I'm not one of those guys who b*tches about Powerscalers all the damn time. In fact, I do Powerscaling myself and it is a very fun time to be had. BUT...

BUT for some of the channels, all they talk about is power scaling, and my problem is not the Powerscaling in particular, My problem is the views. they get way too many views on power scaling videos. It takes literally no time to write a power scaling script. NO TIME AT ALL.

While a nice and solid analysis takes weeks to write. for example, I really don't like Morj's raid failing theory, and sometimes I just avoid his fans BUT fuck that when his analysis videos are nothing short of amazing.

I'm not telling you what to watch and what not to, If you like Powerscaling videos then by all means do, What is fun is fun and you can't change that. But I'm just telling you that the amount of effort that goes to a Powerscaling video is way way way less than... anything, to be honest. (To be fair the editing does take time though but that's true for all and any videos)

For example, I found this guy "The hidden Island" and to my surprise, for such a small channel he sure puts more work into his videos than half the youtube community combined. And the crazy thing is that his channel is so small that I found the guy by complete accident. It was like you put your hand in your pocket and out of nowhere, you suddenly find a pack of gold in there😂
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2022.01.22 08:13 cxristiaan Roads are for cars!

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