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Not yet gates... Not yet

2022.01.23 01:01 jva21 Not yet gates... Not yet

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2022.01.23 01:01 HappyGooner45 Does anyone have an idea what all of this stuff means?

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2022.01.23 01:01 kernelman Dam breach experiment

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2022.01.23 01:01 spudseyes Homemade chocolate chip cookies

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2022.01.23 01:01 Mang0Ric0 Who is your Hero Mike ?

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2022.01.23 01:01 BobSwaget69 Anyone else feel like Curaleaf Apollo 11 smells like farts?

Ok so this is not satire, I genuinely feel like this strain smells terrible. I got this strain recently as ground flower and when I opened the package at home my apartment became filled with a strange sweat/ fart-like odor. My s/o who is familiar with cannabis was also taken aback from across the room and exclaimed how she couldn’t believe it smelled like that. It doesn’t even really smell like weed if you ask me, are we crazy or do others agree? The strain itself was ok but the smell was almost nauseating.
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2022.01.23 01:01 Franki213928 El municipio de Escobedo si esta muy feo y pesado?

Voy a trabajar en el parque industrial de escobedo y querta preguntar que tan fea esta la zona ? ( Cabe aclarar que vengo de otro estado por eso pregunto ). Gracias
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2022.01.23 01:01 Tara_is_a_Potato MFW I'm about to piss in your basement

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2022.01.23 01:01 ThatPostalDude Part two choo choo. There are no trains though, sorry

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2022.01.23 01:01 Mother-Juggernaut-60 Just got 500 tickets which bee do I buy

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2022.01.23 01:01 shibapx 📢My 1st Collection, Chonky Shibas is AVAILABLE NOW on Opensea!

📢My 1st Collection, Chonky Shibas is AVAILABLE NOW on Opensea!
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2022.01.23 01:00 Willuknight I turned my entire yard into - AlCATraz, a private prison garden for my cats.

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2022.01.23 01:00 the-dumbass-human How should i color her? I succcccck at choosing colors, please give me a helping hand!

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2022.01.23 01:00 PADYBU [PC?] [90s?] What retro game is this image from?

The background looks like it's from a game, I'd love to find the source. Thank you
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2022.01.23 01:00 GeologistHuman WIP American Horror Story- Murder House

Just looking for some advice and feedback, I haven't even finished the series yet but I wanted to start making this as I went along.
American Horror Story
Murder House
Welcome to a house. A wonderful house of murder that will drive you through the floors. From the college kids, to the nice couple, to a few dysfunctional families I’m sure you can build a life and story here.
General perks
Not That Knock Off (100) You can always find a buyer, houses, therapy, green delicious.
To Live Again (400cp) So many other people get to return. Why not you. Once every ten years you can come back from the dead. As a baby delivered to a companion. To a man waking up on the lawn.
Wider World, The Outsider
Solve It (100)
The skills of a journalist and historian in one. To track down others through history and pierce together mysteries
Piggy, Piggy, Pi- Pig (400)
The willpower to see this through to the end. Wounded, hurt, grieving, your Benefactor still believes in you. Face your fears.
Indian Burial Ground (600)/ Maybe something from a later season?
Why did you come here. You can Imbue the land with a sacrifice
A Job (100)
The skills of a psych and to see and comprehend the minds of others. Not that this helped him that much. Or you can replace this with any other reasonable job that a person can have. Skills and training included. You find a client base easier to manage and handle, whether from sales or as a patient.
You Remind Me Of Me (400)
You have the ability for others to sympathize and see themselves in you. They might not kill you but take you under their wing to continue. If you get in the way, you will be dealt with.
A Moment of Resistance (600)
When all is lost you need to be able to pull yourself back for a moment. Let rationality save you, or love. SAve them. Save the baby. This represents the ability and fate to save yourself and others. Happenstance and the friends you made along the way are more susceptible to this perk. Minor willpower boost along with a rising luck in response to danger to you and your own.
Acting (100)
An actor is something all these people seem to be. The lies the mourning truth, you seem to be able to hide it all’
Where Did You Come From / Hello Larry(?)
Stealth and jumpscares that some horror enthusiasts seem to have
A Nightmare (400)
To make others see what is not there, to raise paranoia and anxiety with the aid of something special with a ghost. Not full of illusions, more limited than that. More to the level of changing your appearance.
To Cheat Death (600)
To kill, to make them stay you have the power to make a scene be imbued with the power to tie ghosts to a location, those that die shall not leave. They will follow your directives but the control you have over them will wane over the course of a few years without more murders.
Basic Imports (50)
A few of these ghosts wouldn't mind an escape. I’m sure you can deal with the issue of a body.
Gimp Suit
A set of some horrific taxidermied cryptids, and the human variety
A Thousand Dollars
Security System
Twenty Pumpkins. Carved Or not to your liking
These are meant to be unchanged to any perks you may have
Timeline (+0) find yourself in any of the influential murders to the houses foundations, it will always have at least three members of a conspiracy that you don’t currently suspect so it retains a basic amount of danger.
You are just that boring (+100) - Just like a certain patient you have an extremely mellow personality that makes it hard to to make friends and connections beyond acquaintances.
Pitiful Man (+200) Burn wounds over seventy percent of your body, pain and stiffness that won’t go away for the duration of this jump. No joke, this sucks enough to make sleeping hard. Painkillers will
I hate it here (+100) You get to experience the worst parts of high school, the drugs, the gangs and a few enemies that always return to bother you for petty high school bullying. They will appear wherever you go or do. Your new job, your home in Alaska anything that may have people.
Never Free (+300) Your now a ghost and must follow the rules of the house. Complete it’s plans and you get to go free at the end of your ten year period. If it is destroyed you will get to go into a ghost roadtrip following those that are responsible.
A Sick Extortion (+100) A man will come by every week asking for money, even if you give it to him he will escalate and threaten your weaknesses for more and more.
The World Is Closing In (+200), welcome to a issue of depression and anxiety, your meds wont help and your stuck with the rare good days to your bad.
Everynight Is Halloween (+500), all the murder victims of the house are coming for you, replacing those close to you, and every Halloween they come back immune to what dealt them last time.
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2022.01.23 01:00 black_soles Anyone have any super op tactics like the old akimbo double barrel

I have one I’ll trade op tac for op tac pm me or comment it
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2022.01.23 01:00 ItsA1pha_ [java] Not able to join servers in 1.18.1 launcher

Im able to join servers in 1.8.9 but when i try on 1.18.1, it keeps pinging and says no connection even though my internet speed is like 50 mbps
pls help
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2022.01.23 01:00 Good1emob The way iptv is supposed to be done

Resellers/users wanted, 14000+ channels, USA, UK, Canada, 24/7 and adult along with tons of channels from all over the world. 6usd sub, very affordable resellers panel, pm me for free trials, you won't be disappointed
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2022.01.23 01:00 Maskdeco Sometimes Omegle can Be wholesome! Seek help anywhere you can get it, no matter what..

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2022.01.23 01:00 Dragonlance12 Peru's fishermen in despair after oil spill

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2022.01.23 01:00 ChoiceTransition1901 Monte Carlo Pink Dress

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2022.01.23 01:00 king_gpj Red exclamation mark on Pokémon

When I talk to my sentret, sometimes he displays a red exclamation mark. What does it mean?
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2022.01.23 01:00 nojohnsallpapa The Jigglypuff main in its natural habitat (Part 2)

Part 1 by u/Banano9000
The next day, at about 2pm, the Jigglypuff main finally woke up. He had been practicing his schnasty aerial schmovement all day and all night long. The grind NEVER stops.
His mother hears him go to the bathroom; she has learned better than to wake him up, as he's thrown his controller at her in rage and made a tantrum. (He claims that the controller throw is a reference to his secondary, King. K Rool. He says, "anytime my mom wakes me up, I throw my controller at her because it's makes me feel like when he throws his crown! He's a great role model!"
Ignoring all requests from his mother to clean up, do his chores, and clean up his nasty, dirty room, filled with empty coke bottles everywhere, 14 family packs of empty Oreos, and various crumbs of chips sprawled all over, he hops online.
He starts his first match, spamming aerials and pound as always, practicing his "schnasty schmovement". However, his opponent knows how to punish his gameplay, which freaks him out!
He starts spamming Sing. He did this about 10 times, until he finally put the opponent to sleep and hits him with the Rest. "YES! Ooh that's DEFINITELY going in the montage, I got his ass!"
Both of them are at kill percentage now... well, his opponent at Rest percentage. He's only 10 matches away from Elite Smash; he NEEDS this win, or else he will never be able to show his face again.
From that point forward, anytime he used Sing and it whiffed, he lag switched to the bone. The bare bones. The BONE bone. Dryer then the desert, dryer then dry bones, the FPS was at 5 FPS, just like he intended it.
He can see the opponent, through his slideshow presentation, trying their best to punish him, which made him laugh very hard every time it happened. Until, he laughed TOO hard and fell out of his seat.
His entire 300lb body flops to the floor, not being able to catch himself. His hand also flies off the lag switcher AND his controller as he helplessly watches his opponent charge a smash attack and punish his 24th Sing-whiff, leading to his death.
"NOOOO, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKER" He knew this was coming even before he got smash attacked, so he crawled very quickly to pick his controller up and closed out of the game.
He huffed and puffed (haha funny) from having to crawl 6 feet on the floor. "Please please please please please please" he prayed to himself, as he waited in anticipation to see if he kept his GSP the same. Online --> Quick-play --> Solo. Here came the moment of truth...
He lost the GSP. And then he remembered: since he closed out the game, he can't put the sing --> rest combo in his new Jigglypuff hype montage
"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK" he screamed in agony. He paced around the room, wondering what he was going to do next without his precious GSP. And he knew exactly what to do.
He pressed "Home", went to his profile, changed his name to "UrA[bleep], and went to "Search for users you played with" and sent them a friend request. "That'll teach his dumbass."
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2022.01.23 01:00 AxlCobainVedder 1991 Federal Express "Hugo the talking elephant" TV Commercial

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2022.01.23 01:00 Aaaaaaghh Rainbow Dash Tier List

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