e74kf 7bab2 9h72e 4be9e hftaa 5tnsa 6z8z9 dtbdz 4d6z5 9n6ek anyyr zk996 a6s8s sa9te yhhn7 anh7y z79fs n55n5 2n2di dykdd s3n4d What would be your definitive Advance Wars experience? |

What would be your definitive Advance Wars experience?

2022.01.24 16:48 CautionHotStove What would be your definitive Advance Wars experience?

What combination of features/mechanics/other elements from the AW games would make your perfect AW game?
Attributes from Days of Ruin

Attributes from Dual Strike
Attributes from AW2
Attributes from AW1
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2022.01.24 16:48 EssentialPumpkin 50 Squishmallows for sale! Dont like my prices, make me an offer!

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2022.01.24 16:48 RoundSparrow The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Found a New Way to Wreck the Government | Neil Gorsuch’s recent invocation of the “major questions doctrine” has ominous implications for anyone not keen on watching the government drown in dysfunction.

The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Found a New Way to Wreck the Government | Neil Gorsuch’s recent invocation of the “major questions doctrine” has ominous implications for anyone not keen on watching the government drown in dysfunction. submitted by RoundSparrow to AmericanReason [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:48 jobsinanywhere Why are Comoros playing outfield player Chaker Alhadhur as goalkeeper in AFCON clash vs Cameroon?

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2022.01.24 16:48 Sheeberton-III Some of my favorite Haikyuu/Jujutsu Kaisen Japanese voice actor crossovers ☺️

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2022.01.24 16:48 Formal-Masterpiece-7 Need help finding ost

This video
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2022.01.24 16:48 Significant-Can4834 Cartels on dark web

I heard that cartel are operating on dark web Can someone shed more light onto it Share links if you have some
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2022.01.24 16:48 SubjectCraft8475 Gaming Laptops, are they worth it or they still have noise and overheating problems

So I haven't been a PC gamer since 2008. I have an old laptop I use for basic office work such as Microsoft Office, emails, and etc. I am in need of changing it. I'm not fussed about portability, as my current laptops battery is damaged and only works in the mains. I'm quite in the middle, I don't care about a portable laptop that I will travel with, but at the same time I want to be able to have the option to move it from my office to the dining room. Both areas have a available mains nearby. This is why I'm thinking of instead of getting s replacement laptop just to go all out and get a gaming laptop.
Since Xbox is starting to have a ton of exclusives especially with Microsoft acquiring studios, I would like a laptop that can run games for the entirety of this generation. I already have a PS5 so the bulk of my gaming will be on that, but the occasional exclusive like Starfield I would be playing on the laptop.
I've heard many PC gamers state gaming laptops are horrible due to noise and heat and reliability issues and to get prebuilt gaming PC or whenever chip shortages calm down to build a PC. My rationale is that I don't have the room to have a massive gaming tower in my office, as well I would like the option to move between the dining room and office on some occasions, and moving a massive tower as well as my monitor would just be a hassle.
So how is the gaming laptop market, are the heat and mouse issues overblown? What brands shall I look at? What GPU? What CPU? Shall I wait for a new chip that's around the corner that will change the game in terms of efficiency?
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2022.01.24 16:48 JMoneyGraves My stache. Will probably never shave it off again.

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2022.01.24 16:48 CIDXCID Selfmade Kev - We On ft. Babyface Ray (Official Music Video)

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2022.01.24 16:48 ML8B Why was this so perfectly placed

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2022.01.24 16:48 wscii [Discussion] Why You Should Believe in the Gabriel Davis Breakout

If you hold Gabriel Davis in a dynasty league, last night was incredibly fun even though the Bills lost the game. Davis put up 200/4 and was the best skill position player on the field in what is already being talked about as one of the best NFL games ever. It didn’t take long, however, for the controversy over what to do with Davis in dynasty to unfold. Some presented a bull case that Davis could end up with a bigger opportunity in 2022 if he becomes the WR2 on the Bills offense. Others objected, arguing that Davis is a sell based on his outlier performance and that managers should sell high while they could. They pointed out that:
1) The Bills clearly didn’t trust Davis to be WR2 heading into the season since they signed Sanders to fill that role 2) Davis had accrued only a 10% target share in two years despite playing alongside old guys like Cole Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders
I’m here with data to refute those objections and argue that’s it not a question of “if he comes the WR2 on the Bills next year” - because he already is the WR2 on the Bills. He took the role from Sanders in week 14 and hasn’t looked back.
Let's set the stage: coming off a rookie season in which he put up 600/6, the hype for Davis entering 2021 was beginning to build – until the Bills signed Sanders on a one-year deal. From the outset, it was clear that Sanders had a stranglehold on the WR2 role. Prior to week 14, here is how their stats shake out:
Sanders: 80.3% snap share, 67 targets (15.3% target share), 52 catches, 581 yards, 4 TDs (16 game pace of 52/775/5) Davis: 35.9% snap share, 29 targets (6.6% target share), 19 catches, 342 yards, 3 TDs (16 game pace of 25/456/4)
Both guys played in all 12 games leading up to week 14 (they had a week 7 bye).
So what happened in week 14? Against Tampa Bay, Emmanuel Sanders hurt his knee and was ruled out for the remainder of the game at halftime. This injury created an opportunity for Davis, who stepped into the WR2 role and hasn’t relinquished it. Here’s how their stats break down beginning in week 14 (adjusted to account only for games played):
Sanders: 4 games played, 46.8% snap share, 9 targets (5.5% target share), 6 catches, 97 yards, 1 TD (16 game pace: 24/388/4) Davis: 6 games played (missed one due to COVID), 84.2% snap share, 45 targets (20.4% target share), 26 catches, 449 yards, 8 TDs (16 game pace: 69/1197/21)
Obviously 21 touchdowns is absurd, but that 16 game pace would be good for 314.7 PPR points, just ahead of Ja’Maar Chase’s 303.6 for WR5 on the year.
Now I can hear the complaints about how this sample includes his outlier game from last night. First, outlier games win you fantasy matchups – you want players with a 40+ point ceiling, though of course they won’t hit that more than a few times over the course of their career. But even without last night’s game included, Davis’ stats/pace are very respectable:
Davis: 5 games played, 84.4% snap share, 35 targets (19.0% target share), 18 catches, 248 yards, 4 TDs (16 game pace: 58/794/13).
That pace is still good for 215.4 PPR points, just ahead of the 213.5 that Terry MacLaurin put up as WR26 on the year. But again, outlier games matter and because Davis is catching passes from an elite QB like Allen, he will have the chance to go nuclear every single week.
So, to summarize:

Breakouts happen, players develop, and Davis has clearly won the WR2 role on the Bills. This of course doesn't mean that the Bills won't bring in another WR next year, though if they do my money is on a slot upgrade over Beasley/McKenzie. They may even re-sign Sanders (or another veteran) to provide cover for inevitable injuries. But I think there's a reasonable argument - though not a sure thing, of course - that Davis maintains the WR2 role that he has seized over the last two months. I wouldn't sell him for any price lower than that, especially given that he'll only be 23 next year.
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2022.01.24 16:48 tucson1016 Krystal Klei nbc 10 January 23, 2022

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2022.01.24 16:48 FieldExplores Just another Monday in the Mushroom Kingdom

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2022.01.24 16:48 despressoexpresoo 26F kinda bored let's chat. I got two stories for you one is where I pranked my friend and the other is just some random ass situation

So basically if you're bored like me maybe we can chat and talk about. One of them is pretty hilarious ngl. The prank, I mean. Also if we decide to be friends, we should move to Discord.
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2022.01.24 16:48 PoeticHerald Sahwira Challenge by @Jah Prayzah @Nyaradzo Group (POETRY)

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2022.01.24 16:48 MadameIszler Streak 706 - La salade de l'Empereur

Tout au long de WriteStreak, les citoyens se réveillent et commencent à se prépare pour la journée. Tous les oiseaux chantent leurs chansons tandis que u/ptyxs écoute à travers sa fenêtre ouverte. Dans le palais, notre Empereur commence à planifier son menu pour le déjeuner et le dîner avec notre ministre. " Je voudrais manger un gâteau au chocolat pour le déjeuner et un à la fraise pour le dîner. " Notre ministre rit, " Tu ne peux pas manger seulement un gâteau pour le déjeuner ou pour le dîner. Tu aimes la salade ? Le chef peut préparer une grande salade pour toi avec tous les légumes frais du jardin. " " Connaisses-tu comment préparer un gâteau ? Il y a des oeufs, de la farine et du sucre dans un gâteau, qu'y a-t-il de malsain à cela ? " Notre ministre soupire. " Si tu veux un gâteau, tu dois manger une salade. D'accord ? " Avec une grande soupire, l'Empereur accepte.
Le chef prépare une grande salade avec tous les légumes frais du jardin, il y a des tomates, des oignons, de la laitue, des champignons, des carottes, des concombres, des poivrons et des courgettes. Il donne la grande salade à l'Empereur et dit " Je retournerai avec le gâteau au chocolat après tu finis la salade. " L'Empereur connaît qu'il doit manger la salade avant qu'il puisse avoir son gâteau. il n'aime pas beaucoup les légumes alors il mange seulement de la laitue. Il crie, " Je finis la salade chèr..." Avant qu'il ne puisse finir sa phrase, il tombe face première sur la table. Notre ministre réalise ce qui s'est passé et appelle le chef. Le chef voit notre Empereur sur la table. " Oh là là, que s'est-il passé ? " " Je voudrais poser la même question ! Il est tombé après avoir mangé la salade ! Est-ce que tu as préparé la salade avec tous les légumes frais ? " " Je n'utilise que les légumes frais du jardin. Mais, il n'a mangé que la laitue. Peut-être la laitue avait été sabotée ! "
L'agent secret rassemble les indices dans le jardin. Il voit un morceau de papier avec une marque bleue. " La Cicatrice bleue avait saboté toutes les laitues, " il crie. Notre ministre réfléchit à la situation pendant un moment. " On doit trouver l'antidote pour notre Empereur. " L'agent secret devine la solution, " Je vais trouver le labo secret de La Cicatrice bleue et trouver l'antidote. "
L'agent secret trouve l'entrée du laboratoire secret de la Cicatrice bleue. Il jette une pierre vers l'entrée et entend un signal d'alarme. Il connaît qu'il verra l'équipe de sécurité dans un moment. Il voit deux hommes sortent la grande porte. Ils marchent et passent devant lui. Il court et entre dans le bâtiment. Il cherche la prochaine porte dans le grand couloir. Il ouvre la porte des toilettes puis la porte d'une armoire de nettoyage. Il ouvre la porte pour le grand laboratoire et voit un mur des placards avec les lettres A à Z. Il regarde rapidement autour de la pièce pour voir s'il est seul, il ne voit personne. Il cherche le premier placard " A " pour l'antidote. Il voit une bouteille étiquetée " la laitue ". Tout d'un coup, il entend la porte ferme derrière lui. Il attrape la bouteille et court vers la porte. Il ouvre soigneusement la porte et voit les hommes de sécurité marchent vers l'autre bout du couloir. L'agent secret se souvient la fenêtre dans la salle de bains. Il s'échappe par la fenêtre et retourne au palais. " J'ai l'antidote ! "
Après avoir reçu l'antidote, l'empereur commence à se réveiller. " Je voudrais avoir mon gâteau, " dit-il. " Au moins, ça ne me fera pas perdre connaissance. " Notre ministre soupire, " d'accord. Apportes-lui du gâteau au chocolat.
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2022.01.24 16:48 Humanist-007 HELP: QMOM WANTS TO MOVE TO IXTAPA, MEXICO

My mom, in her sixties, has been far down the Qanon rabbit hole since the start of the pandemic.
Recently she's been seriously considering moving to Mexico. Apparently there's some guy called Dr. Darrell Wolfe who has started his own 'wellness retreat' in Ixtapa called "Ixtapa Palace." She even has friends who are selling all of their possessions and moving there next month.
Is anybody else familiar with this guy? He appears to be some kind of holistic wellness doctor who also peddles conspiracies about covid. I'm not sure how connected he is to Qanon, although I have found a few videos in which he launches into angry, insane tirades against the 'elite' and people who follow covid guidelines, claims people who get the vaccine will die.
Does anybody have any intel into this man and what he's up to in Mexico? I'm genuinely worried for my mom that she could end up joining this cult community all the way in Mexico. Everything I've found out about him so far screams 'fraudster.'
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2022.01.24 16:48 WillingnessHelpful77 Need help identifying this wood - it's quite heavy for a small piece (around 14" height from leg to table top piece)

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2022.01.24 16:48 JabbaDonut69 Trans women are 100% women. Trans men are 100% men. r/transwomensrights

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2022.01.24 16:48 Jaburkos01 Don't you dare to touch my food ever again

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2022.01.24 16:48 BinaryJay Idea for how to improve the revival mechanic in Attrition.

Currently revive requires navigating to the downed team mate and then holding a button down for an arguably too long amount of time. During this, you can't move or fight back and if you cancel out it completely resets. It doesn't work well.
I think a huge improvement to this would be to make it a short range proximity trigger. Treat the orbs like small stronghold points. When in the zone, it slowly revives... you can still look around, shoot etc. while doing this. If you move away, the progress slowly reverses instead of resetting. If an opponent goes into the zone, it reverses quickly. This way, you're still vulnerable but at least you have a chance to chip away at it. The last phase of no respawns would become more of a push and pull instead of a nearly guaranteed wipe every time.
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2022.01.24 16:48 ErtugrulGhazi Paris and Lyallpur side by side

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2022.01.24 16:48 BodyByAmanda 🔥 Beginner Friendly intro program to leaning out your physique! 🔥 Up to 60 pages of nutrition/macro step by step, demo videos for every workout, and 2 FREE coaching calls to get you started! DM me or find the link in my bio for programs and online coaching ✨💪🏼

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2022.01.24 16:48 BlueCollarBeagle Newt

What's the conservatives take on Newt Gingrich's remark about the committee investigating the January 6th attack on the US Capitol, " (they) face a real risk of jail for the kinds of laws they're breaking."
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