Got a blank envelope in the mail from MetaBank

2022.01.25 14:08 Mediocre_Bluebird729 Got a blank envelope in the mail from MetaBank

Hoping it's the credit missing. Haven't ordered any cards and applied for anything. But most were saying it comes from money network. I did transcripts from the IRS said payment cancelled. So wondering what this could be?
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2022.01.25 14:08 ERZATOURS 2021 Funny moments on bike

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2022.01.25 14:08 mysaldate Mild problem with a player ruining my fun of the game

I'll preface this by saying this player is NOT a problem player.
A few months back, because I was having a blast running a CoS game, I decided to open another one. As I did, one of the people who signed up was George (name changed). George opened our conversation with "Hey, sorry if I sometimes say something weird, I have autism and it's hard to realize when to stop sometimes. Just tell me if it happens and I'll stop." This made a red flag go off in my head but I have also went my whole middle and highschool being friends with a very nice autistic kid and I knew they sometimes had this issue as well. The fact that the player knew and warned me about it was fair on his side and he was willing to be told when to stop. So I let George join the game.
The game is going... okay. George is not a problem player in the least, though he sometimes drags on ooc talks well into the time the session should be starting. He's not a murderhobo, inappropriate, or disrupting the narrative. There were times near the start where he would get overeager and interrupt me while I was setting up the scene but after being asked to stop, he did. He's also very much a roleplay-over-minmaxing kind of player and sometimes doesn't take the optimal choice offered in favor of staying true to his character, which I love. His characters are well thought-out and fit in the world nicely.
But for some reason, despite all of that, I dread that campaign every time it comes up. And I'm very sure it's because of George. He also joined a BG: DIA game I'm planning currently and I immediately felt like just canceling the whole thing. I don't know why, I don't understand it. It could be the amount of ooc talk he does ruining immersion, it could be that every so often he says something not entirely appropriate (he stops when asked to though), it could be that he sometimes pries into the lives of me and other players (without meaning to, he's just curious and doesn't really understand privacy very well, but he stops when asked to). It could also just be me overreacting, though another player also told me they weren't feeling the most comfortable with George around.
What should I do? I know I'd have more fun if I kicked him but I don't feel as though there's no reason to do it and it would be unfair to him. I can't just kick him when he didn't do anything wrong because I'm personally not on the same wavelength...
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2022.01.25 14:08 CuteTao My journey to c6

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2022.01.25 14:08 DankeRanke Will planting these 4 pileas into 4 pots of cactus/succulent soil save it? Had at least 2 dead leaves on every pilea but I removed it

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2022.01.25 14:08 Pinkbike_bot Video: Kilian Bron Explores Incredible Landscapes in 'Pyrenean Textures'

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2022.01.25 14:08 Coast-To-Toast Shift Cable Issues?

My manual transmission car was occasionally refusing to go into 3rd & 4th, so I replaced the bushings on the shifter cable, as well as re-greased the pivot shaft. After re-attaching everything, the shift stick is now free-moving and doesn't spring back to neutral and every single gear selected makes the car move forward in 1st - including reverse.
Any ideas what I've done wrong and whether it's a simple adjustment? I'm on the verge of contacting a mobile mechanic. TIA!
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2022.01.25 14:08 Commander_Drg [FOR HIRE ] I can help you with your Math Homework!

Hello there!
I have studied Mathematics and Physical Sciences and have experience in tutoring during the last two years and in a school. You can hire me to help you with your mathematics homework, guiding you on how to tackle similar problems and/or provide solutions!
I am familiar with :

Don't hesitate to PM me up with your problem(s) and we will work something out! :D
Discord : Commander_drg #5595
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2022.01.25 14:08 Stryker71717 Is there a way to connect a signal with a property of a variable


Signal agent_hit(area) func _ready(): connect("agent_hit",Callable(self,"process_hit")) func process_hit(hit:String) 

The function only takes a type of string, and the signal passes a type of area.
  1. Rewrite the function
  2. Add a new signal
However, if I have a property that IS a string, lets say
Is there a way to perhaps, connect area.hit_string to the process hit, instead of having to write a whole new signal or change the function? Something like...
connect("agent_hit",Callable(self,"process_hit"),[area.hit_string]) #.unbind(1) 
Hit string would constantly be changing, which is why the above wouldn't work, but would like to know if such a thing is possible atm
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2022.01.25 14:08 Shugazi *wild cheering over phone*

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2022.01.25 14:08 hrz12 Should I change the thermal paste on my GPU?

My GPU temperatures haven't been great for some time now,playing Days Gone it's around 80°c,even hitting 83°c sometimes and the fans on GPU reach ~70% of their max speed (2400RPM),those temps arent that safe,right?
I bought the GPU used 2 years ago,and It's highly possible it was used for mining.
I'd say my case has decent airflow with 4 fans in it. And my CPU is maxing out at 58°c.
Are my GPU tems in the normal range,or should I change the paste ?
The card in question is Sapphire Nitro RX 480 4GB
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2022.01.25 14:08 Aesthetically_weeb A Paranormal Encounter?

Lately I've been feeling what I can only describe as someone blowing cold breath onto my hands. It feels like a breeze almost, but that would be impossible since I was indoors everytime with no fans running or windows open, just the heat since it's the middle of winter. Just the other day I felt that same thing but this time it was directly into my face and I smelt what I thought was breath, like the smell of a person's breath as they breathed into my face.
A side note I've been waking up at 3am EVERY night without fail. I usually have pretty messed up dreams that aren't exactly nightmares just extremely strange and almost life like. They always leave me pretty out of it when I wake up.
Just today I caught a shadow moving in my peripherals (actually reflected in the TV screen that was turned off)--and actually as I type I just caught it again. You may think I'm crazy but it doesn't exactly scare me--freaked, of course, but not terrified. I feel like my entire life I've been around these kinds of things and now I'm just used to it.
I was wondering if anyone would know what this could be?
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2022.01.25 14:08 hopefulchristian01 Number to Fix Flight Itinerary to SOI Help

I was given an incorrect flight itinerary to report to Geiger but my orders are to Pendleton. On base the travel Marine circled the number on my itinerary to call to fix it but my itinerary sheet was lost in travel. Does anyone know what number I can call to get assistance with this? Parris Island travel won’t answer their phone. Recruit Photo picked up (I called because that’s where they were fixing travel stuff) but gave me a number that no one will answer.
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2022.01.25 14:08 AljosaKaramazov So Nova Kyrgyztan was born in the Antarctic, after I lost the game. My last units travelled from Arkhangels to there. Make no sense, feel so good.

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2022.01.25 14:08 Ask_Me_If_I_Am_Flynn just chatting with Ye about the stuff that matters

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2022.01.25 14:08 GSDBUZZ Question about generic Levo

I just started generic levo and I am a little concerned about the quality of the generic. Is there a generic that is better than the others? A quick google search revealed a study that showed that Sandoz brand was not as effective as brand name. The study was in children though. My insurance won’t cover brand but is there a generic that I should ask for? My current generic is Mylan.
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2022.01.25 14:08 Prestigious_Sky_9007 Triple Gang

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2022.01.25 14:08 brokenandtired1 New mental health podcast

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2022.01.25 14:08 TheArtistInTheAttic Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida shot on my phone

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2022.01.25 14:08 theonetruefishboy Therapiss but it's medieval and it's VHS [meme]

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2022.01.25 14:08 melty2b [US][BUYING][TRADING] Looking for Air Gear full set! I have a lot to trade!

Really wanting this series and I have a lot of manga and video games to trade! I have a sale post up with stuff i’d be willing to trade but I also have a lot more i’d be willing to throw in! Looking for a full set NO PIECES!!
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2022.01.25 14:08 solbstice Meeble (2020, by me)

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2022.01.25 14:08 Lisha1288 Midodrine

Im prescribed 10 mg every 4 hours; how are you guys dosing?
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2022.01.25 14:08 Wtfisthislifee [H] 100$ OnlyFans Accounts for cheap price [W]BTC/Paypal

Selling 100$ OnlyFans Accounts at the cheapest price anywhere.Over 100+ accounts sold.Proofs available.Pm me
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2022.01.25 14:08 PoH_06 Nurse go brrrr

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