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Have you ever been banned or suspended from a subreddit?

2022.01.20 18:10 traveldeeper Have you ever been banned or suspended from a subreddit?

If so, say why in the comments!
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2022.01.20 18:10 ireallywannapee Planning to switch over from ADHD meds to something else

I have fairly severe ADHD, but after taking the medicines for years I find that I kinda miss my old hyperactive vibes and hate that it made me into the boring person I am now. I have anxiety alongside ADHD, what if I focus on medicating for my anxiety instead? Could it help restore who I was and still help me function?
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2022.01.20 18:10 wildsflower My Captain America Cosplay

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2022.01.20 18:10 gumrocks Dragonfly, an old kitty that was once a show kitty. He was found in a cemetery, alone with no claws🥺

Dragonfly, an old kitty that was once a show kitty. He was found in a cemetery, alone with no claws🥺 submitted by gumrocks to cats [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 18:10 Thicc_flair_drip An unexpected bromance 🥂

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2022.01.20 18:10 Geodude671 "You broke reddit" when trying to view my profile

When I try to view my profile, I get the error message "you broke reddit" on the old theme, and my profile refuses to load on the new theme. This also occurs when trying to view my comment history by typing in the URL manually. I can view my post history just fine. This is a problem on both new and old reddit.
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2022.01.20 18:10 dirrtyremixes The Mexican - Electro Trip / BSO02202 / B Side Of The Steet

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2022.01.20 18:10 blehh231 I think I dug myself into a dark hole after finding out my boyfriend left an explicit comment under a sex workers photo

My boyfriend (25) and I (25) have been dating for almost 4 years, and this is my first ever boyfriend ever meanwhile he has a handful of ex’s under his belt in which he claimed they all cheated which left him broken. They were all the “crazy ex’s” and the ones who did him dirty. I genuinely believed him and all his stories and I thought he wouldn’t do the same to me but I went through his phone 4 months ago and saw he was asking a moderator on a Reddit page if he had a mega thread of this lady’s nudes, and he went on her page leaving a comment saying “holy fuck I want to fuck you” that comment broke me into pieces because this is a comment of a man who claimed to love me unconditionally to the point he stopped liking photos of women on his Instagram, he told me he wasn’t like his family members who are all cheaters, and just would make me feel as if I was literally the only woman who he needed sexually (even though I throw in that he can watch porn he still denied it because he said he felt uncomfortable watching it while being in a relationship)
So, with all that we had a rough couple of months and I am still dealing with the insecurity of this. I know it was a simple comment and he didn’t do anything physically it still broke me that he really hurt me in that way when we live together and he had the courage to send a message like that when I never in a million years would send anyone a comment like that. I’ve dug myself into a hole where I check his social media and his followers and check his photos to see who has liked it and who he doesn’t follow back. I screenshot 25+ Female accounts who were all showing too much skin or just wasn’t following him back. I know i cannot get mad at the fact he did stuff before me, but I keep finding old DMs or old emails of him making sexual advances on people and he went on Craigslist to send emails to people asking for sex. I saw a DM earlier while I was going through his phone that he had paid 6 dollars for a nude of this girl, and was asking if he can pay her 120 if she let him play with her boobs. These are all on his phone still and I’m honestly uncomfortable, but I’m so done bringing up useless things up that aren’t worth bringing up since yes I do understand it’s the past, but I made sure to delete all my old Dms and erase people who weren’t needed on my social media but it seems that he follows the girls still in which he stopped liking their pictures. I went through his Liked Photos from before we were dating to see who’s pictures he’s been liking of girls he follows and to be honest it seems like it’s most of them and now I’m just so conflicted as to what goes on through his brain because i wonder if he has people on there who he has messed around with or something. I’m tired of this insecure feeling but I know I chose this life because I chose to stay after the whole situation. We clearly have a lot to work on, but I want to go about this the right way because we had suck a dark time and he was going to school which was affecting him so he kinda gave me an ultimatum that he has to think about his school first, and mentioned if we keep fighting we may break up but that that’s the last thing he wants to do. I clearly want to bring up the DMs and emails but I don’t want him getting all weirded out that I know, but honestly I just feel like he was just always making advances on Instagram towards girls and I’m just afraid that he’s not the person he says he is.
But one thing that really has bugged me and makes me feel even more sad about the situation is how highly he told these girls he’d eat them out and how much he loves doing it but then there’s me literally begging for it and still not getting it.
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2022.01.20 18:10 ShortAlgo $BTS.X Day Trading Ideas | 139 Trades executed, trade Profitability of 71.94% and Profit Factor of 1.98.

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2022.01.20 18:10 fortiter-et-recte What’s your general opinion on chiropractors?

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2022.01.20 18:10 Ibona Duels in gold rank

So what is happening here? Until I reached gold rank I had no problems with decks like Harpyie or Deskbot. Since I reached G5, I played at least 10 rounds and get constantly f***ed in the ass.
Any reason for this?
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2022.01.20 18:10 komsxai15 Wireless Charging Mousepad

I am looking for a mousepad that can charge mouse wirelessly. All the products I've found is too old (all of them are from 2018) Razer Hyperflux, Logitech Powerplay, Corsair Dark Core MM1000
Is there a new product that can beat this products? I am thinking maybe there is better product than this since they are quite old now.
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2022.01.20 18:10 in2vws 2 x 1954's

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2022.01.20 18:10 ThrowRandjfjd My (23f) boyfriend (22m) has severe anxiety and it causes conflict in our relationship

My bf has really bad anxiety. I have anxiety but it is not nearly as bad as his. He cannot go outside to talk to his own family unless I am there. The exception is his mom but it is completely different with everyone else (siblings, grandparents) When we visited his family for a holiday, I was always the one conversating and I invited him to speak too but he just didn't or said one word. He didn't want to go in spaces where his family were hanging out unless I came with.
It is really important to me that my partners are kind to my family because I love my family. He does sometimes say "thanks for cooking dinner" or "thanks for letting me stay" to my parents when he visited, which I appreciated. But he would not engage at all in any conversation. My mom would talk to him and he just would not respond and either look away from her or just scroll on instagram the entire time. I told him that I know his anxiety is bad but it upsets me when he is rude to my family. When he was staying for a few weeks at my family's house, he wouldn't leave the room without me. I couldn't see friends for more than an hour because he refused to come with me or he would refuse to go out and get food or use the bathroom if I didn't go with him if my family is around. I feel like I sound evil for this but it has honestly become a burden on me that he is refusing to interact with anyone but me. He does go to a counselor but seldom follows her advice or complete her "assignments" (say hi first to 5 people a week, etc) I just don't know what to do anymore...
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2022.01.20 18:10 _haiyi_ I (17f) have been receiving mixed signals from him (17m) for a quite long time but I don't know what to do ://

I've known this guy (Blue) for about six years. He was the new guy in our school and it caught my attention because his grades looked like mine. He was very shy. At that time I was being bullied by a classmate and I was hooked on Blue because it kept me distracted from the insults. Things were not as I thought they would go since even his mother went to complain and he was saying for our people that he overwhelmed his son. Apart from that my bully used that against me as much as he could.
At the beginning of high school we became close for no reason and even protected me when some older people messed with me for being adopted. But when I moved to second I think I I made several mistakes that year, for example a fairly close friend of his at that time "confessed" to me but after telling him that I did not know how to give him a concrete answer he told me that it was a joke and all that I told Blue. Plus I did a stupid survey where I talked about the best shipps and I got us together because my friends believed that do not nothing would happen. Well, it did happen and after that he stopped following me and we distanced ourselves again in summer.
At the beginning of the third year of high school he pretended that nothing had happened in the summer and we continued talking. However, everything went awry when we met on the street while he was with some friends. They started yelling things like "You're a flirty boy" / "Hey look at here. He is here". Even one of his friends threw himself on top of him and I thought WTF before I left. A friend recommended me not to ask but I didn't listen and the conversation ended up being like: "What was going on? / What does he like/???". And before a big bunch of nonsenses he (or they) blocked me on WhatsApp. He didn't want to talk about it the next day so I let it be.
That summer I received anonymous messages from someone that confessed that I was his crush. I didn't wanted to pay attention to it until a strange message was written: "I wasnt talkimg to u because of my friend". And I began to try to find who was behind those messages. I asked for it initial and we thought that it had the same first letter as Blue but we ended knowing that his "true" first letter was "L" (same as Blue's real name second). It disappeared after August and I haven't heard about it since then.
Fourth didn't arrive as well as expected. My BFF told me that Blue didn't want me to be in a dinner our class was trying to make and that he told her that I was very annoying to him. I rejected him many times and I believed my friend but she stopped to talk to me. In quarentine Blue and me started to talk after he disblocked me on IG. We had night convos and he even chereed me up when I was low. Unfortunately my granny passed away in July but the I receive one message from him telling me that she was a warrior and that the life goes on. It was beautiful and I didn't believed at first that he was the author... I will alwayd be thanked for that text.
In Spain we have something called Bachillerato when we finish secondary. He went to a different class so we couldnt talk as much as we used to. We made jokes about go to other's class and even he ofered to pay for me when I hadn't money. And I gifted him Smints in Christmas, which he used to love, and he said "no thanks needed, thanks to you" after I told him that I was very grateful for his support during the quarentine. But he changed those words after I lied that I hadn't heard it fine.
But not everything gone fine. He began to act erratic, he wouldn't see my stories if it wasn't about other boys or something that could tell about loving someone. I added him to close friend cuz if he didn't see my stories he wouldn't see those either. He saw. He saw one of CF's stories when the previous was a ohoto with a male friend. He unfollowed me and a friend his (that I suspect that she showed him my stories) done the same. But I know he saw one after that. At the end of the year I heard that he had a GF but nothing was confirmed.
This year is our last year together in the HS so I want to know about his blocks and why he is acting weird with me. He even sent to a friend mine my latest post and told her that he was going to like it. She said that she believed that she was flirting with other girls. He began to go party as me. I suspect that when I was blocked on summer (2021) he used a second account to know what was I doing...
I wrote him a letter for Christmas and he replied with a long text as answer. Nothing romantic. In that I said that he mustn't give up on his dreams because I know he feels tired after practise but I know he can do it.
I just want to answer my questions and, if it happens, I would give him a chance.
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2022.01.20 18:10 jennifeet99 Want a sniff?

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2022.01.20 18:10 topnotchwriters [Hire Me] RUNNING OUT OF TIME OR EXPERIENCING CHALLENGES COMPLETING YOUR ASSIGNMENT(S)? I GOT YOU COVERED. SAVE MONEY AND TIME (10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER). For personalized help, PM or email me via topnotchwriter5050@gmail.com, Discord: TOPNOTCH_WRITER#2760

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2022.01.20 18:10 jjhhw Macro changes text to columns settings so I can't paste as text

Sub parse() Dim fileName ChDrive "C:" ChDir "C:\temp" fileName = Application.GetOpenFilename("Client Census (*.xml),*.xml") If fileName <> "False" Then 'open census file Set wb = Workbooks.Open(fileName, Format:=2) wb.Activate 'show first column Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 5.14 'turn on autofilter Selection.AutoFilter 'filter out data rows ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AR$10935").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=Array( _ "T01", "T02", "T03", "T04", "T05"), Operator:=xlFilterValues 'delete visible rows Application.DisplayAlerts = False ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range.Offset(1, 0).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Delete Application.DisplayAlerts = True 'remove filter from column 1 ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AR$8263").AutoFilter Field:=1 'filter out holds and referral canceled ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AR$8263").AutoFilter Field:=9, Criteria1:="=Hold" _ , Operator:=xlOr, Criteria2:="=Referral Canceled" 'delete visible rows Application.DisplayAlerts = False ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Range.Offset(1, 0).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Delete Application.DisplayAlerts = True 'remove filter from column 9 ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AR$8263").AutoFilter Field:=9 'select date fields Columns("V:Y").Select 'remove spaces 'Selection.Replace What:=" ", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, _ ' SearchOrder:=xlByColumns, MatchCase:=True, SearchFormat:=False, _ ' ReplaceFormat:=False 'highlight all data Range("A2:AR2").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select 'copy Selection.Copy End If End Sub 
Here is my macro. Every time I run it, it changes text to columns settings to delimited comma instead of delimited tab. So if I paste text, it all jumbles into one column. Do you know which line in my macro is changing the text-to-column settings?
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2022.01.20 18:10 drychoochie F20 need someone to talk to me in voice chat until I fall asleep since I have covid and I’m having trouble sleeping.

Ignore my username I am a great listener and I’m at the hospital very sick tgo so sorry if I don’t respond i just wanna listen to someone talk and ty
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2022.01.20 18:10 HuskySteve Curious about others experiences with Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chemo

Hello, I'm a 26-year-old male who was diagnosed with Predominant Hodgkin's Lymphoma back in 2018 and went through radiation to beat it into remission. About 4 years later it has come back and it's looking like I will have to go through around 6 (more or less) cycles of RCHOP chemo.
The last time I had this I went through radiation therapy while going through a very intensive semester at college. Symptoms weren't too bad and graduation was a nice goal that kept me going.
Push forward to now and my chemo will begin in the next 3 weeks. I will also be starting a new position as a Junior Software Engineer(the first job secured after going through a major career shift). I am very fit and eat very clean but I have no idea how I will react to chemo and how hard it will make my professional life.
I'm very curious about those that have gone through similar treatments around my age and how you reacted to it? Did you have to stop work? What are some things that helped you get through the worst days?
I appreciate any feedback and advice. Thank you.
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2022.01.20 18:10 Eneko_lau Why do Bipolar people like to victimize themselves so much and say they are discriminated against?

NOBODY cares that you are Bipolar. I want to make it clear that I am Bipolar and this shit has fucked up my life but please, no one has ever discriminated against me. IT'S NOT A DISEASE. It is not cancer.
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2022.01.20 18:10 AnonCaptain0022 Δημοσκοπήσεις (πηγή: politico.eu)

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2022.01.20 18:10 xepher215 Alisa onee-chan moment

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2022.01.20 18:10 HoopRocketeer Video Calling for Nacho Libre 2

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2022.01.20 18:10 KaffeineHunter Should I get lip fillers? I feel like my mouth is disproportionately small and I've always wanted to try them. (25F)

Should I get lip fillers? I feel like my mouth is disproportionately small and I've always wanted to try them. (25F) submitted by KaffeineHunter to lookyourbest [link] [comments]