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2022.01.21 14:48 BLUEDIRT93 A Star Has Died

The fog horn went off at 7am. Sponge opened his eyes and watched the bubbles blow into the air from his bed. The bubbles blew and he laid there silently watching until he heard the sound of Gary meowing from the next room. He lifted his hand and turned off the alarm one big breath and he sat up, reached for his cane and headed to the hallway.
“What are you doing out here Gar?”
“I get forgetful too sometimes bud” he said as he bent down gently to lift Gary into his arms.
They both looked at each other with their tired eyes. Gary's spots had darkened and his skin had become wilted but he remained the hungriest morning snail. Walking down to the kitchen he avoided his eyes from the walls, he didn't want to look at the photos hanging. The photos of his loved ones, he knew today the warm jovial feeling they usually bring would feel like a steel hook to the chest, so he simply looked away.
Grabbing Gary's food from the pantry he let out a slight grunt
“this thing gets heavier every day”
He filled the bowl and took a seat, Gary took a few nibbles.
“I don't know Gar, I’m not feeling too hungry today”
Sponge sat at the table and stared down at his clasped hands, he sat there and didn't let a thought come into his mind, he focused on the sound of Gary’s slow small chews and just sat in that moment for as long as he could. He knew he had to eventually get up and face the day, the day where his best friend wouldn't be under the sea with him anymore, and he knew he had to get up and put on his black suit and attend the funeral of Patrick Star.
He sat in silence until he felt Gary’s shell against his leg and for a moment it brought him comfort. He felt Gary’s warmth radiate through him the way only a pet who loves you so dearly that they can sense your pain and offer their apathy in the only way they can.
Patting Gary’s shell he stood and made his way back up the stairs, avoiding the walls of images of the friendship he cherished above everything. His avoidance made him feel guilty until he felt a wind tunnel of shame and sadness that sat under a brick layer of shock. This feeling scared him. He knew the storm of pain was brewing and he didn't know how he was going to react when the eye of the storm was to pass. But he knew right now he just had to get the suit on.
Turning the mirror around he found his old black suit in the back of the closet and put it on. He remembered the last time he wore it and quickly told himself to forget the thought that had come to mind; he couldn't bear the loss on most days and especially not today.
“Just get passed the rock and you’ll be okay”
Walking out the door he only faced forward as he went to take the right he decided to immediately turn left.
“I’ll take the long way, cane and all”
Sponge was tired now, an old Sponge but he was still limber that's what being a porous creature will do for you. Taking the long way he can avoid seeing Pats rock, it will also take away from the minutes leading to what he imagined would be the most harrowing event of his life.
So he took the long way.
He walked for a while and took a seat to gain some rest although he feared where his mind would wander when he was immobile. Without realizing it he found he was at the jellyfish fields, they were empty today and few jellyfish were out since it was off season.
He saw Patricks smiling face, he heard the sound of his boisterous laugh,his mind flooded with memories of warm days jelly fishing all the silly places Patrick had gotten stung and the sweet way he would empty out his net even after they stung him. He recalled the sun lit evenings they spent there together and after tiring themselves out would lay in the kelp and name jelly fish while creating their own stories for them. He remembered how they would laugh until tears came down their eyes and their bellies hurt.
The memories floated through his mind. He felt his chest fill up and he didn't want to exhale. He knew when he let go that reality would set in. The reality that his friend was gone, as was his laugh and their laughs together and he would never have someone to lay in the kelp with and giggle till he was blue in the face, that those days were gone now and never coming back.
He exhaled and let the sharp pain float down his throat to his chest and into his stomach. But the storm was still brewing. And he knew he had to pick up his cane and keep walking.
When he arrived at the funeral home he was embarrassed to realize how late he was. All of Bikini Bottom had arrived before him and he wasn't prepared for the sullen look on all their faces upon seeing him. Opening the shell crested door his head felt like metal, he didn't want to lift it and face everyone or worse get a glimpse of the casket. Stepping in he heard the sound of Sandy’s too loud voice, it wasn't her fault it was just her nature but even today the sound of Sandys over ecstatic voice just bothered him.
“Hi Sandy”
The tone in Spongebobs voice ignited the most unfamiliar feeling of sadness from the Spongebob she knew that even her eyes frowned as she looked down at him.
She wrapped her furry strong arm around him and whispered “I’m so sorry Sponge”
Sandy was there with a few of her Grandkids who were running around dodging behind chairs and teasing each other.
“Ya’ll are gonna have me madder than a wet hen!”
She ran off to wrangle them.
Seeing them play and be kids with each other brought a sense of wellbeing to him and he knew maybe Sandy needed to have them there too. Sandy had loved her children more than anything in this world. Some years back Sandy visited her family and fell in love with her old college Ichthyology professor Alvin Munk. She moved back and they had a few litters of critters who she brought back under the sea throughout the years. Patrick and I had been Poseidon-fathers to a few of the young furry Cheeks-Mink clan. Alvin had passed a few years back so Sandy tends to spend every minute of her retirement years with her kids and grandkids.
Spongebob, hyper aware of where he was now, took a few steps and saw the casket out a few feet in front of him. It was smaller than he thought but then again Patrick has become thinner in the end and he wondered what his friend's face would look like. He wondered how a body could have ever held so much life and now be so still. And with that thought idling in his mind he felt a shadow cast over him.
“Oh Spongebob!”
Pearl gripped him into her blubbery chest “I'm so sorry!”
“Thanks Pearl”
“It's been a while but not that long since we were here”
Spongebob’s face sinks,
“I know Pearl”
“Oh Dad!” she burst into tears flipping her fins.
Looking down at his suit and he remembers the last time he wore it, the last time he was at this bright and dusty funeral home, when they lost Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs was like losing a third parent for SpongeBob; Mr. Krabs was his mentor and the man who taught him how to have big dreams.
There was no one like Mr. Krabs. He was a man with an imbalanced moral compass who had the biggest heart to ever beat in a Crab shell.
Spongebob never thought about these days much in his youth. The days where his best friends and life companions would no longer be part of his journey and he was relieved that he was so ignorant of what life had waiting for him.
He lets Pearl cry on him because he knows she is hurting and the painful reminder this day must be for her. Mr. Krabs had been her only parent in her life, he was gone and she missed him terribly.
He remembered the feeling of the sun being gone at Mr. Krabs' funeral. Like the world's warmest light had gone out and how empty and small life would feel now that he was gone. I wondered if I would ever feel life under the sea again. We sat for awhile and all did speeches, Planktons speech brought everyone to tears as he fondly remembered the fun him and Krabs had back in the day as nemesis’s and how he would have became the multi millionaire he eventually became if Mr Krabs krabby patties hadn't been so delicious.
Patrick had snuck in chocolate and sat on it during the service. The hall was silent after all the sincere words as we all stood up to exit somberly. Patrick stood up to reveal his brown stained bottom and the whole funeral home broke out in laughter. I belly laughed to the floor and was reminded that life was still right in front of me and filled with warm moments even on the coldest days.
Looking around today no one was there to bring that kind of sunshine, no one to show him the warmth life carried so he took another step. Moving forward until eight tentacles appeared swiftly in front of him.
“There you are” There was Squidward in full black velvet head to toe.
“How are you doing, Squid?”
“Spongebob you look terrible, do you not use Urchtox?
Squidward had become more dramatic over the years when his script was bought by a medium production company but ended up being rather successful amongst the canned bread community. He moved to SEAttle and hosts his own podcast in which he discusses politics, art and has a clarinet hour.
His velvet sheer flashed around me.
“I miss him, Sponge! I actually miss him, I mean I miss all of my little life sometimes. When you literally have EVERYTHING you could ever want including deep intellectual brains around you constantly you miss the days filled with guys like Patrick”
I know he means well, Squidward just never had a vulnerability unless it was under the acts of art. I accepted that about him.
“I gotta take a seat, these old knees are starting to feel, well old” I sat at the nearest bench.
“Sit! sit!”
We sat down and I saw the pink frame peeking out of the top of the casket.
Squidward leans into him “Have you been up yet?”
“Come on, I’m here with you”
I take his tentacle and a deep breath and prepare to see my best friend.
When Spongebob gets to the casket he sees how little his friend had gotten and how little even he was now and how much time had withered them away. And while he looked his friend in the face, his cold dull face, Patrick still had a small smile slipping out of the corners of mouth.
“There you are friend, there you are”
I sat in the front bench and we all said kind words about our loved one. We spoke on his sweet silly authenticity. They spoke of our friendship and all the mischievous, adventurous and wholesome time they had with us, we laughed and we cried. It felt good to not be alone with my loss. My grief remained unfathomable; there was so much love with nowhere to go now.
We all chatted for a bit and even went down to the Krusty Krab for a small bite but the food didn't go down well with the thought of my friend alone in the flower filled room of death. The Krusty Krab was the home of my youth where Pearl's grandson, a little shrimp of a boy, runs the grill now. I finished my food first and took a walk around the dumpsters where I did most of my thinking as a young fry cook.
I thought about the last few months I had with Pat. How we spent most days playing Eels and Escalators inside since Pat had been getting weak. I watched him eat less and become smaller but we still laughed until almost the very end. Until he told me he couldn't get out of bed anymore and I spent day and night at his bedside and he knew his time was coming. He slept most of the day and woke up at night. He could see I was nervous I had been watching him all day to the night.
“Don’t be scared Sponge, I’m not, I’m not scared”
I held his hand and with his last few breaths he whispered “Its okay….I love ya Sponge”.
I held his hand till he was cold and I had to call someone to take his body away.
I met back up with everyone and they wished me well. And then they went back to their lives and I was left with mine. I took the short way back and saw his rock from far away. As much as I was trying to avoid seeing it I knew it was coming and subconsciously my eyes kept a lookout for it.
Once I knew he was gone I knew my world was different now. No more morning hello’s from his rock, no more whispered stories or late night laughs, no one to ask me about my day or understand me without explanation. I was alone now, just a Sponge and his snail growing old in a pineapple.
As Spongebob approached Patrick's rock he felt the storm twisting inside him break free. The tears came flowing out of his body violently, he cried out of every pore. He leaned against Patricks home and let out all the pain and sorrow that had been waiting silently within him. He wanted to hold his friend and spend one last day with him, take him back to the jellyfish field’s and catch one last jellyfish together. He knew their memories were only his now and that was an unbearable thought for him.
He sat on the rock and watched the sunset,scared to leave his friends home as it felt like the final goodbye. He watched something in the air from the corner of his eye and ignored it until he heard the sound of zapping getting louder from the distance. As he looked up he watched a swarm of jellyfish float past him; it was rare to see them this time of year. He watched them dance in the air and he smiled he lifted himself off the rock as as fast as he could and went into his pineapple to grab ole’ reliable.
“This ones for you Pat”
With all the strength he had left in his old yellow bones he snatched a jellyfish. He felt his heart rise and fall with life and he could feel Patrick with him laughing from wherever he was now. The jellyfish stayed till dusk and Spongebob watched them disappear into the night.
He went inside and fed Gary.
“Okay pal I’ll have something too”
The house felt less scary than he would imagine but he knew this was just the first step.
Him and Gary ate in silence in the kitchen and moved to the living room for their late night show, the one all three of them had come to watch together each night in their old age. Patrick always accidently sitting on Gary but also sneaking him chocolate.
We flipped on the channel and Gary pulled up to my side.
“I know Gar, I miss him too”.
. . . . . . . . . . A Star Has Died
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2022.01.21 14:48 O-02-56 Raider and Settler faction question

I'm kinda new to the game and I read that one mission will make you choose one of the two factions, so my question is wether this will lock the reputation of the faction I didn't choose or can I keep increasing both?
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2022.01.21 14:48 Molly3391 If I volunteered in a low resource place in Mexico, could that be helpful to my curriculum?

I am a premed student who has about 120 hours of volunteer work with covid testing. And about 1000 with animal shelters. I was also planning to go to Mexico for 2 months to help care for my grandmother who is 96 and who lost one of her caretakers recently.
I was thinking that I could volunteer at the geriatric center she goes to, a government funded occupational therapy place she also went to, or shadow the doctor that helps her sometimes, while I care for her and we find a new caretaker
I'm not sure if that would be helpful to my curriculum since its in another country and the rec letter would likely be in Spanish?
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Glenmorangie 10 Years Old (90s) Review Glenmorangie 10 Years Old (90s) Review
Glenmorangie 10 Years Old: (10 Years, 40% ABV, $NA) I love this whisky and if it was a profile that was still around today, I'd always have a bottle in my home bar.
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2022.01.21 14:48 ribeyecut [Thank You] January 2022 procrastination thanks

u/amyt13 u/ApoptosisIsPainless u/DaenerysWon u/Diphi22 u/mtlsmom86 u/RideThatBridge
u/amyt13 - Thank you for your card from England! I was not expecting it. I will write you back soon. Safe travels home.
u/ApoptosisIsPainless - Thank you for your year-in-review card! I really enjoyed reading about what you've been up to. It sounds as if the pandemic didn't hold you back too much. I keep meaning to attend a Civil War reenactment; I'll bump that up towards the top of my to-do list for this year. Hope your podcasting goes well! (The Totoro wax seal is super cute too.)
u/DaenerysWon - Thank you for the space postcard! I'm glad you've continued feeding the birds. I think I've read that stopping feeding before winter is not good. I'm sure the "locals" appreciate what you've put out.
u/Diphi22 - Thank you for the thoughtful card! If you wouldn't mind, I'll respond to you by mail.
u/mtlsmom86 - Thank you for the card and extra postcards! I will put those to good use. I'll try to drop you a line soon.
u/RideThatBridge - Thank you for the unexpected recipe postcard! I seriously considered making the soup (I love leeks) but ended up making (fake meat) sausage and shredded brussels sprouts in a pan. Maybe I'll go shopping again for more sausage to make the soup—this weekend's frigid weather kind of calls for it. Stay warm!
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2022.01.21 14:48 mushyapple Did anyone get the Princeton Mfin Interview?

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2022.01.21 14:48 Bonus1Fact Gov. @RonDeSantisFL's office denied the establishment media's rumors of infighting between the governor and former President Donald Trump.

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2022.01.21 14:48 ArmoredTaco [Recruiting] cocnbolls | all are welcome

clan tag : #2LCL0L8QG
Any are welcome, lookin for people to do clan games with and maybe some wars
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2022.01.21 14:48 Alternative_Bed_7274 Is it safe to get a Pfizer booster shot after receiving first two doses of Moderna vaccine?

Has anyone received a Pfizer booster shot after their first two doses of Moderna vaccine??? If so, did you have any side effects and how bad was it?
Do you think it’s better to receive a Moderna booster shot or Pfizer?
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