Pedro fanart nova pra vc, tô pensando em fazer uma por dia e manda aqui (cadê o agora fazo lives no canal 2?)

2022.01.19 08:34 TakaMG Pedro fanart nova pra vc, tô pensando em fazer uma por dia e manda aqui (cadê o agora fazo lives no canal 2?)

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2022.01.19 08:34 socialbest Quirinale, vertice Letta-Conte-Speranza. "Aperti al confronto con il centrodestra". Lo stesso tweet sui tre profili: "Lavoreremo insieme per un presidente autorevole". Conte:"No a Berlusconi"

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2022.01.19 08:34 GirasoleDE Polizei löst nicht angemeldete Demonstration in Cottbus auf - Anzeige gegen AfD-Politiker (Jean-Pascal Hohm)

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2022.01.19 08:34 TheOldSoulsSociety Genesect on me add 5772 8717 7544

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2022.01.19 08:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [PH] - DepEd pushes for promotion of local history amid curriculum review | Manila Bulletin

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2022.01.19 08:34 EKHarlow1996 EA Sports UFC 3: Green Lantern vs Cyclops (X-Men)

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2022.01.19 08:34 jgharka Tbilisi Named the World’s Most Crypto-Friendly City

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2022.01.19 08:34 g-3nE_1ZI1 几天前的了,鹅组竟然没人发

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2022.01.19 08:34 UsefulWrongdoer2151 alguna solucion para este resultado en la calibracion del gimbal??

usage: [-h] (--port PORT | --bulk) [-b BAUDRATE]
[-w TIMEOUT] [--dry-test] [-v] [--version]
product command ... error: argument product: invalid choice: 'COM3' (choose from 'A2', 'P330', 'P330V', 'P330Z', 'P330VP', 'WM610', 'P3X', 'P3S', 'MAT100', 'P3C', 'MG1', 'WM325', 'WM330', 'MAT600', 'WM220', 'WM620', 'WM331', 'MAT200', 'MG1S', 'WM332', 'WM100', 'WM230', 'WM335', 'WM240', 'WM245', 'WM246', 'WM160', 'WM231', 'WM232', 'WM260')
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2022.01.19 08:34 KingDiamond2000 Japanese RPG works alongside Klever to revolutionize gaming with play-to-earn model

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2022.01.19 08:34 Klokinator Cryopod Refresh 334: Trauma, Torture, Terror

Jason, Phoebe, and Belial all trudge out of Hope's makeshift hospital room, past his guards, and arrive just outside his temporary hospice residence. After closing the door behind them, they walk a short distance away, toward a nearby building, before stopping and heavily leaning against its walls.
"Well." Belial says. "That could have gone... better."
"I thought I felt guilty before," Phoebe says, "but compared to now, that was nothing. I feel as if I've failed Hope completely."
"You and me both." Jason says. "Annette, huh? I didn't even know Debra had a sister. As soon as we started talking about how weird it was for Hope to change her appearance and identities, I felt like I'd screwed up again. Then she drove that gut-punch home."
"The situation is strange," Phoebe says, "but I feel as if Annette didn't speak any false statements. Hope suffered because of us. She was there for him when we weren't. We don't have a right to judge their relationship."
The Wordsmith throws his hands in the air helplessly. "I don't know what to do now. I want to help and comfort Hope, but seeing how badly I've aggrieved him, I can't say I deserve to be in his presence. I wish I'd paid attention to him sooner, if not from the very beginning. It's too late for me to make up for my past failures."
"You both can still treat him better moving forward." Belial says, keeping her voice low. "I don't think it's too late to patch things up. He's going to need a lot of emotional support. The abuse he suffered was well beyond what most humans can take. I would know. I've seen many cruel demons torture many mentally resilient people, but I've never seen any suffer as badly as Hope did. Gressil went far beyond the limits of even demonic cruelty."
She shakes her head with a resigned sigh. "Even the worst demons have limits to which they'll torture humans. Ose hates humans from the bottom of her heart, but she doesn't get any particular thrill from their screaming and crying. She just wants to hurt them a bit before killing them. Anything more, she sees it as a waste of her time."
"Wow," Jason groans, his tone sardonic, "I guess I should give all the nice demon torturers a fucking gold medal, huh?"
"You know what I meant." Belial says, waving her hand in front of her face. "For now, let's just set Hope aside. I think Annette is uniquely qualified to help him, moving forward, so let's leave it to her. What about that angel girl? We need to take care of her. Whatever Hope suffered, she's clearly had it a million times worse. I'm shocked she's stayed alive. She must have had an incredibly formidable willpower before Gressil captured her."
Phoebe nods. "I put her in a nice, comfortable room on the city's north side, away from people. Let's go and pay her a visit."
Jason and Belial both frown in unison.
"I don't know..." Jason says. "I don't think she'll want to see a man at a time like this."
"Or a demon." Belial adds. "You should go and see her alone, Phoebe. You're good at empathizing with other people."
Phoebe casts a glance back from where they came, toward Hope's hospice unit.
"Am I?"
Neither Jason nor Belial can give her an affirmation.
"...I'll send your spiritual self along, too." Jason says. "I'll stick around in the area, so if you need me, I can pop right over."
"Alright." Phoebe says. "But I don't know if I'll be able to get through to her."
A momentary silence falls between the trio. Jason's eyes glimmer for a moment as he speaks with the people in his Mind Realm.
"Ah. Here. Take Gabriel's ring. Give it to the angel girl. Gabriel says he'd like to talk to her..."
The Wordsmith pauses to frown.
"No, we're not done with this, Gabriel," He says, speaking out loud to the people in his head. "I won't press you for her identity, but I don't like that you're hiding things from me. When we see Uriel, Raphael, and Michael next, I'll have some words for them."
The Wordsmith scowls for a moment before shaking his head. He gently pulls Gabriel's ring off his finger and hands it to his wife.
"Here. Don't drop it. It's one of a kind."
Phoebe smiles. "Yes, I know."
She gives her husband a kiss, and he summons Spirit-Phoebe to join her physical self. Afterward, Belial remains in the hospital, while Jason wanders off to talk to Hans Wagner about some ideas for new inventions that will boost humanity's firepower.
Left to her own devices, Physical-Phoebe joins her spirit self in walking half a mile to the north, where she arrives at a quiet building covered in flowers, plants, and other greenery designed to give the place some natural beauty. Sunlight streams through the square building's skylight, but when Phoebe steps inside, she finds the angel girl sitting on the floor in the darkest corner of the room, her head buried in her knees, and her arms wrapped around her legs.
The angel wears a simple white sundress, cute, yet elegant, a luxury she hasn't had in ages. Compared to laying naked in Gressil's cell, injured, suffering from agony, her current appearance is practically that of a heaven-sent blessing.
Even so, when both Phoebes step into the room, they sense the presence of deep, unfathomable sadness in the air, like a blackened aura that pervades all of their emotional barriers. Just taking one look at the silent, miserable girl makes Phoebe's heart ache worse than ever in her life.
"Um... e-excuse... me..." Phoebe croaks, her voice hoarse. "It's m-me, Phoebe. I, ah, I helped save you... from..."
She trails off when the angel girl doesn't move at all. She doesn't raise her head to look at her guests. She doesn't even flinch at the sound of a voice, making it seem almost as if she has fallen asleep in that pose.
Yet, when both Phoebes start to walk around the large and comfortable bed in her room, they stop a few feet away, noticing her shivering body.
Spirit-Phoebe chews her lip. "I... don't think she's cold."
"Neither do I." Physical-Phoebe whispers.
Both of them get on their knees and slowly shuffle across the floor, drawing within an arm's length of the angel girl.
"Uh, hey..." Phoebe says, reaching out her hand, yet pausing just short of initiating physical contact. "I'm Phoebe. Err, I said that, already. Um. How are you? No, that's... that's a dumb question. You must be, ah..."
She speaks haltingly, unsure of what to say.
After a few minutes of Phoebe stuttering and tripping over her words repeatedly, the angel girl still doesn't move a muscle, not once acknowledging Phoebe's presence. This stymies the Hero's wife, making her wonder just what she can say to get a response.
"I... I brought you something... it's a ring," Phoebe says. "It once belonged to a friend of yours, I think. Archangel Gabriel. Do you know Gabriel?"
At the mention of the Archangel of Power's name, the angel girl finally flinches. She lifts her head a fraction of an inch to peer across her knees at the ring in Phoebe's outstretched hand. A moment later, she lowers her head again, still remaining silent.
"So, you do know Gabriel, right?" Phoebe asks, her voice cracking as she finds a light in the darkness. The angel's slight response makes her feel a hint of a chance at breaking through. "He, um... he wants to talk to you. He's inside this ring, you know. I thought you might like to say hello to a familiar face..."
Phoebe pauses for a moment, before lowering her hand to the floor beside the angel girl. She puts the ring down, then retracts her hand.
"Here. I'll, um... I'll leave the ring beside you, okay? You can talk to him alone. I won't bother you. He really misses you, miss angel-person. Angel-girl. Lady. Sorry, I don't know your name. I don't mean to be rude."
Physical-Phoebe shoots an awkward look at her spiritual companion. Just as she starts to take a step back, the angel's body twitches. Her left arm moves slightly down her leg before pausing. Then, she lowers it a few more inches, before pausing again.
Slowly, hesitantly, it takes her a full minute to touch the floor, move her hand around, and feel for the ring.
When she finally touches it, she doesn't put it on. Instead, she merely pokes it with her index finger and leaves her hand there for several long, silent minutes, before raising her arm back to her legs.
Spirit-Phoebe creases her forehead. She looks at her physical self and shrugs, as if to ask, did she talk to Gabriel? I don't know if she has to put the ring on to talk to him or not.
Both Phoebes remain silent for another long minute.
The angel doesn't move. She remains rooted in place, with her hands wrapped around her knees.
Phoebe reaches back over and picks up Gabriel's ring. Unable to communicate with the Archangel herself, she can't ask him if he made successful contact. So instead, she places it into her pocket, then starts to stand up.
Just before she fully rises, Phoebe hesitates. She drops back down to a crouching position, then reaches out to lightly touch the angel's arm.
"Hey... I know it's going to be hard to adapt... to re-acclimate... after going through what you have. But I want you to know we're all here for you, okay? I'm here for you. You can take all the time you want. Nobody will hurt you here, and I won't let anyone lay a hand on you, ever again."
The angel girl doesn't visibly react to Phoebe's touch. After a few seconds of maintaining this light, almost imperceptible contact, Phoebe pulls away. She stands up and turns to leave.
As she turns her back to the angel, a faint noise whispers behind her.
Phoebe turns around once more, only to be surprised when she finds the angel girl hesitantly looking up at her.
She croaks out a weak sound, something so faint that if there were any other noises nearby, nobody would hear it.
Phoebe drops back into a crouch.
"Yes? What is it? Can I get you something?"
The angel stares at her with half-closed, watery eyes. "Nnn... nnn... na... name..."
"Name?" Phoebe repeats. "Yes. Yes, my name is Phoebe. Phoebe Hiro. And... what's yours?"
The angel hesitates. She averts her eyes shyly.
"C... C... Ca... Ca..."
Phoebe smiles sweetly and nods. "Yes, just like that. Just like that. It's okay, you can say it. Ca...?"
The angel falls silent. She closes her eyes and lowers her head, unable to say the rest.
Spirit-Phoebe kneels down beside her physical self. "'Ca,' huh? So, perhaps... Cassiel? That's an angel name. It's cute, like you. Cassiel? Is that your name?"
"It's probably not," Physical-Phoebe says. "Cassiel was one of the Archangels. It might be disrespectful to give the name of an Archangel to... well, a Lazarite."
Her spiritual self shrugs. "I think it's a lovely name. Cassiel? Are you okay with that name? We can call you something else if you want."
The angel raises her head. She eyes the two identical looking flesh and spiritual women for a moment, before slightly lifting her head up and down in a barely perceptible nod.
Then, she lowers her head into her knees once again.
Spirit-Phoebe smiles. "There, see? She likes it. Cassiel. That's a fitting name, for now. She can tell us her real name later, if she wants."
Physical-Phoebe nods. "That's enough for now. Okay, Cassiel. Thank you for talking to me. I enjoyed our conversation! I hope we can talk more, soon."
She pauses to touch the ring in her pocket, debating whether she should leave it behind for Cassiel to have someone to talk to. Uncertain regarding what path to take, she merely shakes her head.
"I'll come by to visit you every hour or two, alright? There's a button on the dresser beside your bed. If you need me, just push it, and I'll come running."
Phoebe waves goodbye to Cassiel, though, judging by the girl's inability to even see her, the action ends up feeling useless.
A few minutes later, Physical and Spirit-Phoebe slowly trudge away from the house, simultaneously happy at making a small amount of progress, yet frustrated by not making nearly as much as they wanted.
Physical-Phoebe pulls Gabriel's ring out of her pocket. "I should give this to Jason right away so he can ask Gabriel if he made successful contact."
"I think he did." Spirit-Phoebe says. "If someone is able to communicate with an Archangel, making just a little physical contact with the ring should be enough. You don't need to wear it."
Physical-Phoebe stares off into the distance, at her husband, talking to Hans Wagner about something she can't make out from so far away.
"I haven't really spoken to Gabriel much." Physical-Phoebe says. "What's he like?"
Her spirit self shrugs. "Quiet, polite, introspective. He's like a giant teddy bear."
"Mmm..." Physical-Phoebe murmurs. "Say... why do you and I get along so well, but not Jason and Hope? We're clones too, right?"
"You know the reason. It's because our husband bottles up his emotions and lashes out," Her spiritual self answers. "And we're at fault, too. We should have been more empathetic to Hope. Or rather, you should have. I didn't exist at that point. Or maybe I did, since I share those memories. Huh... I guess this is how Jason and Hope often feel about their shared-"
Spirit-Phoebe abruptly stops talking, startling her physical self. Phoebe turns around, only to see her spirit-self nowhere in sight.
"...Uh. What?" She asks.
Phoebe glances to the left and right. She frowns as something makes her stomach churn, some unknown sensation she can't fully identify.
From a distance, Jason shouts something, but she doesn't quite make it out. Phoebe turns to look at him, only to frown when she sees the Wordsmith running toward her with a look of panic on his face.
"Huh?" Phoebe asks. "What's wrong, Jason? Why did you recall my spiritual..."
Phoebe pauses mid-sentence. That unsettling feeling in her gut boils over as she turns to look back at Cassiel's plant-covered house.
"Oh, no. No! NOOO!!"
A minute earlier.
After Phoebe leaves, Cassiel remains in the same place as before.
The angel girl sits motionless on the ground, her thoughts a mixture of hyper-speed contemplations regarding her freedom, but also molasses slowing her down and preventing her from making a move.
The fear of the unknown. The fear of possibilities. The fear of new horizons, and even the fear that this new life might not entirely be real, but a hallucination inside her mind.
How often has she dreamt of seeing sunlight again, or the sky, or grass, flowers, and pretty birds? How many times did she sob silently, wishing someone would come to save her, yet know she was trapped forever?
She questions herself constantly. Her stomach swirls as she struggles to orient herself with the unfamiliar world around her, a world she hasn't seen in one hundred thousand years.
As a Lazarite, she only experienced a relatively short period of life in Heaven before the end of the Energy Wars. Then, she ended up inside Gressil's dungeon, tormented for close to ninety-nine percent of her entire life.
For almost the entirety of her existence, she has known only pain and suffering. She has become a shell of her former self. A fragile glass ball suffering from thousands of hairline cracks, ready to burst at the slightest touch.
Her halo hangs listlessly over her head, barely bright enough to be visible in pitch-blackness, let alone daylight. Once a brightly glowing symbol of her resurrection, she used to see herself as a fighter for the Divines, a warrior who could do anything if she put her mind to it.
But those days faded away, reduced to faint, barely perceivable memories.
In her head, only one thing ingrained itself into her mind.
The face of her tormentor. A monster who used her for his own pleasure. A vile beast who punched her, beat her, stabbed her, and did other vile things no person should ever do to another.
Every time Gressil's face appears in Cassiel's memories, she bites her lip, slowly chewing it raw.
What normal life can she ever lead, after suffering so badly?
How could she ever return to normal society after being defiled by his hands?
These thoughts spin like a tornado in her mind, right up until all the light in her room disappears.
A sickening, yet overwhelmingly familiar sensation explodes in Cassiel's stomach.
She jerks her head up from her knees. She opens her mouth in a silent scream as, just two feet away, a pair of greyish, corpse-like legs stand before her.
Cassiel's eyes flick upward, to the torso of a demon with six arms, two heads, and dozens of glowing eyes embedded in his flesh.
Gressil, her most hated and feared person in existence, towers over the little angel girl, a vicious grin plastered on his face. Having not yet fully healed himself, his body appears scarred and disfigured, but this only makes his sudden and unexpected arrival even more horrifying!
"Haha. Hello, Birdy." Gressil says. "Did you think... you escaped me?"
Cassiel jerks her head back, smacking it against the wall. Before her silent scream can become an audible one, Gressil lunges out one of his hands to grab her by the throat. He yanks her away from the wall, presses her against the ground, and crouches over top of her small, defenseless body.
"Haha. Haha." Gressil gurgles. "You did, didn't you? You thought the humans saved you. They didn't. You're not safe here, Birdy. You never were, and you never will be. I let you escape. You weren't a fun toy anymore. You didn't scream like you used to. You stopped giving me pleasure."
Gressil licks his lips. Cassiel weakly grabs at his wrist in a desperate attempt to pull him off her, but her sickly, impoverished body can't do anything to stop him.
"Yes. Fight back more." Gressil says, as a dark hunger appears in his eyes. "Just like that. You're so beautiful. I forgot how pretty you once looked. All those years in that smelly cell... it made your skin rotten. You're much better the way you are now... but this isn't enough for me. I want you to gain back more of your spirit, Birdy. Then, when you think you've finally escaped me, I'll appear again. I'll take you for myself, pluck out your cute little wings, and ravish you until there's nothing left."
His smile spreads even wider, turning truly lecherous.
"Your new friends don't know who you are. Even if they did, they'd only feel shame for you. You're nothing but a shadow of your old self. Do you think they'll be able to protect you? Do you think you'll be able to protect them? You failed everyone. You led your sisters right to me, and I devoured their cute little bodies whole. Haha. They used to cry out your name, before I snuffed them out like candles."
Gressil lowers his head. His long tongue snakes out of his mouth, as he forces it down Cassiel's throat, making her gurgle and choke in fright.
When he retracts his tongue, he smiles one last time.
"Just a parting kiss to go. Never forget whose girl you are. If you don't want the others to suffer... you'd better not get any bad ideas. I'll make sure to punish you ten times worse when we next meet. Haha."
He releases Cassiel's neck, but even with her windpipe freed, she doesn't scream. She lays on the ground, too frightened to move, shaking and petrified out of her wits. Her mouth opens and closes involuntarily as she recalls the revolting taste of his rancid, rotten saliva.
"Yes. Just... like... that..." Gressil says, as he traces his hand across her chest.
Gressil stands up. His body fades away, as if swallowed by an invisible doorway. Moments later, his presence vanishes, along with his magic-suffocating aura.
Cassiel lays still, shaking and staring at the ceiling, unable to stop her body from trembling. Tears well up in her eyes, and a faint, distant scream gurgles in her throat, never to fully emerge.
Moments later, the door to her room flies open. Jason and Phoebe charge inside, only to spot Cassiel laying on her back, shaking like a leaf.
"Oh, no." Phoebe whispers, her heart in her throat. "Cassiel! Cassiel! It's okay! We're here, now!"
She rushes over to Cassiel, but the angel continues to stare at the ceiling, as if having lost touch with the world around her.
Jason keeps his distance and investigates the area with his senses. His eyes narrow to slits when his Wordsmithing gives him solid evidence of the events which just transpired.
"Gressil. You motherfucker."
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2022.01.19 08:34 TVUAsks "we're still waiting"

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2022.01.19 08:34 Proper-Sock4721 Right now in r/WorldNews, news from Thailand is shamelessly "interfering" with the anti-Russian news agenda. 🤡

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2022.01.19 08:34 ProEvoPenguin Renting advice

Me and my partner want to move out of our rented flat. We have a 12 month contract with no break clause. If we find somewhere else could we give our agent notice? Or are we here until September?
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2022.01.19 08:34 brockm92 We go to bed in a bedroom, do laundry in a laundry room, take a b*th in a b*throom, do most of our living in a living room, but we don't keep and cook our food in a food room.

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2022.01.19 08:34 mangafrbot Le comédien de doublage Kent Itô diagnostiqué positif au COVID-19

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2022.01.19 08:34 gruwantshisslaves IIL The Magnus Archives WEWIL?

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2022.01.19 08:34 ButterEPickle Dr kahls robot, the mermaid, the ghost train and Tom and jerry put the F U in fun.

I was getting a little mad at the inkwell 1 and 2 bosses but I’ve been on the verge of throwing my controller through a window with these cunts. Fucking Dr kahls 3rd phase takes 2m, the mermaid is incredibly annoying that I even struggled in simple mode. The cat and mouse boss are RNG based which is such a fucking fun design for a boss -_- and that cunt train with those pumpkins and the inconsistent parries are the worst. Let me start with Dr kahl. He’s a cunt fuck you Dr kahl. The mermaid. Fuck you medusa eel ass motherfucking pirate shooting pufferfish ass. The stupid cat and mouse with those stupid beer bottle and soda tops with those red bombs.. and the train is a bitch, or more the equivalent of a derailed train..
I saw so much saying the dragon and beppie the clown were so hard!!?!?!? beppie took me 1h and the dragon to me 1h 30m. The bee took me 3h, the pirate took me 1h the inkwell 1 took me 1h, the movie girl took me around 2h or so. The mouse took me 10m on simple, the mermaid ho took me about 3m on simple, Dr kahl took me 5 tries on simple and the ghost train took me 5 tries on simple. Then you walk into inkwell hell and devils like “get the fuck outta here buster, go kill some motherfuckers!” “Get cho, dirty choclate ass out of here” and I was like “coo, coo, coo” now let me in. And this mother fucker has the audacity to reject my ass out of there after the hell I just suffered through. So I asked his dice face ass one more time before I went out there died 50 times played some hitman to cool off and then I came back in better than ever I was beatin that robots bitchass ass. Then I died so I went and played with Thomas and jerrith me and Tom, we cool I liked his spider man and how he can flawlessly play dre on a piano. But he beat my ass. Motherfucking bitch. Tom Holland is a British pussy cat.
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2022.01.19 08:34 Hydromancer15a2 These Dreams, Me, Digital, 2021

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2022.01.19 08:34 thatgirlisback Subdivision surface creating rolls

Hello to all!
I am struggling here, I made this very ugly teapot and when i put subdivision surface on it, it gets rolls - which can be a great look, just not for my ugly teapot, can anyone please help?
I am fairly new to Cinema and have it as a school subject, just cant seem to figure this issue out.
Thank you!

Images here, includes image before subdivision surface and after.
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