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Kershaw Co. man arrested in sexual exploitation of minor case - WIS10

2022.01.20 21:06 Studio10eleven Kershaw Co. man arrested in sexual exploitation of minor case - WIS10

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2022.01.20 21:06 cosmicbase_ Request: Bowling Green @ Akron [07:00 PM EDT]

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2022.01.20 21:06 Thisfoxhere Never do magic too close to a computer.

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2022.01.20 21:06 Percpercnumpty Premature ejaculation on MDMA?

Is premature ejaculation a side effect that's been reported at all in MDMA use? I don't mean during sexual activity necessarily, but even like a...cum in your pants type experience after being aroused by something visually stimulating.
I'm almost embarrassed to tell this story so I'll keep it brief, I had my first festival experience last December with a long time friend/crush who is big into the free spirit kind of scene. Extremely intelligent and drop dead gorgeous, way out of my league but I don't mind being in her friend zone. I live in Australia, so her and her friends drove us to a bush land festival in a rural area welcoming we with open arms, singing all the way there. I think I heard brown eyed girl 5 times. It was quite the culture shock at the festival, open drug use, nudity, basically all about expressing yourself to the music. It should be noted I have been attempting to learn how to meditate at her suggestion to get over my depression. I can't focus to save my life but did all the steps the people who knew their shit said to do, including something for chakra meditation called semen retention. The fact that I had not ejaculated in over a week will become relevant soon. So while ironically such a stimulating environment was a terrible place to make a breakthrough in my meditation journey, it happened in a very confusing/amazing way. I took MDMA for the first time, and also another amphetamine sat that some sketchy guy offered me but I thought fuck it. On the second day there it happened, rolling on MDMA and 3 or 4 big inhales of a joint I was feeling vulnerable but euphoric. Unfortunately due to being backed up a week and not thinking I should unclog the pipes before a 4 day festival camp with this beautiful friend I crush on and her cute friends, I simply was too busy and now 2 drugs in MDMA and marijuana that make me horny and highly sensitive were in my system. It wasn't an issue really at all, I was enjoying meeting everyone and having a really beautiful bonding experience with this girl, I thought even maybe this was the moment she'd see something more in me and my dreams would come true.
Well this all leads to the afternoon, to my absolute shock and racing heart...let's call her Lucy, is starker's from the waist down and a boob tube around her chest. I had stumbled upon something so unbelievable I could never have thought it would ever happen...I was staring at Lucy's bare bum dancing to the music to herself like almost everyone else...she was in her own world, I was in my own world, and it revolved entirely around her perfectly cute bottom. It was so perfect, so perfectly shaped and round and perky with the most breathtaking bounce to her cheeks I was hypnotized. For the first time in my life I was completely focused entirely on the beautiful feelings this gorgeous bum attached to the prettiest girl with the warmest heart gave. Here's where it became a curse/blessing take your pick. Over all other feelings the most overpowering was extreme arousal. I mean something I'd never felt before. A swelling of pleasure from within my groin, which I learnt later is your root chakra. And the pleasure only grew more intense the longer I stared hypnotically at this glorious bare bum a man like me had to right to witness. Like my body was on autopilot I found myself moving closer and closer to her, focused and following only my growing euphoric arousal. The spiritual thoughts of such a silly and kind of embarrassing part of her body, a kind healing angel who I have such respect for, yet I was overwhelmed by deep sexual excitement that although she was beautiful and perfect. She had a bum, and I was looking at it. She was literally "showing her ass" sacrificing a part of her dignity for me to experience wave after wave of growing pleasure..at least this is how my thought process was in my dopamine flooded brain, any thought that would give me more arousal I focused on. "She probably would be so ashamed if she knew I ever saw her bare bottom...and there it is 2 meters in front of my face OHHH another she's shaking her bum cheeks again...ohm she's bouncing so beautifully. I'm staring at angelic Lucy's ass crack will she ever forgive my disrespectful pleasure I hope she understands my meditative breakthrough please understand". That's the stream of consciousness, like I'm obviously elsewhere and focused only on the erotic experience.
ANYWAY I say all this to give context I guess so you don't think I'm a complete creep. I realized that there was going to be a climax for this pleasure when her slow dance was interrupted by an upbeat techno song and when she started bouncing faster and shaking her cheeks faster than before in a way that allowed me to glimpse millisecond peeks into the shadows of her bum crack, my arousal went into turbo mode. My semi erection quickly became a full blown boner and even began, unfortunately leaking pre cum, I apologies for my crass description, but I was on the brink of the most spiritual, euphoric, pleasurable explosion of orgasmic heaven I could ever possibly handle and I knew it. I became immensely excited I would share the orgasm of my life all thanks to Lucy sacrificing a certain dignity and barrier in our friendship over her healing free spirit nature by letting me have this awakening over the erotic nature of being a a couple feet away staring, examining, focusing her bare ass with nothing to hide. The closer I rode the orgasmic rollercoaster to its peak thinking about how this pleasure was so good it should be forbidden. I hadn't noticed at this point but a few people around me had started to notice my creepy obsession with staring at this poor girl's bottom as she unwittingly shakes her ass innocently. My first realization of the reality of how this looked entered my head when one of her guy friends from the scene I'd met yesterday like walks slowly past me going "Are you serious bro?" I paid no attention, all that mattered was my heavenly premature/meditative/cumin my pants experience. I was full primal and spiritual brain, regular social norms weren't even on my mind. My focus almost gets broken up as one of her friends who drove us up calls my name I don't know how many times until I hear her, I ignore because I am moments away from my spiritual climax and nothing else matters. I think people had begun to notice more and more and this point and her friend was not happy with me, to the point of grabbing my shoulder and stepping in front of me, but I stepped aside getting closer to Lucy's bum. Apparently I said "No. I need this" through gritted teeth but I do not remember. All I know in my refusal to take my eyes off her naked bottom and avoid a convened friend's attempt to get me away, I found myself on my knees...feeling my explosion seconds away, not caring whether my pants were soaked or noticeably stained. Not caring I could get in to real trouble for being such a creep without context. All that mattered is my moment had come and I was now on my knees behind Lucy, with my face focused barely 10cm from her ever bouncing bum. I had reached nirvana, Lucy's bare bottom was so close to my face I'm surprised she couldn't feel my breath, here it comes enjoy every heavenly second as your absorb the sight of her ass in your face...and...no..no the song ended..no I was 2 seconds from going over the edge no no no I can't get those close and lose this moment, I will never get another opportunity for this no.
At this point in the 10 seconds before the next song started playing she turned around noticing the attention on the situation behind her laughing like. What's up guys. I'm still staring begging waiting for the beat to drop for just3-4 bounces, I craved more than anything to hear the sound of her bubble butt making the gentlest 'clap clap clap' and each cheek swayed from the left to the right and the eye of my universe teasing my desire to stare into it, but her cheeks were so perfectly shaped that her crack had depth. Her laughs turn to confusion as she notices me, on my knees staring intently at her bare ass. She must have been mortified, but ever the kind soul, she gives me the benefit of the doubt "Ha-ha...how did you get down there...did you fall" as I slowly look up into her big gorgeous eyes the reality of the situation and shame enters my head. But not enough to make me lose focus...all that matters for the rest of my life, no matter what happens, I'll always have this. And I'm so close. Her eyes turn from confused pity to shock and disgust and I utter meekly "Please shake your bum...please...I'm sorry I'm so sorry but just...shake your bum bum" I kind of lose care for how I appear towards the end there as I realize the longer I look away from the bottom, the more my build up of pleasure recedes. So like a pathetic junkie, I lower my eyes back dead on with her crack as I end the sentence that started with "I'm sorry" to "shake your bum bum" in such a creepy way, I am filled with cringe and horror looking back. But again, all I needed was the orgasmic awakening of my life to be dedicated to the bare ass of my friend Lucy as her bum cheeks clapped on each glorious ejaculatory release. Again I've gone too far with this, so I suppose this has turned into a form of therapy. Looking back I'm surprised she didn't run away right then in disgust, instead I heard her say softly "What is happening..." as I feel my pleasure build back slowly but so amazingly. Her bum was still in my face. "Your friend is being a fucking creep and he needs to leave" I can't remember exact verbiage obviously, but it was essentially this. A few people were like yeah get him out...just as the next song starts thumping loudly, giving Lucy such a fright she jumps, absolutely adorable, so cute...but most importantly her soft butt cheeks rippled and bounced at just the perfect time as one wave was rolling over me...I was back. All I needed was for her to dance for me like she had the last 10 minutes. I say loudly, risking a break in my concentration "Lucy you can do it...you can dance" as her friend pulled her away and a guy pushed me away. Frustration ran through me, not again you can't leave me on the brink again. But now Lucy was walking away. Each cheek bouncing rhythmically with each step...dear god this is my lord and savior. All the times I'd copped a stare at her bum in clothes, knowing she had to have perky cheeks with the way they danced together...now I was mere feet from it doing just that, but bare buck naked nothing time hide. This is Lucy's bottom as it is. I feel the waves get stronger as it bounces away and I start walking on my knees still not on my feet. Oh god the friction is just perfect, but there getting away. Nothing else matters except finishing this.
I get up and start walking, feeling the material of my pants that had tightened as I was on my knees give my penis physical stimulation for the first time throughout this experience. I have never felt so sensitive, I couldn't believe sexual pleasure could feel this could nor visual stimulation with the most erotic thing I could ever wish for bouncing 5 feet from my face, 4 feet, 3 feet. I am hypnotized by the dance of her bum cheeks and all I need is to get 2 feet close and lose myself in heavenly glory. Guys call after me I don't listen. A girl blocks me by stretching her arms out with her back to my chest, purely accidentally my penis brushes her ass and I let out "God no you don't want this move" and she refused until I very honestly said probably the one thing that would get her to move. Eyes go from Lucy's bum getting f4 feet away, 5 feet away, 6 feet away...my gaze goes to the brave girl standing in my way, and she was too attractive to be the blocker of my orgasm. The closest i have come to spilling over the edge comes as I turn my head and look into her eyes that have this pretty bluish green and color and let out ah "oop..no please move" She doesn't and I make the decision right there and then, it\s coming out one way or the other. So coldly and rudely I look her dead in the eyes and state "I'm going to cum" she takes an instant step back as she shrieks "What is wrong with you" but I didn't care, the orgasm was on its way now all I needed was to get as close to that heavenly bum as I could. Walking faster I realize the faster I walk the faster I'm rubbing it out. So I make a dash yelling "Lucy I can explain I promise" knowing full well what was about to come. I was a fiend, I only cared about gaining her trust to be closer to the bum at my selfish explosion. "I don't think you should drive back with us, Sara can order you a ride home" barely able to talk as dopamine floods my brains I say "Yes yes of course" "I don't want you near me" she says. "I know I know I know" all I'm able to get out as now realizing my immense release isn't going to be at the expense of her my appreciation of each detail of her fine bare bottom. Instead it was going to be a public humiliation in front of about 40 or so people that were watching around us, as others danced...in a desperate big brain moment I fumble at the spirit ring she gifted me the final art class we ever took that I only joined to get close to her. "You...need. The ring" she stops and turns, bottom out of view as she stares into my soul at the absolute height of barreling down the moment of no return. "I must have looked pathetic...twisted face. Barely able to speak. She was going to witness my most shameful moment, I had betrayed her trust in me as a friend my objectifying her bum when she felt safe and comfortable to express her bare bum self vibrating to the soul of the music, while I vibrated my way to the soul of my root chakra, the fall of any man. I hand out the ring and her soft delicate hands are the sensual touch I craved on MDMA. That set into motion the launch sequence...I didn't want to let go yet all I could say was "sorry...sorry.." as she declared "you're beyond strange. You can have your necklace back" was one of her astrologically aligned planets or something, I didn't understand it. But I knew I had gifted her a pendant with mercury in it as a birthday gift...pointing pathetically in the sky I say "look...there it is uh" fluid was streaming out of my penis and I was past the moment of no return, 2-3 seconds from full impact. "I'll take it off off off yes just look at...mercury" she turns around as smack bam the sight of her adorable cute bum is within my sight as I look down as she says something about "my mum said any time mercury appears, she's watching over me", I barely hear because with the last gasp as the explosion hits I say "just look...just look at me-" and slowly getting out "cure" before ending the word with an embarrassing and uncontrollably loud "REEEEEEEEE" at the very moment I get on my knees eye level with the crease of her bottom and put my face barely cm's from her bum. Everyone is staring now as the beat is slower and my release was loud enough...which was unfortunate because I do the most fucked thing I have ever done in my life on pure impulsive ecstasy...full orgasmic spasms barely in control of my body speeding through the universe, 400 festival goers are now turned watching the shameful scene unfold behind them as I hear the MC say over the microphone "We got a problem at the back?" as I place my face gently touching ever so slightly...and motorboat her bum cheeks in without a doubt the most intense orgasmic pleasure and delight I will ever feel...each release felt like my entire body releasing everything toxic in my body, trauma, emotional pain, stress. I was literally in heaven and I got to have it with my dream girl's bare bum cheeks clapping against my face...for 3 glorious seconds as she jumped like 2 feet in the air...spasms subsiding, but I knew I had more in me because she jumped and heavens gates opened as the MC said over the speaker "Any requests while security handle that ha-ha" Lucy's brown eye winked at me as her ass cheeks clapped open wide for 1.5 seconds as she jumped and I grab my penis and being to jerk off, setting off a second orgasmic wave as if the physical stimulation unleashed the real god of cum and it took over as high shout to the high heavens "PHWARRR BROWN EYE LUCYS BROWN EYE WINKING AT ME PHHHUUU". I guess the MC thought it was a suggestion and starts playing "Brown eyed girl" I got to experience a second more intense orgasm than the last as more animal than man, chasing this poor girl for 20 meters across a field while Brown Eyed Girl played as horrified onlookers watched my hunched body trying to get as close to her bottom as I can getting merely a couple feet away, eyes focused on her bum cheeks clapping open as she ran...inducing each spurt after the next every time her asshole winked at me each time her bum crack opened while I let out a "YEEEESSSSSS YESSSSSSSS LUCY...SHOWED ME HER BUM BUMMMM OHH OPEN THE CRACK BROWN EYED GIRL YOUR MY BROWN EYED GIRL ITS WONT STOP ITS COMINGGG ITS STILL COMING" I said nearing tears of pure euphoric relief and happiness bonding my orgasm of a lifetime to her bum hole. Embarrassing but it felt spiritual at the time. Unfortunately 2 guys grabbed my under the arms and I experienced the final few seconds of what my whole life led to, being held back as I watch with blissful euphoria her bum clapping me on as they hold me against the arts tent, the girls inside screaming at the guys "OFF GET HIM AWAY FROM THE ART DISPLAY AWWW FOUL PLOPPED IN THE WATERPAINTS NICE ONE GUYS" as reality sets in I savor the final few contractions watching a self portrait drip with paint and semen. A girl screams "FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP" but all I can do was survey and look at all the horrified/confused/disgusted/laughing faces watching me squeeze out my pathetic final squirts saying something nonsensical and barely with breath "Lucy did it...Lucy showed me her bum...she shouldn't have...remember Lucy's bum" as I watch my former school friend who first introduced me to Lucy shake her head and mouth "you're fucked" I shout out to her with my final bit of energy and in amazement "I'M FINALLY HAPPY" shaking my head in bewilderment as she stares at me in judgment as I rub out the final drops watching her lose all respect for me while I repeat the mantra "Lucy's bum bum ruined the mood...everyone's sad but me...everyone's sad but me". I whisper as they take me to the parking site...one of which I found later also crushed on Lucy and they had shared their first kiss minutes before in a magical moment I ruined with my disgraceful dedication of pleasure he walked in on the moment she asked me "what are you doing down there?" He witnessed her embarrassment but he also witnessed my triumph...I'm not proud of it, but I refer to it now as the butterfly effect instead of an orgasm, because of all the things it changed...including potentially a happy married life with Lucy for this man...because I chose heavenly release over Lucy's dignity. I hope one day she has the courage to show her bum again, but I understand if not. She never wants to see anyone from there again apparently, because she think they'll know her as the girl who built up enough self confidence to lose herself dancing without pants and as a result the entire festival watched me make her bare bum cheeks the focus as I carried on shamelessly about her ass crack. I genuinely felt guilty when I got a talking to from her friend over the phone about how mortified she was. Unfortunately I took the opportunity to have a similar reliving of the experience but masturbating as she talked about what I did...but hung up when she heard me cummings when she described the shame I caused my friend in making a story that's been passed around to even her work that sweet beautiful Lucy of all people, had her bare bottom mad a mockery of in front of 500 people. I can understand that, but I hope she doesn't lose an important part of her life just for my root chakra release. But if so, I respect her even for for her sacrifice. "I saw her bare ass...that was her bottom" as I change my clothes, leaving me semen covered pants in the glove compartment Lucy always liked to leave her poetry papers in. I knew I was risking staining them with my sperm, but I wanted her to think of me one last time. Because even if she didn't know it, the spiritual powers of Lucy's perfect bottom unlocked my root chakra, and in that moment her ass cheeks clapped on in triumph and pride for my most glorious and shameful moment, as my dream girl ran from my minute long orgasm dedicated entirely to her, the girl I will never forget.
Like I said this turned into more of a therapy session, but surely others have experiences of root chakra orgasms under the sensitive excitement and emotional vulnerability MDMA provides?
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2022.01.20 21:06 Zack_the_Animator Cursed_Amogus

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2022.01.20 21:06 DireAvenger86 It was all planned.

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2022.01.20 21:06 BaneOfAlduin Riot had officially support for 2FA on your accounts

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2022.01.20 21:06 kjfdeath20 How do I know if I'm subconsciously starving myself

(M,15, 5'10", 107kg / 214lbs) I've had some problems with the way I look for quite some time now, and I've only recently noticed that I'm not eating as well as I used to do, as in I can't manage to eat a full meal, I don't really snack that much anymore if at all, and even when I feel hungry I just sleep it off.
I haven't noticed any changes to my social wellbeing, because I talk to quite a handful of people, I haven't lost any motivation, and nothing else is really happening except with eating.
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2022.01.20 21:06 Esedeff0323 Here's another four match ups, but this time with something new at the end. Y'all let me know if you want me to keep doing these or if I should stop before they become repetitive. But anyway, in these four fights, who's taking the win in each one?

Here's another four match ups, but this time with something new at the end. Y'all let me know if you want me to keep doing these or if I should stop before they become repetitive. But anyway, in these four fights, who's taking the win in each one? submitted by Esedeff0323 to yakuzagames [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 21:06 Studio10eleven OPD arrests former Odessa pastor for sexual assault - NewsWest9.com

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2022.01.20 21:06 parmesanbutt What should Yang do differently during his next race for NYC Mayor?

And when do you think he will run
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2022.01.20 21:06 Iwillnotbecruel Why was the revelation about Baker’s wife such a big deal?

During the convention, Baker’s wife was revealed to have severe depression, and Baker didn’t disclose it.
So what? This was a personal issue that had no bearing on Baker’s ability to govern, yet Will 2.0 acts like an idiot and decides to leak it. Why would it have any impact on the nomination? This was around 2006, not the 1970s when mental health wasn’t understood.
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2022.01.20 21:06 crestarthegreat Have to buy at these prices.

If you have the money you’d be insane not to. Unless it goes down even further 😂😂😂
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2022.01.20 21:06 jackchickengravy Better watch your back in the crypt... (@jackbrady1010)

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2022.01.20 21:06 SealedBox Finally! We're on the brink of __________.

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2022.01.20 21:06 Avalarr [Bulk] Avalar's Switch Modding and Lubing Service

I have all the supplies necessary to lube, film, spring and stem swap, and even bearing-ball-mod your switches. And if you wanna send me your own parts and supplies along with your switches, I can use them, too! All switches will be tested working before they're shipped back to you! Everything you need to know about my service can be found through this link here.
What I have:

Coming soon:
I can finish most orders in just a few hours, and ship on the same day on work days. I will provide sound tests and switch mod tests if you want them. I am discounting most orders at the moment.
Here is my order form. I'm based in Virginia, USA, and my postal for local pickup is 23225.
Payment methods I'm currently accepting are: Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, and Bitcoin.
Best way to contact me is on Discord: Avalar#1105
Thank you for supporting me!
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2022.01.20 21:06 RogueStatesman Find yourself a plumber with an OCD. You won't be disappointed.

Find yourself a plumber with an OCD. You won't be disappointed. Everything labeled and color coordinated and pretty. Other than the price tag, no complaints.
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2022.01.20 21:06 DismalSplit5792 Insane day, nothing crazy but only depo’d $5

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2022.01.20 21:06 Rx2vier Basement finds All 100% Hot Wheels

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2022.01.20 21:06 DoctorWhosOnFirst Jaylen Moody will likely remove his name from the transfer portal and remain with the Crimson Tide, per Bama Online sources

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2022.01.20 21:06 ReptilianOver1ord Suddenly not able to view all episodes of a podcast

Spotify app (iOS) will display only a limited number of episodes of a podcast on the list of “all episodes”. The episode list is around 250, I’m in #135 and can’t seem to get back to it.
Sorting by oldest or newest will only display the first 75ish episodes before it just refuses to load any additional episodes. Can’t load further by the skip button either.
Anyone experienced something similar and/or know a fix?
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2022.01.20 21:06 juniortavarez Credit under 560

Hey I interview at a job and everything is looking good but they mention I will need a security clearance I have 16 account in collections since 2017 I owe about $70K will that have a negative impack? Also if I call all of them and start making payments will that help my case?
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2022.01.20 21:06 Forward_Round My first SBR LR..

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2022.01.20 21:06 Tennis121897 If there are 2.5, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50lb CO2 tanks, then

How many lbs is a 60L CO2 tank?
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2022.01.20 21:06 VulpieNotFound Furry Ethan's face reveal (Gave him some blue cus yep)

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