2022.01.21 10:46 deadunistudent anime_irl

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2022.01.21 10:46 No_Possibility4386 KGB nin YouTube kanalındaki geçmişten bugüne KGB videosunda 37. Saniyede ki fotonun tam halini nasıl bulurum

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2022.01.21 10:46 Fatally_splendid My fiancé got me a ring after he got out of boot camp. I had been rocking a cheap one from Kendra Scott before this

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2022.01.21 10:46 CharacterFishing8427 Guys If anyone has or knows links of her pics/videos.. pls share here 💦 her content exists…

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2022.01.21 10:46 Alsn- Feudal water balance is busted (and bugged).

While people are happily dodging water maps because the gameplay is quite stale, I will argue that the balance is busted in the first place which invalidates the design even if it were actually fun to play, as it makes the gameplay inherently unfair.
First of all, let's ignore the fact that different civs have different possible timings for their feudal, with the Rus, HRE and Chinese having a way easier time of getting there. I will only look at ship balance.
So first of all, there are 6 different feudal era ships, they are:
Chinese: Junk
Mongols: Light Junk
HRE/English: Galley
French: Hulk (technically a castle age ship, but it's had its armor nerfed to "fit" into feudal meta).
Delhi/Abbasid: Dhow
Rus: Lodya Attack Ship
I will leave the Hulk out of the analysis, since it is given to the French as a unique civ advantage and imho ought to be considered separately. It should be noted that I have not tested and verified all these stats, and it could be that they are actually different in-game from what we know about the bugs in the UI.
Looking at the stats of these ships, they vary wildly (even if we disregard the hulk) and are in fact also bugged. HRE Galleys for whatever reason fire a burst of 6 arrows of 10 damage, while English galleys fire only 3 (which seems to be the intended amount if we believe the Wiki). That said, it is also (excepting the Hulk) the by far most expensive feudal age ship, costing 180w/180g (for comparison, the cheapest: Lodya, costing 120w/60g). Given this, it could be argued that it is indeed the English galley which is bugged and underperforming, rather than the HRE one.
Either way, common to all these ships is that they vary in hit points, armor, and attack but are all designed relatively similar. They do a burst attack of arrows, with damage per arrow either 8 or 10 and number of arrows either 3, 4 or 5. Range varies from 3,75 to 5. Rate of fire is generally around 2 seconds, but with the notable exception of the mongol light junk at 0,95. The hit points vary from 400 to 650. Finally, pierce armor varies from 2 to 5.
This leads to some extremely lop-sided scenarios. For example: An HRE galley firing into a chinese junk will deal 60 - 12 = 48 damage per burst, killing it in 14 bursts. It would even kill a mongol light junk in 10 bursts due to the light junks low HP at 400. The Junk and Light Junk being much cheaper than a galley (120w/90g vs 180w/180g) might be enough to balance this, but I don't actually believe so, assuming the HRE ship is working as intended. Assuming an English galley, it would instead be 28 or 20 bursts, which is more in line with the cost basis for these differing types of ships.
On the other hand, a Dhow attacking a galley would deal (8 - 5) * 4 = 12 damage per burst, killing it in a ridiculous amount of 46 bursts due to the low base damage (8) of the Dhow and the high ranged armor of galleys (5).
Finally, the Lodya attack ship sticks out as a weird example. It is low on the HP (400), base damage (8) and armor scale (3) but makes up for it with the second highest amount of arrows (5), possibly the highest if we assume HRE galleys are bugged. It can also be built in big bursts the second you hit feudal by converting fishing ships and it is also the cheapest feudal ship of them all like I mentioned earlier at 120w/60g.
In summary, I think these wildly differing stats on ships make water balance completely unfair and forces some civs to be entirely reliant on towers to keep their docks safe, which as most of you know is often futile. The notable exception being the Chinese with their Barbican which can actually enable some fast castle/imperial shenanigans while maintaining water presence. This is entirely notwithstanding other glaring balance issues like the Baghlah being unable to damage buildings due to their low base damage (50 vs the standard ranged armor of 50 on buildings), but that's for another post I think.
TLDR: Feudal ship stats are wildly unbalanced in both stats and cost, with the HRE (or English) galley having bugged attack stats. They should be redesigned so that all civs have a fighting chance on watehybrid maps.
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2022.01.21 10:46 TinOpen7095 Maybe you want to shake this feeling

Maybe you want to shake this feeling. Maybe you want to get rid of it? Maybe you don’t want us anymore? Maybe it’s too toxic. I have a lot of questions but I’m sure you have more. Being with you, knowing you were there, was so calming to me. There’s a lot I could move on from but that will be the hardest to forget, I think. Nothing will ever say I’m sorry as my actions that I have yet to prove, the steps I take. Maybe you want to move on from me, that’s Ok if it’s good for you. I love you no matter what <3
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2022.01.21 10:46 AnalThrust What are the safest mid lane options?

Is Malz a good pick? I prefer mages to assasins.
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2022.01.21 10:46 Nervous-Ad-433 Return to work interview advice please

Hi everybody looking for advice
I work in an extremely busy job as a teacher. I started here during the pandemic at the end of 2020. In June of 2021 I was off on a Friday as I sadly experienced a miscarriage. I told my employers I was unwell as I didn't want them to know. As well as this, I chose to undertake IVF treatment in my school holiday to avoid any absences at work and managed to conduct all of the document signing and meetings outside of work hours too.
In November 2021 I was also off on a friday as I had an absolutely awful cold and I think chest infection but I couldn't get to a doctor due to COVID. I think I should have taken more days off but I battled it out to come in because my class were doing a nativity and I didn't want to let them down.
Finally today I have had to take day off due to an upset stomach. I have received an email from my boss saying I am showing a "pattern of illness" and that I need an interview on Monday. I haven't experienced anything like this before. My work know I am going through a difficult time as I am currently selling my home and divorcing my husband who is disabled and I was his carer. I've never taken any time off for those things. I just feel a bit mistrusted considering I'm an excellent employee, I always turn up on time and do my absolute best. I also have the least free periods of any other teacher in the school and therefore work longer hours throughout the week. Feeling rather fed up in case this goes onto some sort of permanent record. It seems because it is a short series one day absences over 2 academic years as opposed to a two week absence like my colleague who had tonsillitis, my 3 days have triggered an interview.
What will happen in this interview and any advice?
Thank you!
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2022.01.21 10:46 Rattedruide What is Akashagarbha's role exactly?

Hi again, sorry if I'm annoying you with my stupid questions. Anyway I wondered what exactly the powers Akashagarbha has, like he is the Bodhisattva of Space and his luck and wisdom is universal and all but it seems rather unfitting if you look at the other Bodhisattvas and there powers. The other Bodhisattvas have more "immaterial" powers and Space seems rather "unfitting" but the real question I have is, what is he exactly? A wisdom deity? A luck deity? Or something else? Don't get me wrong I really like Akashagarbha.
And do you some stories of him?
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2022.01.21 10:46 Goleziyon Most of the time, or may the littlest at all, what inspires you the most?

Music and my own personal feelings. I like twisting something beautiful into something tragic and making it a story.
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2022.01.21 10:46 anonym_coder Bhai Inderjit Singh Ji has a very soothing voice

Zafarnama by Bhai Inderjit Singh ji
Eh Duniya by Bhai Inderjit Singh ji
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2022.01.21 10:46 y2imm Benzinga says we may have bottomed

So we're probably heading to $40...again
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2022.01.21 10:46 cj-crunk In celebration of the final season

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2022.01.21 10:46 RiuBert the peak of humor

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2022.01.21 10:46 TartineMyAxe She hulk by WhatTheFanart

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2022.01.21 10:46 MasterOfMagics22 It’s just a game

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2022.01.21 10:46 fibslegacy That one Friend who's Too Emotional about everything

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2022.01.21 10:46 procryptoclass Microstrategy, Block, PayPal Stocks Stumble Alongside Crypto Rout

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2022.01.21 10:46 NewsElfForEnterprise Here’s one asset in an ‘up crash’ — and the stocks tied to it are lagging behind the move

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2022.01.21 10:46 HunterRpk I love to see Santana's face when she is being punished

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2022.01.21 10:46 nigakingniga The best Nicki Minaj Fap compilation. Spent hours making this.
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2022.01.21 10:46 Ecstatic_Interest_35 Pyro mains don't look this picture

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2022.01.21 10:46 seval124 Looking for Tent Recommendations to fit two big dudes.

Both of us are 6'5. I was looking at the Double Rainbow but every 2 person tent I have bought, I have to sleep diagonal on. Is there any UL tent, 2 tall people can sleep inside comfortably. Thank you for your help.
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2022.01.21 10:46 byloapp disscuss your favorite characters from mystic falls with indian mates
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2022.01.21 10:46 MemoryDealers As I sit in zoom court this morning, for CSW's lawsuit against me, I want to remind everyone that: CSW was called a 'Fraud' in Messages Signed With Bitcoin Addresses He Claims to Own

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