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Egg Firing [Switch]

2022.01.20 23:56 ObjectiveSpare9346 Egg Firing [Switch]

Can't get eggs to forward fire. What am I am doing wrong?
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2022.01.20 23:56 IS-2-OP Mk6.5 on coils and Rotiform RSEs is my poison. Gonna do this setup when it’s non snow season. (Not my car Euro.Mk6 on insta)

Mk6.5 on coils and Rotiform RSEs is my poison. Gonna do this setup when it’s non snow season. (Not my car Euro.Mk6 on insta) submitted by IS-2-OP to jetta [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 23:56 Wundertwin Got my first toon to 7 RS!

For some reason I can’t post a picture but for Silver Surfer to 7 red stars and maxed finally! Super excited.
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2022.01.20 23:56 BooksCatsBakedgoods -6 below here tonight but I have the best heater!

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2022.01.20 23:56 amnesiac7 Congressman Ruben Gallego says he might take on Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema in primary

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2022.01.20 23:56 Mf1848 Pay Minimum by Due Date Pay Remaining Balance Before Close- Interest?

If this was answered somewhere then my bad I couldn’t find it. Also necessary disclaimer about mobile app for formatting.
Put myself in a little bit of a pickle and want to confirm my logic on something.
I have a balance due on my card it’s due Feb 3, the cycle close date is Feb 9.
My understanding is that the due by date is when the card wants minimum payment but they don’t calculate interest until the close date. Because of this I’d imagine that if I pay at least the minimum due by Feb 3 and then the remaining balance by Feb 9 I’ll be safe from any interest fees. Can anyone confirm?
I’ve had credit cards for several years and have always been good about making sure to pay off the balance monthly but this is a new card and I mixed up due dates and pay dates and would rather not pull from savings.
It’s an Amex if it’s relevant.
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2022.01.20 23:56 PlatHavPro Hilarious vid with Spoons [9k views]

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2022.01.20 23:56 dranic Attorneys are making me paranoid

This is the 4th or 5th email I've been sent that says they've been talking, and I just got one that said they were "on the same page." Just FYI attorneys out there, I'd like to be in the loop.
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2022.01.20 23:56 SnookieBlookie As a Complete Beginner, is CS50 a Good Place to Start?

I've been interested in Computer Science for a while but haven't done much coding, I'd consider myself a beginner. I've decided that I want to go to college for it and will be doing so in the next year or two. Is CS50 a good place to start if I barely know anything?
And if not what is a better alternative.
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2022.01.20 23:56 fanxychildx1 What RAT are we supposed to get if we are traveling to melb?

Pretty sure everyone knows it’s not really possible to get any RAT in Australia at the moments coz all of them are sold out. Which brands are we supposed to get then?
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2022.01.20 23:56 TraderTips24 Comic Book Collector NFT Community

Hey everyone, if you collect comic books and would like to come hang out with the community let me know!
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2022.01.20 23:56 legend023 Jose Alvarado has 14 steals in his last 5 games, and 8 in his last 2.

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2022.01.20 23:56 thefinfu [H] Gods Will Fall, Discord Nitro 3 months, Spotify Premium 3 month links (US only), Disney+ 30 day links (US only), Apple music 6 month link, Hulu 30 day link, Games (Indie Steam/Switch/Xbox/Playstation), and more (check list in post) [W] TF2, Crypto, other misc

Hello GameTrade! Trying to trade all of these items for either tf2 keys, crypto, or other misc that may be of interest to me.





Please comment below before heading to pms. You may pm after you've commented. I wil go first if you have more rep per sub rules. Thank you for taking the precaution!
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2022.01.20 23:56 Teddyworks [SOTC] Those who have consolidated… how did it work out? Considering replacing 4 watches down to 1..

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2022.01.20 23:56 happy-camper-in-love treadmill stops when I'm on it. But only sometimes. please help.

I just started using my treadmill again. The treadmill runs with me running on it or walking on it and then every once in awhile it will stop. then when I get off of it The belt starts moving again. if I step back on it stops again. usually the answer is turning it off and restarting it then it runs again. I'm guessing it's not the motor since it works sometimes when I'm on it. It is about a year and a half old.
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2022.01.20 23:56 Que5tlONs Fusion crashing on super-basic animation?

Never thought I'd end up here, but I'm currently finding myself genuinely stuck.
I recently did a basic logo animation for a mate's company in Fusion — about 5 .png layers, each with a keyframed and eased scale/transform node all merging together, with a motion blur bunged on the end to be exported as an alpha animation. However, I'm trying to open up the project now, and it's freezing Davinci on the Fusion page every time, forcing me to kill Davinci to get out of it.
I've had issues with easing keyframes in the past, but this is driving me up the wall! I've given Davinci all my Ram to consume, and it's refusing to budge an inch. I know my current system probably isn't the best for running Davinci, but I'm really at a loss.
Any thoughts? I really don't want to lose the project. Thanks in advance!
Windows 11 — Ryzen 5 3600 — 32GB Ram — NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060
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2022.01.20 23:56 ARealHooman People that pay for porn subscriptions, why?

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2022.01.20 23:56 peliculin Nos encontramos en el año 1917. La Guerra Mundial amenazaba con cambiar, para siempre, el orden mundial. Ante la amenaza que se cernía, Estados Unidos decidió entrar en el conflicto con el objetivo de desequilibrar la balanza que caracterizaba a la contienda.

Nos encontramos en el año 1917. La Guerra Mundial amenazaba con cambiar, para siempre, el orden mundial. Ante la amenaza que se cernía, Estados Unidos decidió entrar en el conflicto con el objetivo de desequilibrar la balanza que caracterizaba a la contienda. submitted by peliculin to pelis28 [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 23:56 kenpang [JC] JC Math tutor.. AMA

JC math tutor here.. JC may be a whole new experience for some of you here, and I understand it can seem daunting up front.. Been working specifically with JC math students; have taught 5 batches of your seniors to see enough patterns of their challenges and triumphs.. Their experiences can be your foresight.. AMA
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2022.01.20 23:56 Super-Shenron Leap of Faith

Ben felt as good about Kenny's plan as he did about today's graying clouds.
The fisherman thought the best place to look for supplies was an ominous, boarded-up cabin. Said it would help build character. Knowing how far arguing with a mule would get him, Ben didn't defy the point.
As he laid an ear to the door, he tried to open it. It didn't budge one iota. He wished he could say the same about his tensed up stomach. In his experience, locked doors were rarely a good sign.
"Are you sure about this, Kenny?", Ben clasped his hands, "If we get caught..."
"We're not gonna get caught", Kenny said.
"You said that last time too. What about-"
However, he stopped in the middle of his sentence when he noticed Kenny folding his arms.
"What'd we say before comin' here?", he asked.
Ben hesitated.
"Dammit Ben, focus!"
The outburst caught him off-guard. He took a deep breath and gathered his thoughts to answer.
"W-We scan the area", Ben said, "We take what we need...and get back in the car."
Kenny nodded.
"I'm serious about building character", he told him, "Keeping your nerves is somethin' you'll have to learn to do. If you don't..."
He stopped himself mid-sentence. For his own sake, Ben didn't think much of it.
"Clem's gonna watch our backs. You keep your mind on your task, we're in and out in no time, yeah?"
Ben turned to see his remaining friend. Her bright smile almost blinded him to her month old grief. But it remained dim enough to enlighten him about what he had to do. For however long it would last this time.
"Yeah", Ben nodded back.
Kenny grabbed his crowbar and pried the door open. After making sure no man-eater heard them, Ben entered shortly after his comrade.
A single look sufficed to see the whole room. While Kenny took care of the left side, Ben admired the stuffed deer on the right before gazing at the door below. He had to check for threats first, just like in that manor.
You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.
Raising his hatchet in his right hand, Ben reached the handle and pulled it towards him...
Opening the door to a sudden motion.
"Oh shit!", Ben flinched.
"You alright?", Kenny asked him.
Ben looked down to see that the motion he witnessed...was a falling umbrella.
"Yeah...", Ben placed it back, "It was just a scare."
The leader grinned, "Well, come look what I found!"
Ben went to him. What he saw left him without word.
A huge stash of food. Mostly canned ones, as well as plenty of water bottles. They could easily last for weeks with this much, if not a month. Maybe things were starting to look up for Kenny's plan.
"See?", Kenny patted Ben on the back, "What'd I tell you?"
"Remind me not to doubt you again", Ben said, "Lots of food to leave behind, though."
Kenny's grin tightened before grabbing his bag and began to fill it. After the disasters from the past month, the duo weren't really looking for another blow. Ben wasn't sure where they stood. While he seemed to have lost much of the animosity he had for him, he wouldn't hold his breath for being close friends. One thing for sure, he still had a long way to go.
Once they had most of the food, the two of them stepped outside the cabin to get back to Clementine.
"Did you get anything?", she asked.
"We got what we came for", Kenny said, "Let's not stick around."
"What the-!"
That unknown voice sent a shiver down Ben's spine. He turned around to discover a dark-haired young man who appeared about his age. A stranger. Why couldn't things go as planned for once?
"Stay back!", Clem stepped forward, aiming her weapon at the man.
"Whoa, take it easy!", the stranger raised his hands, "I'm not looking for enemies."
Kenny readied his crowbar.
"Then I suggest you do what she said."
"I will", the stranger said, "But you'd best leave that bag behind."
"Is that a threat?"
The stranger opened his mouth to say something before he turned to see something else.
"Don't!", he shouted.
A gunshot rang out.
Ben hastily checked himself for wounds. Then he saw Clementine's smoking weapon. The former student turned around see a man with a bloody hole in the chest as he was taking aim. Crumbling to the ground, he pulled the trigger, hitting one of the car's tires.
"Oh my god!", Clem said as she stared at her gun.
Ben reached for her. However, moans from afar stopped him dead in his tracks.
"Shit!", Kenny cursed, "Walkers! A shitload of them!"
The teenager suppressed the desire to rush to the car. Even he knew driving on a flat tire wasn't a good idea. Definitely not when he's barely holding it together. The stranger pulled out a gun of his own and shot two approaching walkers.
"I know a hiding spot!", the stranger dashed forward, "Follow me!"
While he tried to slow down his breathing, Ben saw the bag thrown at him mid-air and grabbed it.
"Clem and I will clear a path to the car!", Kenny said, "Keep up with us!"
Ben needed no further convincing to bolt forward. He didn't dare look back to see where his pursuers are. Whatever walker Clementine or the stranger didn't shoot, Kenny made sure to smash their heads with his crowbar. But their ammo was finite, and the army of dead didn't seem any smaller.
All of a sudden, Ben felt one of them pulling the bag from him. Using his hatchet, he stabbed its head. However, it caused him to trip while the walker and the bag fell in a river.
He didn't have the time to worry about it, since the herd were getting dangerously close. At first readying his hatchet, he saw Clementine and the others opened a path.
Ben ran away.
"This way!"
The stranger pointed to a cave up ahead. The trio kept following him until they got to the entrance, which was a small crack.
"You people go first!", the stranger said, "I'll cover you!"
Clem was of course first. Ben followed shortly after, eager to get away from this nightmare. He surprised himself by the ease he squeezed through. He was glad to be one lanky fella for once.
When he finally went through, Ben leaned against a wall at first. The fist of stone poking his back dissuaded him. He yelped when he was grabbed once more. But he looked down and saw Clementine hugging him. Feeling her racing pulse, Ben embraced her back.
"It's okay. We're safe now."
Soon after, Kenny came through as well.
"Oh shit! That was a closed one. You both okay?"
"Y-Yeah", Ben said.
"You got bit?"
"No", Clementine's flat tone concerned Ben.
She gave Kenny her gun to let him check the number of bullets.
"You've got two left", he said, "Try to use them wisely."
He put his hands on her shoulders.
"You did what you had to. I know it wasn't easy for you, but it was either him or us. So thank you, Clem."
Clem responded with a weak nod. Kenny turned to Ben.
"Where's the bag?"
The dreaded question. Bracing himself for his reaction, Ben avoided his gaze.
"I...I lost it"
When he dared looking back at him, Kenny gasped. The leader then rubbed his face.
"Goddammit, Ben..."
"A walker wrestled it away from me!", Ben said, "I didn't mean to-"
"I don't give a fuck what you meant! We've got one day's worth of food! One! Did you even put up a fight?!"
"I'm sorry, okay?! There was so many of them, I just..."
"Leave him alone", Clem stepped in front of Ben, "It's not his fault."
"Clem, stay out of this, alright?", Kenny said, "You don't have to defend him every time just cause he's your friend."
Ben held his desire to point out the irony. It'd just piss him off more.
"I'd be more worried about what the kid did", the stranger entered the cave, "What were you thinking, giving her a gun as though it was a toy?"
"Sorry, did you just wake up from a coma?", Kenny asked, "Cause you should know, it's not really a playground."
"You have no idea what she just started, do you?"
"Crazy idea: why don't you tell us who the fuck you are before handin' out unwanted advice?"
The stranger narrowed his eyes.
"Name's Eric."
"I'm Clementine", she said, "This is Kenny and Ben. Thanks for helping us."
Eric flashed a smile at her. That was when Ben noticed his scar on the bridge of the nose.
"What did you mean by 'What you just started'?", Kenny asked.
Eric lowered his gaze before directing it back at the trio.
"The guy Clementine killed was in a group. The food belonged to them."
This information crashed upon Ben like a falling rock. Of course that place couldn't be unoccupied. They shouldn't even have gone anywhere that cabin. He should have spoken up against this idea.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!
He tried to slow down his breathing. It was gonna be okay. It was gonna be okay. It had to be.
"What should we do now?", Clementine asked Kenny.
"I'll lead you back to a camp nearby", Eric butted in, "Good people. They'll hide you there until things settle down."
"That your plan?", Kenny asked, "Hide and hope they're gonna calm down?"
"You have a better idea?"
"We leave immediately while they're not on our tracks. We need to get food. Get to the boat."
Eric shook his head.
"On foot? They'll track you down with ease. Then you won't get either of these things. Trust me, it's for your own protection."
Kenny seemed reluctant to accept his offer. Ben couldn't blame him. He wasn't entirely sure Eric told them the truth himself, or simply planned to lead him to a death trap. With that in mind...
"I'll go with you", Ben said.
"What?", Kenny asked.
"I'd rather not deal with whoever this guy ran around with. Besides...you said it yourself. We don't have enough food."
"If Ben's going, I'll go too", Clementine agreed.
Eric tossed Kenny some rope, which he barely caught.
"If you're worried about me leading you to an ambush, you could tie me up."
Kenny blinked twice. Then, he sighed.
"Well, I ain't leaving them with you alone. I'm in."
Kenny's reply Ben caught Ben off-guard.
"I'll make sure you won't regret your decision", Eric said, "You have my word."
"You'd better", Kenny went up to him, "Otherwise, you'll regret it more than us."
Without another word, the leader tied the guide up before letting him lead the way.
About fifteen minutes later, Eric pointed to a nearby campsite. There were seven tents, though Ben noted their discreet, darker colors.
"I'll be right back."
Eric went to inform the inhabitants. Seconds later, eight people came out of their tents, two of them being kids. They had to wait about two minutes before their guide came back to give them the go ahead.
However, once they reached the camp, Ben could feel the heavy, almost oppressing look of the inhabitants, as Eric led the three to a rather large dark blue tent. They...could have made a better first impression. Then again, it wouldn't be the first time Ben was the unwanted new guy. Or the last, if his streak held true.
"You said they were good people", Kenny said, "Why they'd give us the stink eye?"
"Don't judge them too harshly", Eric said, "We've all had bad days."
Something up ahead caught Ben's eye. From afar, there were three people. Walking into their direction. And they were all armed with pistols. Who they probably were dawned upon Ben and spiked his heartbeat.
"Hide, quick!", Eric yelled, prompting Ben to get inside the tent they saw earlier.
Ben took a peek at the situation. Eric confronted a rather tall redheaded woman about his age. Probably older. She was flanked by two men. He also noted her swollen green eyes.
"Who the fuck are they?", Kenny whispered.
"They're the people Eric told us about", Ben said, "I'm sure of it."
"Hi, Eric", the woman saluted him.
"Ashley?", he asked, "What are you doing here?"
"I'm sure you have a guess. The real question is, what were you doing with the ones who stole our food and shot Dan?"
The confirmation of his suspicion had his hands shaking.
"Is he okay?", Eric asked.
Ashley gritted her teeth, "He took a bullet to the heart. What do you think?"
"...I'm sorry."
"You should be. But forgiving you will take more than that. We had a deal."
A deal? What were they talking about?
"What can I do?", Eric asked Ashley.
"You could start by telling me where that hillbilly and these kids went."
Shit. He wouldn't do that...would he?
"I don't know where they are, Ash", Eric said.
Ashley wore a tight-lipped smile.
"Really? Did we come low enough for you to lie to my face?"
"Just let it go. They were just hungry people trying to survive."
"Which only makes them more dangerous. What happens if they come back next time they're hungry?"
Eric glared at her.
"You've done the same thing to others."
"I did", Ashley admitted, "Maybe you stopped caring about us, but it's my responsibility to keep our family safe. And right now, that means ending this as soon as possible."
She then turned to the rest of the campers.
"What about you people?", she asked them, "Mind telling me where I can find these troublemakers."
Defiant glares served as the only response. The old man from earlier stood out by spitting at Ashley's feet.
The invader rolled her eyes.
"Ash, please-", Eric tried before Ashley held out a palm. Her two men nodded, right before shooting one of the kids in the head.
Oh, god...
"Finn, no!", a woman shouted, craddling his body and crying into it.
Ben's blood froze. His mind flashed back to that day he wished he could forget. Unhear the helpless screams from his classmates. Unsee the worst kind of barbary he was forced to experience. Forget the reek of the blood-stained ground...
"Stop, Ash! You've made your point!", Eric pleaded.
Close his mind to the moment he kept pleading them to stop...
"Yet you seem to think I'm negotiating", Ashley wore a cold expression.
Or his powerlessness despite hating every second of it. Their laughter. The way they mocked his weakness.
But he couldn't. None of it ever escaped his memory.
Not again. Not again. They're gonna kill them.
And what changed since then? Nothing. His legs turned to jelly all the same. The only difference? He couldn't use the cold metal of a barrel as an excuse this time.
"These pieces of shit!", Kenny's expression tightened every second. Ben recognized this face. The same he had when he tried to attack him back in Crawford.
The former father tried getting up.
"Damn it, Kenny", Ben grabbed him, "They have guns! If you die, it's all over! Think about Clem!"
Kenny gasped and glanced at Clementine, who tore her eyes away from the scene. It only occured to Ben now that this boy seemed about as old as Duck.
"My son!", a tearful man rushed at Ashley with a knife.
Ashley held out a palm to keep his men from interfering. The grieving camper slashed at her, only for the attacker to dodge and knee him in the stomach. She grabbed him by the hair...and struck her victim's head with her pistol's stock. Without giving him another opportunity to defend himself, she got on top of him and kept bashing his head in.
Ben couldn't watch this anymore. But the sicknening noise of the beating kept ringing out. He focused his attention on Kenny. He saw him shaking his hands until gripped his crowbar with his right hand.
No, no, no, no!
"Kenny, don't!", Ben said. But the man elbowed the wind out of him and started coming out of the tent.
"Ben!", Clementine kept herself from shouting.
Taking a moment to recover from the blow, Ben voiced the following order.
"Cover him..."
Clem stepped out of the tent as well. And Ben followed close and watching two gunshots that occured almost simulteanously. The one that came from the other guy missed Kenny. But he would have killed him if it wasn't for Clem shooting his hand. This allowed the fisherman to smack him across the jaw with his crowbar.
Ashley and her remaining goon were chased off by the enraged mob of inhabitants, though made sure to take quick shots to keep anyone from coming after them. Eric slowly joined to see their enemies escape as well.
"I-", Eric got slapped by the lone mother.
"You fucking coward!", she told him, "You let them kill my family!"
"I-I didn't want it to come to this."
"It did anyways! Your job was to make sure they didn't attack us! What the hell happened?!"
"Why'd you bring these guys here in the first place?!", the old man confronted him
"One day, he's gonna get us all killed."
"Of course a thug like him couldn't protect anyone."
The rest of the camp began to turn against Eric. He just tried his best to help strangers he owed nothing to. A desire to help him fix the situation burst inside Ben. But how?
"Why are we even arguing about this. We should be coming after these fuckers!"
"Are you stupid?! They have guns! What are you gonna do with your little dagger?"
"That's what they want you to think!", Kenny said out of the blue.
He stepped forward to retrieve the gun from the corpse, alongside Eric.
"They're trying to scare you so they don't have to fight. But you saw how they ran away. With our guns, and your numbers, I'm sure we can take these punks."
This short speech was enough to get cheers from most inhabitants...but Ben didn't know how much he liked that.
While Kenny helped bury the bodies, Ben withdrew, pondering over the violence that went down. Some would say that "it gets easier". As he stood there, after refraining himself from throwing up, he wondered how anyone could ever find it easy to witness first hand how quickly a life could be snuffed out. Or actively participate in that death. Was it actually necessary to survive? And if it was...did he really have the will to become this kind of person?
Some steps in his direction disturbed Ben's introspection. He turned around to discover Eric.
"Oh", he said, "Was I...bothering?"
"No", Ben said, "You can sit down if you want."
So Eric did. It would give him an opportunity to ask questions. The first one being...
"Are you with these people?", Ben asked.
"...Used to be", Eric confessed. The way he casually revealed it took Ben aback. At that moment, his better judgment knew he should have been scared of him immediately. Yet...
"So you're some kind of bandit?", Ben said without thinking.
"Did shitty things like many of us", Eric said, "Until one day."
The former student didn't argue against that point.
Eric to carry on, who pulled out a recorder. That may well have been the only thing Ben knew how to play back in the band classes taught by mister Parker. A good man...
But the thing of importance was the photo wrapped around it. A woman who looked a lot like Eric, though much older.
"I-I left them to join this place", Eric's voice cracked, "Convinced Ashley to spare them when they attacked here, in exchange for leaving them alone and trading supplies. I've been trying to help ever since, but..."
Ben's chest tightened.
"Then we came...", he concluded.
"Things were already tense after the attack", Eric said, "While it seemed like a good deal at first, Ash and her people have been stockpiling supplies in preparation for the winter."
Which meant the camp, which relied mostly on crops, would be at disadvantage.
"No wonder Kenny's desire to fight back appealed so much to them", Ben remarked.
"We already lost most of the food", Eric told him, "Trying to kill them, if it even works, won't solve their problems in the long run. And your friend encouraging them to do it isn't exactly helping my case."
"...Why are you saying all this to me?"
Eric stayed silent for a bit before getting up.
"Just...let me handle this, alright?"
He didn't answer his question. When Eric left him to help out the campers, Ben didn't have time to ponder over this conversation before Kenny talked to Ben as well.
"What happened earlier?", Kenny .
"You left Clem and me to fight alone. Is this the kind of man you want to be?"
Ben's mouth felt dry.
"What was I supposed to do, bring a hatchet to a gunfight?", he defended himself.
Kenny opened his mouth to say something before staying silent for a moment. He may have acknowledged his action put them all at risk.
"What did Eric tell you?", he asked.
"Why?", Ben said.
"You've got to watch yourself around this guy. We followed a bandit, for Christ's sake."
"He left them."
Kenny's eyes widened.
"That what he told? And you believe him? Look, you barely know the guy."
"I didn't know Lee and you when we first met", Ben replied, "And Eric helped us."
"Just because he may have changed, doesn't mean this guy's trustworthy. You have to know that."
It had now been Ben's turn to stay silent, and Kenny took it as a sign he could keep going.
"I know you mean well, but we still need to get that boat as soon as , especially now that they know we're here. Take some rest, and then we have to be ready to move."
When Kenny left his side, Ben turned to Clementine.
"You okay, Clem?", Ben asked.
"Yeah...", she said, "Are you?"
He couldn't bother her with his problems. He definitely shouldn't. However...
"Do you...think I'm that bad?", he blurted out.
"What do you mean?"
"I know Kenny's got a point, but...I don't know. What do you think Lee would have done?"
"I...don't know", she said, "I don't think he had all the answers."
"What makes you say that."
"He told me that sometimes, it's hard to know what's the right thing to do. He said that sometimes, you have to hurt someone else."
This answer only further clouded Ben on what to do. He truly wanted to help Eric, but would it really help them get to the boat?
"I miss him", Clementine suddenly said.
Uncertain about what to say to lighten her grief, Ben could only say the following.
"Yeah. Me too."
On the corner of Ben's eye, he saw the reanimated body of the bandit. With the way Clem handled herself back there, it could be easy to forget Clem was still a child. One who had to live through cannibalistic monsters...dead or otherwise. One who had to kill two men. But a child nonetheless. Ben cursed himself for not offering more than a hug and words he didn't even believe. The way he told her to shoot this guy under his command only made him feel worse.
However, when he paid closer attention, Ben noticed something in his pocket. He walked up to his body and unfolded the paper.
It was a map!
With all the confusion, they must have left it behind. That map's poorly drawn, but it seemed good enough to give Ben a sense of direction. This would lead him to the river, or at least, where its flow would end.
He found it. A lake not too far from there...or so he thought. It was hard to tell. At least, he knew where to go. But he wondered who he could share that information to. Clementine went without saying. He definitely couldn't tell the inhabitants. Travelling with a big group would get Ashley's notice.
So the real choice was between Kenny and Eric. He didn't see himself going with Clem alone, but he couldn't stay in the middle by telling them both. Was this trip even worth the risk?
Ben had to make a choice and own up to it.
On the other circumstances, the scent of the lake carried by the wind would have been a breathtaking experience. Today, however, that lake would be nothing more than a means to an end.
"Holy shit, jackpot!", Kenny exclaimed, having noticed the bag of supplies floating in the water.
Ben grabbed the wet, somewhat heavier bag, but it remained otherwise untouched.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
Eric's voice caused them all to turn around.
"You followed us?", Ben asked.
"I told you before", he said, "You people are easy to track. And I also told you to let me take care of this."
"You didn't handle shit", Kenny replied, "Your people hates your guts, same for the ones at the camp."
"I'm trying to help everyone."
"Which means you're helping no one, really", Ashley said.
Ben held back a scream after hearing her voice. He barely had the time to grab his hatchet before Eric pushed Kenny out of a stomach shot...
However, the bullet still hit Ben's mentor in the shoulder, forcing him to drop his weapon.
"No!", Ben shouted as Kenny.
"Fuck!", Kenny cursed.
Clem aimed her weapon at Ashley.
"I wouldn't, kid", she said while pointing to her surviving friend, who held Ben at gunpoint.
"Ash, what the hell are you doing?!", Eric asked.
"I could ask you the same. Why didn't you fight back at the camp?"
Ben tried to keep a cool head and see the point of this question.
"I didn't want to-", Eric began.
"Hurt us?", Ashley guessed, "You let those campers get hurt, though. Must have really hated them, didn't you?"
"I-I don't! It's only natural that they'd distrust me."
"After what you're doing for them? You'd think they'd give you some kind of appreciation, especially given what they expect you to do."
Ben's eyes went round.
"Don't listen to her!", he told Eric, "Everything she's saying is a lie!"
"...Is it?", Eric asked after about a few seconds.
"It's not", Ashley seconded, "Isn't it exhausting to let your guilt control your life? Maybe it's time for you to choose your own path."
Time appeared to slow down around Ben, unlike his near exploding heart. He closed his eyes...
As a gunshot rang out. Ben opened his eyes once more to discover a hole in Ashley's remaining partner's neck. However, before anyone else could react, he shoved Clem to the ground before aiming at Ashley, all the while keeping an eye on Kenny.
"What are you doing?", Ashley asked, glaring at Eric.
"It's just as you said", he said, "I'm following my own path. Toss your gun my way, then go. Try anything...I'll shoot."
Glaring at him this whole time, Ashley tossed her weapon before running away.
Afterwards, Eric pulled out the recorder and let it fall to the ground.
"Why?", Ben asked him.
"I don't expect you to get it now", Eric told him, "But you will."
It was on these words that he took the bag for himself, before leaving a single
Back at the camp, stopping the bleeding was all it took to save Kenny's life, as the bullet luckily went through. However, Ben was still worried about the use of his right shoulder.
Even now, he still couldn't fully grasp what just went down. In the span of five minutes, they've lost all the food they had. Again. The worst part was that back then, Ben had gained a desire to tell Eric that Ashley was lying. Or not to let her manipulate him.
However...he really didn't know all that much about his life. And nothing good came out of the little he saw. Yet...Ben somehow found out the reason behind their conversation.
He should have seen this coming.
Ben went to check on Kenny, who sat in the tent from earlier by himself.
"Looks like he didn't change all that much, huh?", Kenny didn't turn around, "Well, I guess that's what happens when you try hard to play all sides..."
"We can still fix this", Ben told him, "If we just-"
"Yeah, sure we can."
Ben folded his arms.
"You're the one who always said not to give up because it's hard", he told him.
"When the hell are you gonna grow up, Ben?", Kenny asked, "We don't have much ammo, we're low on supplies, and if Ashley and Eric didn't already leave, then this place's surrounded by too damn many walkers."
Ben's already low morale went downhill. If even Kenny saw no solution, perhaps he truly had to accept it was the end. After all, what made him different from Eric? Yet...
"When it all comes down to it, if it's just you and Clementine for some reason, I think you'll have plenty of reason to want to live."
Why did this stand out in particular? Was it because it was one of the last things Lee told him? Or...something he needed to hear? Ben needed to find out.
"Why'd you even help me in the first place?", the student asked Kenny.
"What are you yammerin' about?"
"Helping Clementine, I get. But me? You've never liked me, even before I told you about the deal."
Kenny didn't reply.
"This whole time", Ben started again, "What, you felt guilty? That why you've been doing this?"
Kenny turned around, revealing he had been holding Clementine's drawing of him and his family.
"If you think guilt is what made me take my chances with ya", Kenny began, "You're really fucking stupid, Ben."
"...Then what is it?", Ben asked.
"Lee ever told you about what we went through at the farm?", Kenny told him.
"Well, let's just say I haven't always been so eager to help others."
This reveal caught Ben completely off-guard.
"It's hard to believe", he commented.
"Well, believe it", Kenny retorted, "Cause it's true."
At first, Ben didn't know what to make of that. But in retrospect...it was starting to make sense. Especially with what Lee said about Kenny back in Crawford. Pulling out the recorder he retrieved earlier, the young man pondered over how far his own purpose could actually go. Especially since he neither had Lee's strength or bravery.
Then again...maybe he didn't have to be.
If he had to pick the third worst thing that could happen to him, it might well have been smelling like a walker. But he knew it paled compared to the second, as he stood there, gazing at the large herd in the distance.
At very least, the wet bag left a trail Ben could follow up to a point. It would stand to reason Eric went back to the cave, where he could eat without being worried about walkers as much.
"Time to make your move, boy", Kenny told Ben.
Ben couldn't believe he was about to do this.
He took a deep breath.
I got this. I got this.
He began playing the recorder once more, after such a long time. Had he not been so busy freaking out about his own insane idea, Ben could have easily lost himself in the melody. If he made it through this, he could at least brag about being the Herd Tamer. Of course, it involved actually surviving. And not even his attempts to ridicule the situation could downplay it.
Ben continued to lead the walker and, once he was sure they would go to the cave, stopped. Clementine would wait for Eric at the entrance that involved cracks.
The reckless survivor let about half of the herd pass by him, before entering in the left wing of it. This would be his real test. One during which he actively fought against his aching throat. Against his mind telling him these mindless beats would devor him. Against a possible heart attack. Because keeping his mind on the task at hand meant he would be in and out in no time.
Ben could finally see Eric from afar. He was almost done.
When a drop fell upon him. Then, another. And, many others followed.
Ben wasted no time to dash out of the herd. Unfortunately, this didn't escape the notice of the walkers in the back. The same held true for Kenny, who came out of the right wing.
What about Clementine? Ben raced to her side to warn her about the change of plan. However...
Ben clenched his jaw when he saw Ashley. Holding a gun at Clem's head. Her gun.
"L-Let her go!", he demanded.
Without answering him, his opponent pointed her weapon in his direction and took the shot.
Ben looked behind him to see Kenny on the floor, this time hit in the stomach.
Ashley, who tucked her weapon in her pants. She took out a knife and approached him.
Ben started evaluating his chances. She was smarter than him. Faster. And she fought better and more ruthless. This fight could only end one way. And not in a way he truly liked.
Ben shook his head. This wasn't the time to get scared. He couldn't let a friend die ever again. He had to fight. He will fight.
As his vision began to blur, he took out his hatchet.
Mom. Dad. Chloe. I'm sorry I didn't look for you.
They were now only a few feet from each other. Tightening his grip around his hatchet, Ben swung at Ashley...and watched her bleed from the stomach just as his swing reached deep into her neck.
He...didn't feel good.
"I-I...", Ben stuttered and barely acknowledged he was being embraced. But he did, and looked down to see Clementine looking up at him, displaying a smile that somehow shone brighter than before.
Ben turned around to look back at Kenny, who still held his gun.
"Goddammit, Ben...", he smirked, "Don't cry when you're acting like a real man..."
Ben wiped his tears away as he dashed towards him before the walkers could get to him. He took the gun from him and aimed at Kenny's head. When Kenny closed his eyes, so did Ben.
He pulled the trigger.
Thank you.
Ben joined Clementine once more, witnessing Eric coming out of the cracks. The two stared at each other wordlessly agreed to step away from walkers. Once they were at a safe distance, Ben and Eric had a gun in their hands...but not aiming at each other's heads.
"I understand now", Ben told him.
"Yes", Eric said, "You do."
On these words, the former member of the camp threw the bag at his feet. Ben's gaze shifted from the bag back to Eric. The latter looked him in the eyes one last time, before turning his back to him once more.
The day after the fateful events, Ben took about an hour, or maybe two, inside the cabin to take deep breaths. The full weight of Kenny's death and his first murder finally fell down upon him. He didn't know why he couldn't at the time, but it was probably for the best.
"Jesus!", Ben recoiled before he witnessed Clem, "You scared the shit out of me!"
Clementine chuckled. At first, he wondered what was so funny. But compared to all he's been through yesterday, maybe it looked ridiculous that he'd be scared of this. Ben wasn't sure why.
"I wish we could bury Kenny", Clementine said
"Yeah...", Ben replied.
"At least he's with Katjaa and Duck."
Good thing she was there to balance out his pessimism, since Ben had no idea what to do. Or how he'd last on his own. He found something scarier than the walking dead: taking care of a little girl in a world full of them. Big shoes to fill...
"And Ben...thank you", Clem told him.
"Don't mention it", Ben said, "We don't leave friends behind, right?"
...but behind this, hid something that gave him strength to make that leap of faith.
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