I’m confused wives. I will delete this once I get an answer 😩

Maybe unwelcome concepts, but I'm on your team by: Thoughts from an escort Needless to say, I meet a lot of men. And I analyze the heck out of people. I started escorting 3 years ago. Not what I aspired to. Especially at my age. And with kids. I'm not a child and I'm not an expert, but I've learned a boatload about men. St. Boniface and the Sacred Oak By Charlie Johnston What fellowship can light have with darkness? - 2 Corinthians 6:14 As recently as 50 years ago, one could honorably be either Democrat or Republican. Both parties were basically pro-life, pro-nuclear family, pro-individual liberty, pro-free speech, and at least gave lip service to the Judeo-Christian ethic…

2022.01.25 02:26 kkeennii I’m confused wives. I will delete this once I get an answer 😩

Where do I find uploads of tbags YouTube videos? It used to be under the “top” section and now it’s the Insta page and her skeletons in the closet. Can anyone pretty please help me find that post easily again 🦶💕
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2022.01.25 02:26 DreamchaserJ My GT score is 94

Is this okay? What exactly does this mean?
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2022.01.25 02:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Russia knows sanctions will fade as Ukraine incursion is normalized | Toronto Star

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2022.01.25 02:26 Acekard75 Spider-Man 4 plot leaked?!

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2022.01.25 02:26 lss_mobile_mod_06 Uu

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2022.01.25 02:26 TheShinyHawk I know it’s been said a million times but…

Anybody else hate these stupid fucking non scanning shit phones they make us use now? Like I come in to prep inventory cause our first shift is slow af and man does this thing blow when it comes to scanning labels. I’d rather use an MC-40, no wait, I’d rather go back to Telxons.
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2022.01.25 02:26 ermund most meme beams?

whats the highest amount of meme beams you've shot in a single life in a match?
mine is 3 with the zeta HML
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2022.01.25 02:26 SabaNothingMore Just because I love something does not mean I think it’s perfect and can’t see it’s flaws.

In current case, I am talking about japan, I know that many japan obsessed people think it’s perfect country and are obsessed with it, but that does not mean that when I say I love japan, I actually think it’s perfect, because I do not.
I know all it’s flaws, it’s shitty history, sexual assault problems, racism, everything that is important about it’s flaws, but that does not mean I can not love it.
Everytime I told someone that I loved japan and it was one of my favorite countries, I was hit by pure toxicity and people telling me why I can not love it,
Yeah I see that japan is overrated and many people ignore it’s flaws, but does not mean you can not love it, USA also has shitty flaws, probably some much bigger than japan, but people can still have it as favorite and nobody tells them anything, so why can not I love japan?
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2022.01.25 02:26 SXC365 Should I switch from double majoring in ECON/FIN to ECON/ITS instead?

Guys I'm gonna be completedly honest, I only added Finance because I thought it would land me a job once I graduate. With the internships, I realized that finance is a really competitive field, like you have to bust your ass off and make some connections, start networking, and as an introvert I'm not really good with talking to people.
II really just want to work behind the scenes. I really just want to work in an office and not really interact with people too much. Something stable you know. I want to have more freedom and flexibility in case I need to jump ship from a company I don't like. And really just want to increase my chances of finding a job once I graduate.
Right now, I have an ECON class that focuses on programming with R and I'm sorta into coding and it just seems a little more to my speed.
Also when it comes to stocks, I legit DON'T KNOW squat about how they work. Like finance honeslty to me isn't all the interesting. I like Economics a little more because it gives me knowledge about how the world works. I really like just the social aspect of it, Finance has so much jargon I am not too familiar with.
Also ITS has a business analytics concentration which sounds interesting and appealing to me.
So far, I've completed all of my general core classes and I am almost finished with my JSOM core classes and I've done a few of ECON-major classes.
I haven't taken ITSS 3311 nor ITSS 3312 thou but that's the only thing holding me back from doing the ITSS major classes.
Just lemme know what do you guys think?
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2022.01.25 02:26 Common-Actuary-2982 I'm a new player of FF11, and I'm making a video essay about it. For the long term players, what do you enjoy hearing new players discuss most?

I just finished the original story content, and I have loved so much in this game that I've written a script about just the original story content. If you could look at this game with fresh eyes in 2022, what would be the first thing you'd check out?
View Poll
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2022.01.25 02:26 fghnmty Regice raid 4650 4462 6800

Regice raid 4650 4462 6800
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2022.01.25 02:26 z57 Lovely work

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2022.01.25 02:26 AcornsAndPumpkins Chamomile is the antichrist

Am I the only one who flares from chamomile? I’m not sure if this is PFD or IC but every time I drink chamomile I’m in severe levels of pain (feels like my urethra and muscles).
This happened the last time I tried to drink it a few months ago. I get horrible pain and urgency. I thought maybe because my bladder was feeling better I could attempt it again as it’s one of my favorite teas, but this turned out to be an utter failure.
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2022.01.25 02:26 DarkSpeed7127 What to do when you don’t feel like enough

Just recently been on a proper downer. Feel like nobody wants to be around me or anything. But after feeling so abandoned for so long how does one go back out into the world and have ‘confidence’ to find something else. Regardless of what I do I don’t feel worthy and it’s just starting to hurt to a point where I don’t think I want to wake up everyday. How do I fix this? How does one wake up with the will to live when nothing feels worth it anymore? I’ve tried therapy yet nothing works, I just want to be happy but it’s never gonna work when I feel like i don’t deserve to be here each day.
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2022.01.25 02:26 MysticalRaven68 Extreme anxiety about learning to study and passing

So I started this semester and I’m dealing with intro to biology and a certified nursing assistant program. However it’s only been the 1st day and I’m absolutely overwhelmed and feel like I can’t do it. I always feel like this during the first week of the semester, but this time it’s even more extreme than before. I never properly learned how to study and I know for these classes I really need to do it. The more I study however, the more worried and less confident I get. I even got to a point where I cried. The anxiety also gets really bad at night. I want to know if there is an easy way to study or if there’s a way to get rid of all the stress. My dad told me I should just not worry about it, but I can’t help but to worry. So I came here to ask if there’s anything I can do to make this progress easier or to get rid of the stress because I can’t deal with this feeling every day.
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2022.01.25 02:26 Mysterious-Zone-334 Hey what do you guys think of this idea.

So the plot is inspired by Tokusatsu shows like Kamen rider.
Our main character is named Marcus, 18 years old, is living with his foster father and brother. His foster father is abusive to him and his brother. One night while on a drive, they are attacked by a monster. His father is nearly incapacitated and his brother is pinned to a tree. Marcus tries to run away to no avail. The creature was super fast and strong, and nearly kills him until he nearly falls into a chasm. And he finds a weird chamber that has a weird device. The device attaches to him and he is racked with pain and nearly dies until he is saved by a man in black armor. He wakes up in a house and is told he is bonded to a symbiotic suit of armor and now must fight against these monsters and other riders just like him
Please give honest criticism and let me know where I can improve.
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2022.01.25 02:26 Sad_Equivalent6223 No Rewards since 3 weeks

Hi all, i see no rewards since 3 weeks. Do you have the same? I have to say i lose more and more Trust in SS.
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2022.01.25 02:26 Impartial_Void my mom called me a sociopath

my mom was painting my room with me today and i started talking about my relationship (like usual) and she started talking about my dad and how similar i act to him. he shows various signs of mental illnesses but refused to get a mental evaluation during a custody battle in order to continue a normal lifestyle (for himself). my dad has stolen hundreds of dollars from me which i started saving at 7 years old and it was gone when i went to count it (he denies i even had money). he was going to school to be a state trooper but when he started dating my mom he tried to almost become like her (went to cosmetology school, started acting like her, i forgot what else she listed off). then i realized when i first met my boyfriend i started dressing the same, talking the same, literally walking the same, and i bought the exact same longboard he had even though i didn’t know how to skate at the time. i feel absolutely nothing for other people around me and im incapable of seeing things from others perspectives. i refuse to get help because its almost like i love being miserable. i impulsively give myself tattoos, steal medications to get high during “episodes”dont care who its from, impulsively and/or accidentally lie to my boyfriend, etc; i even tried isolating him from his friends (but im able to reflect on this and i know what ive done wrong *i apologized today) all of my friends are afraid of me and i don’t know why. when me and my boyfriend argue im noticing more (with the help of my friends *would not have figured this out by myself) that im deflecting everything he’s saying to turn it on him to make me look like the better person. does this make me a sociopath or is she over exaggerating?
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2022.01.25 02:26 amchove All of these are from the same person, who says they're 15 and claims to have DID and tics.

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2022.01.25 02:26 Baxandzz Need help

So I just went and bought guitar hero live and two used guitar controllers for Xbox 1 they have six buttons up top. The guitar is synced but I’m stuck at the load screen where it says press any button to begin and none of my buttons work I tried both guitars and nothing works. I’ve restarted my system three times to try and fix the problem but nothing worked so I ended up uninstalling the game. Anybody know if the guitars are just fucked or know a solution maybe I’m doing it wrong? Yes the red light is on on the guitar indicating that I’m first player.
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2022.01.25 02:26 Huge_Leave_6985 [REQUEST] Brooker: Biology 5th Edition PDF

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2022.01.25 02:26 HiyaPyth Rate out of ten. Feedback is accepted :)

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2022.01.25 02:26 GroovyTambourine Elite 2 Stick Tension Vs Series Controller

Does anyone with both the Elite 2 and Series controllers know how the lowest tension on the Elite controller compares to the Series controller? I’m recovering from a hand injury and looking to reduce the strain I put on them wherever possible.
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2022.01.25 02:26 ITNETT [Ekstra] Skal flytte petabyte på petabyte med forsknings­data inn i fjellet

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2022.01.25 02:26 Gguerrero27 Madden 22 NextGen ps5 fantasy franchise

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