Read Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? - Chapter 5.1 - MangaBuddy

2022.01.19 12:59 LoveMangaBuddy Read Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? - Chapter 5.1 - MangaBuddy

Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? manga summary: It happened in a sunny day right before summer. Fujisawa Souta's first kiss was with his older classmate, Ayase Chihiro. It's now their summer vacation, and yet, nothing has happened between the two of them! What's worse? he discovers that he wasn't actually Ayase's first kiss, and now regrets kissing him. ... Read Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? - Chapter 5.1 - MangaBuddy. Read more at
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2022.01.19 12:59 GeneralTwelve The Confidence of this guy is annoying

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2022.01.19 12:59 The_Human_Empire I've heard about irl trans people hating "transition magic" so I came up with this line of dialogue for my medieval setting...

"If that really works, then all the noblemen of the Kingdom will run out of women to marry."
The character meant not that all women are inherently trans, but that the nobility only grants inheritance towards male heirs.
It doesn't necessarily need to be that the dialogue itself is true or false. It's just something that comes out of a random conversation, which is how I write.
I start out with random small talk, then the real topic comes up along the way.
I may or may not add this in the book, depending on what you guys think.
Yes, i do have a trans character, and he is part of the small talk. But his arc has nothing to do with his sexuality, nor does it come up often.
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2022.01.19 12:59 RaccGodChomby Just started Rama II after Rendezvous. Was planning to do series. Should I abandon? If so, for what? (no spoilers)

The reason I ask is because I thought Rendezvous with Rama was wonderful, richly atmospheric, and very thrilling, yet a quick search on here for "Rama II", which I hadn't seen mentioned often, shows a lot of Redditors trashing the novel or expressing regret at having "wasted time" on it.
I've not read much, just scanned the post titles and whatnot, so I don't know why people seem to feel this way. So, fellow SciFi Redditors, without spoiling the plot for me, is there a consensus that Rama II and the remainder of the series is bad and am I best off starting another series and leaving my Rendezvous with Rama at only the first installment?
Also, would love recommendations. Loved Hyperion, the first couple Foundation novels, and Dune. Have read a lot of scifi and fantasy. Trying to cover the "must read" ones.
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2022.01.19 12:59 p90036 custom Pixel 6 pro vibration pattern (for alarm) ?

only one thing i miss from iphone - custom vibration pattern for alarm
this stock one on p6p doesnt wake me up
any hacks to get custom vibration pattern for alarm ??
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2022.01.19 12:59 Throw_Away184069 Am I Screwed?

On New Years Eve I did 2 small bumps of coke off a key. My friend doesn’t even thing I did it right but I felt something. However I drank heavily that day. Long story short, I have a hair test most likely within 2 weeks. Will it show up on the test? I’m getting a haircut today so hopefully they take hair from somewhere else. I’m 25M, 5’7” & 160lbs.
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2022.01.19 12:59 s9lem Is this overhang O.K.

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2022.01.19 12:59 arox1 LOTR Rings of Power - another abomination from Amazon

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2022.01.19 12:59 clip_mirror_bot Kitboga finds out scammer has free range baby

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2022.01.19 12:59 MixtureRough4 It’s creepy every day of the year (nails included lol)

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2022.01.19 12:59 T0HAC Michael Scotto: "Among the teams still keeping tabs on Ben Simmons in the trade market are the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trailblazers, Toronto Raptors, and the Indiana Pacers."

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2022.01.19 12:59 Otaman456 Original TD Fender neck replacement alternative

Just found this group, after going through some posts, it seems like the original Fender Strat Deluxe Series neck is next to impossible to find. Is there a current neck that Fender sells that is pretty much the same? I have the original Surf Green Strat and the neck is beat to hell, chipped pieces, needs refretting, etc. I love how it feels and want to bring it back to life.
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2022.01.19 12:59 thickumsthrow Early bday set I did last night drunk ✨

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2022.01.19 12:59 Shurrdun Julio Jones is still good at football - No Flags Film

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2022.01.19 12:59 Chameleon2000 Til jer der har danske bank. Temmelig interessant, men også et bevis på, at de ikke registrere ejerskab af ens aktier

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2022.01.19 12:59 TheRothBoy Hey everyone ! I am looking for a charitable soul that would have several copies and who could give me the following pokemons: Mew, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Deoxys, Palkia and Jirachi ! Please ! I would like to have all of the pokemon 🤩

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2022.01.19 12:59 Hugosimpon I dont know what to say

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2022.01.19 12:59 Odd_Shine_8685 Anyone know many notches your rating drops for returning 5 parcels?

It will drop of course, just wondered by how much. Had to return 5 due to dangerous conditions, but of course that's not good enough for them, just wondered how much of a punishing to expect.
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2022.01.19 12:59 FrozenSandwichHater I've realized that I'm the problem.

I'm 27. Had diagnosed depression for most of my life, and I'm told I also have PTSD from bad things I went through as a kid. It's no excuse for bad behavior, but my mental health brings me to the point of ruining my own life. The last two years I've been in my first relationship and it's been absolutely miserable, but I'm taking care of myself again and climbing back out.
Basically, I thought I had a lot of friends in college. My last year, all of a sudden, people just stopped talking to me. I was never very close with these people anyway. But they'd just unfriend me on all social media and not respond to my messages. A lot of people did this, I'd look up a friend to message and all of a sudden they were just gone everywhere. In college my mental health was garbage and I wasn't taking care of myself. I was too religious and couldn't open up about being gay. I know I drive people nuts, but people acted like they liked me. Well, I internalized all of this, and I realized I could do this to other people, to.
I have an avoidant attachment style. It's gotten really bad. When people act like they like me or want to be closer friends, it freaks me out. They'll message me asking to go to lunch or something and I just won't respond. It hurts me inside to do this, but it feels like they wouldn't like me anyway and they just don't know it yet.
I do this with guys. I never really intend to meet anyone. I'm just lonely and want someone to talk to. There are so many guys from apps I'll chat with and they act like they're so into me. They get really enthusiastic and start texting me 24/7, even when I tell them they should message guys who are available. I'm not one of those people who is on my phone all the time, but they will still text me so much. I'll send them a message that it's just too much for me and I don't think they'd enjoy me - and I block them (I've found when I don't block them, they get mad).
Now there are guys out in town who I will see at stores or whatever and I'm terrified they'll remember who I am.
I have no friends. I just go to work, go to the gym, and back to my apartment. My ex is my roommate and we hang out, he doesn't have any friends either so it's created this codependency that isn't great.
I really know that I'm the problem. I hated that people I thought were real friends ghosted me, now I ghost people when they get close. What the fuck?
I'm back on my antidepressant. Eating healthy and tracking nutrition, exercising daily. I've tried two therapists within the last 6 months and neither was a fit, I'll try to find another again soon.
I just wonder if anyone else has this issue, and how you overcame it.
I just hate it when people act like they like me. In adulthood, having close, personal friendships makes me uncomfortable. But as a result I'm alone and don't do anything.
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2022.01.19 12:59 OiJao97 Which TV show character you love onscreen but would absolutely hate as a real person?

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2022.01.19 12:59 PaintMeGold Sole Representative of an Overseas Business

Hello everyone! I’m looking to apply for the visa mention in the title, but I’m finding it difficult to find the exact paperwork needed for visa submission. It says on the gov website the outlined info, but I’m not 100 percent sure on what exact paperwork it entails.
Has anyone done this visa before? Is there any specific guidelines you may know about?
Thanks for any help that can be provided!
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2022.01.19 12:59 thevvither WTS [10x5] ASIA AR49 ganyu + skyward harp shenhe + skyward spine childe itto + redhorn mona qiqi diluc - deadlink psn in the process of being removed! lf: 75$ paypal/kofi, negotiable!

WTS [10x5] ASIA AR49 ganyu + skyward harp shenhe + skyward spine childe itto + redhorn mona qiqi diluc - deadlink psn in the process of being removed! lf: 75$ paypal/kofi, negotiable! submitted by thevvither to GenshinTrades [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 12:59 sum1awesome2 Can I Get A CAC With Only An Interim?

My clearance has been a bit of a strange journey. Got a job offer and was told I needed to complete a Non NISP background check. The company couldn't really explain what that meant just that I would be getting more details later. I did a drug test around Thanksgiving and filled out a SF 86 a week before Christmas. Had a few questions from the SO, but was able to explain some wonky financials (medical debt that had been paid and student loans that were split into 5 different loans). Got my fingerprints done a week ago and yesterday was told I was cleared to start training in a few weeks. The first thing I need to do is get my CAC which isn't a problem, but my wife (who has a secret clearance) said she didn't get her CAC until her investigation was completed. So can you get a CAC with an Interim? And if you fill out the SF 86 does that mean you are applying for Secret clearance?
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2022.01.19 12:59 Dengshopping 樂樂法利對話六·四運動領袖【吾爾開希】: 中國的80年代 & 中美關係的演變—The 擼串SHOW

樂樂法利對話六·四運動領袖【吾爾開希】: 中國的80年代 & 中美關係的演變—The 擼串SHOW submitted by Dengshopping to CLTV [link] [comments]


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